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Update February 2014 OC President In January the most important thing was to prepare applications for participation in the Honorary Committee for guests we’ve invited. We have received positive response of our national Executive Board in Ministry of Science and Higher Education during short meeting. EuRegMe OC meeting took place on January 10th in Warsaw. We have discussed deadlines for each member of the OC, in conjunction with their near future work. We determined the details of the opening ceremony , its location and the entire logistics of social program. We took part in many meetings with important sponsors as well, who finally confirmed his participation in our event. After second visit to our hotel with social programme team, we finally decided about specifics of artistic events. There is still much to do, but we are eager to work! Best regards, Michał Walczewski Email: Tel.: +48 660 680 734

OC International Affairs Coordinator The crucial work in January was to coordinate the communication between Euroteam and the OC in terms of choice of preEuRegMe workshops. We have received 9 amazing applications and we have chosen 7 together with RC Europe. We had skype meeting with RC Europe during TOM2/Regional Meeting in Panama and EuroTeam skype meeting when we summarise the December update and answer every organizational questions especially in terms of registration process. Next steps for upcoming month will be to prepare a promotion for General Assembly, work with the Event Booklet and Euroteam regarding sessions. We are in constant contact with the last EuRegMe host – Italians are really helpful. Grazie mille! Best regards, Michalina Drejza

Registration Registration started on 29th of January with a little technical delay. Control registration process will be the most important task in this month. We will take care of it and be responsible for answering all questions from people interested in taking part in EuRegMe. After finished first registration we would like to start collecting money.

Media Fortunately we finished created Media Co-operation Proposal which will be presented to all editor’s offices covered by our plan. Based on that we will present the Media Co-operation Proposal to over 70 potential partners, from whom we will select 3 categories: 11th EuRegMe General Media Partner, Common Media Partner and Supporting Media Partner. To complete the project stage we have set a team to support the Media Coordinator with monitoring each partnership and Media Partner’s relations. Actually Our negotiation aims are to select 3 General Media Partners that will offer the widest range of engagement (one TV, one radio, one newspaper), and additionally select a group of Common Media Partners with as many medical media as possible.

Promotion We updated our social media platform on Facebook and our website. Slowly we starting to create conference book. Next weeks we will focus on laying down the details of promotion gadgets and film that will be presented on General Assembly in Tunisia.

Social Programme Social Programme team worked last month very hard and prepared a short plane of social during EuRegMe. On the first day we will offer you party in the hotel's facilities, all focused on teambuilding and integration. Club music on the dancefloor, bowling or poker and more - you will have wide range of choices. The May 1st evening will be supported by live music, played by The Customs band. Participants will have a cold and hot buffet at their disposal with all sort of cold beverages. All the events will be held in the same building with no need of transporting people around the city! On the third day you will experience the beauty of our capital city and it is historical parts. All the participants will make a choice - what is their place of interest. Last night - NFDP - will be held in an old fashioned windmill, located just around the corner of our hotel. It will be held in traditional polish style with our very best meats and traditional cuisine. Now we are planning to finalize preparations for the Opening ceremony and Gala - agree on details according to music, food and already mentioned surprises.

Transport According to relocation of the main event from Lidzbark Warmiński to Warsaw, transport demands changed definitely. What We can say now is that guests are going to be shuttled from Airport to the Hotel by train with one connection in the Centre. Total travel time from Airport to the Hotel is 1 hour. We are also trying to create a transportation guide for the participants, that will include description of all the means of transport available in Poland. It will be pretty helpful, especially for those students, who will choose road or rail connections when coming to/from Poland.

Pre EuRegMe


During last month we were working very hard on fundraising and medical workshop details. Today, we can proudly announce that we already collected enough money to organize everything that we planned. Not only workshops and accommodation, but also social programme are ready! Pre EuRegMe Opening Ceremony is still surprise, but It will be unimaginable! What is more, fundraising process is still open, what gives us opportunity to improve our Pre EuRegMe even more! Second of all, we enrolled top class specialists to our workshops and also enlarge our offer by Laparoscopic Surgery Workshops! Together with Intravascular Ultrasonography (IVUS), Echocardiography, Doppler Ultrasonography, Toe-Brachial Index Worksops and connected two intravascular, live transmitted intervention they will all submit to the best possible Students' Great Vascular Disease Worksops ever!

Post EuRegMe


The process of postEuRegMe preparations is speeding up! During last weeks the OC met several times and was working really hard to figure out many ideas to make your stay in the Tricity unforgettable. Some very important points of the social programme are now almost fully cleared out. Please, let us surprise you, but be sure, that we do our best to prepare the best event ever! We already talked to our favourite Sopot clubs and they are ready to provide you with the greatest DJs and fully equipped bars! Let us not forget about tradition – we want you to get to know the culture of Kaszuby (the northern Poland region) and trust us, it will be done in a unique way – the surprise evening is already confirmed! There are already many local supporters of the event: Medical University of Gdansk, newspapers, media, companies. The fundraising process is still on, but we are gaining new partners every day!

XI EuRegMe

Organizing Committee OC President – Michał Walczewski OC Vicepresident – Marcin Mierzwa NMO President – Natasza Blek Fundraising Coordinator – Maciej Janik Transportation Coordinator – Patryk Ryniak Registration Coordinator - Aleksandra Saletra Media Coordinator – Izabela Domańska Trainings and session coordinator – Paulina Jatczak Marketing Coordinator – Karolina Stolarczyk International Affairs Coordinator – Michalina Drejza Social programme Team - Jan Świdwiński & Jan Niwiński OC Supervisor - Kamil Sobociński preEuRegMe in Kraków Coordinator - Mikołaj Maga postEuRegMe in Gdańsk Coordinator - Karolina Garnicka

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