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march 2013 From the Editor:

Who’s Who at ODRC Chair Person

VACANT Vice Chair Steve Hopkinson 07973 268261 Treasurer ` Nicola Gregory 07976 062566 Secretary Abi Atherton 01457 810211 Membership Elizabeth Kershaw 07770 743441 Instruction Caroline Coldwell 07585 449109 Friezland User Group Peter Carter 01457 873344 Teams Sue Burnett 07889 156171 NLG Rep VACANT Newsletter Editor Minda Wigley 01457 870421 Bridleways Peter Carter 01457 873344 Website Michael Wigley 01457 870421 Help Coordinator: Alana Bennett 07872 583182 Child Protection Caroline Coldwell 07585 449109 Social Secretary VACANT Show Organisers Members Only Novice Steve Hopkinson 07973 268261 Denzil Edwards 07899 054799 Show Jumping Jayne Fielding 07736 649370 VACANT Showing/Wkg Hunter Debbie Connell 07779 179038 Lesley Sanders 07764 151616 Dressage: Heather Marshall 0161 633 8654 Combined Training: Sue Burnett 07889 156171 Jill Bradley ODE: Sue Burnett 07889 156171 Sponsored Ride Peter Carter 01457 873344 Riding Club Camp Sue Hollingworth 07970 857739 Minda Wigley 01457 870421 Other Committee Members: Tim Partridge 07976 561632 Lesley Illingworth 07951 172913

Welcome to the March edition of the Newsletter. The 2013 Show Schedule is at the printers and will be mailed out to you as soon as it’s ready (so we hope it will be with you by the end of this month). In case you’ve not got round to renewing your membership yet The Membership Renewal form is here on page 10. (The April Newsletter will be the last edition you receive if you don’t renew by then.) Items in this month’s edition include: • pg 2: an update on availability of Camp places, and a date for your diary of a charity show in June in aid of Help for Heroes & Dobbinz & Co • pg 3 &4: details of our annual Sponsored Ride together with sponsor sheet • pg 5: at last something to laugh at over the horse meat scandal • pg 6: a reminder and invitation to become a Friend of Friezland in appreciation of our very special facility • pg 7-8: report on the lecture on Horse & Rider Anatomy in Motion held last month – and details of how you can find out more and get any help you need • pg 9: an invitation from an ODRC member to support a charity fund raiser for the British Heart Foundation, and details of new feed merchant recently opened in Lees • pg 11-13: Small Ads Over to you ... items for newsletter If you have any items you think might be of interest to other members of ODRC please ring Minda on 01457 870421 to tell her what you want to say or e-mail them to

***STOP PRESS*** The published dates of shows for Showing & Working Hunter on 5/5/13 and Showjumping on 19/5/13 have been changed round. 5 May is now Showjumping and 19 May is now Showing & Working Hunter


Camp 2013 If you are wondering whether to put your name down for Camp this year then get your skates on. There is only 1 place left so to avoid disappointment either text Minda on 07811 795793 or e-mail her at If you’ve never been to Camp and don’t know whether you would like it or not, don’t hesitate. It’s the most amazing experience for building rider confidence and really strengthening the relationship between horse and rider. Everyone comes home from Camp on a real “high” from what they’ve been able to achieve, and with the feeling they could do almost anything on their horse. People often hesitate about going to Camp if they don’t know anyone else who is going. Put that doubt out of your head immediately! Camp is a really friendly place to be. You can sit down in the pavilion with any of the other campers and they will all talk to you. If you are not sure what you are doing, anyone will answer your questions. So it’s absolutely not necessary to have a friend to come with you. I waited several years before signing up for Camp for this very reason, and then realised what I’d been missing for no good reason! If you’ve lost the January Newsletter that had the Camp application form in it, don’t worry. You can print it from the website: We’ll be glad to hear from you even if you don’t get this last place, because we’re always pleased to have people on the reserve list. If anyone drops out they can only have their money refunded if we can fill their place, so reserves are much appreciated.

A date for your diary – hargate hill charity show Hargate Hill Charity Show is run by the livery clients at Hargate Hill Equestrian Centre, Charlesworth, near Glossop, North Derbyshire, with all "profits" donated to charities. This is their 24th year & the show will be on 16th June (the Sunday before Cheshire Show). Once again they will be supporting Help for Heroes and Dobbinz & Co, a small, fairly new Not-forProfit equine welfare organisation. They usually raise about £2000 for the charities. The lady who organises it used to be a keen side saddle lady but age & arthritis have caught up with her & she can't get onto her 16.1hh Irish Draught any more. She still, however, "preaches the gospel" for side saddle at every opportunity, and this year she will be offering a special rosette to any lady (or gentleman!) who enters any ridden class, including lead rein and first ridden classes, on side saddle, regardless of placing. As the point of this is to encourage new comers to the elegant art, traditional side-saddle habit will be optional. They have something for everyone including a "Grumpy Old Gits" equitation class (the sponsors' choice of title!) for riders over 40 with special rosettes for any entrant aged over 60, and Shire-type, rescue and ex-racehorse classes, and pony novelties, as well as the usual equitation, ridden and in-hand showing, working hunter and show jumping classes & a fun dog show. Everyone will be made very welcome. The class fees are very reasonable too! They will also be having lunch time demonstration musical quadrille rides staged by High Peak Riding Club and Glossop Pony Club. They are in the process of setting up a website for the show and this should be up and running by the end of March. Hard copies of the schedule will be available from as soon as it comes back from the printers. So please put this date in your diary if there’s anything at the show of interest to you. It’s all for two great causes.


Oldham riding club SPONSORED RIDE to Hollingworth lake Sunday 24 March 2013 Bishops Park, meet 9.30 am Entry Fee: ÂŁ10 payable at the start (All monies raised will be paid to the N.W. Air Ambulance) Commemorative rosette for all riders. For more information contact: Peter Carter: 01457 873344 or The route will be from Bishops Park to the Black Ladd, over Crompton Moor to the Moorcock and down to Ogden where we can have a short pit stop. From Ogden we will take the bridleway to the bridge over the M62 at Tunshill Golf course. Following the bridleway we will go on to our lunch break courtesy of Mr & Mrs Clegg at Rakewood. After our break we will proceed along Rakewood Road, under the viaduct following the bridleway up to Three Gates from where we will return to Ogden. We can take refreshment at the pub if required. We then follow our outward path back to Bishops Park. The distance will be approx. 26 miles and I expect the riding time to be about 6 hours plus whatever time is spent on pit stops which can be taken as required. We will proceed at trot where conditions allow and there will be opportunities to canter. IF YOU WISH TO TAKE PART BE SURE BOTH YOU AND YOUR HORSE ARE FIT AND SOUND. The aim of the ride is to raise money for the Air Ambulance. As we take part in a sport that is not without its risks we never know when we may need their help. The ride is open to non-members. If you intend to take part or require further information contact Peter Carter (see above). Sponsor form over leaf. Things to bring with you:  Appropriate clothing for the weather conditions on the day  A packed lunch, and maybe something for your horse  Basic First Aid materials  Mobile phone


oldham & district riding club sponsored ride 2013 Name





Horse meat ........ and on and on it goes. • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

Does anyone have a tooth pick? I had a Tesco burger last night and there’s still a bit between my teeth. My doctor told me to watch what I eat, so I went out and bought tickets for the Grand National. Tesco are giving treble points on your Clubcard for all burgers and petrol, starting today. The deal’s called Only Fuel and Horses. What do you call a burnt Tesco burger? Black Beauty. They’ve found horse meat in Tesco burgers? It’s an unbridled disaster. I selected some burgers on the Tesco website. And then clicked “Add to cart” I used to work on the Tesco meat counter, but it was like flogging a dead horse Last night I ate a Tesco burger, an Iceland burger and an Aldi burger to find out which had the best taste. Tesco won by a short head. I bought an ˜award-winning Tesco burger. I didn’t realise they meant it had won the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Horse meat in Tesco burgers? What are the odds on that? I tried to take some burgers back to Tesco but they said they wouldn’t accept them. Looks like I’m saddled with them. Husband: I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. Wife: Why don’t you go to Tesco? Personally, I think people who don’t like eating horse meat are being a bit blinkered. Are you in favour of horse meat in your burgers? Yea or Neigh? I was going to give up fast food for January, but I fell at the final hurdle and had a Tesco burger. Just been to Tesco and bought a bottle of Bacardi, a bottle of Lamb’s and some burgers. So that’s white rum, navy rum and Red Rum. Unused HMV vouchers are now being accepted at Tesco. Just tell them HMV means ‘Horse Meat Voucher’ Despite the recent scandal, Tesco insist they use only meat of the highest quality. A spokesman said: ˜Our meat has to clear several hurdles before it goes on sale’. And the most groan-inducing: What’s in this burger? It just jumped over my chips. Don’t know why there’s a fuss all of a sudden. There’s been horse meat in Tesco burgers for donkey’s years. I like my burgers with a side saddle and neighonnaise. I hope Tesco were selling those burgers at hoof price. So there’s horse meat in Tesco’s burgers. Don’t worry, it’s not the mane ingredient. I bought some Tesco burgers - I wanted to get venison ones, but they were dead dear. I ordered a Tesco burger the other day but asked them to hold the dressage. Tesco would’ve got away with it if it wasn’t for the DN Neigh test.


Friends of friezland Anne Townsend, who runs the “Friends of Friezland”, has asked me to remind members about this scheme for raising funds towards the maintenance of our very special Club ground. Although we are all fortunate enough to have use of the arena both as members of the Club and as individual riders who have horses in the area, it appears that very few of us are in fact Friends of Friezland. Below is an extract from our Show Schedule that you might not have noticed. I hope it might trigger you to take action and become a Friend. Our club ground at Friezland Arena is owned by Oldham Borough Council, who intend to cease funding this facility at some future date. The proposal is that the Friezland User Group will lease the arena from the Council and become entirely responsible for its maintenance. Negotiations are currently on-going regarding the terms of the lease. See Newsletter for updates. Friezland Arena is managed by Friezland User Group (FUG), a body made up of representatives from riding organisations (including O&DRC) and other interested parties in cooperation with Oldham Countryside Service. O&DRC has the use of the Friezland Riding Arena for two Sundays and four Wednesdays every month, a facility which is the envy of many. We only have this preferential entitlement because O&DRC members undertake to supervise the arena for 1 hour per day throughout the year, checking fencing, picking up litter and reporting any maintenance requirements to the Countryside Wardens. Each year a number of volunteers share this daily task. If you are able to join this valiant team at any stage, please ring Peter Carter on 01457 873344 or mob. 07845 055594 and I will pass any information on. […] O&DRC, along with FUG, identifies and funds maintenance of the riding surface for Friezland. Watch the Club's monthly newsletter or website for details of competitions and other fund-raising events organised by the Friezland User Group. […] If you enjoy riding on the well maintained surface, competing at various events at Friezland or having lessons at Friezland then please become a FRIEND OF FRIEZLAND and help the FRIEZLAND USER GROUP to maintain the arena for the benefit of everyone.. You will also receive 10% discount for FUG on-site events. Simply complete the form below and send it in. _______________________________________________________________ Please send cheque for £10.00 (adult), £5.00 (junior – 16 & under) made payable to Friezland User Group Send to: Senior Ranger, Brownhill Countryside Centre, Wool Road, Dobcross, Oldham, OL3 5PB Your Name ………………………………………………………………………….. Your Address ……………………………………………………………………….. …………………………………………………………………………………………


“Horse & rider anatomy in motion“- inspiring! By Minda Wigley On Tuesday 26 February Dawn Rothwell invited us to join her for a talk on this subject at the Swan Inn in Delph. It was free of charge and there was a hotpot supper thrown in. The tap room of a pub seemed at first a slightly odd setting for a lecture but the setting faded into insignificance when Dawn started to cast her spell. The breadth and depth of her knowledge were inspiring, and she made it very clear that we can make the lives of our horses so difficult if we don’t pay attention to our own posture when sitting on the horse’s back. We can be getting frustrated, or worse, angry with our horses for not doing what we are asking them to do, when in fact something about our position in the saddle is making it impossible for the horse to do what we are asking. But in the main we are completely oblivious of this. Most of us probably already know that two thirds of the horse’s body weight is on the forehand but give no thought to the fact that our position in the saddle can make this even worse for the horse – not to mention the damage we might be doing to ourselves at the same time! Take a look at this illustration (left). It shows how, for every inch of forward head posture it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds (5kg). This can lead to back pain, neck pain, disc problems, arthritis and pinched nerves. But what about the effect on the horse? How many of us look down when we are riding? Probably most of us, and if we tip our head forwards by 3 inches, that increases the weight on the horse’s forehand by 20 kg. That’s the equivalent of resting a sack of feed on his shoulders! This was just one small point that made a deep impression on me after the talk. For years I’ve been told to keep my head up when riding but somehow I’ve never really taken it seriously enough to do anything about it … until now. Now I know how mean I’m being to my horse if I can’t be bothered to keep my head up! Now I have the motivation to do something about it! Some other comments from the audience: "I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and found it hugely interesting and informative, Dawn gave me plenty to think about how my position and use of my body really affects the way my horse moves and how making a few small adjustments will massively change the way she goes for the better. I want to learn more about it for the benefit of myself and my horse and would recommend anyone to go along and hear what she has to say. It made me look at riding in a different way." Elizabeth Kershaw “I enjoyed Dawn Rothwells presentation ... the connection between the way in which the rider uses

themselves and the way in which the horse goes made a lot of sense although it wasn’t something I’d thought much about before. As someone whose weight is permanently to the right, and with a horse who is happy to encourage it to stay there, I was prompted by Dawn’s enthusiastic presentation to try to improve my seat in particular and no doubt enjoy giving Cal’s intercostal muscles a workout.!! Next time I get the grumpy face and the ears back (from Cal that is!) I will now be alerted to try and understand the message and change what I’m doing accordingly.” Cath Calvert

See page 8 for more information on how Dawn can help you to improve your riding posture. Your horse will be really grateful if you act on it! 7

Equine Therapy Solutions We had a great attendance at our first ETS presentation on Horse & Rider Anatomy in Motion, and I hope you all enjoyed the talk and found it informative and inspirational. If any of you want to learn more about equine anatomy, equine massage therapy or feel that you need help with your horse and his training, ETS will be running courses throughout the year. Send me your email address and I will keep you informed of dates and courses available. You can also organise a one day workshop at your own yard for a group of 6 people or you can book an individual 2 hour session for a full assessment of you and your horse. If you are concerned about your horse we will gladly arrange to come and do a sports therapy treatment or remedial work on any horses that are in need and we also offer treatments in clinic for any of you that are suffering with pain or injuries of any kind or simply need to change your posture. We can also advise on any aspect of rehabilitation, fitness, strength training and weight control. The workshops will provide: • An individual assessment of Horse & Rider from the ground AND under saddle looking at :- Posture, muscle balance & tightness, fitness, movement, flexibility etc. At the end of the workshop you will be given detailed information and advice on what to do next. These can be in a group of 6 or individual bookings. One day equine massage course: • You will spend the day learning how to recognise muscle tightness and how to use various massage techniques to improve muscle tone and circulation. You will also learn how to use stretches to prevent stiffness. A certificate of attendance is awarded at the end of the course. Equine massage diploma: • This is an intensive course over 5 days plus home study for anyone wanting a career in equine sports therapy. The courses are all verified by Active Health Group and Sport Therapy Organisation UK. You will receive a certificate of qualification on completion of the course. Classical training & guidance. • These sessions can be booked at your convenience. The sessions can be from half an hour up to 1 hour.

For any more information on any of the courses or if you wish to book a lesson contact me at any time on 07825529054 or email, or for treatments in clinic contact Shaun on 07887977977. Regards, Dawn Rothwell BHSII, AdvDip STRM Equine & Human . Shaun McGrath ABAPT, DipST


Charity bike ride – please support graham by Jacky Knight, ODRC member Some of you will be aware that just over 12 months ago my fiancé, Graham, had heart surgery (Triple Coronary Artery Bypass) and has been building up his health and fitness ever since. In September this year he plans to take part in an off-road bike ride from London to Brighton raising money for the British Heart Foundation. Below is a link to a “just giving” page and I hope you will be able to offer your support as well as your hard earned cash to help him raise a target of £500. Many Thanks Jacky


oLDHAM & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION / RENEWAL FORM 2013 Title:* ............. Name:* ........................................................................................................... * mandatory fields Address:* ................................................................................................................................. Post Code:* ......................................

Tel No: ....................................

Mobile No: .......................................

E-mail: .................................................................... (for receipt of Newsletters & news alerts) [_] Senior Membership (£21.50) [_] Junior Membership (£21.50) (age 15 to 17) [_] Social Membership (£15.50) _________________________________________________________________________________________ The Club likes to enter teams of different abilities at a range of events. If you would be interested in finding out more and participating in team events, please tick below

Membership Type:*


[_] Prelim

[_] Novice

[_] Elementary

Show Jumping:

[_] Novice

[_] Intermediate

[_] Open

[_] Medium

One Day Events: [_] Novice [_] Intermediate [_] Open _________________________________________________________________________________________ To enable the Club to run events all members must help at a minimum of one show per year. This requires you to commit to a minimum of either one full day or two half days. (If you are helping on a morning, you may compete on the afternoon of that day, or vice versa, provided your competing does not interfere with your ability to focus on helping the show organiser.) Please put the date in your diary so you don’t forget what you have agreed to do. Any forms which do not indicate a date to help will be returned (but we won’t stop you helping at more than one show!) Please select the show(s) at which you will help:* Date Event All Day a.m. p.m. 14 April

Members Only Novice

28 April


5 May

Show jumping

19 May

Ridden & In Hand Showing & Working Hunter

9 June

Combined Training

23 June


7 July

Ridden & In Hand Showing & Working Hunter

21 July

Show Jumping

4 August

Jill Bradley Memorial Mini ODE / Combined Training

25 August


8 September

Ridden & In Hand Showing & Working Hunter

15 September

Show Jumping

6 October

Combined Training

I am also interested in stewarding at Riding Club Team Events: [_] This is not compulsory and is in addition to helping at one of the above shows I am aged 15 years or over and agree to abide by the rules of O&DRC including helping out at a minimum of one show each year. I do not object to data relating to me being held by Oldham and District Riding Club, and I agree that this data may be disclosed to the British Horse Society. Signed:* ……………………………………………………….. Date:……………………………………….* Send completed form with your cheque payable to O&DRC to Membership Secretary, Elizabeth Kershaw, 36 Brookway, Lees, Oldham, OL4 5BE (07770 743441)


HORSEY ITEMS FOR SALE 1 x brown padded leather girth 48" - £10 1 x pink with grey trim quilted stable rug size 6'3" £5 1 x purple fleece rug size 5'9" - £5 1 x Derby House pink fleece rug with neck size 6'0" -£5 1 x Black leather Windsor bridle (cob) £10 1 x loose ring french link snaffle bit 5" - £5 1 x Kortseel sweet iron western eggbutt snaffle size 5 1/2" - £5 1 x Magnetic headpiece (ideal for calming and relaxing horses) - £5 1 set of green travel boots (short style - size medium) will fit large pony/small horse - £10 1 x havana running martingale (cob size) - £5 If interested please ring Elizabeth on 07770 743441 or e-mail


WANTED – EQUITREK TRAILER Either EquiTrek Star Treka or a Multi Treka trailer. If you have one for sale please contact Samantha on 07843 336 534


STAMFORD RIDING STABLES Top Mossley Learn how to ride and look after horses. Lessons available for children 5 years and above. Older children and teenagers can train for ABRS qualifications at weekends and during holidays. Group and private lessons available on this small friendly yard. Individual support and practical work towards BHS and other qualifications in Horse Care, Management and Welfare from Sue Phillips (Hons) Equine Science, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Member of the Royal Agricultural College.

For more details phone Sue Phillips on 01457 837698



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