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OLDHAM & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB NEWSLETTER november november 2011 Who’s Who at ODRC

From the Editor:

Chair Person

Sue Hollingworth 07970 857739 Vice Chair Amanda Godwin 07754 742232 Steve Hopkinson 07973 268261 Treasurer Nicola Gregory 07976 062566 Secretary Abi Atherton 01457 810211 Membership Amanda Godwin 07754 742232 Instruction Krystina Bamber 07970 813193 Becky Hebb 0161 622 1005 / 07845 016264 Friezland User Group Sue Hollingworth 07970 857739 Arthur Prowse 01457 870407 Teams Vicky Hollingworth 07970 857739 Sarah Mottley 07960 510742 NLG Rep Arthur Prowse 01457 870407 Newsletter Editor Minda Wigley 01457 870421 Bridleways Peter Carter 01457 873344 Website Michael Wigley 01457 870421 Help Coordinator: Alana Bennett 07872 583182 Child Protection Haydee Seton-Jones 07734 405258

Welcome to the November edition of the Newsletter. All the end of year events are now frantically in preparation – so remember to come to the AGM on 15 November and have your say about how you want things done, and get your tickets for Presentation Night on 3 December to celebrate your own achievements during the year or just help others to do so! At Presentation Night you will also have the chance to buy tickets for the Annual Horsemen’s Carol Service from Victoria Tibbot – so make a mental note to remember that too! Items this month include: •

pg 2 Teams update and details of the Annual General Meeting

pg 3 A reminder for returning Trophies, and details of how to get your tickets for Presentation Night

pg 4 Guidance on how to avoid a trip to veterinary hospital with colic this winter

pg 5 A plea to sign an on-line petition to increase the availability of bridleways

pg 6 Report on how to read this Newsletter on-line

pg 7 Small ads

Show Organisers Lauren Rothwell 07584 301253 Steve Hopkinson 0161 624 5269 Show Jumping VACANT Showing/Working Hunter Tracy Shaw 07927 044804 Norma Roberts 07894 470537 Dressage: Rachel Roebuck 07968 043539 Heidi Newton 07866 673205 Combined Training: Sue Hamer 07889 156171 Jill Bradley ODE: Sue Hamer 07889 156171 Sponsored Ride Peter Carter 01457 873344 Riding Club Camp Sue Hollingworth 07970 857739 Minda Wigley 01457 870421 Members Only Novice

Over to you ...

items for newsletter If you have any items you think might be of interest to other members of ODRC please ring Minda on 01457 870421 to tell her what you want to say or e-mail them to

Other Committee Members: Tim Partridge Lesley Illingworth Bridget Tibbot Denzil Edwards

07976 561632 07951 172913 07814 327016 07899 054799


teams update by Vicky Hollingworth Team Showjumping, Woodnook 23 October 2011 On Sunday 23 October at Woodnook Arena we entered the team showjumping in the Intermediate class. The team comprised Sue Hollingworth, Lesley Illingworth, Carla Richardson and myself (Vicky Hollingworth). Carla was standing in for Krystina Bamber who had to pull out because her dad was unable to provide transport. When we got there Lesley had a very excitable Gooch on her hands. We walked the course and mounted our steeds. For our first round the whole team went through on a clear score and led the second round most of the way, as we were the only team on a clear total at that point. However, towards the end we were then joined by 4 other teams to jump off against, so all of our team had to jump off. Carla went clear in 45 seconds, Lesley went round in 35 seconds but had 4 faults, Sue went clear in 36 seconds and I went clear in 31 seconds, which left us in third place, only one second behind the team in 2nd place. But for our first winter team Showjumping we were very happy. [Ed: and so is the Club – well done, the four of you] The NLG Area 3 Winter Dressage competition is to take place at Bold Heath Equestrian Centre on Saturday 26 November 2011. This year there is to be an extra Prelim class which will be a qualifier for Windsor. Forthcoming Team Events Team Showjumping, Sunday 27 November 2011, Woodnook Arena Holme Valley Team Dressage, Sunday 4 December 2011, Woodnook Arena If you are interested in being on a team for one of these events please contact Vicky Hollingworth on 07773 432471 or e-mail

NLG Presentation & quiz night - 23 October 2011 A party from ODRC duly attended the NLG Presentation Night to collect the Novice Horse Trials trophy our team had won (again!). (Well done to Sue Hollingworth, Vicky Hollingworth, Kathy Bradley & Sarah Mottley.) In view of the fact that they also won the Quiz at last year’s presentation night, they were honour-bound to organize the quiz this year. Andy Morrison had accordingly prepared a very challenging quiz for the rest of the partygoers. The questions were so challenging in fact that it required Andy to be question master and the remainder of the ODRC team to do the scoring. They were therefore – thankfully – not at risk of winning the quiz again this year, and so having to organize it again next year!

Annual general meeting – Tuesday 15 november 2011 Do your best to get to the AGM and have your say on how the Riding Club is run. 8pm The Church Inn, Uppermill Tuesday 15 November We are in need of volunteers to run some of next year’s shows as some of the show organisers are stepping down. As an incentive to members to volunteer, all show organisers will be given free Club Membership for the year(s) that they run shows. If you think you could run a show but are hesitating to volunteer, you can run it with someone else to share the duties. We now have a manual of guidance notes on how to run each of the shows, so if you want some guidance to help you decide, contact either Alana Bennett on 07872 583182 or Minda Wigley on 01457 870421. 2

calling all 2010 trophy winners Please will last year's trophy winners listed below hand in their trophies as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so.



Overall In Hand Ridden Veteran Ridden Cob Type Best Riding Club Horse

Zutti In Hand Shield Sam's Memorial 3Cs Shield Bruno Trophy

Riding Horse Ridden Spotted, Palamino and Coloured Beginners Novice Showjumping Advanced Novice Showjumping Overall Show Jumping Points Progress In Show Jumping Beginners Preliminary Dressage

The Havana Trophy Herbie’s Rags to Riches Shield

Preliminary Dressage Overall Progress at Riding Club Camp

McClintock Shield Grangebrook George Shield Troll Trophy Bette’s Memorial The Courage Cup Captain Pugwash Cup Little Wilfred Trophy Apollo Bay Trophy

Best All Round Horse Overall Points Champion Mini One Day Event Overall Winner

Jean Rowley Memorial Cup Jill Bradley Memorial ODE Shield

Winner Helen Lewis Sarah Cheetham Lauren Jackson Martha Tibbot Jessica GoodwinSherratt Jayne Romanczuk Laura Carter Claire Richardson Claire Richardson Emily Aylett Sarah Cheetham Jessica GoodwinSherratt Jayne Romanczuk Jessica GoodwinSherratt Jessica GoodwinSherratt Carla Richardson

Presentation night – Saturday 3 december 2011 Tickets are now available for our Presentation Night which will be taking place on Saturday 3 December, starting at 7.30pm at Saddleworth Cricket, Bowling and Tennis Club, Calf Lane (off Manchester Road, Greenfield, see ODRC website for a map. Click on “Event Schedule” on left hand side of page, then click on “Saddleworth Cricket Club” listed on 3 December.) Come along and catch up with all the latest gossip, dance a little, nibble some food, celebrate the Club’s successes over the year and maybe even pick up a trophy or two. Dress to impress (no wellies!). Tickets are £10 each from Abi Atherton on 07740 776565. In preparation for the presentation evening, please: • •

if you still have a trophy in your possession, return to Abi as soon as possible (so she can get it engraved in time for the big night!) hunt around for a raffle prize and bring it with you on the night. The raffle is for a great cause – the North West Air Ambulance – so help us raise as much money as we can.

The Presentation Night is a social event for all our members and friends, not just for those who are collecting a trophy, so come along and bring everyone you know to join in the celebrations!


Feeding during freezing conditions Ed: When one of my horses was in hospital recently I was talking to one of the veterinary nurses about the problems they had last winter. During the deep snow and freezing temperatures the hospital had a large number of unnecessary colic cases admitted. The principal reason for this was people not taking the trouble to ensure the horses had water that was not frozen, and that they had hay or haylage not hard feed when stabled due to the harsh conditions. This article appeared in the January/February 2011 edition of “British Horse” magazine and I thought it worth a second look in preparation for this Winter. If we all follow this basic advice then no ODRC members will end up taking their horses to hospital with avoidable colic this winter:

For Horses and Ponies Living Out Ensure water is available as constantly as possible At least twice a day break ice, add hot water, or do whatever you can to provide drinkable water. Horses won’t drink snow! Provide generous amounts of hay or haylage at least twice daily When grazing is covered by snow or frozen hard, it is essential to provide a source of fibre for the microbes in the horse’s hindgut to digest. As they digest the fibre they provide a constant source of fuel for the horse and the fermentation process literally warms him up from the inside out. This is perfect central heating and far kinder for your horse than giving him a hard feed made with hot water, which is of little benefit. Remember that your horse would normally graze for at least 16 hours a day, so try to provide at least enough hay or haylage to keep him eating for that long if he cannot graze. Balance his forage with a feed balancer or supplement In order to provide essential micronutrients feed either a suitable feed balancer or supplement mixed with damp chop. Only provide a traditional hard feed if your horse is used to receiving one: To suddenly introduce significant quantities of hard feed when the microbes in your horse’s hindgut are not used to digesting them risks colic. However, if he normally gets a hard feed it is safe to continue or even feed up to 25% more providing you do not exceed his stomach’s capacity – for instance, 2kg per feed for a 500kg horse. Do not suddenly introduce cereals to a horse’s feed if you do not normally feed cereals or cereal-based compound feed If you do this you may, again, risk digestive upset, especially when forage intake is limited as the microbial balance in the hindgut will be disturbed. If you normally feed a cereal-based feed you may need to feed less if you cannot supply ample forage. Do not suddenly rug up a wet horse or pony Native ponies and others living out without rugs are best left to use their coats as nature intended; simply ensure ample hay/haylage. If you are already using rugs then check that they are not damaged/leaking.

For Stabled Horses and Ponies Ensure water is available as constantly as possible It may mean going back to buckets!


Feeding during freezing conditions (continued) Do not turn out unless safe to do so and well rugged up A sand school is great in cold weather and an indoor school that you can access is perfect in severe snow or ice, but most horses and ponies are best kept safely indoors if turn out poses any risk. Provide generous amounts of hay or haylage Provide extra hay or haylage to counteract boredom and replace the nutrients that might have been gained from grazing. Balance his forage with a feed balancer or supplement In order to provide essential micronutrients feed either a suitable feed balancer or supplement mixed with damp chop. Cut out all other hard feed Even if your horse is able to have a short buck and a kick in a suitable safe place, he is unlikely to be in normal work and, unless he is, you need to cut out his hard feed until he can return to work. Changes in diet should always be gradual. Don’t suddenly remove or replace hard feed – do it progressively over time.

Horses or Ponies Prone to Laminitis • •

Do not turn out horses or ponies prone to laminities on cold, frosted grass Limit turnout severely on cold, bright days, even when the frost has gone

These tips have been supplied by “TopSpec”. Their free helpline can be called in all weathers! Call 01845 565030.

reminders Make sure these dates are in your diary and keep an eye open for when tickets go on sale for both Presentation Night & the Horsemen’s Carol Service: 15 November 3 December 10 December

Annual General Meeting, Church Inn, Uppermill (See page 2) Presentation Night, Saddleworth Cricket Club (see details on page 5) (See page 3) Horsemen’s Carol Service, Friezland Arena. Tickets are available from any member of the Friezland User Group, and Victoria Tibbot will have tickets available for us at Presentation Night on 3 December.

Bridleways Petition Some of you may have seen this e-mail sent out by the British Horse Society Bridleways Department. Please sign the petition as it is in the interest of all of us as horseriders.

"The Government is under pressure from riding groups to equal the number of bridleways in the country (currently approx 20,000 miles) up to the same level as footpaths (approx 91,000 miles) to help reduce horses on the road/accidents while promoting outdoor activity and safe use of the countryside for all sexes and ages. This will only happen if people sign the online petition. Please go to to sign and help get riders equal rights to walkers/ramblers".


Newsletter Online by Michael Wigley, ODRC Website Manager In recent months, Minda (the Newsletter Editor) has been emailing the Newsletter to members (in PDF format) rather than putting a paper copy in the post, thereby saving on stamps and envelopes (hey this is real 21st Century cutting edge stuff!) – to say nothing of the time saved on printing, folding and stuffing the envelopes. However, some members have been struggling to download them particularly if they have had photographs in and have therefore been quite big documents. So if you are one of those who have been having problems, or you prefer to read it on-line without downloading the PDF, you can now get the Newsletter straight from the website. Go to, click on “HOME” then on “NEWSLETTER”, and from there you can select the edition you’re after and off you go.

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You can print out a copy from here, but in order to do so you will have to register your details with the ISSUU website (which we found a real faff, so we don’t recommend it. If you want to print a copy, print it from the PDF attached to the orginal e-mail sent to you by Minda.)


to the right to make it BIGGER or just click


Please have a go and let us know if you have any difficulties accessing it. If you try it, please let us know the outcome by sending a quick e-mail to Thanks for your help.


Small ads HORSE FOR LOAN 16.3 hands IDX mare, 13 years old, bright bay, good doer, not brilliant hacking alone but fine with others. Needs someone to love, ride and look after her. Needs bringing back into work as had very little ridden work for last 12 months due to owner’s work-related back problem. Will do a bit of everything - has done RC Camps in the past. Owned and bred by myself hence not for sale but looking for long term loan. Any potential loan homes will be vetted. Tel 07903 359991. If answer-phone leave message and I will call back ALBION EVENT SADDLE FOR SALE 17.5/18th” – medium width, brown leather, good condition. This is a good quality saddle designed by Abion specifically for eventing but is great as a jumping saddle. It is ideal for a TB type as it has a high head, and sits well on high withered horses. It is forward cut, with adjustable knee blocks. Brown leather with suede knee flaps. Has been well looked after, and still has original red Albion cover. Priced to sell. Contact Cathy Heaven on 07976 318430. Can bring to ODRC events or send photos if required. STABLES FOR RENT (& Jack Russell Pups for Sale) Stable and grazing available at High Lee Farm, Strinesdale – 1 large stable (£20/week). Part livery available if needed. (Also 4 Jack Russell puppies for sale - £50 each). Please contact Lesley on 07764 151616

Equi-Therapy UK & Hands2Health are offering you the opportunity to learn equine massage for your horse….! Equine Massage Certificate This intensive One-Day course is designed specifically for the everyday horse owner. The course will cover anatomy, locating tight muscles, basic massage & stretching techniques to improve the overall performance & maintenance of your horse. Certificate awarded & validated by Equi-Therapy UK Course Duration 6-8 hours Fee £95 Date: 3rd December 2011 For more information & booking form visit or contact Dawn: mobile 07825529054 email:


ODRC November Newsletter  

ODRC November Newsletter