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Description Amazingly fun game This is the full version, no In App Purchase, no surprise! More than 8000 chickens propelled in 3 days, amazing! Propel yours now! Players comments: “It's similar to duckers game. Simple and addicting. Time killer.” “Fun and creative.” “The blitz chicken is my favorite!” How deep can you propel a chicken in the ocean? Can you beat 10000 ft? Just tilt your iPhone to move your chicken horizontally. Catch bubbles to increase your speed! Learn to play in 10 seconds and enjoy hours of fun! Chicken Deep is a fast and fun game about diving chickens with very funny and attractive visuals. Short game sessions, play anywhere! ******** With sessions between 1 and 2 minutes, you can play Chicken Deep anywhere (Bus, car, waiting room… or WC!) 4 chickens, 4 funny gameplays ********* Each chicken is played differently. Choose your favourite and try to beat the hi-scores! Scores are submitted to the Game Center and can be shared on Facebook. ___ DEEPER CHICKEN ___ This chicken is trained to dive as deep as he can. He uses the bubbles to fight floating back up. How deep can he dive? Tips: Take care of the warning arrows at the bottom of the screen. Focus on the “Catch me”


arrow! ___ BLITZ CHICKEN ___ Beat the deep record with this heavy and strong chicken. He can hold his breath for 90 seconds and uses bubbles to accelerate. Tips: Catch bubbles on a row to maintain high speed and focus on the submarine build! __ SKUBA CHICKEN ___ Skuba Chicken is fast but he needs to use the bubbles to refill his oxygen reserve. Last warning: he's really vulnerable! Tips: Avoid dangers and focus on the booster bubbles (the ones with the vortex inside). __ CHALLENGE CHICKEN ___ Over trained chicken! Help him to complete the 15 challenges and earn score multipliers. Challenges are synched with the Game Center. Tips: For expert players! There is 15 challenges, focus on each individually. Build a submarine! ********* Catch the 4 parts of the submarine during your diving and enjoy the ride! Wear a bikini! Catch the Bikini and… (hmmm… I hope you're not afraid of dressing up…) be protected against the buoyancy (upward force) for a short amount of time. Funny score analytics ********* Follow your performance with the Chicken Analytics chart. A fun and addictive way to see your progress day after day. You can slide the chart with your finger to look at your past dives! Sound Design by The Cleophas Brothers ********* Enjoy the fun and addictive game music and laugh to the sound design. The Cleophas Brothers are the the famous sound designers of Age of Enigma. Art by Giuseppe Severino Vector graphics was designed by Giuseppe Severino, an amazing artist famous for his Sci-Fi art. Now he knows everything about crazy diving chickens too! This game was designed and created in 2 months by David MEKERSA, Game Designer for Casual Box (French independent studio), using Corona SDK.

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Chicken Deep Pro  

Description Choose your favourite and try to beat the hi-scores! Scores are submitted to the Game Center and can be shared on Facebook. Just...