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Welcome to the April edition of the Newsletter. If you haven't yet renewed your membership get your skates on otherwise this will be the last Newsletter you will receive. You can rejoin by filling in the form on page 27 of the O&DRC Show Schedule or you can download a form from and click on "Join Now" (at right hand side of the title). Meanwhile – we're off! The new season has started with the Sponsored Ride. Sunday 10 April is the Members Only Novice Show and then on 24 April is the first Dressage Show. So get your boots polished and your tack cleaned and decide what you are going to have a go at this year. We hope to see you at some if not all of the great choice of shows we have available for you this year. Items this month include: • pg 2 Teams update • pg 5 April and early May show helpers rota • pg 4 a thought-provoking article by Jacky Knight on being an ODRC member • pg 6 Instruction update • pg 7 an update on the Husteads Riding School fundraising after their fire • pg 8 the final article in our series giving advice on what is involved in different types of show • pg 9 News of a new smaller British Eventing class series to tempt you to try eventing; and the discovery of an ODRC Facebook page Over to you ...

Show Organisers Lauren Rothwell 07584 301253 Steve Hopkinson 0161 624 5269 Show Jumping VACANT Showing/Working Hunter Tracy Shaw 07927 044804 Norma Roberts 07894 470537 Dressage: Rachel Roebuck 07968 043539 Heidi Newton 07866 673205 Combined Training: Sue Hamer 07889 156171 Jill Bradley ODE: Sue Hamer 07889 156171 Sponsored Ride Peter Carter 01457 873344 Riding Club Camp Sue Hollingworth 07970 857739 Minda Wigley 01457 870421 Members Only Novice

items for newsletter If you have any items you think might be of interest to other members of ODRC please ring Minda on 01457 870421 to tell her what you want to say or e-mail them to

Other Committee Members: Tim Partridge Deb Prowse Lesley Illingworth Bridget Tibbot Denzil Edwards

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teams update by Vicky Hollingworth Team Show Jumping 6th March Osbaldeston On 6th March we had one team travel to Osbaldeston for the NLG indoor team Show Jumping. In the first round Vicky Hollingworth and Buffy went clear, Sue Hollingworth unfortunately ended with 32 faults due to Xander having a 'paddy', Sarah Mottley and Fly went through on 12 faults and Lesley Illingworth and Gooch had 8 faults. The second round went a lot better with Vicky and Buffy clear again, Sue and Xander with 12, Sarah and Fly with 8 faults and Lesley and Gooch with a more sedate 4 faults. Adding all up we came in 8th place. A well done to all. Thanks go to Kyle Smith and Becky Hebb for stewarding as without them we couldn't have competed. Team Dressage 13th March - Woodnook The following weekend saw two teams at Woodnook for team dressage. The first team comprising of Sue Hollingworth (Xander), Lesley Illingworth (Gooch), Abi Atherton (Grace) and Bridget Tibbot (Brad) came 8th with high marks from 59%. The second team Jayne Romanczuk (Jimmy), Vicky Hollingworth (Buffy), Krystina Bamber (Big Time Brody) and Becky Hebb (Blue) came 4th with scores starting from 60%. We also had individual placings with Jayne Romanczuk and Jimmy coming 5th with 65%. A big thankyou and well done to all those taking part. UPCOMING EVENTS: If you are interested in joining a team for one of the following team events coming up soon, please contact Vicky Hollingworth on 07773 432471 or Sarah Mottley on 07960 510742 or e-mail [Please note that you need to contact the Teams organisers to notify them of your interest – don't wait for a phone call from them (it's not possible for them to ring all ODRC members to find out who is interested, so do pick up the phone and let them know.)] If you don't want to compete on a team, please come along and support the riders on the day. Moral support is always appreciated. Festival of the Hunter is currently scheduled to be held at Smallwood on Saturday 16 April. If, however, the ground conditions are too wet, the show will be relocated to Rochdale on 30 April. For the club to be able to enter area competitions, the club must send 3 stewards. Anyone interested in stewarding at this event, please contact Vicky Hollingworth on 07773 432471 or Sarah Mottley on 07960 510742 or e-mail Team Dressage 18 June 2011 If you are wondering about entering this competition, please note that the venue has been changed. It will now take place at Rochdale, and not at Longton as originally advertised. With luck this will encourage you to join a team as the venue is a lot nearer home – so give Vicky or Sarah a ring on the above numbers.


reminders •

If you forgot to sponsor anyone on the Sponsored Ride on 3 April I'm sure they won't refuse late sponsorship! Give Peter Carter a ring on 01457 873344 It's all for two good causes – the North West Air Ambulance and the Husteads Riding School rebuilding fund.

Remember the first show of the season is the Members Only Novice on 10 April followed by the first Dressage Show on 24 April. The first Ridden & In Hand Showing Show of the year will be on 8 May.

The Annual Friezland User Group Fun Trec will once again take place over two days on the weekend of 17 & 18 September, so put the dates in your diary. The Superhorse date has yet to be set.

yOU KNOW YOU'RE A TRUE HORSEY PERSON WHEN ....  A warm smile crosses your face if your horse moves over for you as you muck out around him  You are on the floor with what feels like six broken ribs and all you can think of is whether Trigger has hurt himself  The vegetable section of your refrigerator is full of nothing but carrots  A search through your jacket pockets reveals only a dirty broken polo unfit for a horse .... and you eat it gratefully  You go to the shops in clothes that you would formerly have cast into the dustbin  You pull out your change and shower the counter with hay  Your dexterity with a poop scoop is a source of huge satisfaction  You pride yourself on your expertise on the consistency of your horse's droppings  You are nauseated by human hair in the sink or bath but do not mind horse hair in your washer, on your clothes or in your food  Half a ton of horse steps on your pinkies and you merely grunt "Get off" and carry on cleaning his ears out for him  In terms of the volume of shavings it's a close thing between your bedroom floor and the stable  You have stopped worrying about the hay in your bed or the straw in your pants  You happily pay four times as much for your horse's coat than you would ever dream of paying for your own  Your horse's mane and tail get better care than your own hair ["big horse he's worth it" !?!]  You are scared stiff to calculate how much keeping your horse costs  Between your horse and your partner it's no contest! (Courtesy of BHS Berkshire's Newsletter) 3

YOU, YOUR MEMBERSHIP, YOUR CLUB by Jacky Knight Anyone standing near me recently may have been wondering why there has been a distant sound of whirring cogs and ticking clocks. Well I have been thinking, a dangerous occupation. Don’t panic, this article is not about me and my progress and endeavours. For a change it’s about YOU. So before we go any further take a little time to ask yourself this simple question: Why am I a member of Oldham and District Riding Club? Make a note of your answer we may refer back to it later! reasons such as •

I like to compete

I prefer less pressured competition

I want to share my riding experiences

I want to develop a specific style of riding

The club is the most local to me

I am a member of all the local clubs

The club has the cheapest membership subscription

The club offers me opportunities I can’t get elsewhere

My friend is a member

So did your answer include

Whatever the reason for your membership you must enjoy what you do with the club to remain a member and your loyalty is much appreciated I’m sure. (I can’t speak for the committee, but I do hear what they say from time to time.) Competition appears to me to be the forefront of the club's activity, be that local show jumping, dressage etc, team competition and, for those lucky individuals who qualify, area/regional/national competitions. So does your club loyalty extend to supporting your fellow members at the local and other events? Apparently not, the message is loud and clear time and time again

VOLUNTEERS PLEASE Now you can correct me if I’m wrong but I see the same faces every time shoring up the events, stewarding, record keeping, cleaning, scoring and the multitude of other tasks required to ensure the competition or event goes ahead and hopefully smoothly. As a competitor do you get irate when things are running behind time? Do you ‘tut and bitch’ when your results aren’t available quickly enough? Well I say "don’t knock it till you’ve tried it". And so if you look back to your answers to "Why am I a member of the club?" I bet "to be a steward or volunteer" was not one of them! Just take a moment to think about this - if the club didn’t have volunteers you would not be able to do all the things you listed in that first question. So why do we have club apathy when it comes to helping the club do its job? Is it pure bone idleness, shyness, worried about doing something wrong, not sure what help is required, can’t commit to the amount of time required, don’t know enough about the subject???


YOU, YOUR MEMBERSHIP, YOUR CLUB (contd) I’m sure some of you will have seen a couple of articles in previous editions of the Newsletter extolling the joys and benefits of stewarding at local and team events. Did you think "how nice for the people concerned that they enjoyed themselves"? If so, did you not consider the underlying tactic behind these articles - of trying to get you to volunteer? What more can be done to entice you, your family and friends to ensure the safe and efficient running of a local show? What can be done to encourage volunteers for the team and area events? What can be done to expand that loyalty you show to the club to go that little bit further? Now don’t say ‘pay me’ - you know that isn’t an option! But does the volunteer’s breakfast not sound enticing? Stand by.... another raft of questions for you to ponder, a) Would you be more willing if you could shadow a more experienced volunteer for a while? b) Would you be more willing if there was a structured approach to handing out the jobs? c) Would you be more willing if you knew what jobs were to be done? d) Would you be more willing if you could commit to a morning or afternoon session only? e) Would you be more willing if the role of the volunteer was more openly recognised, perhaps a prize for the most dedicated volunteer at the annual prize giving. By dedicated I don’t mean who turns up for the most shows but turning up when you said you would and developing your stewarding experiences. Whatever the reason or thoughts you have, the committee need to know - so tell them! Email them, write to them, attend a meeting or corner them at a show.

You are a member; you have a voice, use it! Right I’m off my hobby horse now. Are your cogs whirring? [Ed: Members may already be aware that a), c), d) and e) above have already been implemented – so no excuse there then! Thanks, Jacky, for this magnificent attempt to galvanise the members!]

helpers rota for forthcoming shows Just because your name doesn't appear below, doesn't mean you can't help! You will be very welcome at any show – too many helpers are far better than too few! Those of you whose names appear below should expect a call from Alana Bennett, our new Helpers Coordinator. Members Only Novice Show – 10 April 2011 Amanda Godwin Shelly Pritt Carla Richardson Becky Starling Martha Tibbot Dressage Show – 24 April 2011 Laura Carter Deb Connell Anne Townsend (a.m.) Diane Allcock (a.m.)

Jayne Romanczuk

Tamara Habberley (a.m.) Emma Longden

Ridden & In Hand Showing & Working Hunter Show – 8 May 2011 Jacky Knight Denzil Edwards Lesley Sanders Paul Dodkins (a.m.)


help needed for showjumping show 17 July 2011 As we still have no volunteer to run the Showjumping Show on 17 July it is even more important than ever that we have enough volunteers to help with jobs thoughout the day. If you are willing to give up some time to help before, during or after the show, please contact Sue Hollingworth on 07970 857739 and let her know when you are prepared to help and for how long.

treasurer vacancy After four years of sterling service to the Club, our Treasurer, Lisa Wake, has given notice of her pending retirement from the job. We offer Lisa our hearty congratulations as she is giving up the post because she is having a baby. Lisa has very kindly offered to provide full training to her successor so if you are good with money and could help the Club in this capacity, please give Lisa a ring on 07877 863513 or ring Sue Hollingworth on 07970 857739.

instruction update International Event Rider, Ben Hobday has offered to run a showjumping clinic for members of ODRC. Ben won the Under 21s National Eventing Championships, and went on to win team Gold and individual Bronze medals in 2008 competing against Europe's best young riders. Lessons are £30 per person for an hour's group lesson (3 or a maximum of 4 people per group) or £30 per 45 minutes for a private lesson. •

• • • •

The date has been changed from Saturday 14 May to Monday 2 May with times available from 3pm onwards. It is to be held at Crown Point Farm, Lydgate (with thanks to Lesley Illingworth). Please will those who have already expressed an interest contact Becky Hebb (see below) to confirm their time slot for the new date. If the clinic is filling up, additional time slots can be added before 3pm. If you want a group lesson, please try to join up with others of a similar standard to ensure you all get the most out of the session. Please also understand that, once you have booked a slot you are committed to paying for it if you are subsequently unable to attend (unless you can find someone to take your place).

If you are interested please ring Becky Hebb on 0161 622 1005 / 07845 016264.

OFFER OF TRAINING Lauren Rothwell, qualified BHS Riding Instructor, would like to offer instruction for Novice to Intermediate riders to enable her to complete a coaching portfolio for her BHSAI qualification. She is offering 1 hour lessons, (can do private, semi-private or group dependant on request), cost £5 per rider, one evening during the week, at Friezland arena. Riders are asked to have 4 lessons over a period of 4 weeks. Anyone interested please contact 07584 301253 / 07754 742232.


help for husteads update – sponsored ride 20 march 2011 (Ed: you can tell from the style of this article that it has been written for a local newspaper but was written by one of the riders on the day and we have been given access to it.)

Young horsewoman Victoria Hollingworth helps Husteads Riding School rise from the ashes after devastating fire destroys stables. On February 10th a devastating fire ripped through Husteads local riding school in Dobcross, Saddleworth. Fortunately only eight of the 26 horses were stabled at the time, and as the fire raged out of control, the owner Judith Liversidge and a neighbour risked their own lives to rescue the horses, a donkey and her dog. Having founded the school in 1971, Judith had been planning to celebrate 40 years of ‘Husteads Riding School’, but instead she found herself facing the prospect of a substantial amount of rebuilding costs for uninsured losses. 18 year old Victoria ‘Tori’ Hollingworth of saddleworth started learning to ride with Judith when she was just 3 years old and now teaches and leads hacks for Husteads, and has school horse ‘Buffy’ on loan. Tori was determined to help Judith and set about organising a sponsored ride to raise as much money as possible. “People were really keen to get involved” said Tori. “It shows just how much respect and goodwill there is for Judith and her school that so many riders turned out and so many generous pledges of sponsorship were made.” On 20 March, Tori and Buffy led over 30 riders, mostly on Husteads’ own horses, on a 15 mile circuit of Saddleworth. After 10 minutes of light drizzle the weather took a decided turn for the worse to make the ride even more of a challenge! Horizontal rain, gale force winds and almost zero visibility were the conditions which faced the group as they rode over the exposed moorlands of Saddleworth for over four and a half hours. Natalie Shannon, a seasoned rider used to the ‘unique local climate’, described the weather as “the worst riding conditions since the Great Blizzard of 1998!” Despite the excitement of the day, the horses stayed calm and keen to do their job and seemed unfazed by the appalling weather as they carried their riders willingly and safely around the moors. “Our horses live out six days a week and regularly hack out as well as working in the school, so they are more than fit enough for a ride like this” explained Judith. “It’s the riders who will be aching tomorrow!” Morale was restored upon the return to the stables, where the horses were turned out for a well-earned feed and rest, while the riders tucked into hot beef sandwiches and roast potatoes cooked by Judith’s husband Nick. All in all the whole event was a huge success and has raised over £3500 towards the rebuilding of Husteads Riding School. Judith summarised “I’m very grateful to everyone who took part in the ride, or sponsored the riders, and especially to Tori who organised the ride brilliantly and led over 30 horses and riders safely around a 15 mile route in almost zero visibility. I’m overwhelmed with the support we have had and would like just to thank everyone involved for helping us to rebuild the school.”


what's involved in competing at ....? This is the final part of a series of articles featured over the winter months on what is required for the various shows you can participate in at ODRC. My thanks to Halia Williams for her help with this series of articles.

In this last of the Showing articles we will take a look at Rider/Handler Dress and the correct turnout for each Class. I’ll just mention here that for Ridden Classes Under 16’s are to wear Jodhpur boots with Jodhpur clips. Also ensure that a hairnet is used to secure long hair. RIDDEN COBS AND RIDDEN MOUNTAIN & MOORLAND o Navy or black hat with ribbon tabs inside. This is because only Hunting farmers are supposed to have their ribbon tabs out, so unless you’re a Hunting farmer sew them inside your hat. o Tweed jackets for ladies and gentlemen with neat collar and tie o Fawn, cream or buff breeches (not white as show jumpers) o Plain black boots with garter strap fixing with button at the knee (although it’s correct to have a garter strap hardly any boots have them these days) o Ditto for brown boots o Spurs should be worn by adults at the heel seam of the boot, not hanging off the end of the boot o Gloves brown, fawn or tan o Showing cane RIDDEN ARAB, ANGLO & PARTBRED AND RIDDEN SHOWING o Jackets – ladies blue or black jacket with neat collar and tie – gentlemen tweed o Everything else as above for cobs o Showing cane o Buttonholes may be worn RIDING HORSES AND BEST RIDING CLUB HORSE/PONY o Jackets – ladies blue, black or tweed jacket with neat collar and tie – gentlemen tweed o Everything else as above for cobs o Showing cane RIDDEN SPOTTED, PALOMINO, COLOURED, RIDDEN VETERAN AND EQUITATION CLASSES o Jackets – ladies blue, black or tweed jacket with neat collar and tie – gentlemen tweed. A stock in this class is acceptable. o Everything else as above for cobs o Showing cane RIDDEN AND WORKING HUNTER o Jackets – ladies blue, black or tweed jacket with neat collar and tie – gentlemen tweed. o Everything else as above for cobs o Showing cane IN-HAND o Suitable clothing including for gentlemen a suit, collar and tie or jacket and trousers o Bowler hat o Ladies tweed jacket and trousers (not jeans), collar and tie or suitable skirts or suits o With tweed jacket and trousers a hunting cap should be worn o With skirts or suits a suitable hat securely fitted o Suitable footwear for walking and running appropriate for underfoot conditions. Footwear needs to be smart and comfortable to run, choose leather jodphur or paddock boots to match your trousers. Trainers can be worn if they are discreet. o Gloves o Showing cane o Buttonhole if wished


dreaming of eventing? If you have ever wanted to try Eventing at affiliated level but been put off by the height then this might be for you. The new BRC Be80(T) Series offers free help from a BE accredited coach on your big day. BE80(T) day tickets can be purchased for as little as £10 from 1 March to 10 September 2011. Every section of a BE80(T) will be a qualifier for the BRC BE80(T) Championships – being held at Brooksby College Leicestershire on 24 & 25 September 2011. Tel: 0845 262 3344 or for more information visit:

out and about Super news of some ODRC members participating in events away from the Club: Krystina Bamber, Gemma Woolley and Rebecca Starling have all qualified for the Trailblazers Dressage Championships at Stoneleigh. Well done, girls! Best of luck at Stoneleigh and fly the flag for Oldham!!

show photography We are hoping that photographer, Sean Kennedy, will be in attendance to take photographs at some of our shows this season and to print them on the day for anyone wishing to purchase them.

did you know o&drc has a facebook page? The ODRC Facebook group currently has 63 members, if you're not one of them and you have access to the internet, you can join the community by searching for 'Oldham and District Riding Club' on Facebook and sending us a request. As well as being a good way to keep in touch with the club between newsletters, you can also share your own news and comments with other members. Membership of the page is open to anyone on Facebook who is a member of the riding club, and also for those who are thinking of joining the club or just want more information.

small ads HORSEBOX FOR SALE: 7.5t Ford Iveco Eurocargo 75E15. Well maintained and regularly serviced. Just had full service (March 2011). Plated until July 2011 - no issues found when serviced that should stop it flying through plating when due. Tax until end June 2011. Been in use throughout winter. Tilt cab. Lorry re-painted 2010. Ramp refurbished 2009. All new brakes 2 years ago. 4 new tyres autumn 2010. Always maintained regardless of cost and receipts to prove. Batteries good - has always started first time. Takes 3 horses. Adjustable partitions with rubber skirts. Solid floor with double rubber matting on top. Horse area height is approx 7.5ft. width is 8.8ft approx. Basic day living - gas cooker/sink/seating/saddle and bridle racks/cupboards and laminate floor. Pregnancy forces sale. Ready to go for the show season. £5,250 ONO. Look on to see a photograph and contact Lisa Wake to view on 07877 863513 or 01457 839919. IFOR WILLIAMS 505 (blue)Trailer for Sale Will take 2 horses up to 16.2 , very good condition. Serviced regularly. Only for sale as no space to keep it! £2000. Telephone Samantha on 0784 3336534. 9

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