Breeding of rhacophorus feae at leningrad zoo

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The first breeding of Fea's Treefrog - Rhacophorus feae at the Leningrad Zoo with account of the species. by Anna A. Bagaturova, Mikhail F. Bagaturov (corresponding author, email:, “Department of Insectarium and Amphibians”, Leningrad zoo, St. Petersburg, Russia

Abstract. The success of first captive breeding of the giant species of rhacophorid arboreal frog Rhacophorus feae in amphibian facility in Leningrad Zoo (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) has been described. Their natural history data, conservation status, threads, natural predators, morphology including size discussion, prophylactic and medication treatment; issues of adopting of wild adult specimens, keeping and captive breeding in zoo’s amphibian facility were described; features of breeding behavior stimulation, foam nest construction, rising of tadpoles and young frogs of other rhacophorids in comparison with hylid treefrogs’ species were discussed. Keywords. Rhacophoridae: Polypedates, Rhacophorus maximus, R. dennysi, R. annamensis, R. orlovi, Kurixalus odontotarsus, R. feae: natural history, conservation status, threads, description, thread pose, Vietnam, Thailand; captive management, adaptation, breeding, nest, tadpoles, froglets, veterinary; feeding, proper housing, Hylidae, captive management, raising; Leningrad Zoo.

Genus Rhacophorus H. Kuhl and J.C. van Hasselt, 1822 comprised for over 80 species (Frost, 2011, with later additions). Every year new species of rhacophorid frogs described from the territories of Vietnam, China, Cambodia and other countries of southeastern Asia for last decades (Inger et al, 1999 a, b.; Orlov et al, 2004, 2005 etc, see: References section for others). Some species of Rhacophorus also referred to as Polypedates, Aquixalus and Kurixalus according to different authors (Orlov and Ho, 2005, Fei et al, 2005, Yu et al, 2009, Frost, 2011, etc). The type species is Rh. Moschata Kuhl & van Hasselt, 1822 (= Hyla Reinwardtii Schlegel, 1840). According to different points of view taxon Rhacophoridae Hoffman, 1932, which genus Rhacophorus belonging to subfamily Rhacophorinae, for several times on different research data (mostly molecular: Wiens at al, 2009, Li et al, 2008, Li et al, 2009) was included into family Ranidae as a subfamily (Rhacophorinae) or distinct family (Bossuyt and Roelants, 2009). Here we accept the position of Orlov and Ananjeva, 2007 and latter authors by positioning this taxon in family status belonging to neobatrachian clade Ranoidea. Species account of Rhacophorus feae (Boulenger, 1893): Types: MSNG, BMNH. Type territory: “Thao, northern Burma (=Myanmar)”: 19° 23' N, 96° 54' O, 1300 m-1400 m a.s.l. Also referred to as: Polypedates feae (auct. n.) Distribution: South China (Yunnan: Mengla, Hekou and Pingbian Counties), Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar (Karen Hills), North Thailand, Vietnam (North, Central (1 locale) and South (1 locale)).

Picture 1. Adult male of Rhacophorus feae with froglet sitting on its head. Photo©Mikhail F. Bagaturov