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- How to create the environment which helps training and communication? - How to create comfortable environment for students? «THE TEACHER- THE STUDENT»- is a usual scheme for any process. Remember yourselves when you were young. You waited for the end of the lessons to share your interesting thoughts with your classmates after classes (during the break). Teachers give us skills- but what forms our mind? The scheme «THE STUDENT-THE STUDENT» Our mind is formed in communication. This project gives an idea to a student that school is not a reserved volume where he daily has to spend his time -but school is an open area of communication which includes as outdoors as indoors ( a building). An unreserved area «liberates» students gives them freedom and creates informal communication. That’s why in this project pedestrian street is created which is a part of school area and integrates a building into the environment. I have tried to give a park scale to the area of covered pedestrian street with the help of low light glass entry

volumes and unusual landscape of the pedestrian street. Entering the hall from the ÂŤparkÂť the student does not feel that he is in the reserved area because as he is able to see the green yards where blocks of classes are buried in the green. All public zones including the library ,the media , the canteen and also laboratories , are situated in the stylobath on the levels of the ground floor. From this level we can go to the sports-administration zone.

Mikhail Pletnev.

11- Cleveland Design Competition (11081) SUMMARY  
11- Cleveland Design Competition (11081) SUMMARY