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Description Hey there partner! You look a little dusty from the road. After rustlin' cows on your farm and chasin' animals out on the field, it's time to come home and put those skills to the ultimate test! Slingshot Cowboy 2 is filled with more levels, new themes, and bonus ammo variations to keep ya coming back for more. Test your skills against the Game Center leaderboards and try your accuracy against the many obstacles in your way. Once you finish off your ranch, take your show on the road against the shifting, changing winds of the Desert. Keep your eye out for the Gophers on each level, who can give you more and bigger ammo to finish off the levels with the highest scores possible! Features: * Simple and addictive gameplay that everyone can enjoy * Accelerometer-based aiming * 18 Levels with more on the way! * Increasing difficulty through each level with obstacles, bulls and wind! * Laser Aiming Assistance * Hilarious graphics that harken back the original Slingshot Cowboy! * Powerups that include Horseshoes, Grenades and More! * GameCenter integration for global leaderboards – be the best in the world! * Facebook and Twitter integration to share scores and game invites with your friends. Controls: Use your finger to pull back on the slingshot band and launch stones. The farther back you pull, the farther your stone will fly! Tip: Tilt the iPhone like it is your slingshot handle to change the trajectory and make targets in the back of the field easier to hit! Far away targets are worth the most points. Check out the original slingshot games: Slingshot Cowboy, Slingshot Cowboy Plus and Slingshot Safari!

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Slingshot Cowboy 2  

More Apps by AppTurn, Inc. Description Controls: Use your finger to pull back on the slingshot band and launch stones. The farther back you...