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SHOES FOR THE LONG THE SHORT AND THE TALL Without over-simplifying the case, very tall women are more likely to be wearing flats than petite women are to be wearing high heels. The former is trying not to bring too much attention to her height whilst the same can be said about the other in a reverse sort of way. In the past thirty years the number of women that wear heels daily has dropped a staggering 20%. And around 30% of women never wear heels at all. The number of women that wear heels also shrinks with age. There’s probably no definitive proof but medical workers and in particular A&E doctors along with orthopaedic specialists, have been down on heels more than ever in recent years. A&E staff because in every major hospital up and down the country there’s hardly a Friday or Saturday night when some intoxicated young woman is not bought in with a sprained ankle. Often the sprain turns out to be a fracture caused by losing balance on very high heels. It’s probably not for many hours until the alcohol wears off and the pain really sets in. Doctors that deal with this problem are quietly dismayed with this complication and don’t even bother to explain that in later life this broken ankle now will cause painful arthritic conditions. Women wear high heels because it makes it necessary to walk with a different posture. Men like women in heels for exactly the same reason. The posture change means the hips and breast are pushed further out, the calf muscles are tensed and more shapely and all at the expense of comfort. It depends a lot on what the job entails but womens work shoes are more often than not, flats. Although there are some women that may sit at a desk all day that wear heals to walk about the office and flats under the table.

To understand the damage to posture that high heels do to a person over a long period just look at what the staff in a hospital wear. If there are some staff wearing heels they are likely to be no longer than 2� heels.

Many other staff wear clogs that are arguably some of the most comfortable to walk in even though they take a little time to get used to. At this time of year when it can be freezing cold walking from the station to the office, many women choose to wear boots to the office and change to some comfortable loafers left under the desk. What a women or man wears to the office depends entirely on what sort of environment it is. There are plenty of hugely conservative banking and insurance institutions in the City where a black suit and tie for men is expected and a skirt, jacket and blouse for women. In that case the choice of shoe can be limited to heels or smart flats. But if you work in a fashion house no doubt you wear what you want.

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Shoes For The Long The Short And The Tall  

Doc sharing on women’s work shoes with a look at high heels and the attraction but also the damage they can cause.

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