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BIOGRAPHY My name is Miguel テ]gel Galテ。n Hernテ。ndez. I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. I`m a student of Tecnolテウgica University. I live in Mejicanos. I`m a boy very friendly. In my free time I like to go out to diferents places with my family or Friends, sometimes when I stay in my house, I like to listen to music and I love to watch action movies. At night I play soccer three times a week. I like the mexican food, and I love the tipical food of El Salvador too.

Unit 6. How often do you exercise? 2- Arrange these words to make sentenses or questions. 1. Go never I almost bicycling. I almost never go bicycling. 2. Hardly they tennis play ever. They hardly ever play tennis. 3. Go do often jogging how you. How often do you go jogging? 4. Often mornings do on we yoga Sunday. We often mornings do yoga on Sunday. 5. Ever Charlie do does aerobics. Does Charlie ever do aerobics? 6. Do on you what usually Saturdays do What do you usually do on Saturdays?

Unit 7. We had a great time! 2- past tense A- Write the simple past of these regular verbs. 1- Cook – Cooked 2- Enjoy – Enjoyed 3- Invite – invited 4- Love – loved 5- Study – studied

6- Try – tried 7- Visit – visited 8- Wash – washed 9- watch - watched

B- Write the simple form of these irregular simple past verbs. 1- Buy – Bought 2- Give – Gave 3- Meet – met 4- See – Saw

5- Sleep – Slept 6- Spend – Spent 7- Take – Took 8- Go – Went

C- Use two of the verbs above and write sentenses about the past.

Example: We went to a rock concert last night.

1- My parents and I visited the zoo last morning.

2- I went to the movie with my girlfriend last night.

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