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Description iBall3D is a remake of the classic Labyrinth game, but in 3D. You'll have to guide a ball from a location to another, by orienting your iPhone or iPod touch, avoiding the holes. Once a level is completed, you'll be able to send your score to the iBall3D server, and consult your world ranking position. This initial version contains 3 maps and 3 gaming modes, for a total of 9 challenges. This game is free, enjoy !

Customer Reviews Worth Downloading to try.. (3 stars) The game is as said by most reviewers more of a derivative of Labyrinth. It is a good attempt to build on the genre, but the graphics and the physics need some tuning. The way the ball moves and drops in the holes are flawless in Labyrinth. In iBall, the ball just suddenly disappears or shoots down the hole as soon as ••about half of the ball is over the hole. Movement of the ball is not as fast as is supposed to, but at the same it is not w Impressive (5 stars) Gorgeous interface (one of the best I've seen). I have the full version of Labrynth (which I consider to be perfect). Comparing the two directly, this game 'seems' lesser, but it's actually far far greater. The graphics appear to be blocky and unpolished, but the difference is that Labrynth uses images to lay out game play; iBall 3D is, as the name implies, a complete dynamic 3D rendering. When you remind yourself of this fact, it doesn't bo not that good (1 star) labyrinth is much better!!!!! the ball moves wayyyyyy too slow and is hard to control.

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