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What is The Ecological Orchestra ? It was in 1997, a musicologist Miki Shunji created completely new-type of musical group. This is the Ecological Orchestra(E.O.), which plays original music by original musical instruments. Miki Shunji has invented more than 60 creative musical instruments made of gourd, bamboo, paper. under an intention to reduce environment loads and playful mind of him. Members of E.O. are carefully chosen from any genre of music, for example, not only western classic but Swedish, Indian, and any more. E.O. proposes new musical culture, a full of entertainment. ●ACTIVITIES

1998 Concert at The Symphony Hall,Japan 2001 Concert at Tokyo International Forum by Gov. 2001 Vietnam Concert Tour 2002 Administration of foreign affairs P.V. 2002 The Earth Day Tokyo concert 2003 The World Water Forum in Kyoto concert 2004 China Concert tour 2006 Concert at Kyoto Peace Convention 2008 Concert at French National Theater Except above, hundreds of concerts. 2009 Osaka Festival of water

Core Soloists (Except bellows, other registered members) Miki Shunji / general director of THE ECOLOGICAL ORCHESTRA, Musicologist Graduated from Kansai university. 2000 A founder of Musical Culture Research Center 2004-2006 Assistant-professor of Kyoto City University of art 2010 Chief executive of NPO culture hub project Maki Rie / composer Graduated from the department of composition at Osaka College of Music. A prize winner in the contest of composition sponsored by the Mainichi Newspaper Co and in the contest of children's song in Tatsuno city, Hyogo. While working in the Ecological Orchestra, now she studies the Vietnam's traditional music “Nyak Thai Twu” at Osaka University. Omori Hidenori / Bowing and Plucking instruments Graduated in musical aesthetics at Kansei Gakuin university in 1993. An outstanding fiddle player in the Irish and the Swedish style in Japan. Minehiko Tanaka /Plucking instruments He began Sitar in 1983. As a representative musician of Japan, he gave performance of sitar in UK, Norway, India, and other countries.

Naoki Takahashi / Vocal, Jews harps, and Plucking instruments In 90's, he joined in a student theatre in Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto. The first prize winner at the national folk singer's contest for the 80th anniversary of national artist Danesh Rakshev, Jalkent, Kazakhstan, 2006.

●Office 4-13-21 Minami Hanayashiki, Kawanishi city, Hyogo, Japan fax +81 72-757-5734 ●Please contact to: Naoki Takahashi (General Manager)

The Ecological Orchestra  
The Ecological Orchestra  

Based upon the concept of Ecology, this Next Generation Orchestra started its career in 1997. It has had over hundres of events including co...