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Description Use TipCalc for all your tipping needs on your iPhone or iPod Touch! It will also easily split the bill among your party members. Features: - Quick results with minimal data entry - Easy slider control to specify tip up to 30% - Easy slider control to specify party size up to 20 - Auto-calculates tip and total amount (v1.1) - Saves settings on exit and restores on next use (v1.2) - Sales tax support (v1.3) - Tip amount includes split per person (v1.4) If the Sales Tax toggle switch is set to ON, then the sales tax is deducted from the total bill before computing the tip. Enter the sales tax rate for your location which will be saved for each use.

What's New in Version 1.4 By request, the tip amount is now shown with the split amount per person.

Customer Reviews Takes too long (1 star) I hardly use the app because it takes way to long Not so much.. (1 star) Looked easy to use but slider bars lock making it useless Great (3 stars)


This program is great, not only is it free but it's dummy proof. A must have!

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