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Who leads the world of Operating Systems? Divisions EPQ Project



Introduction General Usage Productivity

Unavoidably you must have at least once, heard this argument before. This article doesn’t simply judge and jump to the answer. I have chosen to write this topic, as it was a problem I faced personally. The conclusion I came to ended up confusing me to.


What was my conclusion? Conclusion

Before beginning this article, I would like to stress greatly that I am unbiased in every way. My conclusion I reached was that both devices have a very good ability to do a certain job. Hence on my desk I have an iMac sitting next to my all-in-one PC. Q: What is the main purpose of an Apple computer running Mac OSX?

A: From my sources and my personal usage history, it is the undoubtedly better contender when it comes to graphical based design work, video editing for example is made much easier. Q: And so what do Windows do then?

A: For not only me but also a much bigger community, Macs do have many limitations, mainly as they simply haven’t been around for long enough. This article will help you to make a very well judged decision.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs My Desktop PC before I upgraded to a much nicer All in One



The image shows an awfully common and terrible misconception. Many people feel urged to ‘try something new’ as their old Windows PC becomes slow and useless


Why is this not right?

General Usage


Many people make thoughtless comments like “Must get a Mac now, as my Windows PC is crappy and useless” Q: Well have you ever considered why?

A: There are so many factors that might make a Windows PC seem crappier than a Mac in terms of productivity. Firstly, have you ever checked the price tag? The smarter majority will have realised that with the price you spend on a Mac, on average it equates to 4-5 of your normal home PC’s that you would buy. Put all that money (700-1000 minimum for a Mac!) into buying one dedicated PC, and boy would you be looking at a top of the range super computer. Immediately that may have given you a more realistic idea of what is going on the world of PC vs. Mac. If not read on!

“Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one” A very common misconception, which should be avoided.

- Bill Gates


I can tell you it’s one point for our Mac when it comes to productivity.




When it comes to general usage and Productivity, oh yes – Apple have definitely done their homework and research.


Q: So what does it come with?

A: Any Mac of any level comes with enterprise level software included as standard (one of the reasons for the hefty price tag). Admittedly for any user however advanced or new to the world of modern computing, having to go out and buy something as simple as basic video editing software truly is time consuming and frustrating. Yes there are millions of free downloads available, but having to filter through all that is also a pain. Having something like iMovie implanted by standard is honestly so helpful, its great capabilities have also been proved by the quality of production it can output. Many directors have also put it to the test, namely Fredrick Wong – more commonly freddiew.

“It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.” - Steve Jobs Just a little something to keep you entertained!

GAMING Introduction


General Usage

Unfortunately due to Mac OSX’s late arrival




Due to its late arrival, game developers have not started porting games immediately.


There is undisputedly one other great reason, and that is the customizable factor that only a PC possesses. You’re able to open it up, access to upgrade the RAM, add yet another 5 SSD’s, maybe change to an 8GB DDR5 Graphics card. And all that is simply something you couldn’t do on a Mac…..

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other. - Bill Gates

The current situation in the world of computer gaming

CONCLUSION Introduction General Usage



Having carefully summed up every aspect from price, to media, to gaming, to even server capabilities, it seems to be clear that there will simply be Windows around as the domination operating system. Open a magazine or a newspaper, do you see loads of Mac adverts, or do you see pages, and pages of Windows adverts; those weird boxes with HP, Lenovo, Dell scribbled all over them…

Gaming Conclusion

With the upcoming of Windows 8 already sliding its way onto every new computer, Apple will simply never host that mass market.

Sure, if you work in a specific industry; say 3D designing or After Effects style hard core rendering, you might need to consider these computers, of course, simply just because the software was only built for that platform.

But for anything else from a home PC to a thin client, Windows will always dominate.

The End.

"What I can ’ t fi g u re o u t i s why he ( Steve Jo bs ) i s even tryi n g ( to be the CE O o f Apple) ? He k n o ws he can ’ t wi n ” - Bi ll Gates

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