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Paderewski Private Grammar School – a choice for YOU

Why Paderewski? Paderewski Private Grammar school provides wide range of amenities for students from abroad. For sure it is a school with a best attitude to international learners and you will not regret coming here.

Profiles at school: The school offers a student various profiles of classes where you can learn including the still very rare in Poland International Diploma Programme under patronage of International baccalaureate organization especially valuable for abroad learners. List of profiles in schools offer: 

International Matura profile (general)

International Matura profile (medical)

Mathematical (to choose whether connected with IT, Physics or Geography)


Sports and Arts at school: Owing to the fact that our school has a probably best equipped sport facility in town we provide you wide range of opportunities to practice sport either during or after classes. In the school time we offer you sports classes like: football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, gym and many more… Furthermore our school is a very well-known for taking care under young artists with various talents. Apart from many school clubs led by qualified teachers we offer you place in the school’s official choir “AKADEMOS” which has already earned many international awards.

Trips & international exchanges: Our school gives you vast amount of opportunities to explore the world and integrate with other students from school by organizing overseas and inside country excursions. To the most popular and liked by students we can include “Zielona Szkoła” and “Biała Szkoła” which are organized at the beginning of each semester. Due to the partnership with organizations like “Commenius”, “ASP Unesco” or “Rotary” we offer you also international exchanges with students form around the world.

Other indulgences: 

Our school gives you opportunity to take part in charity actions during the school year and provides you ideas how to do it

School canteen and shop constantly open during classes

During classes students mostly work on laptops which with professional organization make the classes much more efficient than if traditional methods were used.

Each student is treated very personally, in a consequence of executing tutoring system.

Any doubts? Contact us or visit our website!

Tel. 81 740 75 43 Website:


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flip card project 2