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Minutes of the Manchester & District CTC Committee Date:

Thursday 11th March 2010 7.30pm


The Welcome Inn, Bury Old Road, Prestwich

Present: Peter Barnes, Laurie Green, Glynn Jones, Trevor McCarthy, Phil Rigby (chairman), Mike Roberts, Ian Ross, Graham Trunks, Mike Wigley 1) Apologies for absence received from: Terry Hodges 2) Matters Arising from the previous meeting: The minutes of the meeting dated 10th September 2009 had been distributed prior to the meeting and were accepted as a true record after a small correction; Biking Cycles is in Prestwich not Bolton as minuted as a outlet for Northern Wheel 3) Reports from Officials a) Secretary: message received from our Councillors (David Robinson and Welma Bowden) in support of the CTC’s bid for Charitable Status. We were urged to ensure that as many CTC members as possible look at the various documents and to exercise their right to vote, either at the AGM or by proxy. b) Treasurer: Terry Hodges was not present at the meeting so we didn’t get an update on how the audit of the accounts was proceeding. We have received the grant from National Office based on our membership numbers and this will help to fund our activities during 2010. c) Magazine Editor: Graham had unfortunately not been able to distribute the latest Northern Wheel, as some contributions had been late and Graham had been busy with some domestic matters. It will be available shortly but it will be further delayed as Ian (who helps with the printing) is about to go on holiday. There is £1297.64 in the Northern Wheel bank account with £58.73 d) Magazine Distributor:


Subscribers including new subscribers Complimentary copies 2nd letters to be sent out Renewed from 2nd letter Non-renewals Deceased Non renewals from 1st letter Due to renew from next edition


279 5 2

278 3 2

6 6 8 1 3

13 4 2 1 1



e) Membership Registration Officer: Mike is now receiving these monthly lists. We currently have 1552 CTC members within Manchester & District CTC, with 39 additions and 24 lost from the January lists. Also included are 10 clubs Bolton Hot wheels Lancashire RC Manchester Mountain Bikers Seamons

Roache Rally Raiders ABC Centreville Transpennine

NW MTD Pruners Hindley Cycle Group National Clarion

f) Rights and Campaigns report: No report g) Peak Audax Events Secretary: Mike Wigley reported that the weather this winter had disrupted our usual rides. There was a record entry for the Winter Solstice 200km on the Sunday before Christmas, but only 4 braved the snow on the day without mishap. A re-run of the event on the last Sunday of January saw a return of the snow; this time 15 turned up, with

6 of them deciding to abandon within 10km of the start, with one of these DNFs slipping on ice while returning to HQ ending up in Macclesfield A&E with a broken ankle. h) Welfare Officer: No report 4) Reports from Groups a) Bury: there was a record turnout of 71 for the Charlie Westlake ride with £400 raised for Bury Hospice b) Oldham & Tameside: Dave Collins had been in touch with National Office after receiving a membership list with no names on it! (Bury also experienced this). The answer being that all their members are included on the Manchester & District list. Dave has since been able to identify O&T’s members and he should be getting more realistic lists now. In addition, membership details can always be obtained from the M&D list from Mike, although the information can only be used with discretion and only for CTC business. Dave Collins has also been in contact with National Office regarding the rights of cyclists on bridlepaths and footpaths. Cyclists have full rights on bridlepaths but the situation on footpaths is not as clear; cycling is not allowed (of course) but apparently the Ramblers Association contend that cycles cannot be taken on a footpath – but this is incorrect, as there is plenty of case law that maintains that cycles CAN be wheeled by pedestrians on footpaths. The particular path that had brought this to Dave’s attention is a very useful footpath from Hobson Moor to Tintwistle, which enables cyclists to avoid the busy and unpleasant road from the Gun Inn to Deep Cutting. Footpaths can always be upgraded to bridlepath status if evidence of its use over a prolonged period can be demonstrated. 5) CTC and Charitable Status: We discussed the forthcoming election to be held at the AGM concerning Charitable Status. There had been articles in Cycle magazine both for and against these motions, with some strong opinions expressed on both sides, all with apparently the best interests of the CTC at heart. However, it was apparent that even National Council was not unanimously behind the scheme, which would be a major and irrevocable step for the club. The meeting was unable to reach a consensus on the issue, with the matter beyond the expertise of most CTC members. 6) Future Events Beard Cup, probable date 5th September 2010 Peak Audax events from Cheadle, Marple and Poynton as detailed in Northern Wheel, Cycle and 7) Any Other Business 8) Next Committee Meeting March at Welcome Inn - see website nearer the date.

Mike Wigley, Secretary

M&D minutes 2010-03-11  

Minutes of the Manchester & District CTC Committee f) Rights and Campaigns report: No report g) Peak Audax Events Secretary: Mike Wigley...