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Constructing Environments

Week 10 – On Site Wenjie Cai

Activity: Visit Oval Pavilion These two photos are showing the seats in front of the building. The materials that are mainly used for building these seats include reinforcing bar, concrete and timber slab. Its construction is using the same method as concrete form walls. They firstly put woods on it and make it as the base of the seats. Then they put reinforcing bars onto the wood slab for a stronger structure. After that they continue to put wood slab on the reinforcing bar to form the shape of the seats. The last step they put concrete as the surface and timber slab is connected with the concrete as the seats for people.

1 Timber Slab Concrete

Wood Slab

Wood Slab

Reinforcing bars

2 2


Looking at the main building, we can see the steel frame of it. At the front of the building, there will be 8 windows and two double doors. For the window frame, they use aluminium as the material. All of the windows and doors are form by glass.

This is the wall beside the seats. For this wall, concrete and Oregon timber will be used.


Looking inside of the building, there are the laminated timber columns. We can also see the braces in the building. This building’s walls will be covered by plasterboard

5 3


These two photos show the timber frame of the chimney and the location of the fireplace. It is a in and out gas fireplace. The chimney is very tall. 6

This space is going to use clear material such as glass to access to sunlight.


For this wall, LVL (Laminated Veneer Timber) claddings are used. This kind of timber is formed by several pieces of peeled wood that are bond together by glue. It has relatively high level of fire resistance so it is used for the wall of the fireplace.

Box gutter will be built on the roof for better drains. This box gutter uses steel as its material.


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10 wenjie cai