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MIKE YAHRAUS, FLORIDA – AN ACCOMPLISHED PROJECT MANAGER Mike Yahraus Florida is an accomplished project manager in the field of construction. Many projects that he has worked on have been highlighted for their innovative designs and time-bound completion.

Mike Yahraus graduated (with honors) from the university of Florida, ME Rinker School of Building Construction with a BS in Construction Management (class of 2001). He graduated from Miami Killian Sr. High School in Miami, FL (Class of ‘95).

The seven story multi family residential condo was built according to client specifications while taking in account the most modern building practices and innovative construction techniques. One of the most prestigious construction projects handled by Mike Yahraus has been the 1450 Brickell Office Building.

Presently, Mike Yahraus, Florida is handling several ongoing projects in the Florida region. The Surf Club project is an ongoing $200M GMP contract in Surfside, FL. Another ongoing project under Mike Yahraus’ guidance is the Monte Carlo Luxury Rentals, a $30M GMP Contract on Miami Beach.

Mike Yahraus Florida  

Mike Yahraus - Project Manager with a background in Commercial and Luxury Multi-Family Residential construction projects from $30M - $200M....