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2011 Price  List   20  Weekly  Deliveries  

Starting week  of  May  22nd  through  October  2nd  

A. Full  Share    


B. 1/2  Share    


C. Biweekly  Full  share   5-­‐10  seasonal  vegetables  


5-­‐10 seasonal  vegetables  

3-­‐6 seasonal  vegetables  

Delivery every  other  week  


D. Biweekly  1/2  share     3-­‐6  seasonal  vegetables   Delivery  every  other  week  

Optional Add-­‐ons   Please  indicate  on  the  order  form  if  you  are  interested   and  we  will  contact  you  when  they  become  available  

Farm Fresh  Chicken  


Whole dressed  &  bagged  for  freezer  storage  

Fresh Eggs   $2.75/dz  or  $2.50/2+  dz   Fresh  eggs  from  our  chickens  that  are  fed  a  mix   of  organic  ingredients  and  our  own  grains  and   allowed  to  graze  freely  on  pasture  

Holiday and  Canning  Baskets  

Additional baskets  for  the  holidays  and  to   preserve  for  winter  (i.e.  Tomatoes,  pickles,  etc.)      

OUR MISSION   To  provide  you,  our  friends   and  neighbors,  with   wholesome,  fresh,   locally  grown  food   directly  from  the  farm  to   your  table.  

*Due to  Mother  Nature  being  a  fickle  lady,  the  estimated   availability  of  each  crop  for  a  typical  year  will  vary.    Some   will  thrive  and  some  will  be  less  successful.    We  plan  on   averages  to  provide  sufficient  fresh  eating  each  week  for   a  family  size  of  2-­‐4  people.    JW  Freshwater  Produce  does   not  guarantee  a  minimum  quantity  for  any  crop.      


Community  Supported   Agriculture      

Share Order  Form  

J &  W  Freshwater   Produce   th

3323 270  Street   Eagle  Grove,  IA  50533   515-­‐448-­‐3969  /  515-­‐231-­‐4462  

Farm fresh,  locally  grown,  nutritious   produce  direct  from  us  to  you.  

Name    ________________________  

What is  a  membership  agreement?  

E-­‐Mail    ________________________    

You become  a  member  by  paying  in  advance  for  a  weekly  share  of  produce.    We  provide  you   with  high  quality,  fresh  food  that  is  not  just  good  food  but  is  good  for  you.  We  grow  a  wide   variety  of  vegetables  using  organic  and  sustainable  practices,  allowing  you  to  have  the   freshest  produce  throughout  the  entire  season  without  the  use  of  harmful  chemicals.    

Address ______________________          _____________________________  

We focus  on  the  production  and  stewardship  of  the  land  so  you  can  enjoy  the  bounty.  

State  _________________________  

City   __________________________      

Zip Code   ______________________    

What is  a  CSA?  

(Community Supported  Agriculture)   It  is  a  local  food  system  in  which  food   is  produced  by  local  farmers  and   provided  directly  to  consumers  under   a  membership  agreement.     Knowing  where  your  food  comes  from   and  how  it  is  grown  helps  you  develop   a  connection  to  the  land  and  the   farmers  who  care  for  it  and  feed  the   community.  Locally  produced   vegetables  decrease  the  miles  that   your  food  travels  before  it  arrives  at   your  table.      

2011 Shares   For  the  2011  season  we  will  offer  garden   market  shares.    This  will  be  a  weekly   delivery  of  a  variety  of  fresh  vegetables.     One  full  sized  share  is  enough  for  2-­‐4   people.    In  2011  we  have  increased  the  delivery   schedule  from  16  weeks  to  20  weeks.    Optional  add-­‐on  packages  including   natural-­‐raised  chicken  and  eggs  and   canning  baskets.    Options  of  picking  up  your  share  at  a   drop  point  in  your  area  or  picking  it  up   on  the  farm  with  the  choice  of   exchanging  or  substituting  items.    Recipes  will  be  available  each  week  to   try  with  the  produce  you  receive.   TO  ORDER:  Please  fill  out  the  form  to  the   right  and  indicate  which  share  you’d  like.  

Home phone  ___________________    

Cell   __________________________    

Work  _________________________    

Circle the  share(s)  you  have  selected:   A   B   C   D    

Circle product  baskets  you  would  like   more  information  about:   Chicken   Egg   Holiday   Canning  (tomatoes,  salsa,  etc)    

TOTAL AMOUNT  DUE:   ____________________    

*To reserve  your  share  submit  a  minimum  payment   equal  to  ½  the  cost  of  the  selected  share,  with  the   th remainder  due  by  June  30  2011.   th *Shares  not  paid  in  full  by  June  30  will  not  be   delivered.    

Enclose the  following:  

**Completed order  form     **  Payment  in  the  form  of  a  Check  or  Cash  

Make Checks  Payable  to/Mail  to:        

J &  W  Freshwater  Produce   th        3323  270  St          Eagle  Grove,  IA    50533  

2011 csa brochure  

The 2011 brochure and order form for J & W Freshwater Produce's CSA shares

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