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In a Bind? Sell Your Laptop!

Are you hurting for some cash? Did you just experience some kind of monetary pitfall, or is there just something you're trying to save up for? No matter what you need money for, you can get some if you sell your laptop. It doesn't have to be a new, fully functioning laptop, either. You can get some easy cash just by selling your old, worn out, or even completely broken laptops.

If you're considering trying to sell your laptop, you probably have some justifiable questions. How does it work? How much money can you get? How long does it take? Selling your old laptop is pretty fast and easy, and doesn't require a lot of effort or commitment on your part. Here's how the process generally goes:

1) You contact a used electronics dealer through their website. 2) You request a price quote and a free mailer for your laptop. 3) You mail in your laptop to the dealer using the postage-paid mailer. 4) They look over your computer, determine if it matches the description you gave when you requested your price quote, and contact you to verify your payment information. At this point, you can choose how you would like to receive your payment. 5) They send your payment as a check or Paypal transfer. Checks are more convenient for users that don't have Paypal, but Paypal transfers are generally quicker. 6) They fix your laptop up if necessary, delete the information off of its hard drive, and ready it for resale. 7) They sell your laptop to a new owner through their website. 8) Your laptop is shipped off to its new home.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Your price quote won't take more than thirty seconds to get, you'll receive your mailer in a few days, your laptop will arrive at its destination a few days later, and you'll be paid shortly afterward. There's no simpler, faster way to sell your laptop.

The amount of money you get depends on a couple of factors, including the age, brand, and condition of your computer. Newer, working laptops from a well known brand fetch higher prices than older ones that don't work. Brands that are popular and highly in demand also tend to pay you more than obscure ones. A used laptop can fetch over $100, depending on the brand. That's a lot more than you can get for throwing it away!

Trying to sell your laptop doesn't take very long, for you. You aren't required to wait until your laptop makes it to its final home for you to get your money, you'll be paid once it's received by the company. This usually takes a few days, but the exact length of time can vary depending on how long it takes for your laptop to ship out to the company. After the company pays you, it might take them a couple of weeks or months to sell your laptop. You won't have to worry about that- you'll already have your money long before then.

The really unique thing about trying to sell your laptop to a used electronics dealer is that you can sell one that's broken. Not many individuals would want a laptop with a failed hard drive or broken screen. This means that, without a used electronics dealer, your only options are to fix up your laptop before sale yourself, or just forget about selling it and trash it instead. You also don't have to worry about your files being stolen. Anything that remains on your hard drive after it's mailed to the used electronics dealer won't be there when they go to resell it. It'll all be wiped from the hard drive, so your pictures, passwords, and any other sensitive info that you haven't managed to delete will be long gone when your laptop goes to its new home.

Used electronics are a veritable gold mine on the internet. There are tons of people hurting for working laptops or cell phones, and they're willing to pay you for yours. Whether you've got a working laptop or the equivalent of a thousand dollar paperweight, you can sell your laptop to make some easy money. Note: The article first appeared in

In A Bind Sell Your Laptop  

A guide to sell laptop

In A Bind Sell Your Laptop  

A guide to sell laptop