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About me Hello, I’m a second year product design student at Nottingham Trent University, originally from London. I’m a design/style led creator with emphasis on user quality. This portfolio is a showcase of my university work over the past year with details of the projects.


Tabletop timepiece (instrmnt)

Smoking reverse

pool hy (Spee

ygiene edo)

pay-per-view vr (bbc)

Sleep pod (herman miller)

timepiece BRIEF The brief for this project was to design a contemporary table top timepiece for Instrmnt, a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Glasgow. The key aspect was to understand the brand ethos and relate that to a product not previously made by the brand. I had to keep the minimalist style of the company while retaining form and quality.


copper clock face

cherry wood base

copper backing with magnets

copper screws



ing reverse



Design a product, service, campaign, or system that facilitates positive lifestyle behaviours in daily life, which will help people to better prevent the onset of lifestyle related chronic conditions. This is done by modifying lifestyle behaviours such as reducing alcohol intake, eating more healthily or increasing physical exercise.


FOCUS For this project, my personal focus was smoking and my target user was young adults. Brainstorming ideas, I wanted to know what would engage young people to cut down smoking and thought an app would be best suited for this demographic. I noticed that young people wouldn’t like to quit until they are older. Therefore, this app is designed to help people cut down so it would help them to quit altogether when they are older. The app would link to an external device on the skin that can measure CO levels and nicotine levels in the blood.


This is the app logo for an Apple device, such as an iPhone. It takes inspiration from the No Smoking signs that are commonplace in most areas, therefore most people could grasp the idea from the app logo. The icons around the edge show the users and all of them working together in order to cut down smoking.

STORYBOARD You begin by creating your own user with a name and bio. This will allow you to proceed into the app and you would begin this task by connecting to different users who want to take part, the minimum being 2 players. Once this is done, you all decide on an amount you would all like to put in. The app would link to an app such as PayPal or you can link your Debit Card. Once everybody has paid, one person sets the timeframe

everybody would like. Over time and using a device on your skin, the app measures the amount of CO and nicotine in the bloodstream. Using this information you can see progress through a leaderboard. Once the time is up the winner is announced and this person receives the funds. Other features include your personal progress and an exclusive chat for all users.


ool hygiene



Observe and identify key insights or opportunities within the Chinese athleisure market. Review the quality, accessibility and experience of existing facilities / products / brands and consumer trends proposing a new to world product or product range for the fitness swimming consumer in China.


This project is designed in conjunction with Speedo.

FOCUS Hygiene is a major problem in Chinese pools. There is overcrowding and foot baths, which are often dirty. These are common-place in China, are unhygienic and allow the spread of bacteria. However, pre-swim cleaning is required so it’s unavoidable. An alternative would be foot showers because they remove five times more pollution than baths. But this can be costly to introduce to old pools.

IDEA This is an alternative solution to this problem. The product can be acquired by pool owners to allow people to use freely as a pre-swim cleanse. The shower head style top allows you to conserve water while creating an even distribution over your feet/body. Employees at the pool will maintain that these are refilled with the correct solution of water and anti-bacterial detergents.

Screw cap top for an easy refill

Shower head style top


per-view VR


Attribute Virtual Reality to a company such as the BBC. Using research and knowledge of virtual reality, as well as the products/services that the BBC provide, find a way to merge the two together to create a product that can be sold by the BBC.

FOCUS Accessibility at events and festivals is an issue not just for people with a disability but also generally. Arenas and stadiums often don’t have a very good accessibility because the design and layout overlooked those with disabilities because it wasn’t a major concern as it is now. That being said, people with disabilities feel more modern places don’t accommodate entirely to their needs. Festivals, for example, struggle to do this because of the site, it’s terrain and the sheer size. However, people who cannot physically or mentally make it to the event want to experience the music and the atmosphere.

IDEA The idea is to bring the music and the atmosphere of a particular inaccessible event, covered by the BBC, streamed directly to your VR headset. The user would have already acquired the headset through purchasing it or via a pay-perview service. Using a ‘smart TV’ or using the BBC Red Button option, the user would select the event they would like to view. The VR headset would then be synchronised with the TV to view the event. Many cameras would be setup around the site or concert so the user could pick any camera and view. Sound quality is extremely important to feel immersed, so the sound would be transmitted through headphones or surround sound.


Sleep pod

BRIEF For this brief we were tasked with creating an innovative, complementary product/ products for the Herman Miller brand. Consider new consumer behaviours and potential markets to design this new product for Herman Miller.

FOCUS The focus area chosen by myself was wellness in the workplace, in particular sleep deprivation by employees. Sleep pods are becoming more common in the workplace and employers are recognising the benefits. It allows workers to recharge without missing a day’s work. This is a contemporary, simple alternative to the current ones on the market.


THE LID Elevates a swit

s at the flip of tch

Once you are inside, the smaller shield goes up for added seclusion

I explored many different solutions to getting sleep in the workplace from small, medium and large but decided that the best way to create the best sleep environment would be a sleep pod. It’s no surprise that companies now are using them however the current designs don’t fit the Herman Miller brand.

Thank you

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Product Design Portfolio  
Product Design Portfolio