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Tips on Spotting a Scammer: What to Lookout for When You Sell Laptops Online

Eleven years ago, it was anthrax that sent Americans running from their mailboxes and letters. Following the 9/11 attack, the Amerithrax strain has mysteriously killed five people and sent seventeen more to hospitals after getting infected by the contaminated letters. Now after eleven years, we have other anthraxes to discover and wipe out of our mail—or electronic mail. Scamsand spams, the anthraxes of our generation, have made a lot of unsuspecting victims. Mail from dear friends have redirected you to Viagra selling websites and spa coupons turned out to be another form that could well be another way to get your credit card number so they could use it for far worse crimes. These schemesare often called Phishing Scamsand these comprise just the tip of the iceberg we call internet crime. Let’s go to the bigger portion of the iceberg. If you are planning to sell laptops online, then you have to know this first: You may be digging a ditch for your own funeral. While the internet has provided you with child’s play ways of making money, it has made more than a hundred ways to put you at risk without you even knowing it. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sell laptops online, this just means that you better be well acquainted with what you’re dealing with before actually doing the deal. Let’s say you’re looking for a way to get rid of your old, snail-paced Acer Aspire One and the best way to do so is to sell laptops online. You get your hands on your old keyword and type sell laptops online in your Google search and see hundreds of websites that offer to buy your ratty Acer Aspire One even in its elderly walking state. Before you click on that link, take a minute to ponder these few thoughts to save your assfrom getting kicked by scammers and frauds that buy and sell laptops online. 1. Site-seeing is a good thing. The first thing to remember when choosing the right company or person to sell laptops online to is to use your sharp animalistic instincts and find out if it is reliable enough (Just consider my Cash for iPhones review). Take note of the domains used and the procedures for the transaction. More often than not, companies with good domains and easy one-two-step procedures are indications that it is secured enough to buy or sell laptops online. Click on the About Us page and check the company’s profile. You can also check the Contact Us link to make sure that the company has a real address. Remember that making a deal with an anonymous, faceless, address-lacking company is a complete mistake. 2. Seek first the kingdom of forums. It’s good to keep in mind that you’re not the only one who has to sell laptops online. A lot of people have done the same in the hope of getting good money form their old laptops. So, it’s safe to say that seeking forums about sites that sell laptops online and finding reviews from sellers and buyers all over the web is a good way to keep yourself and your old laptop from the wrong hands. Knowing how transactions were handled and how much they made from the transactions is also a preparation for reminder number 3. 3. Quote for what it’s worth. Know and inspect your laptop first. While it is a good thought that most companies buy pre-loved gadgets in whatever state it’s in, it is better to summon into mind that no sick person will quote a hundred dollars for a 3 year old Acer Aspire One with

dying batteries and a scratched up screen. When you sell laptops online, make sure that you know your gadget’s value and be sure to state honestly what condition it is in to get a good quote from them. Beware, however, of companies and sites that promise you more than what you think your laptop is worth. Sky high quotes are just too good to be true. Do not fall for it. 4. Keep an eye and an ear out. Once you begin to sidle into a good deal to sell laptops online, remember to always be on the lookout for possible loopholes in the transaction. If the form you’re answering seemsto be asking for TMI, like your SSSnumber or other information that doesn’t seem relevant when you sell laptops online, then don’t hesitate to do a double check. You should also call the company to make sure they have reachable lines and addresses so you can follow up the transaction anytime. Also be vigilant of additional fees and ‘taxes’ when you sell laptops online. Good companies will help you get your laptops to them; most of them don’t charge you shipping fees and won’t hassle you too much when receiving your check. Remember to never doubt your common senseand your instincts. If you start smelling something fishy, start crying out for help. Lastly, after getting your check well and good, it would be a good idea to help out others who want to sell laptops online by posting on forums and passing the word out. It also helps to keep the authorities and the other sellers informed if you have experienced—or nearly experienced—being scammed when you tried to sell laptops online. This way you will be able to earn money, help others sell laptops online and make the internet a better place to surf.

Sell Laptops Online  
Sell Laptops Online  

3. Quote for what it’s worth. Know and inspect your laptop first. While it is a good thought that most companies buy pre-loved gadgets in wh...