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Moving On Productions LOVE WITHOUT MEASURES Date:

19th February 2013



Location 1: 188 Peregrine House Hall Street London EC1V 7PS Contact Person at Location: Mike Herrera Castro Mobile Number: 07805057571 Crew Call: 20:15 20:30 to 20:45 20:45 to 21:00 21:05

Crew Arrive at location 1 Crew unpack and charge batteries Crew practice scenes and camera angles Ready to film scene 7,8,9

21:55 22:00 22:15 to 22:25 22:25 23:00 23:00 to 23:30

Break Cast change outfit to prepare for scene 11 Crew set up scene Ready to film 11 Crew and cast finish filming Import footage to Laptop

Cast Call: 20:55 20:55 to 21:05 21:05

Cast arrive to location 1 Cast practice lines and scenes Ready to film 7,8,9

21:55 21:55 to 22:00 22:25 23:00

Break Crew set up scene Ready to film 5,6 Crew and cast finish filming

DESCRIPTION OF VIDEO: Short film based on a true event where a young man falls BLINDED in love with a stripper he met when he went to a brothel with his father. SAFETY: As the production is being held in a House and Car, health & safety would be conducted before shooting commences.

Contact Details: Crew: Director:

Mike Herrera Castro



Alexis Cavaleiro



David Montes



Eren Gencler




Cast: George Vafakis


Giulia Flores




Cast Details: Wardrobe: George – This day George I want you to bring two type of clothing; • Arriving to the brothel for the first time so casual would be great and the second time so two different types of style

Giulia (EREN) – Giulia I would like you to bring with you the clothes we got for the scene and also bring one other outfit with you (the second outfit doesn’t have to be that of the same as the first one, or maybe we can do something with the robe) EREN - Make-up: I would like Giulia to be as we discussed in our meeting. Over the top make-up and hair. If you have inputs don’t hesitate to dot them down.

Forecast Weather: Indoors so no need to worry

Equipment & Props List: Rental & Own:

2 x Manfroto Tripod 1 x Canon 60D – 50mm 1.8 1 x Canon 550D – 50mm 1.8 1 x Zoom Mic 1 x Filters 1 x Dolly More would be included before hand…

Call Sheet 19-2-13  
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