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From the Editor: Welcome to the March edition of the Newsletter. This edition has been mailed out to all last year's members as it is being circulated with the 2010 Show Schedule. Once again we hope to offer something of interest to all our members whether you are competitive or not. We have the usual array of shows with a variety of qualifiers. Alongside the shows there is to be an exciting range of instructional activities and details of the first of these can be found on page 5. There will also be some purely social events – details of the forthcoming "Swap Shop and Welcome Evening" can be found on page 5. You will also have the chance to help raise funds for the Air Ambulance Service by joining in the Annual Sponsored Ride. Details and a sponsorship sheet are on pages 9 & 10.) 1

On pages 6 to 8 you will also find a summary of last year's trophy winners and runners up. Perhaps it will inspire you to challenge for their crown this year. On page 4 there are details of what's involved in helping at a show which we hope will be helpful to new members who have never been involved before. Finally, you may remember that I took the opportunity in the last Newsletter to express my dismay at the introduction of compulsory CRB checks for Riding Clubs Committee members and the avalanche of other child protection measures being introduced into our daily lives – and now into our horsey activities. It appears that I was not alone in feeling compelled to express a view on this subject. I have received a number of letters both for and against and these appear on pages 2 & 3 "Letters to the Editor". Over to you ....


(Editor's comment: This letter has been enlightening and clearly highlights the need for vigilance – thank you, Cath, but I feel that it also provides a good argument against CRB checks just for Committee Members who may or may not come into direct contact with the children at shows. It suggests the need for us ALL to be vigilant, regardless of our role in the Club.)

The policy recently introduced by the British Equestrian Federation entitled "Safeguarding and Protecting Children" has triggered a debate within the Club as to its relevance. Whichever side you are on, I hope that the debate will cause us all to be more aware at Club events of the likelihood of and opportunity for any type of abuse of children, be it bullying, emotional, physical or sexual abuse. These letters give you a taste of the heated reactions the policy has generated.

Dear Editor Re the compulsory CRB checks being introduced for Riding Club Committee members my concern is this. What are we expected to do as regards caterers, judges, stewards and spectators? Surely all of these people are just as likely to be a risk to children as Committee members. The policy is an insult to those who volunteer to run club activities.

Dear Editor I felt I needed to respond to the Editor's Rant in the last ODRC newsletter.

We are a club with no club house and the Club ground is open to the public so we have no control over who can enter the ground. Also we are not the sort of club where we are directly in charge of young people unlike, say, Scout troops – or even Pony Club. We already have a rule that juniors must be accompanied by an adult, and children who come as spectators must be supervised at all times. In my opinion, therefore, this policy should not apply to our Club.

As unpalatable as it may be, the reality of society is that children get abused, despite the efforts of those who care for them to keep them safe. Another sad fact is that the people who wish to abuse children do not publicise this and go to great lengths to keep their abusive behaviours a secret. This reality has been recognised through legislation. The Children Act 1989 requires adults to have regard to "the paramountcy principle"...that is that the welfare and safety of children is paramount and we should do whatever we need to to keep them safe.

Furthermore there is a lot of discussion in Government circles because volunteers in all kinds of clubs across the country are up in arms about the way they are being treated.

Requiring those adults who are in contact with other people's children to undertake CRB checks is one way of attempting to keep children safe, alongside a range of other measures.

I supported the recent change to Membership rules to reduce the minimum age to 15 because I believe we need to encourage young people to be a part of the Club. I am a Committee member and so I would feel a hypocrite if I were to refuse to sign the form to apply for a CRB check but I find it insulting. I will probably sign it for now but then resign next year.

Whilst accepting the argument about the check having a limited "shelf life", they will, on occasions, reveal adult convictions, some of which may be deemed to be risky to children, and then steps can be taken to introduce appropriate safeguarding measures.

If a child fell off a pony and was lying on the floor I would offer help but these new regulations are making us all wary. It's all getting out of hand.

The unpalatable nature of child abuse, and the fact that your neighbour or colleague may be a risk to children, is a subject we would rather not think about. Undertaking a CRB check is not like giving a blood sample or a swab ,and it happens every three years.If by undertaking to have ourselves checked against a database we can assist in preventing the abuse of one child , is that not a step worth taking?

The policy says we must have a "designated official" at every show to look out for children's welfare. We have enough problems finding helpers to run the shows without having to find an extra volunteer to be on the look out for something that isn't there!

Cath Calvert Lesley Illingworth Membership Secretary



stop press Dear Editor

Just before going to press it became apparent that there has been a misunderstanding and that CRB checks for Committee Members are not currently, nor are they likely to be, compulsory. The CRB check is for the Club's Child Protection Officer only, plus any other people who are likely to have regular one to one contact with children during Club activities, for example, instructors. There is therefore an obligation to ensure that any instructors employed by the Club have a CRB certificate.

I am writing in response to the newsletter debate on whether all the committee members should have a CRB check. I think that if it is in the rulebook, that all under 16s have to be accompanied by a responsible adult, that the checks are unnecessary.This rule would have to be enforced on the day. However, if it is obligatory to have these checks, it seems an unnecessary expense to have all committee members checked. It would make more sense to only have the show organisers checked as these are the ones in contact with the under 16s on the day. Thanks for listening . Anne Henshall

Whilst this debate has been going on I have been made acutely aware of the problem of child abuse. By coincidence, I have just seen the film "The Lovely Bones" which tells the story of a 14 year old girl murdered by a predatory neighbour. It made the issue so much more of a reality to me and has given this policy meaning so some good has come out of this misunderstanding – at least for me personally – and I very much hope for others in the Club too.

Dear Editor I understand that the compulsory CRB checks being introduced for Riding Club Committee members will be at a cost to the Club of £10 per person. There are about 22 Committee members, and in 2009 the Club had about 110 members. So that's £220 which means that £2 of every club membership fee will be spent on this pointless exercise!!. I can see that the membership fee will have to be increased to cover it. And how often do these checks have to be renewed? And another point. Where has all this come from? I don't remember British Riding Clubs inviting me to vote on the introduction of such a policy. Can I vote it off because I don't see that it's going to do any good except tick some boxes?

teams reminders Just a reminder of forthcoming team competitions.

Angry of Delph • Dressage – Woodnook 13 March • Festival of the Hunter – Rochdale 24 April • Team Showing 5 June • Show Jumping – Lakes 19 June • One Day Event – Kelsall Hill 27 June • Dressage – Rochdale 17 July

If you have strong views in favour or against any aspect of our horsey lives that you wish to air to other like-minded people, drop me a line (e-mail address & contact details of Newsletter Editor can be found under "Who's Who" on front page).

This year's Winter Dressage at Brookhead, Warrington will be in November on a date to be confirmed. If you are interested in being on a team for one of these events ring Sue or Vicky Hollingworth on 07970 857739 3


What’s involved in “helping at shows”? Those of us who have been involved for a while in riding club activities can easily make the mistake of thinking that it’s “obvious” what it means to help out at a show – but that’s only because we already know. So with thanks to new member, Wendy Broadbent, and with apologies to other new members who may be feeling a bit bewildered at the moment about what lies ahead of them, I will try and give you some pointers as to what you can do to help.

= = = = =

Members Only Novice Showjumping Dressage Showing & Working Hunter Combined Training

Task Set up team (am) Put away team (pm) jumps, tents, dressage arena etc Stewards for Secretary's Tent - 2 for am & 1 for pm (taking entries, handing out numbers) Parking attendant to optimize no. of vehicles able to park (am) Car park & arena poo picker (end of day) Steward for working-in (jumping) to ensure safe behaviour, take declarations for jumping ring and open/close gate (am & pm) Steward for dressage working-in to send riders in on time & inform riders of delays (am & pm) Writer for dressage judge (am & pm) Reader for dressage tests (am & pm) Scorer & Checker (in Secretary's tent except for Showjumping) (am & pm) Ground crew for jumping ring to put jumps back up or to raise fences for next class (am & pm) Arena stewards to work with judges to write down judge's comments, communicate with riders, etc (am & pm) Stopwatch Operator to time jump-offs against the clock (am & pm) Runners to collect score sheets, take judges' refreshments etc. (am & pm)

Firstly we need to make clear that helpers are not expected to give up their whole day to help. Many of the jobs can be quite short – whilst still being absolutely essential. What matters is that helpers do what they have promised to do when they have promised to do it. That way the shows will run efficiently and relatively painlessly for all concerned. I am genuinely puzzled as to why we struggle to get helpers because being at a show without the pressure of competing can be great fun and very rewarding. You can also pick up tips and good ideas on coping with competing because you have the opportunity of watching what other people do, both the mistakes they make and the things they do brilliantly. Many of the jobs for which helpers are needed are very similar at most of the shows. Some jobs are only required in the morning, others are only required in the afternoon, and yet others can be split into a morning shift and an afternoon shift. Helpers can therefore volunteer for just part of the day. One person can do more than one of the jobs listed (if he or she is willing to do so.)






The shows that demand most physical effort are those that involve setting up jumps as it is tiring work carrying poles and wings around the field. It is the perfect setting where "many hands make light work". A big group of helpers make it a very easy job. I hope this has helped to clarify what is needed and will enable you to choose what you would be willing to help with.


how to create that perfect show for equitation and showing classes, what to wear and what not to wear. There will be an instructor experienced in Showing to answer any queries or questions you may have on show preparation and ringcraft. £5.00 per 20 minute session. These sessions will take place at Lesley Illingworth's yard at Crown Point Farm, Lydgate (thank you Lesley for the use of your facilities). To book for this date please ring Lauren on 07816 310375 or 07754 742232.

Swap shop & welcome evening To welcome members new and old for the new season we are planning an evening of bargains and equine treasure!! Well to be more specific a swapshop / bring and buy! Bring all your unwanted items of horsey bits and rider bits to swap and barter with! At he Church Inn on 26th March - start 7pm. Go on - make the effort and take part! Call Amanda on 07754 742232 for further details.

We will also be arranging Showjumping Clinics with Mary Marsh (International Showjumper) & John Shaw (International Showjumper). Dates & venue to be confirmed.

instruction Hello Everyone .... Welcome back to ODRC and welcome to all the new members. I am now organising instruction for the club and have put together some pre-season novice instruction and competition preparation.

Please keep your eye on the Newsletter or the website for further exciting news!!! Hope to see everyone soon. Lauren Rothwell

On Saturday 10 April you will have the chance to have some flatwork guidance to get you and your horse back into shape.

The NLG is organizing a Dressage to Music Training Day on 22 May, for which the finals will be at Aintree. For more details contact Arthur Prowse on 01457 870407.

Morning – Beginner and Novice level with Lauren Rothwell, £10 per 45 minute session. Afternoon – Novice/Intermediate and Advanced level with Fiona Hirst, £20 per 45 minute session.

can you help? – short-stay stabling needed

Here's your chance to restore your horse's sanity after all these weeks of bad weather and to get yourself in the competition mood again.

From Liane Robinson: I'm organising a trec event in April from Barstacks, Strinesdale. It is likely that some of the competitors will require stabling for the weekend the 16th-18th April. If anyone has a spare stable can they let me know (or of any near them) and how much they would charge. Boxing to the event won't be a problem as they will all have travelled here. If you can help Liane please contact her by e-mail on:

All sessions will be at Irene and Colin Downes' yard, Moorgate House, Carrbrook (our grateful thanks to them for the use of their facilities). To book a place please ring Lauren on 07816 310375 or 07754 742232 On Sunday 18 April we are offering Competition Preparation - handy tips and guidelines for the forthcoming season: what you should be doing, 5

O&DRC PRESENTATION NIGHT TROPHIES 2009 Showing and Working Hunter Shows CLASS In Hand Best Condition In Hand Mountain and Moorland In Hand Veteran In Hand Arab, Anglo and Part Bred In Hand Hunter Type Open In Hand In Hand Spotted, Palamino and Coloured In Hand Cob Type Overall In Hand Ridden Veteran Novice Equitation Open Equitation Best Riding Club horse Ridden Showing Ridden Cob Type Ridden Arab, Anglo and Part Bred Ridden Horse

ROSSETTES 1st 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 1st= 1st= 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd CHAMP RESERVE 1st 2nd 1st 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 1st

RIDER Karen Partridge Heather Marshall Karen Partridge Tracy Shaw Wilma Sprung Claire Linney Louise Frary Melissa Chapman Sian Chadwick Claire Linney Louise Frary Tracy Shaw Sian Chadwick Wilma Sprung Louise Frary Sian Chadwick Krystina Bamber Sue Howes Sian Chadwick Emily Worthington Gemma Woolley Katie Stafford Emily Worthington Emily Worthington Krystine Bamber Sian Chadwick Lauren Jackson Claire Linney Emily Worthington


HORSE Ebony Echo Lady Ebony Crystal Clear Linwood Blue Sulan Electronic Dolly Dark Crusader Lady Jane Sulan Electronic Dolly Linwood Blue Lady Jane Linwood Blue Dolly Lady Jane Bigtime Bamber Ralph Lady Jane Rocket Flair Simply B Big Mac Ella Rose Rocket Flair Bigtiem Bamber Lady Jane Roman Sulan Electronic Rocket Flair

TROPHY The Highmoor Cup The Henthorn Golden Oldies Cup The Henthorn Cup

The CDK Cup

Zutti In Hand Shield Sams Memorial Lang Challenge Cup

Bruno Trophy Zutti Shield for Ridden Showing 3 C's Shield

The Havana Trophy

Showing and Working Hunter Shows (contd) Ridden Show Hunter Ridden Mountain and Moorland Best Overall Mountain & Moorland Ridden Spotted, Palamino and Coloured Novice Working Hunter Intermediate Working Hunter Open Working Hunter

1st 2nd 1st 2nd CHAMP 1st 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st

Emily Worthington Katie Stafford Heather Marshall Emily Worthington Heather Marshall Louise Frary Nathan Sandiford Alison Reap Bridget Tibbot Lisa Wake Bridget Tibbot

Rocket Flair Big Mac Echo Lady Ella Rose Echo Lady Dolly Queens Gambit Rosie Amber Buster Amber

ROSSETTES 1st 2nd= 2nd= 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd CHAMP CHAMP

RIDER Sarah Cheetham Andrea Seton-Jones Jennifer Davidson Sue Hollingworth Zara Reynolds Gemma Dumbill Bridget Tibbot Sue Hollingworth Vicky Hollingworth Vicky Hollingworth Bridget Tibbot Bridget Tibbot Sue Hollingworth

HORSE Pendle Taran Toby Kizzy Xander Flaiming Zambuca Sam Amber Xander Buffy Buffy Amber Amber Xander

Saddleworth Riding & Country Wear Pennlyn Trophy

Herbies Rags to Riches Shield Llanwnen Hannah Trophy The Sky Cup The Sue Day Cup

Show Jumping Shows CLASS Beginners Novice

Advanced Novice The 3'0" Class Intermediate Open Overall Show Jumping Points Progress In Show Jumping


TROPHY McClintock Shield

Grangebrook George Shield

United Friendly Cup Sams Show Jumping Shield Troll Trophy Bette's Memorial

Dressage CLASS Beginners Preliminary

RIDER Lauren Jackson Angela Masterson Leanne Orme Krystina Bamber Katie Stafford Krystina Bamber Andy Morrison Katie Stafford Andy Morrison Andy Morrison

HORSE Roman Donnegan Sky Big Time Brody Big Mac Big Time Brody Joshua's Dream Big Mac Joshua's Dream Joshua's Dream

TROPHY The Courage Cup

Medium Dressage Overall Dressage Points

ROSSETTES 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st CHAMP

Progress in Dressage


Rebecca Starling

Bombay Dreams

Len Hulse Bowl

Combined Training


Katie Stafford Gemma Woolley

Big Mac Simply B

Louise Frary


Preliminary Dressage Novice Dressage Elementary Dressage

Captain Pugwash Cup Eastwood Cup Christine Roberts Shield The Prowse Trophy Deepwater Cup

Riding Club Camp For Overall Progress at Camp

Little Wilfred Trophy

Other Trophies Most Loyal Member Members Only Novice Progress Best All Round Horse Overall Points Champion


Lesley and Lauren Jackson Sarah Mottley Anna Wark Lesley Sanders Katie Stafford Katie Stafford


May Fly Amber Big Mac Big Mac

Loyal Members Shield Graham Tibbot Rose Bowl Elizabeth Longden & Victoria Tibbot Apollo Bay Trophy Jean Rowley Memorial Cup


SUNDAY 4th APRIL (EASTER SUNDAY) LEAVING AT 10am ENTRY FEE £10.00 EVERY RIDER WILL RECEIVE A COMMEMORATIVE ROSETTE ALL MONIES RAISED WILL GO TO THE AIR AMBULANCE THE RIDE WILL START FROM BLEAK HEY NOOK, POST CODE OL3 5LY, JUST OFF THE A62, BEHIND THE HORSE AND JOCKEY. IF YOU ARE TAKING PART PLEASE BE THERE BY 9.30am. PARKING HAS BEEN ARRANGED ON THE LEFT HAND VERGE JUST PAST THE ENTRANCE TO THE CATTLE SHEDS AND ON THE FLAT AREA TO THE RIGHT. The distance will be approximately 25 miles and the riding time will be about 6 hours plus time added for pit stops, lunch etc. We will take a break of about an hour at Rakewood where horses can be rested and watered courtesy of Cath and John Clegg. The route will go from Castleshaw up to the Rams Head, past Upper Ogden Reservoir and on to cross the M62 at Milnrow Golf Course, following the lane around the course and taking the bridleway to Rakewood. On leaving Rakewood we will pass under the viaduct and follow the bridleway towards Upper Ogden and then retrace our route back to Castleshaw. Be sure both you and your horse are fit and sound. Bring refreshments for you and your horse - grazing will be available at Rakewood. Clothing suitable for the weather on the day, a mobile phone and first aid materials. IF YOU REQUIRE FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT PETER CARTER ON 01457 873344 Name










ODRC newsletter 2010-03  

Once again we hope to offer something of interest to all our members whether you are competitive or not. We have the usual array of shows wi...

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