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Take a minute to see what SchoolDesk can do for your district, school and classroom websites! PHONE: 1-888-242-2685 EMAIL: ROB@SCHOOLDESK.NET SPIN# 143027090

Table of Contents Information within this package About Our Company…………………………………….. ........ 3 What is SchoolDesk……………………………………………. 6 Product Features & Functions..……………………………….. 7 Distance Learning – eSchool………..…………………….…..


Web-based Desktops……………………………………….….. 9 Compare SchoolDesk to others……………………………….. 10 Pricing for our services…………………………………………. 11 Transition process……………………………………………… 12 E-Rate Information for SchoolDesk…………………………… 14 A few Client References………………………………….……. 16 Contact information for SchoolDesk………………………….. 17

Additional Information Available Upon Request Server and hardware specifications eSchool detailed information Web-based Desktops detailed information Software support & requirements Technical support & requirements Additional company background & information Itemized separate pricing (Item 21 Attachment) Detailed Disaster and Recovery plan State of Georgia Incorporation Federal Taxpayer Identification Federal Communications Commission Registration Georgia Division of Corporations filing Service Level Agreement & Guarantee Facility tours of our datacenter are also available upon scheduled request

About our company… In response to high demand from clients and customers, SchoolDesk was created by it’s parent company, BlueTorch Network Solutions, Inc, an Atlanta-area based technology solutions provider that offers a full array of telecommunications and computer networking services, to solve many web site and internet-related issues facing most schools today. For the past five years, BlueTorch has been providing telecommunications and maintenance support and services to public schools through the Schools and Libraries E-rate funding program, as well as to several small and medium sized private schools around the state. Conceived in 2003, and built in conjunction with the direct input and guidance of those who would be using our system on a daily basis, such as parents, teachers, administrators and students, SchoolDesk has evolved into the complete web-based School Environment that can be found today at our website and in schools systems throughout Georgia. As a Georgia-based company, we are more than familiar with the specific needs of our schools and the deficiencies found in most web-based systems that they have had to suffer with over the years. In direct response to these short comings, our in-house staff of developers (we never outsource development!) continue to work with the users of our system to gain insight into what can be changed or improved upon for the benefit of everyone. As a result of setting out with the intention of building the very best school-specific system possible, we have ensured that absolutely no other system offers as many powerful, yet simple to use features and functions…and at a price point that makes it affordable for all! We sincerely hope that you enjoy using SchoolDesk as much as we have enjoyed building and creating it. We look forward to being able to assist you in developing the websites and web environment that you have always envisioned for your schools. We believe that your school websites are much more than just marketing tools, they are a direct representation of what your school system has to offer the citizens of your community in terms of technology, arts, academics, athletics and vocations. If your visitors can’t find what they need when they need it, or if your internal users aren’t fully utilizing the capabilities of your networks, then you are not only losing potential students, families and funding, but you are also limiting and reducing the overall effectiveness and increasing the costs of your entire staff, teachers, students and administrators. We’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Sincerely,

Robert Frierson Robert Frierson President / CEO

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Company details‌ In an effort to more quickly and easily help you learn more about SchoolDesk and its corporate background, we have assembled the following details based on the most commonly requested information from schools throughout the Southeast. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us any time at 1-888-242-2685 or email us at

Company Identification:

1. Corporate Name: BlueTorch Network Solutions, Inc. 2. SLD SPIN Number: 143027090 3. Corporate Address: 3371 Stone Path Way, Suite 100 Powder Springs, GA 30127 4. Telephone Numbers: 1-888-242-2685 or 678-567-9156 5. Contact person(s): Robert Frierson, President or Sonya Bunger, Sales Dir.

Company Size:

1. Number of branches: 1 corporate location, 6 sales & support locations 2. Number of employees: 11 fulltime and 3 part-time employees (All U.S.-based) 3. Number of support locations: Currently 6 U.S. client support locations

Company Stability:

1. Number of years in business: 7 years of continuous E-rate related business 2. Financial Viability: Sufficiently self funded and solvent, privately owned, experienced consistent annual growth of approx. 70%; record of 100% successful E-rate funding, growing customer base and residual revenue, over $1 million in total company annual revenue from all subsidiaries. 3. Growth of company: We have consistently grown our revenue by approx. 70% for each year of business, and expect future growth of the same or more 4. Support Staff: Our internal support staff as well our partnerships with many other companies throughout the country ensure our ability to continuously and adequately support any and all needs of your school system during the course of your service and use of SchoolDesk. 5. Litigation: Neither BlueTorch, SchoolDesk, nor any of it’s partners, affiliates, or subsidiaries have been, or are currently involved in any litigation over the course of the past 7 years.

Just a few company references: 1. Rome City Schools, GA 3. Socorro Consolidates Schools, NM 5. Hickman Co Schools, TN 7. Mitchell Co Schools, GA 9. Greene County Schools, GA 11. Carroll County Schools, GA 13. Fannin County Schools, GA 15. Emanuel County Schools, GA

2. Clayton County Schools, GA 4. Edinburg I.S.D., TX 6. Florence Unified Schools, AZ 8. Espanola Public Schools, NM 10. Baldwin County Schools, GA 12.Fannin County School, GA 14.Steelville City Schools, MO 16. Jasper I.S.D., TX.

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Company Org. Chart Robert Frierson

President Executive Mgmt

Jason Payne Chief Technical Officer

Kurt Goodridge

Wendy Edmondson

Daniel Lynton

Operations Manager

Client Support Manager

Software Dev.& D.B. Design

Tracy Blanton

Chris Pineda

Rick Alexander

Network Hardware Manager

Training & Customer Support

Software Dev. & D.B. Design

Diego Ramos

Sonya Bright

Lisa Collins

Network Support Technician

Training & Customer Support

Sales & Customer Support

Sonya Bunger Training & Customer Support

Donna Moore Training & Customer Support

Lisa Kelafas Training & Customer Support

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What you get with us Completely Custom-designed District and School Websites - You tell us and show us want you want, and we build it while you watch!

We transfer ALL of the content from your current sites to your new sites - Saves you weeks of work and make the transition easier than anyone can!

Unlimited websites for all of your teachers and departments - Every teacher and department in the school system gets their own custom website!

Unlimited Website size and file upload size for your sites - Your school system is always growing, so your sites should be able to do the same!

Unlimited photos, documents, files and videos for your sites - Unlimited uploads means unlimited capabilities of your websites! Over 50 modules & functions for your interactive websites   - More functionality than you can imagine, but if you need more, we’ll custom build it!

Unlimited Secure Access for all your users to the sites - YOU decide who can see or access any specific pages or sections of your websites!

Unlimited on-site and web-based training & support - We will train, retrain, and constantly support everyone with all the help they need! REAL-TIME, U.S.-Based Live Help and support Monday thru Friday - We are ALWAYS here for you and your staff to help them with anything they need! Unlimited web-based classes and meetings through eSchool  - ONLY SchoolDesk has fully integrated Distance Learning System for all your users!

Unlimited Web based Desktops for all students and staff members - ONLY SchoolDesk offers Web-based "cloud computing" Desktops for EVERYONE!

Among the highest E-Rate funding percentage of web hosting providers Student-safe & Staff Email with unlimited storage and mailbox size Unlimited interactive Calendars & Schedulers Unlimited Photos, Files, and Document access and storage Unlimited Interactive Blogs & Forums School Store & Classifieds applications Real-time Live Chat for internal users Web-based project Manager Web-based time clock & time management tools Human Resources functions like job boards and on-line applications Food Services applications such as web-based menus and calendars Complete Trouble Ticketing Help Desk for technology and other departments Complete Integration of any and all of your current web-based programs Exclusive Unlimited Distance Learning Sessions through eSchool Exclusive Unlimited Web-based Desktops for all students and staff members Custom feature and application creation is also available


Features at a glance Your new web sites come fully loaded with a arsenal of great web tools to help you build the site of your dreams while making it easier than ever to do with all these tools: Student-safe Email Unlimited Movie Galleries Public & Private Forums Forums & Discussion Groups Student-Safe Chat Multi-level Calendars Planning Schedulers Appointment Reminders Schedules & To-Do Lists Mobile Accessibility Task Managers Photo Galleries Student Management Instant Messaging Training Scheduler Distance Learning Remote File Storage Off-site Backup & Storage Google analytics & stats 100’s of web widgets

Web-based Project Manager Simple Content Manager Unlimited Document Storage Trouble Ticketing Help Desk Unlimited Photo Galleries Easy User Importing/Exporting Expandable Knowledge Base District Websites School Websites Unlimited Classroom Websites Teacher & Staff Blogs Photo Slide Shows Survey & Web Forms Timesheets & Time Clock News & Announcements Bulletin Boards Remote Admin Access RSS News Feeds Cafeteria Menu Managers Job Board & H.R. Tools

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True Distance Learning Only SchoolDesk offers an inclusive web-based distance-learning, webmeeting software system called eSchool, to public and private educational facilities. eSchool from SchoolDesk includes advanced collaboration features (audio, video, text, desktop sharing, virtual worlds, etc.) so that anyone and everyone can easily and instantly interact with anyone else, without all the hassles of having to download and maintain software. In fact, because of eSchool’s all-Java design, it is the ONLY web meeting software that can easily work in a school environment because attendees don’t have to download or install anything to join a meeting! You certainly don’t want to allow students to download or install anything on your computers, and with eSchool, you don’t have too! •Meet on the Web •NO Downloads or Installs required for attendees •Teach on the Web •Reliability – Always ready to meet when you are •Unlimited Users •Upload & share any type of presentation or desktop •Unlimited Classes •Fast, real-time Desktop & Application sharing •Share Desktops •WIKI/White Board for group collaboration projects •Share User Files •Public and Private multi user Live chat for all users •Use Voice & Video •Audio – Listen and Watch at the same time! •Meet with Students •Video – see and/or be seen through web cameras •Meet with Parents •Instant meetings or schedule meetings in advance •Meet with Anyone! •Mood indicator to track user satisfaction or troubles •Meeting Security – Only those invited can attend •Flexibility – Conduct meetings to & from anywhere •Platform certification–Works great with All browsers •Unlimited eSchool training, support & assistance •Unlimited scalability – conduct hundred of meetings •Integrated with your district website in SchoolTools® Page 8

Web Desktops for All Web-based desktops & “cloud computing” are finally here! SchoolDesk Virtual Desktops are complete operating systems that run in a web browser. More precisely, it’s a set of applications running in a web browser that together mimic, replace or largely supplement a desktop OS environment. With Virtual Desktops, you reduce the burden on your technology staff and budget while extending the abilities and access of your students, teachers and staff far beyond the walls of the classroom. Now, wherever they are, their entire desktop can be there as well.

Included at NO additional cost to your school system, and ONLY Available from SchoolDesk •Create groups and profiles so that certain student groups see only files or programs that pertain to them or that you allow them to see. •Save money in maintenance and support by virtualizing your student computers. No more viruses, broken hardware, or pricey software, and users access their desktops from anywhere! •Increase the effectiveness of your entire learning environment by providing a virtual computer to all of your students regardless of their location or school budget.

With Web Desktops from SchoolDesk, you can give every student their own computer that they can access from anywhere over the Internet.

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Compared to others When comparing SchoolDesk to other hosting platforms, consider just a few of the following that we include at no cost, that others “nickel & dime” you for during the terms of your service: Those Other Guys Flat-rate pricing. One Price Gets It All

We charge the same for all customers & schools with NO hidden fees or additional charges.

Prices vary based on their sales opportunity & funding percentage, with hidden costs for other services.

Unlimited Class & Department sites

Build as many additional websites as you need for departments, clubs, teachers, or whatever.

Contracts stipulate exactly how many or how few sites you are allowed to build on their system.

Unlimited User File Storage

All users can store as many documents, photos, videos and other file types as they want.

Each user and site has a defined amount of file space available. If you need more, you pay for it.

Unlimited Site Users

Have an unlimited number of teachers, administrators, parents or even students as users.

Your contract stipulates exactly how many, and what type of users are allowed into your sites.

Total Customization

We work with your team to create unique designs from scratch exactly as you envision them

What you see is what you get. They offer the same old “canned”, overused templates to everyone.

More than 50 Site Features/Functions

We offer more features & functions for your sites and users than any other hosting company.

Limited functionality and usability, and no ability to create custom modules for your specific needs.

A secured area for your users with Help Desk, Virtual Desktops, Email, File Storage & much more!

No other company offers SchoolTools or similar features and functions for all users.

Network Reliability

We promise a 99.9% uptime reliability with a detailed SLA to unsure your site’s availability.

Others may say they promise reliability, but SchoolDesk backs it up with CASH for outages!

True Unlimited Support & Service

We provide 5 different ways to reach support any time you need it… weekends & holidays too!

Our references will tell you that our support and service is what REALLY sets us apart!

Unlimited Training

We provide UNLIMITED on-site, web-based or other training for all teachers & site administrators.

You pay for initial training, and even more for follow-up training, seldom (if ever!) is it done on-site.

Content Migration

We copy ALL of the content from your current sites over to your new site at NO additional cost!

You pay for initial setup, then for site design, and then again for your content migration and “add-ons”.



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Our Pricing… In order to keep things simple we offer just a single “package” of everything that we have to offer for just one low flat-rate cost per school per year, with no other hidden or misc. costs. We offer provide everything we have to offer for just

So, if your school qualifies for an average of 75% E-rate funding eligibility, you’re total annual cost would only be about

per school per year or $26.45 per month for each school! Simply multiply this by the number of schools in your district and you’ll quickly see how SchoolDesk comes out on top! *Your school system’s total annual cost may vary depending on your qualifying E-rate funding eligibility, so that annual total cost could be higher or even lower!

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Transition Process After many year of experience, we have mastered the process of transitioning from your current websites to SchoolDesk to make the whole process quick, easy, and with NO downtime at all. In fact, there are really just 5 simple steps from start to finish! • We design & create the templates and websites • We migrate all content from old sites to new sites • We setup & configure SchoolTools functions • We continue to migrate content (if not finished yet) (Whole process moves up 1 wk if sites are migrated) • We setup email, helpdesk, desktops, etc. (if needed) • You approve that transfer of all content is completed • We schedule on-site training dates & itinerary • We provide on-site training for all webmasters • We “train the trainer” for teacher websites OR • We train all teachers on how to create teacher sites • You approve all website content & functionality • You decide the date to switch over to the new sites • You make 1 DNS change and all websites go live

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Transition Timeline • We design & create the templates and websites • We migrate all content from old sites to new sites • We setup & configure SchoolTools functions • We continue to migrate content (if not finished yet) (Whole process moves up 1 wk if sites are migrated)




• We setup email, helpdesk, desktops, etc. (if needed) • You approve that transfer of all content is completed • We schedule on-site training dates & itinerary

• We provide on-site training for all webmasters • We “train the trainer” for teacher websites OR • We train all teachers on how to create teacher sites • You approve all website content & functionality • You decide the date to switch over to the new sites • You make 1 DNS change and all websites go live

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SLD Funding Breakdown In order to more clearly outline how SchoolDesk may be funded by the SLD, we have included the following information to address the specific breakdown of funding: E-rate eligible items included in pricing for Web Hosting: • • • • •

Detailed Documentation: all user and admin. documentation and instructions Configuration Changes: unlimited configuration changes during use of service Web Hosting: all district, school and class websites are hosted on our servers Email & Data Storage: all mail and user data are stored & archived on our systems Unlimited Access Licenses: provides for unlimited user licenses duration service

Items NOT funded by E-rate included in pricing of SchoolDesk: Content Management Tools – although all content management tools are included and made available to all site administrators, this item is not directly fundable by the SLD for E-rate funding, thereby reducing the total amount of available SLD funding for SchoolDesk web hosting services to 88%. * SchoolDesk is among highest E-rate Funded Web Hosting service provider in the U.S.

Items included in SchoolDesk at no cost to school district: 1. One complete and unlimited website for the school district 2. Unlimited classroom-level websites and unlimited support & training for each 3. Total custom website design, construction, instruction & content migration 4. Transfer of all current district-level website data to new district-level website 5. Unlimited technical support via email, trouble ticket system, chat or phone 6. Unlimited full-term use of our Distance Learning System (eSchool) 7. Unlimited full-term use of our Web Based Desktops for all students 8. Unlimited on-site and remote training for all school web site managers Page 14

Our E-rate History BlueTorch Network Solutions, Inc, the parent company of SchoolDesk, is an authorized service provider of Telecommunications, Internet Access, Internal Connections and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections. With more than 7 years of continuous E-rate & SLD activity, you can count on BlueTorch and SchoolDesk to be around as long as you’ll need us! Below is a copy of our eligibility status recently copied from the Schools & Libraries website that demonstrates our long and current standing with the Schools & Libraries Division, and our participation in the program:

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A few references… Below is a short list of just a few of the 300+ schools nationwide who currently utilize SchoolDesk for their school and teacher web site hosting. Although we invite you to contact any or all of these people regarding their SchoolDesk service and experience, we also urge you to respect their busy schedules and understand that they may not be immediately available to you when trying to contact them. Feel free to leave polite and professional messages, and they should respond accordingly. Rome City Schools - Rome, Georgia

Clayton County Schools - Jonesboro, Georgia

Edinburg I.S.D. – Edinburg, Texas

Mitchell County Schools - Camilla, Georgia

Director of Technology, Eduardo Moreno Phone: 912-577-0878 Email: Project: Designed, built and host over 40 school websites for the school system with over 1000 teacher web sites

Technology Director, Rodney Conine Phone: 229-522-0150 Email: Website: Project: Designed, built and host 5 school websites for the school system and over 200 teacher web sites

Emanuel County Schools-Swainsboro, Georgia

Jasper I.S.D. – Jasper, Texas

Director of Technology, David Smith Phone: 706-346-6752 Email: Website: Project: Designed, built and host 11 school websites for the school system, and over 500 teacher web sites

Director of Technology, Brian Lang Phone: 478-299-4208 Email: Website: Project: Designed, built and host 11 school websites for the school system and over 300 teacher websites

Espanola Public Schools - Espanola, NM

Director of Technology, Leah Frazier Phone: 505-747-1625 Email: Website: Project: Designed, built and host 19 school websites for the school system and over 500 teacher websites

Carroll County Schools - Carrollton, Georgia

Director of Technology, Dennis Thompson Phone: 770-315-5199 Email: Website: Project: Designed, built and host 26 school websites for the school system and over 800 teacher websites

Technology Director, Sherry Hall Phone: 770-472-2799 Email: Website: Project: Designed, built and host 68 school websites for the school system with over 3000 teacher web sites

Director of Technology, Luanne Talbot Phone: 409-384-2401 ext. 377 Email: Website: Project: Designed, built and host 5 school websites for the school system and over 200 teacher websites

Steelville R-III Schools – Steelville, Missouri

Director of Technology, Mary Ellen Marshall Phone: 478-201-8063 Email: Website: Project: Designed, built and host 5 school websites for the school system and over 200 teacher websites

Haralson County Schools - Buchanan, Georgia Director of Technology, Patsy Dorrough Phone: 770-646-3882 Email: Website: Project: Designed, built and host 5 school websites for the school system and over 300 teacher websites

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Thank you very much for your interest in SchoolDesk. For more information, or to see a live demo and customer samples, please go to You may also contact us via the website or at Also, you can call us any time with questions or comments at 1-888-242-2685 or contact your sales representative.

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SchoolDesk Proposal  

This is a complete product description of SchoolDesk that shows you what you get when you choose SchoolDesk for your school web hosting and...