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Fashion History of the Student: Phạm Thanh Tú CO14-Group2-LCFS

20th Century

Fashion 1900s:

Corset - Edwardian style - The gaudy hat - long skirts – Gibson girl hair

Fashion 1910s:

Paul Poiret designer changed fashion style

Ballet russe movement

Word War Z

Mrs. Emily Davison

Fashion in 1920s:


Coco Chanel is well-known designers and fashion changed during this period


Flapper dressing

Fashion in 1930s:


The “ New look” fashion show of Dior

Fashion in 1940s:

• •

Christian Dior launched the first collection “ New Look” World War II

Fashion in 1950s:


Fashion in the end World War II

Fashion icon Marilyn Monroe

Fashion in 1960s:

“ minijupe” of Mary Quant, Many color, Makeup Tiwggy

Hat pillbox


Fashion in 1970s:


Punk rock

Many color, Dress many folwer

Fashion in 1980s:

Fashion icon Madona


Fashion in 1990s:

Fashion icon- Britney Speard

Kate Moss-Top Model in 1990s

Fashion in 2000s:

Alexander Mcqueen Designer

“ Sex and The city “ is fashion movie in 2000s

Fashion History of the 20th century  
Fashion History of the 20th century