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Ever yday in the City of Chicago the numbers of youth involved in violent activities is increasing. This has a terrible effect on the people of that community; many people have begun to feel that they are hopeless. Lifting Ourselves Through Us (Lotus) is a nonprofit organization aimed to give their community a touch of hope. The organization believes that they must present a strong presence in the community to effectively reach those who need guidance and development. The project must be multi-faceted to have a proper impact; research data shows that kids who are involved in programs that offer educational enrichment combined with social, and life skill development give children the resources to develop the skills needed to become productive adults (Child Trends, 2013).

Table of Contents 1.0 Research

1.1 Brand Overview 1.2 Research Paper 1.3 SWOT 1.4 Target Audience

2.0 Development

3.0 Standards

2.1 Design Research 2.2 Mood Board 2.3 Toolbox 2.4 Logo Development

3.1 Logo Usage 3.2 Color Standards 3.3 Typography Standards 3.4 Brand Standards

4.0 Solutions

4.1 Final Solutions 4.2 Media Assets 4.3 References


1.0 Research LIFTING OURSELVES THROUGH US Studies show that implementing community-based programs with vulnerable populations designed to promote positive social skills among children at- risk for negative outcomes such as substance use, violence, and delinquency had a positive impact (Child Trends, 2013).


BRAND OVERVIEW LOTUS is a non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois. LOTUS’ mission is to provide leadership for wayward youth. This program puts kids on a path toward maturation and success. LOTUS is the only organization teaching the youth to always remain conscientious of the world around them by developing an understanding of justice, courage, wisdom and temperance in every area of life. LOTUS provides a series of programs held at schools, park districts, community centers and other facilities. Community involvement is the key component of LOTUS’ vision to uplift the youth of Chicago. The theme for this campaign project is uplifting a community. The target audiences for LOTUS are parents of children 5 to18 years of age, at-risk youth 5 to18 years of age, corporate donors, and volunteers.


Abstract LOTUS is a nonprofit for at risk youth in Chicago Illinois. This organization is aimed at children who find themselves in an environment filled with negative influences. LOTUS’ mission is to help guide these children on the right path for success, and avoid the dangers of the inner city streets. The organization does not have a strong brand presence, the design campaign to rebuild LOTUS’ brand is a crucial aspect of helping to create a positive impact on the community. Research has determined that the target audiences for LOTUS’ services are parents and their children who find themselves in the above-mentioned predicament. The rebrand project for LOTUS includes updating color schemes, font types, logo, website design, and promotional items. By making an investment in restructuring the companies image and focusing on the differentiating factors that separate LOTUS from its competitors the organization can continue its mission.


Research Paper LOTUS This paper discusses, examines, and explains the visual campaign project for LOTUS and the need to improve the conditions in the inner city of Chicago. LOTUS provides a variety of programs for youth development, and highlighting these programs is a major portion of the campaign. According to Madsen, Hicks, and Thompson the overall health of and the immediate risks to children in low-income communities are likely strongly linked to the presence of critical protective factors (2011). The importance of an organization such as LOTUS in a community that desperately needs to curb the violence is the main purpose of bringing awareness to company’s brand.

Company Profile Lifting Ourselves Through Us is a not for profit company based in the city of Chicago, Lotus’ mission is to contribute to the advancement of the human condition through peaking human potential (Lifting Ourselves Through Us, 2013). Founder and President Aaron Ireland leads Lotus together with the company’s other board members the group provides academic, spiritual, and social resources for at-risk youth in Chicago. The programs at Lotus are tough, and demanding students who join will accomplish goals they deemed impossible. The organization works to provide mentors, and tutors to guide students through the challenges of life. Studies show that implementing

community-based programs within vulnerable populations designed to promote positive social skills among children atrisk for negative outcomes (such as substance use, violence, and delinquency), had a positive impact (Child Trends, 2013). Lotus is dedicated to providing young students with a higher self-esteem, and empowered sense of self worth, a greater capacity for compassion and empathy, and higher academic pursuits. These are valuable life skills needed to have to become productive adults. The organization Lotus does not have a strong visual presence; an updated logo and design would create better communication tools with their target audience.


Design Exploration The creative direction for the LOTUS campaign project will revolve around marketing to the target audience. Parents in the community need to find out about LOTUS’ program, the campaign will accomplish this using various media channels. The project will feature a remake of the company’s current website and redesign of the company’s logo. The company’s current logo on the website is visually appealing for the web but may be difficult to continuously reproduce in print media. The redesign of the website will keep many of the site’s features, the goal in the redesign is to make


the website look up to date while still providing the viewers with a plethora of information regarding LOTUS and their mission. The most important parts of the website redesign are the new logo design, having easy navigation, and a strong visual homepage that viewers can use to become more familiar with LOTUS. Creating a visually appealing website and presenting the pertinent information is a way people who visit will be inclined to sign up for the opportunities since they are already interested in what your organization does (Henry Ham Agency, 2012). According to Joanne Fritz,

a Nielsen study shows that participants wanted most of all to see an organization’s mission, goals, objectives, and work on listed on a nonprofit company’s website (2012). The study found that donors want to give to organizations that share their ideals and values (Fritz, 2012). The LOTUS website will also feature advertisements, with powerful images depicting the Chicago community with the taglines “Parents come join US!” and “There’s’ no US, Without You”. These taglines are a play on the word us which is part of the LOTUS acronym (Lifting Ourselves Through Us).

Conclusion The rebrand of LOTUS is going to be a crucial part of the company’s existence. As a small nonprofit trying to compete in a major city like Chicago the organization has to rely on influencing the community that they can provide a place for kids to learn how to become successful. Being that many of the organization members are a part of the same community they have vowed to uplift it is important the relationship between

LOTUS and their target audience is improved. The concepts behind the campaign project are to assist in telling the story of a changing community. Differentiating LOTUS from other nonprofits is key and unlike their competitors LOTUS engages children on a conscious level. Giving children the power to know themselves and their capabilities. The focus for this campaign is to incorporate visual imagery with the philanthropic needs of a community. Chicago Illinois is

a city that at present is dealing with increased violence among young people. Parents in this community may have run out of options. LOTUS offers them an option. The problem is not enough people are aware of the company’s image this project is creating an effective solution engaging the community with new ideas answering LOTUS’ marketing questions.  


References Child Trends. (2013). Youth development. Retrieved from Fritz, J. (2012). What online donors want to see on your website. Retrieved from Gomez-Palacio, B., Vit, A. (2011). Graphic design referenced: A visual guide to the language, applications and history of graphic design. Beverly, MA: Rockport Publishers. Henry Ham Academy. (2012). How to attract volunteers to your nonprofit. Retrieved from Lifting Ourselves Through Us. (2013). Home. Retrieved from Madsen, K. A., Hicks, K., & Thompson, H. (2011). Physical Activity and Positive Youth Development: Impact of a School-Based Program. Journal Of School Health, 81(8), 462-470. Print Magazine. (2013). Color in design awards. Retrieved from colorawards


Client Name:


Lifting Ourselves Through Us

Campaign Theme: LOTUS is a community-based organization with a series of programs being held at schools, park districts, community centers and other facilities. Community involvement is the key component of LOTUS’ vision to uplift the youth in the city of Chicago. The theme for this campaign project is Uplifting a Community.

Campaign Deliverables: This campaign for LOTUS is intended to display and promote a new brand messages featuring a logo design, imagery, typography, colors, and media assets that express the core values of the organization.






• The staff are members of the community with a natural relation to the youths at-risk. • Programs serve to reverse the effects of a limited world view. • LOTUS guides value judgment and discerning abilities in the program participants

• Low internet presence, the company needs updated website and promotional materials. • Ranked outside of the nations top #100 non profits for at risk youth. (unknown ranking).



• Emphasizing a conscientious approach to youth empowerment in visual design campaigns. • Increase donations, volunteerism, and mentors with a shift in marketing • Create printed books/ pamphlets for rebrand intended to promote the LOTUS experience.

• Limited funding / monetary donations, and support. • Located in a low income, high crime community. • Competitors have stronger brand names.

target audience

AUDIENCE PERSONAS • Trina: 25 year old single mother • Darion: 16 year old (Student) • Coporate donors • Volunteers


2.0 Development PARENTS JOIN US!

LOTUS’ program intendeds to put students on a path to success and maturation. Guide those who are demonstrating destructive behavior patterns in school, home relationships, and their community.

Lifting Ourselves Through Us 14

Moob Board & Toolbox Pages


Moob Board & Toolbox Pages


Moob Board & Toolbox Pages Competitive Landscape


Design Toolbox for LOTUS




Lifting Ourselves Through Us IMAGE EXAMPLES


e top

100) 100)

n with s, park cilities. onent e city project



CMYK RGB RGB= 255, 59, 152 CMYK= 0, 77, 40, 0 RGB = 158, 8, 72 CMYK= 0, 95, 54, 38 RGB = 92, 2, 46 CMYK= 0, 98, 51, 64

RGB= 92, 25, 69 CMYK= 48, 100, 45, 36

RGB= 0, 0, 0 CMYK= 0, 0, 0, 100



lifting ourselves through us


(Gill Sans Light)

(TeX Gyre Adventor)

uplifting community (Gill Sans Regular)


Logo Development The original logo design for LOTUS does not transfer well on various forms of media. The design needs to be flexible and ledgible to impact on the brand. I wanted to stay with the flower theme and I have created a brand new logo that represents LOTUS and will accomplish the project goals.



For my campaign project I created preliminary sketch designs of a new logo for LOTUS.


3.0 Standards A new identity system, style guidelines, typogroaphy and an image gallery were created to bring attention to the LOTUS brand


Logo Variations L IF T IN G O UR S E LV ES T H ROUG H US


The LOTUS logo placed with the tagline

The LOTUS logo placed without the tagline

The LOTUS logo placed in single color

The LOTUS logo placed in single color

The following symbols have been developed as new logos for LOTUS. The redesign is focused on making the connection with the lotus flower to the name of the company by replacing the letter �O� with the image of a flower. The new logo for LOTUS would be useful on various media applications. Imagine the logo being placed in black and white on the heading of a document or in full color on a print advertisement.

Improper Logo Use LI FT IN G O URS E LV E S TH R OU G H U S The following LOTUS logo is not to be used • with the tagline on the bottom

The following LOTUS logo is not to be used • with any additional objects

The following LOTUS logo is not to be used • with color variations


The following LOTUS logo is not to be used • with just the word lotus in text





Here is the minimum exclusion area for the LOTUS logo. Nothing should be placed within this boundary unless circumastances require. In all possible circumstances the exclusion area should follow requirements 75% of the logo size as closely as possible.

Clear Space Area 22

Color Palette

RGB = 104 42 58 CMYK = 31 90 60 41

RGB = 159 35 75 CMYK = 20 100 62 8

RGB = 105 131 66 CMYK = 20 100 62 8

RGB = 146 134 133 CMYK = 41 44 41 4

RGB = 0 0 0 CMYK = 0 0 0 100

The palette for this campaign is various of colors representing nature and specifically flowers. Earthy tones were chosen to reflect LOTUS’ worldly views.


Typography TeX Gyre Adventor


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

Gills Sans


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890


Gills Sans


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

The logotype is a clean and streamline font using the TexGyreAdventor, (Regular), Gills Sans (Light), CODE (Light), and Gills Sans (Bold).


IMAGES The images for this design project will relfect the theme for this campaign of uplifting a community. They will feature positive images and focus on the positive aspects of helping out in the community. Lotus’ mission is to create a more positive environment within the City of Chicago and provide kids and young adults with the skills to succeed.


Studies show that implementing community-based programs with vulnerable populations designed to promote positive social skills among children at- risk for negative outcomes such as substance use, violence, and delinquency had a positive impact (Child Trends, 2013).



Campaign Promotions Brochures The brand’s message will continue throughout the organization’s promotinal material. The campaign’s color palette and typefaces will be used for communicating with the target audience.

Business Cards

Phone : 312 459 3062 Fax : 773 264 7535 Email : Website :


MEDIA ASSETS Electronic Media

Website The electronic media options that I chose for the Lotus campaign project reflect the theme of the brand. The different applications are viable promotional tools for the brand to expand its current targeted audience into a larger market.


Mobile App


Social Media



The social media applications for the Lotus campaign project will provide a mechanism to quickly communicate to perspectives information about the organization, help keep track of consumer reactions, and recognize evolving trends (Wheeler, 2009).




MEDIA ASSETS Vehicle Wraps

T-Shirt Design

The print media applications are going to reach the intended target audience though there are several forms of new media “print is still one of the ways consumers learn about new products, services, and ideas ” (Wheeler, 2009). Print Ads Lifting Ourselves Through Us

There is no US Without YOU





Sponsored Uniforms


Video testimonialswill be added to LOTUS’ new website so thath the viewers can get a total overview of what the organization does. This gives the viewer an easier way to answer any questions they may have regarding the organization. The interactive nature that the videos provide is a fresh new way of introducing people to LOTUS as the browse the website.




Image References: nudity=true&p=african+american+single+mother nudity=true&p=corporate+board hands&rls=en&tbm=isch&facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=I-4IfmFvcyA43M%3A%3Bv8VBUC2dnmVMbM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fra






Lifting Ourselves Through Us 36

Swayne 10 4 1 Final  
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