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I aballero EI Cerrito. Calif.

EI Cerrito High School Volume LVI - :luMber $ev cp..t een



Teachers Prolesl- Sirike__


Biard Confrnlll ion

By Arthur Chian!

NFL Honors Grads forens i c8 has exp a nded monu­ . entally at El Cerr i to sinc e se n io rs . a de thei r tirst tiaid speec he s in Go l den Gate Speech As sociation compet i tion a8 so ph oaores.

strike of RUSD teachers 1n


imminent after the

.~,,:;:~:,~::, of May 22nd. t ana other school picketed the meeting before ­ confronted the Board in a shouting currnr: the "ee';1nc:, and ~la!. :'ed masse after being insulted

Gl en Hoao, v ith over 350 «a tional Forensi c8 Le a 8ue points, is the only sen io r to graduate .. l th th e ~YL Degr e e or Di st inc tion . He v l1l rece i ve a gold NF L s eal o n hh diploma,

Fu l ler . :3culty - Board relations sp.e~ed ir.lpalred by the heckUn&


audience and the comments of during the aeeting. The and ability of the Board

o,,,,hl, attacked . ~e

The behavior

led Board president

to comment. "From ....hat seen tonight , I ' m aMazed that

!!.ldren do as well as they do ... "

teachers then stood up and walked


As the teachers filed out lof1 111 am

taunted, "If you ' re p;oing to rike why don't you get with it : " ~ena n

Don Sch l atter. of the Certified ployees Coun ci l, was the first to Fak a t the meeting, sta ting, "The L~ ' S last sa l ary or~er of 3.~ percent gros s ly inadequate and unacceptable," 'dthout us1ng tIle word strike went to say . "Unless there is a change , .. cannot guarantee that the educational cess will contInue uninterrupted." Supt . 1,;. W. Snodgrass drew cheers applause tro~ the teachers when I agreed that the teachers needed ba!ary increase to meet the cost living standards. Goy Fuller also ew applause when He stated that ~ngs could change by August. when e Board draws up the tinal budget r the ne xt year . The res t of the eting consisted of state~ents from ~on officials and comments from a rd members which I~ere respectively eeted wI th applause and '·boos . " ~

The Schoo l Boa r d 1n nego ­ lt ~ on s has made minimal offers taking ~ stand t hat thcir budget cannot ce additio nal salary increases . Due to Se nat e Bill go the RUSD receive appl"oxln;,.tely 25 dollars 1n possible t axes . ! School Board will decide the Iget for the next ye ar in August. the budget does not satisfactIJ allow fo~ an increase in la:- le s. there may not be 6chool in

' ::.ot t: 10n

) :; e::~e::,


Degrees of Excel lence (ove r 150 NF L poi nt s) al ong v ith silve r

:!r . Gen".an ' s picket silon tells the te~cher's story.

Jeachers PiCkel II frill Of School In a demonstration ot unity and their' plli-ht arprox.inately thirty teacher s or the Associated Richmond Educators and the Richmond Federat i o n j f Teachers Unions p i oketed i n front of' the school on !1ay 13. Th1s pro­ t est was not a .....a lkout , but a n in ­ for mati onal picket t o show the pub ­ l ic the problems of the teachers . But the significance at the informa­ t i onal picket line is that it is a preview or possible things to co~e as a teachers' strike 1s imminent . The nain de~and ot the teachers is a salary increase. Due to the star,r,c::--inS rate or in!'lation the teachers' salar ies have been slashed by fourteen percent . At the s~e !;ine the cla3ses 3re r:ett1n~ lar.'"'F.!1", not snallel' .

diploma s eals v ere achieved by Da na ~1 05k1 and Jamel Wall . A .r oDze s e al, si gnifyin g De gree o f Hono r (T5 NfL points), v iII . e on the diplo~ a5 ot Ro . ert Br a .son , Margarita De user , John Jv nn, IJ r co>; r.allardo, ~lchn r d ParDee e!' .

Orad Speakers For the fi rst time 1n El Cerrito High School ' s History t here will be only two graduation speakers at commen cement eXcercises, This year's graduation speakers wi l l be Ben D1xon a nd Ri chard Par­ meter. Wit h the help of r orensic coach Mr s. Stampp and Hr . Gehman they are perfect ing their speeches. Ben's topic is, !fA Successful Graduation." while Ric hard' s is, "Indi vidualism Through Education."

The teachers are asking fol" a pay increase of about fourteen percent Table of Contents to neet the rise in the cost ot living . The Richmond School Board has countered with an orfer of about three to four DEDICATION."" .. , ...... "" PG. percent. "7here are other issues , " pO i nts out HI", David, leader o f the A.R. E. Union at El Cerri to. "The teachers wan t J:"lo::"e say In dec1sion­ ~aklng 1n t hi s district, in other word s bi - lateral instead of uni-lat­ era l . We also want the district to r ecognize collective bargaining . " went o n to state that in negotiations "the School Board seeDS to have a chilling effect on serious negotia~ions,·· i~ r.


FINE ARTS ." •• ,',." ••• , •• .• PG, 3 SCHOLARSH IPS . .. ,"""', .. ,. PG , ~

5-15 PG , 16

197~ SEN IOR WILLS """. PGS ,


PHOTO COLLAGE ."., .. " . ... , PG. 17 TH E YEAR IN SPO RTS " .. , PGS ,



«OUR MEMORABLE MU» story by B. Talbot and J. Mac. Robb ins

There are many memorable ex1ences that enter our lIves as are f l ushed through the system publ i c school s . The most pow­


reaiIty we are destined to

1 with from the moment we ve Mommy's hand and enter the Klnd­

arten classroom, until the mot we shake Dr . Gr annucl's hand

~ receive the hlv.h school dlplo­

I> Is the tas k of getting to know r l ntimate friends and our teacher s . Prequent ly the best teacher s ~

into both categories.


ny s tudents who have entered the gnet l c s piri tual sphere of warm­ I radiated by our beloved Mrs. hg- ("Mu" to the fortunate) the

stlnc tlon of her bei ng their

~st teacher" Is only part of


answer t o the ine vi table

est ion:

"What 18 a Mu?"

Obvious to all who know

s. Long i3 the fact that she Is

re than Jus t a devoted, talented , spected , well-liked and well­ red teacher. She ' s also a we ll­ ~ed , well-liked, r espected, ~ented , and devoted d~rector and lend- companion in the pursuit ot nSistenly impossible yet cons1s­ ntly successtul c reative goals . r creati ve contributions range om making sets out ot old' wood making acto r s and stage technic ­ ns out of young people .

The El Cerrito Actors Company the reputation ot being the nest by far In the district, and uld no doubt rank above most high hools and compare favorably with lIege groups. This fact is even re impressive cons idering that un­ ~e many less worthy high SChool ~ programs , ours is without any ~ncial backing but ticket sales. 6

The overwhelming majority of the c r edIt for success unde r the se trying condi tions goes to Mrs . Long.

But that ' s not why this honor ot de­ dication Is beIng bestowed upon our ~emorable Mu. This dedication I s inte nded to give recogni tion to a friend who teaches, and has thereby enri ched our education, Which is In the basic sense of the word our life . A sag-itarian by birth, Mrs . Long- was born into a faaily of art lovers and c l assical musicians . Af ter a rigorously academIc hig-h s chool education, includ ing per­ formances as a flutist, she attended the UDiversity of Califo rnia and achieVed honors with the B.A. and M. A. deg-rees in Theater Arts , Direct­ ion, Drama Literaturo a nd Eng-lian.

For Pe;,:

During the initial stages of her ear ly teaching career , she married and bad three girls, all of whom have achie ved colleg-e ed­ ucation.


Three of j·lrs . Long ' s cl05est; colleagues; Hrs. Anderson, Mr. Emmons, and Hr . Robbins , were aSked to contribute a comment . Mrs. Long i s one o f the most valuable educat or s I l ve ever encountered. Her hIgh artistiC standarrl s , at ­ ent10n to minute det<\ll, and her abil ity to cOil1J!)un1cate roe necessIty o f suc~ concepts to t~e stUdent body have r oduced outstand Ing hIgh schoo l tbea trical pr oductIons n the cIty of El Cerrito. For the past two years , I have worked ~ it~ Mrs. In the Fine Arts Depar tment . Four special quali­ l es have continually impressed lIIe: warmth, co~ r te6y, ~ntleness and patience. ~ng

It's really been marvelous working with some one has so much to gI ve . - Mrs. 'to:!:llr,ie Ander so:": I count it a great honor to have bee~ able t o work lth Pe g Long the past seven years. Her knowledge of ~ama, her empathy with stude nts and her enthusiasm for ire have been a deep inspiration tor me. rn the work aat we have done togethe r on the musicals r have lear­ ~d as much about drama as it I had been In one or her lasses. I am looking f orward to many more fIne years r being on the s~e t eam with Peg Long . - Mr. Richard E~ons ~

Seven years ago, she assu~ed the role of ExecutIve Director of the El Cerrito Actor s COlDpany . Since that ti~e she has produced , directed and desIgned over fifty full - scale major productions fo r the community. Tr.rough deep and intense study she has beconc one of the most res pected scholars of Dramatur gy In the Bay Area . Mrs. Long is a professional actress and folksinger. She has worked In live l egitimate theatre, cInematography , film and advertise­ ments. At one point In her career she was a nightc lub ent ert ainer and folksinger. Each year she plays a maJ or part In the huge produc tion and dir ect i on of the Renaissance Pleas­ ure Faire a nd the Charles Dickens Christma s ?aire . In her private life she is a superb spi nner , weaver and tapes try artist. Yearly she travels throughout the world to faraway places f or increased knowledge and stimulus to her fields of study.

Of all her achievenents, her greate st accomplishment has been In phi l osophicall y and spirItua lly touching the hearts and minds of hundreds of young people through the medium of theatre. For her , the theatre has provided an intellectual and practical environment through whi ch she could share her talents and expl ore the world of the creatIve and performing arts with t he whole P8.J:Illy of I~ an.

The Unicorn' s Lost Maiden Wandering down from the Highlands a curi ous Unicorn with crimson mane and golden heart SearChed for a spi ndler's whee l and a chalice of love . In restless canter, he touched every mountaIn and swam e very loeh . His lonely soul weaving a d re~~ from lamb's fleece of a Head Long Lady of the Lake , v ho hides In duty which rule s her kin gdo~--a dominion of compas ­ sion. Ro~ing

A fleeting year galloped away --he seekIng hIs r ed maned mate . Eut she had flown to another continent . to her lamasery, · childre!l play with masks and cloaks and mag1c wands . High In Scotland near a crysta l creek, the Unic orn guard a spinning whee l And deep in the forest leprechauns weep, for he has returned without his t.ady . Along troe No~th Sea·good SaInt Andrew prays In vigil near a stone wall . He chants a love legend for the UnIcorn's Lost Maiden . J . Robbins,

April 22,


(left to riF-ht: Kathy Seiler, Doris Iseyana, Laureen Terry, and Janine Dagna of the Dance Department rehear~c for the Ch r ist~as Show . )

1J1tUt .Arts

GUYS AND DO['LS: Joe Paulino earned his laughter playing a small t i ~e tough in thIs musical. Bruce Talbot, ~~bby Mitchell, Jude Pipes and Judy Steinle took part .


by Bruce Talbot

FIVE ON THE BLACK HAND SIDE: Th i s was Grena de ' s first ful l length play and Kabby ~1tc h e ll was part of i t . THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES: Brucf Talbot played i n a supporting lead as the Constable in this Opera Les Enfant shOW.

'!'he Instr ume ntal l~uslc Oepart ­

.• officially e nded its season

• s year on the 15th of Hay. On

~ night the Concert Band, the

phonic Band, and the Ja zz Band

layed their finest performances to ~x a year of growth and adven­ ~e. The Music and Vocal Depart ­ nts have had three directors


!s year, due to the addition of e Preshmen . Working with Mr. ns 1n the Instrumental ~lusle

partment has been Mr . Terry Clar k ,

has had experi ence play ing 1n

e Air Force Band and teaching

various secondary schools.

The year was definitely one , substant i a l growth for a ll of ~~ instrumental and choral groups .

r.aeed, only a small percentage


udents 1n the groups are gradu­ ing this year , which means n e xt ar will be quite good . As fo r venture, no one involved will ~get t~e Jazz Band ' s flight to the ange Coast Jazz Festiv~l in Los 'beles, or the "George M!11 Or­ ~estra and Symphonic Orchestra ' s cursion for the K. G.O . ' s Young und o f Spring television special. The persona l adventure o f sen ­ I' Judy Steinle i n arranging, dir­ cing, And conducting the seven­ ece pit orchestra of "The Hobbit" also cer tain to be remembered by y for years to CODe. Mrs . Tommie Anderson is re5­ nSible for the su ccess of t he

pcal Department t his year, whic h lad its final conc~rt this year ;4ay 16. Some of ~er students lue ner teaching so mucn as to e private les s ons from her . Out her fifty-nine students only hirteen are seniors. ~hese are; nna Bu.r1eigh , Yvette Nash snd sie Pukki in th e First Soprano ctlon ; Ka r i n St enberg who grad­ ated at mid- year was a Soprano II; nior Altos were Joanna Ralston , nny Smits , and Claudia Uhrig ; ~Ul French sang ~enor; and Lennie l"-ueh and Jeff Peterson were Bassos. e choirs were often accompanied y pianist Judy Steinle .


e ~

Los Choral i stas is the adva nced oup of chOir singers. Seniors in s Choralistas were Yvette !~ash , Dana osk1, Sunny Smits, Paul French, ~by Mitchell. Lennie Frueh and Joe ullno . Seniors in Orchestra this year ;re Chrys Masuda and Ca r ol S1sk on 1011n Ij Allen Takahashi on Violin j Judy Ste1nle on Viola; t·1arcia Scim Dana KlosKi on Cello; Peter czovsky on Bass; Robert Bramson on arinet; Craig Thomas on Trumpet; ~n Carlet on on Tuba; and Don Daniel­ n and Doris Iscyaroa on Percussion . ~-~e~t, ~ llen , Crair., John, ~on, d Jor1s are also 1n ~yrr.pnon l c band

~~:; "i~~k~e~!1~:0~;3;,j~i;~~ - ______• c:..... .. . . . , .... ~et; ... ~ _~ ~ _


The Or chestra has played five performanc8s in all this year , the Symphonic Sand has playec three and the Jaz z Band has perfo~rned eight tilles , which 1ncludes t;,;o festivals and twe rle~l - concerts . Seniors in Jazz Band the fi r st semester only were Ron Jackson a nd Gary Ehara, Senior :s o f the Jazz Band Ensemble t his year wer e Alan Webb on Tenor Sa~, Ke vin Tak e i on Bari Sax ; Cra ig Thomas on Trumpet and Marvin W~~ble and Darryl ~un ley on

Trombone. I n the Rhyth!!! section were Bruce ~a l bot on Ke yboard, Peter Vaczov s ky and Natha n Elias on Guitar and Lloyd Jackson o n 3ass. ll!'". ?""'I\Ons, "!!". CJ~""'k , ;'irs. Arl!lerson, and 'J__ ~. Grunset;, have worked '"11t h '~I"!I. LoO? t h is year in creati;'!' "lJeor ;o;e '! :" The O:'chestra and SYophon1c chOir ~ill follow tradition by pe r for~ing at the grad uation ceremonies on June 6.

irama by John Dunn .'f"r:lbers 0" the class of ' 711 nold ~ nUMber o~ Orana depert~nt

records . Like Bruc e Talbot , who has ulayed f~ve l~~d ~ole s-all erotehctv old men. .Tohn Dunn hold~ t he all - time :-eco!"<i for nOll t l~ne s ';;~ls"ered tc ot'1er actol"'!!. ~rr_'f Ccat(>~ "I!:"':t C"I~ stB."<" ~ l"oul'" times betore he went on in lo-:~ flants. .Tc~ P<!-ultno, 1,,: ~-:!.1iLio~ to h~6 ~ctln~ chores, d!d tickets ~or every s'1n~ lr :he la~t t wn y ear ~,. And .Tud\· Stei:-.]e ~~~ ~layed the niano in the last three :-,us~cals And orche"I:!":!.ted " 'I'h e ' :obMt " Ilnd "Alice tn 'tJo,'1l1e r­ IRnd " .. K~ b~y "1tchel l and "e~lna F:llts ~:e:"'e th's Year'~ C!l rectol" ~ of" Grenade, and Jude Pipes designed tt.e l ~"h';.i:'lg for three shows . ~houl1:'l no.., at K~nned:l . SUSIlr: Y"/!l!!_­ ~~ta ' r, p0 5te !" ~ ~lu"~~6 a ~t with !lrt f"O'l" !'!',an.v sho~!:; .

~~~~'_ ..'The class of

in the pro ­ play. Bruce Talbot's fierce and funny portrayal of ar, elghty-year- old farmer murdered by the Salem wit chtrials was a high light of a great show. J ohn Dun n and Joe Pauli no also broke i~

ELI ZABETH THE QUEEN: Thi s pr o­ duction pr es ented Judy St e inl e' s a r ­ r a nging tale nt s f or a st r i ng qu artet wh i ch included Dana Kl oskl . Sue Ham a val i ant light i n~ deSign e r i n later shows grippe d for thi s one . Larry Coates firs t a ppeared 1n shor ts on ­ stage and John Dunn played in a supporting par t . . THE SKI N OF OUR TEETH: Sus an Yamagata was pa rt of t he Antrobus fami l y and Di ane Hogoboom student ~irected this '~hornton Hilde,. play. 74 r ecrui t s were Ri ck Br own Liz Cohee anc! Sunny Smits. '

SOUTH PACIFIC : The g l or ious

tenor voice of Paul French was flrs"

heard as Lt . - "h Ie in this Rogers

& Hammerateir. : . ~ss ic.

Kabb: El­

li s , Elanor ric k all worked fu l play. A[.ICE I N WONDERLAND: Joe Pau ­ 11no crept i nto the hearts o f hun­ dreds of kids in this ritzy produc­ tion o f Lewis Carr ol ' s classic . Judy Steinl e orchestrated the mus i c, and Li nda Les e!, Geneva Brott , Sue Ham and Jude Pipes all played 1n

this buoyant show .

THE MI RAC LE WORKER: Sunny Sm1ts stumbled allover the olace as Helen Keller in this f unny an~ moving play . E. C . • s exchange stu':t-" Mon ira Skandranl stepped ri ght i: a~ He l en ' S t rou bled mother and Bruce Ta l bot dazzled as her cranky father. Dana Kloski student-directed . (lEORGE M!: Joe Paulino ear ned his glor y as George ~t. Cohan. Paul ?~ench , Jude Pipes, Liz Cohee, Dana KIosk!, and Larry Coates all added to a superb s how . THE RIVER NIGER: Co-directed by Kabby ~itchell and Regina El11s . This powerful show kept up Grenade's high standards . Fred Andre ws , JO~:l Haynes a nd iUke Sumrall also starrej FRIENDS: Paul French provec he could act as well as s1ng in this harro.... ingl y f unny mode rn tale . Bruce Talbot , :~oni r a Skandran i, ry Coates , and Sunny Smits contri­ buted to the logical insanity . THE HOBBIT: Directed by John Dunn, thIs peculiar version of Tol ­ kien ' s tale e~tertained the kiddies Seniors saying bye-bye were B~uce Ta lbot as Gandalf, Larry Coates, Rob Bramson, Liz Cohee, Kabby Mit­ c h: ll, T i~ : ~ ?~~~n, Rick Bro~~,

eLASS or 路74 lCHIEYllIllT Ilf.lBDS














































JuDY STEINLE, lo'j th a f riend














c onter.p latin~

hi s belly but ,









Mahan and KathY Sei l er

The Class of

' 7~

haa had Its

ups and it s downs, but thi s year Is an "up" year.

To Btart with we are the tlrst

graduating class this year In the Richmond School District . We also s~em to be the largest graduating

class In the district. Fifty sen i ors

wll 1 be honor graduates - more than In rece nt years. El Cerrito High School 1s cont inuing to send more students to college-abou t 80% of

the class will enter college next fall. More stUdents have been ac­

cepted t o out of state co lleges this year than In any other year . This year's SenIor Class haa accomp l ished many things In their ~ hree years at El Cerrito High . In our sophomore year we sold cla8s pins , cook bOOks, and had many smaller 8sles to increase our finances. I n our Junior year we had a Successful Fashion Show a nd ::larty smaller sales. Now, in our sen~or year we have h ad the po~d er ?uft football game, the first fUn night, a pancake breakfast, do ugh­ ~u t sa les, car washes , and dues ~ard sales. Dues cards sold we ll this year , un like the Class of '73 . ~e have raised over $3 , 000 to sup­ ~ort our act ivities.

In 1971 as sophomores, our

~irst El Cerrito High activity

was buildin~ our Homecoming float.

~Pooh on Pinole" was the slogan

and it received second place being

edged out by the Class of 72's

~loat, "Recycle the Sp-artans" with

~ he cans. In the fall of 1972 the

;unior Class united once again to

~uild our winning f l oat. "The

=-agles are Tak ing a Gamble" re­

ceived a first p lace and gave our

class a f eellng of accomplishment

and pride. Our f l oat this year,

-The Ollers Are Having a Shortage"

~ eceived seconO p l ace behind the

class of 75's f l oat. The winni ng ~ loat "Tras h t he Oilers" was an e xcellent float and was hard to ~ o beat. Brandon Swain, our class gc~illa, led the spiri t fo r the Senior Class during the Homecoming gace.


in our Junior year the cheat ing r ing in chemist ry was broken up by Mr. Beck, Mr. Etcheverry and Mr. Tobin, and the most mysterious of a ll was the appearance overnight of the giant red '74 on t he south end of the main building above the t op floor windows. The Sen iors have already celebrated Ditch Day at Adobe Creek and co~lng up is the Senior Ball at t he Si r Prancia Drake Hotel on June 1 with ~usic pro­ v i ded by Badwater Bridge. The Senior Walkout wi l l

be on June 5 with graduation exer ­ cises follow i n~ on - June 6 at 8:00 p . llI . at t he Richmond Au~Hto riu.: The graduation speakers will be Rlchard Parmet er and Ben Dixon . R1chard's speech " ill be on "In ­ dIvId ualism through Education" and Ben's speech is on "Success . " The Disneyland trip-June 7 & S" wIll bring our Senior year and our SenIor activities to a close, but we wil l all have many melllOrie~ to look back on of our three years a : El Cerr ito HIgh School.

Ballad of !be Class of '74 by BTian Po....e ll

On the s ixteenth day ot August In th"e--year of '73, The class of '74 or ganized this year's potpourri; We talked of se~io r nen and wonen and how we were

to cope,

With our blg gaae against R1c~ond and the Senior

Homecoming Float;

Armed with a r ecord of Which not to brag, and a

team w1th ~any a coach,

The GaUChOS marched ~ith fire in their eyes to t he

f ie ld o~ Hale Roach;

The game was

5 u~e t o be a tough one, one of the

f or this 3car's grads,

But any ob se rver who saw it said , "That team speaks

wIt h t heir pads."


The Gauchos were ....1etorious and it wasn't ha-rd to


This 1s what the green and white needed. Man : we

are o ne and three ~!!

At half-time, however, Lady Luck did not show, for reasons were una~are, It came to pass, it wa~n't a last, ~ut we gave '75 (julte a scare. The ::::1 Cerrito High pot luck, known as a smorgasbord too, COllloosed of the Hill, Pit . Patio, and also t he . St ud ent tlnlon . Many are con fused as to where their future wIll

l a nd ,

How can calcium carbonat~ help? Let alone the

:13 ture of Man;

Our" ~oyh~~ore class wa s united the class sponsor eo trip to Sar.ta Cruz where approximately 250 s tudents began to get it t ogether. -ne of the highlight s of our ':J.nior year wa~ our Junior ProlD ~~ich was held at the MarrIot t Inn ~:: the Berkeley Mari na May 25 , 1973.

There is a lot of busy work and there's more to it then Just a fact, You learn about those Other people come Yellow, Io'hite, or Blac k.

The Cl as s of ' 74 has also had perlods. Antics such as · oe Paulj no putting the lamb' s eart I n the c oke mach ine. a n un­ Ident ified group painting De Anza' s ~al posts green a nd white thIs year . ..ring f ootba ll season, the Class ~ '74 wi nning its first r ally as ~e~iors , the .rivalr y between the ·~1iors and the Seniors with a ench (a nd g~ess who.,.won?!)~)

~eve Miller coming to school

~essed 8S Santa Claus ano as a

e?raCheu n on St. Patrick's Day;

The Ball yields a band, Croln whose style you will Cringe, Get your duds now and dig Badwater Bridge;


l~ s row d~

This class has tried and stU l may l ack many a thing , But Where ver you go , let It always be said , we had an outrageous spring;

The banquet was an out-of- sight e ven t, even though so~ thought not, Next time get a good 6pot I n l ine, ' cause when it' s hot, It' s hot. Remember you people, be never 1n Jest, 'Cause we owe a lot to E. C. H. S . In a mat ter of days this yeaI' will be no more. Have pride. Have Joy. Ri 6h e - o n, Sey e nt] - four!



8f 111111 I

A I, WENDY ADACHI, wl11 to Margarita Deuser. my shoe­ strings for her shoes with br oken shoelaces 80 that she :an tie her shoes witbout knots, an~ one inch of my pre­


!:lous height 80 that she can be 5 ' 6 " tall, to Michael SUlOl'al.l, my long ha i r so thllt he can keep his hands warm, ~~d


my smIl e so that he can be happy every day.

I, HARRY AHLAS, wl11 to Gary Sena, as many hot ta­ as he can handle; Donny Danielson, f ree hospltall­ tatlon after he crosses up over a ten foot cliff; to ~ers

3111 Close, different taste in women than mine; to Kathy

iel1er, a s pot on the RaId e r' s ra ra souad; to Steve Wl1 _ )ur, some anti-rowdiness pills; to Brad Armstrong a de­ :ent walk; to t he Berryess8 gang, good times at BerryesS8; ;0 Steve Mi ller, Brad eating a hot a pple pi e. to good fri ­ ,nds. good times.

•• • • ••••• • I, ALISIA AGUILAR, WIll t o Carol Ono, a ll the Sapo 'lbums they make, her own r adio station, a slushy fac ­ ;ory, and a crate of Hot Tamalesj to Dolly Deseo a man 'f her own so that ahe will leave mine alone. to Rose ~uilar, Jim R., and s Olleone to clean HER side of the ~om; to t he mos~ important person In the world to me, rom Hill, a Vet , a 750 Honda, and a ticket to see· Great­ 1 Dead .

•••••••••• I, BRIAN AUOER~ wil l to Brandon. 8 Swl ? S bank ac ~ oun t , matc h race with Rick Abbott, to Ole n , . ·dat e ·witb !vonne 00018gong, one-one way tIcket to Lompoc ; to Greg , t he Scott Murray Memorial Fieldj t o Donny. 8 moto cross; to Nirvana, a ticket to Columbiaj to Ali-boo, Randy a nd r~eedomj to Brooke, a lite of happIness, the Allman Bros . , Lnd a pl antation in Columbia. Le slie, all my love, and to ~l l my fr i ends , love, happiness, and a big. party at ~~ !lOuse . ~ne

The beaut I fu l smile of Cathy Kais er .

I , CORNELL BATISTE , will to QY friend Pooh, t he .abili ty to be a n ideal Pom Pan girl ( skinny); to t he ·remainIng card players. nothi ng; to Kri sti , a 299 game; to Regina , Ira. Angie; and Ronnie, McOonalds. for th el~ lIIuncbys; t o Georgette . a rule book; To Sandi . a new pair ot tenni s shoes to write on, and l ast to lilY GOOD friend Spanky, tlle power to stop being SCARY·, and t o Keep On Trucki ng (YOU KNOW WHO I ' M TALKING ABOUT). •


I, CHR I SS BALLIET, will to LInda. the view from ~anoramic , a n o l ympic Size pool , the Hyatt Regency, my ::elght and skiing abilIty, Tia Maria ' S. a blue Capri, cur sophomor e year, Lake Anza, the Bull, my friend8hip, ~elp , and well-wiShe s forever; to Viki, 10th g r ade , ~reakfast Jacks ' , her d.ream ranch, a vodka collins, and cur friendsh i p f orever; to Kim, a bad ' Vette; to Barbara, success, remed.ial P . E . classes, and my thanks tor everything . •










I, BARBARA BOSSI , wIll to Bear, a new interior for Fred and Ii medal Cor the most considerate a nima l lover; to Karen, James Taylor i n disguise; to Rene , Heav~ nl Y Valley. contac sunglasse s and the LeJon Champagne Com­ panies ; to Harry, a 12' 6" JUIIP; to Paula, Bears kitcher:.' floor or pots, Mobie and Jumbo Jacks, lasting communi­ cation ina truth between us, a nd next year, tlme with peace of mind; to Sue. !lauss's Cabin , lawn~ near Panoramic. ,Tubaa ,, ·Tunies , sal!mis; Buck! s head , on a allv.!~ .pl_a~~r.......and · an. ap.lI;r taent in l!er!t.eley with the 1nte.:r.~or_ £.e_I f!.S our friendship foreve r .

e::i or r:.-.;enui t y!

I, JUDY LOUISE BELL, will to Jilda D'AmiCO, a Har­ ley Davidsonj to Kim Bland, Tyromej to Janie Bell, a new boyfrIend; to Candy Richards, a l l her bad grades back to the teachers; to Phyllis Cook , a new laugh; to Mary Allen, an unrepairable sewing machine . . •

I, LARRY BATES, will to Reggie , the golden key to : ove; to Yaahn and Boa t some money to take Phyllis and

J ebcie to Munchie s ; to Sondra, a dress ; to Thula, a winnIng f ootball s eason; to Micha e l, my ~ard playing abI ­ l ity; to Steven, Kenny. a nd Marlon, mw wrestling talent; t o Vicki, the butt o ns on mJ car; to Gary~ some good sense; ,<;0 Karen, lIlY car (don ' t mess it up); to (.;oaeh Lawler. and ~ h e wrestling team, a better season.





1., ROSERT BRAMSON, w111 to CooP. sOllie PACE for bel. . a year too late; to Don , the Mlssisaippi He arts band as declarer, may you writhe 1n pain; to Mr . £amons, the discovery of an unpublis hed organ con­ certo by the great composer Re~sky and Kersokov; to Anne, . a million matching pens to go with her pencils; t~ ~~t. three NJI'~ ppints and an 8' x 8' poster saying: "Speltz. ·you I re amazing". be1n~ bo~




I. ·KMIEN "NN BRANCH, will to Jilarcia, all the good times; ~o Freda . , fingernails; to Tut. a free ride in Ver nell's ~~ck, to Andrea, some braces; to Deborah, happiness with Noel ; to Joni; ao~e diet pillsj to Johr. an~ Ray. a J~ oC .aon shine tor our birthday; to Bo b b ~e my locker; to Pierre. a vaterbed; J oyce, my wardrobe; :0 Ben, a talk back program; t o Dona ld, all my love forev~r ~ o Sperl, .. Lor ~nr.o ' a l1 .1e r s Ies , Mrs. Farr , al ~ ::~.~ murder book• •he can handle ; to Mr8. Walker, .many thanlc.s

I, J ANET BRONKEN, wIll to SI s , an empty bOOK, a ackpack trIp to the Marble Mountains, a nd Tempe f or­ ~ yer; to my buddies, tea parties, champange, birthdays , ~d all the f 'On tillles we had with many lI\ore to come; ~ o Tempe, a six pack of bananas; to Shauna, MY address, time to listen, and memories; to Dugan, frozen yogurt, ~ubbles, and x-country skiing; to ChrYB, constant omet at 2: 00 a.m . ; to Danny , Munchies and "The Snake".

I, GREGORY LEROI CLARK, will to Brett, $10 and Charles f or a date to tbe Senior Ball; t o Tut. a good piece of gos sip ; to Erie all year ro Und baseball. to Sabina, a date with a ~ay cougar; to Jeanna a '7~ Jensen Interceptor III and Chico to both of them; to Marcia and ROaie an apartment together; to tbe claes ot .'7 5 a short year; Worm, a chance at 1980 ·~il'ymp ics and Gwen a. new set of t o"lisil:s . . I



1 .1 I



I, ERIC CLAYTON~ will to Godbrothers, Bill, luc k success, and a little kitty; to Kingfisp, all the queens I mu st leave behind, and. the gift of persu&Sio to Greg, money, succe ss; to my little sisters, my deepest love and wishes; to Squeak, a new advisor ; to Ernest. 50 ' j UIlP; to Wamble. Cris, Rod. and Nunley, a pesb; to ~hlrl s low> lire rr1:~n~.~y; ~o .~rce1l18 •... appr clation, tenderness, and t ime; to Yvonn~. love and a fetel pi g ; t o Coach, a mlie ·& a ne w cMn; ·and -to all· friends I couldn 1 t mention . strive fo.r greatness. s ee the truth and you will f1~~ both. I

R.eserved for wha t 1 I, MARCIA BROWN, will to Joni and Debora, June ddings; to Cassandra, a Man with a ride; to Andrea, me funny Jokes; to IVye, the "good times"; to Phyllis, 00 fr ee trips to Stoc kton; to Lamar, an affair; to ooki e a nd Veronica, my diploma. t o Ramona, all weather boes ; to Bobble, a love J ones; to Sabrina, a hotline o my house; to Mr. Mayers, many t hanks; to Ken Rawls, very thi ng and to Leroy, 198_ Flreblrd. I










••• I





I , PATRICIA CLEVENGER. will to e x-boss Barbara. peaceful moments at hoae; to Carl, my big mout h; to Sylv1a, t!- fJlll time ,!,lth the new boss; to C.indy, Mar$~ . 'feresa and ·Jl&n1 others a great long vacati.on a,n~ mean· ingful future; to Mr s. Young, all the headache s ; to ~ Bole s, Mannie. Meyo, Haria. Jim, and othe rs an end tc the fun ; lastl1~ good-bye El Cerrito High School. Goo: bye to everyone.


I , RIC K BROWN. will to FreeL movies of Sindler fleximr, Is ripplIng bic eps; to Jon White, a deep bass voice; t o is1, an hour long tape of Shad rattling her cage; to Jenny ugh, a lifet ime of playing "bit parts" while I play the eads; to Nathan . a deck of cards with J e wish j okes on them s o he can smile whil @ be plays hearts); to Ruseo, a man ike Vince to come and sweep·' he r o tf her fe et.; to Lizzy . a isit from "Soul ~anta ~l. I









I , DONNA BURLEIGH, will to Gita, all ~y mystery books; ;0 Elsi e, I will memories of your rirst dance, tears and ~ll ; to Judy, my friendship to the ends; to Scott, the !rama room; to Roberto, a luncb hour with Lor i; to Pete r . ~l l the ticket stubs ·from the dances we went to; to ;onns . luck wit h your boyfriends,. you'll need it; to iopranos in choir . my Bach Test, and all lIy candy ~ap pe r g; to Lpri, my P.E . clothes.

+.; .BILL.. cr..I. WUJ.:."










I, TED CATANESI, will to Glenn Amaral, some class, more girls, a nd a sllce; to Dick Lee, the ability ;0 rap to something else besIdes hls golf bag; to Steve lar son, a good basketball shot; to Mark Beacham, money ror his bail and the key to San Quentin, to Bill Har· Un, a crowbar to pry .1il:l from Jan; to Cathy Shand, the )es t t hing in the world, me.


t'l'"eama.,r' t.P1 ' .tl"1"


v1ne. and some ,eniors; to Steve & Ral ph , a box 01 balloons; to Dan Garrett, some Jasmine snuff; to Doug Frost, a fight; to Ann CollIns, a s unset on the hill; to Harry Ahlas , a OcrJDan Shepard · and a giant hamburger; to Carol and Marilyn, a snow-ba ll fIght; to Donny, a near raIl off the rock; to DiclC Lee, a d r y sleeping bag; to Gary Sena , a hinja , a bebe gun , a water snake, arod "Squib Cake s". I

I. DENI SE CAMPBELL. wll1 to Tanis Xearns , an Italian cookbook , another week in Tahoe, and all the love and happiness she deserves; to Candy Richar ds, a fishi ng pole and the best summer ever; to Viki fUller; a, take 'i . D. afWl . ~ eqP1 ·or-"oood R6iuekeep1ng ~ to Jeff Peter son, seasick pi lls, a life jacket and a t rue love; to Dicky Lee, a date to the Senior Ball; ~o Lisa Larson, a no t her fun night bowl ing ; and to Buckey Martin, a ride home from Santa Cruz.



Pred Andrews and Vic kie Carl' in The Rive.r Niger.







I. LIZ COHEE , wIll to Joe, peace of mind; to Paul, a role that he doesn ' t die i n; to Kabby, a pony tail; tc Steinle , a cello bow with a matching baton; to Uncle Jimmy, a i~ast e r and PhD; to Mr . Burris, an appreciative class; to Mu, what can I say1; to the clas s of 75, good­ bye ; and to Mr. Mahan , my mother thanks you, roy sist ers thank you, my brothers thank yo u, and as for myself, i t goes wIthout saying. I



4 I





I, CASSANDRA (TUT ) COWART, will to Marcia, a 1000 year s of precious happiness wit h Sugarbear; to Freda, marriage to Joe; to Karen, a can of Schlitz and happl­ !"less ....ith Donny; to Dehra , and Joni, a bIg church ....edding and all the success ~ith their mates; to Andrea, a house full of crying kids. to Ramona . some height and new Chinese slippers; to Bobble , a good time with the man of her choi ce; to Shi rley, a s i lver 1974 Porsche; to Monica, my sister , the abi11 ty to go to clas s.


I;JANINE DAGHA. wl11 to Linda, a towel especi­ ally for what she did at .Y bouse 8 years ago and a size 8 dress; to Carol, a ticket to the Rainbow and ay lo~e; to Judy. -8;11 _the "Wowl' looks; to -Chi-ya, pellches and cream; to Ge_neva, a pot- of' chUe beans; t OLlrld8: (fUI. ~

I DENISE DONALDSON, wIll to Jackie. to be fri ends forever, good luck, tun, and Elt on John; to ~i6A Kosel, 1,000 tardy slips; to Tracey. good luck and thanks tor liStening; to 'Margarita. a complimentary"ticket to the Academy Awards and success; to Judy . a time maehine; tc Mo , financial success. a spar e mInd (because he ' s alwaJ got too much on the one he' s got). and another -chance; to Cindy, good times! •

chance to croak ree-deep; to Bruce and ClIft, my love;

and to ' Mr. Gehlllan. "Illy thanks.

._ _

I, J::g.p,A pi,~!ftqJJj;. wig ,;~ c!-.~~_Jtl~~I!1... ~pe ~..... _ fastest car In the wor·ld; to Judy a i~d' J ~nie .~P .. . !l:.'iA

party.- fbe1-·"cn

a "goOd"' pair" 01'

'-'".6 iridIi-; "also

: n.

to Vlckle : ~l11er. -,t.lie:-oldest zan


the: world; to Greg

Vallado, a.U t "he happiness ' with his Barley and Corrlnne Bergman; to Corrinne Beri!;man. all the happln"es8 she de­ serTes; tQ.J;:<;L~Y__ Cadr".• ~ll ~h~ ridini abe can han~le


on a Harley; to Julie Saguar1s .. . a I








I, TAMMY DEIRO~ will to Rosemary. Steve; to Liea, SWit!l;erland, and i,i,raei; to Christy. ' a Job in Pair!1eld; to Carol, a trip to Florida; to Polly, lots of love and happiness; to Lisa, a lot of concerts; to Jeff. lots ot friends; to Oichie. "the" record; to Linda my uniform; to Brian, Payless; to Da,ve. a new sallbpa1;.; to _$teve, another record; tQ e:Ve&r.Jone 1n El ,Cerr.1,.to.. lots of love. I










Bz'other..! · alias Leon ..B.i~nk, a cryIng companion Cor the two that got away, "gas" t·o· ffnall y get out at the dance room, Dustin's Dad , yet another list for all t~s J~k_L ~j:ting succeS8 ,~and mY. ).!=>ve; ·100 Margarita. the nand that touched BUrt's; to Steve, more than "hi" in the halls; to Mel, Cin, Andy, Cosy. and Karen, all of Joee's love. I










I, JOHN C. DUNN, will to Cheever and Corey. the will to use the Skills they have; to Ivy, all my sanity and thanks; to the Mad Hatter of 40~, a stafC wIth bran ­ ches to grow; to the Crazy Redhaired Lady, Arthur's leC' knee and 1/2 the gross :from all my op~ras; to , the world at large, the lyric on page 7 of' the Skin scr : and good luck.


I, KAREN EADIE. will to Nina, a library Cilled w1~t her faVorite books; to Ralph, a Santa Claus beard; to C~O I, sea snails and a yacht; to Debbie, her "cutie"; : Peter, .y slater; to Janine , good times; to Brian, a !~­ all decked shiP. to Mr. Berman, a case at Vlck's cough drops; to the church grouP. ~ love and a spherical vol­ ley ball; to MarIlyn, a frisbee which doesn't br~k fin­ ger nail s; and tinally to the "Kid", I leave intelligent t eachers . perseverance, and all .y old tests and term papers. I







I, SHERl DYANE EVERETT, wIll to Na-Na, a picture of Mr. OObmShay; to Yvonne, Kenny; to Jackie, all my t~y slips; to Ramona, 'a piece at iee'; to Cynthia an empty bot~le of Boone'S Farm; to Ciara. a voice i1k~ a canary; to Desi. playte% gloves 'Cor soft hands'; to Peggy , lIore wolt tickets; to Netta, visine to ,solve tbose unusual problems; to Jane, a magic carpet ride; to Natalie, some sense; to Vicki, a wig; to Karen, so~e haberdasheri; to Lorenzo Pierce. all my LOVE and left band, r1.ngtlnger.

Concerned student s Usten attentively to the student protest rally.



I, JACKIE DOUGHERTY. wIll to Denise. Mr. Ahh ••.





I. DOLLY OESEO, will to Carol Ono, tickets to all of Sapo's concerts; to Antonia. a week' s ' rest from those wild parties; to Alida, a dream cOllie true, Good Health; to Bobby. my Sapo Album, ' and a book on Spanish slang; to Samuel, a trip to Greece for Miriam; to Debbie Barocio, a si% pack; to Debbie Davila, luck at Pacific; to Mrs . Carnes. a carrot cake, and to my other friends success.


~t ~_ s ~pp-en,.-ng-

•••••••••• the





I, MARG'ARITA DEUSER, will to Karen, big bee, '11000­ • ont, 'lunch at one , and thanks; to Wendy, my loving 8.11.­ ity; to Mr. Rosei, a life-time supply ot cbeese and crackers; to Chry s , a gentle smile; to Steve, sunshine; ~o Denise and Jackie, a permanent blue slip to advisory; ~o Barbara, tbe ohe I owe you, and, all ~ happ~es~ wi­ !:"le$; .to. Lynn~, my .under:standipg; to Mich~el; _ your favo­ :-!te place ••• ; to Mr. Gehman. 1lr9 thoughts; to ••• 1111III11I

I . BENJAMIN ERIC DIXON, will to Phyllis, my ev,,"-l.·­ lasting love; to Maria my affection ~or being so kind 1~d understanding; to Sabrina. success; to Jeanna, an -A a in Spanish. to Carolyn. a ll the love one can give and a carton o~ Benson' Hedge s; to Mrs. Walker. a big ~ss for beias wonderful and extravagant, also., be­ loved green cap; tinally to myselt congratulatioDs tor g:-aduatlng, and Good-Luck to al~.








I. REGINA ELLIS, wll1 to Yvette. all Star Trek re­ runs, happiness and headbands in assorted colors to keep her long flowing hair out of her ~ace; to Eleanor, a fe­ tal pig and success. to Janet. my ~riendship and the de­ cency to dreee taclQ' tor once; to Kabby, the long slip, L91s's nose job and stardom; to Cindy and Vicki, GRENADE -a hit show, and another "good-natured &- loving" cast for ,ext year; to Cindy. "yersatility"; to Denise, Marvin /aye; and to Claudia, Capt. Kirk o~ course •


I, DEBBIE FOHO, w111 to BoogIe. IlIany more sunshiny days; to Dubbs, one salam! and olive mini pizza; to Jim, all the "booggs"; to JaniS, a Mr. Wo~derrul doll; to Jane, IC~~~~i to. R~o har4 ,L,. II!U~h.. happi~S8,. to Shirl ey , a life size poster ot "outle K; to Lou-lao. Joe Jr. ; to Glen, a new uduckie" hat; to J anine, a green M Ie M's; to Peter, eighteen minutes ot "Sparkling in tbe Sand".

I, alTA PORT, wIll to Corky. all MY love ana thanks or being tbere when I needed 10U the most. ! give you ~ everlasting friendship. to Maria, my love for giving ae friendship and for showing me t he light; to Kit, all ~he H & M's she can eat; to Diane, all my Elvis Pre sley records; to Karen, my love for being the kind of person ahe i s; to JulIe, my thanks for showIng me how to keep friends instead of losIng them; to Elsie, thanks for the positive att itude and for everything.

• I, PAUL FRENCH, will t o Georgie, the Regurgltal Mo­ ~e t;

to 5unny, an unlimited supp ly of Toll1!t Paper; to

strawberry sink, to Ke s s, my fluorescent socks; a pair of jacks; to Bob, ~y dancing abilities; ~o Sophia, costumes for Planet of the Apes; to Jude, a oCkette scholarship to Rheem; to Kathan, the nineth ay of Channuks; to Count Chaucula little leisure; to ise, a long playing record of Phy~. notes ; and Li~, nything ahe vant3.

I, JULlE CRODHAUS, will to Sue, one o f my kittens; t o Dot, better fiestas; to Geneva, more Jogs to the band and fun times br owzingj to Harry. 8111, and Donny , my thanks for their locating abilities; to Jan, more bobb, pins, treats, and weekly nickels, to Gary , Boo Seagren's pole, Chico, and love. I, STEVEN W. GRUBB, wil l to all underc!ass.en , patienc e , and the abi lity to cope wi th the a bsurd ; to the f aculty, practice, and the handbook of their choice; to tbe "STUDENT SUPERVISORS", a real uniform; to the administration, a tour of Congress to compare notes; to my friends, peace and contontment of spirit .

~ana. a ~o Hal,



I, SUSAN HAM, will to Sunny. a paint Job, a s ink, and scrambled eggs; to Steve, a thespian star; to Leisa . . a fu ture she deserves; to Paul, the second volume of "A Bo 's First Book on How it Works"; to underclassmen Blanche; to I" , a smile; 0 at an, tail-lengthening oint~ent and 3 wise men to guide him ; to Bob. a rotten nickname to bUR him ; and to Dana, fu n at Santa Cruz .

I, NINA GALVAN, will to Xaren , an eligible ~oung

to Geneva, thnnk s for listening and some

time with Mel ; to Marilyn, everything you hope for; to

each Pall! and Barbara, a box of childre n's Sucrets; to ·

Hargarita, a new plant; to Joy, happiness wherever and

~ friendship (no matter what other s may 3ay); to Pete r,

s few marbles; a nd to Ra lph an opinion and Love is an



•••••••••• I, TISI GAMMAN, will to Paul, a s how to stay alive

in; to Judy, a 11fetl~e supply of Little Richard records;

to Sophie, a garden of beauty to last all her lire; to

Sunny, a life rull of fair s; to Yvette, Regina, and Eli­

nor, Beauregard; to Scott, Twin Peaks ; to Dana, a lot of

serenity in the Santa Cruz Mountains; to Cabby. his own

star; to everyone else in the theatre, a lot of love and

luck with many fantastic shows to come .

•• • •• • • • • • I, ORACE OARC IA , will to Domingo and Betty, my happ, years of s chool; to Domingo and his friends ~ purple belt; to Reheca and Jeanne, the art of being cra zy; to Julie, ~ comh; to Ely, the ability of cutt ing class with out being caught; Donna to Berney. whoever to Owen, Jack~e. Sandra, Xathy, Lynn and myself to Bill~, to Ladem, a tennis teacher a " d a bal l and a kiss to Micho.el Douglas.

·., ...... .

I, MICHAEL D. GENOUNG. being of sound ~ind and round body, will to Ti m, a six-pack of holy water; to !rieda. a bottom for her birdcage; to Mark, a real body; :to Scott, a live Nazi; to Robert, twenty pounds of blub­ ~er ; to £l si , a O-string for her guitar; t o Mr. Pete, a o ft. donut; to Marian, an autographed Bible; to Mr. Rob­ bins, ever.v t:lP"J,~ode of "GIlligan's hlt'."

•••••••*•• I, MS. JEANNA L. OERALD, will to SabrIna, TWA's 7:40 flight t o Wellington; to Bobbie. a restaurant of her own, and the ab ility to be romantic to that someone; to Pam~ moral honesty. and the capacity to see evil in all men; to Yvette and Rod, a neW car; to Micheal, a size 36A to make h i~ what he wantB to be; t o Leroy, Kay-Xay's overrallB; to ~r, and Ernie . nothing ; to my sisters , Georgette and Denise, my senior year at ECHS; and to ~self a good four years at Chico .


I, LAMAR GRANT, wIll to Bobbie, "My Love"; t o "arcia. Clan Ring"; to Carol, "My Alexandrite"; to Pam, Billy Ll. Willlams and a night on the town:!!; to Belinda, "The chance to stand fac e to face with Hazel Gordy and say, "I :oeally do look like you"; to My Sister Cary n. lots of l\I.oney Which we shall make in our Business; to my three daughters, Love , Truth, and a Education ; to Lee, my master mind to control a ll these beautiful ladies I must leave behind; to Tim, the keys to my Silver Shadow rolls; and to Agnes, Sabrina, Deidra, Carol, Ronnetta, Elaine, Oail, Jeanna, P~~, ~ eda, Karen , Cassandra, Debora, Sylvia, Desiree , Owenetta, Andrea, Kerian, and Pick, I leave . . . ~!oIy

Ha rry Alhas retr eats In a tree. 1, BROTHER BILL HARDIN , wIll to Number 1 Br other Squirrel. Love, A Zuzu and All You Can Handle; to Mario, IDJ" Kaked Body and Profes sional Baseball; to Mar! Kathy, Becky, our great tfges and a good laugh, Ha-ha-I to ~ Sister Sue, my spot on the cut l Ist and Bruises; to Aaronian and Frost, a vericose vein; to Styl in ' Ri c) Alimonti, my Physique and some water~elons; and to my dearest Jan, Your Own Koala Forever and All My Love,

• • • •• ••••• I, FREDA HARRIS,will to Marcia, strength to over come the unnecessary ; to Karen, a rainbow of fingernai l polish; t o Joni and Debora ,4 cbildren; to Conassdra (Gilbert). Shane a nd CookIe; to Andrea, the t ruth book ; to Ivye, Phyliss and the sisters, 7th and Pennsylvania ; to Le:ooy, some skin tight overalls; to Bobb ie, a new dress for Merdell; to the card playing gang some new tables; to Pat , Mrs. O'Brian; to Mrs. Walker, THANKS and LOTS of LOVE; to my man, Joe Davis a love that wl1l last. •



I, DENISE ARLENE HARRISON, wl11 to Stephen, a l1t t more understanding and time for a March 15th; to Sabrir. Karen, and Belinda, all the Ja~~y brothers ot Los Angeles; to Ernie, and the rest of the brothers on the track team l ove and 9. ~' s; to L.A. State, more ~treaker to all of my running buddies in L.A, Bl d whist Bostons and those good "cookies." and to the rest of the Brotht" and Sisters ot the c lass of '7~, ~uccess and a whole Ie ~f love .

I, RENIE HAYLER,wl 11 to Bubs, foureyed specs, coin purses with finger room, and bread for dinner; to Clare a camera, and a hill with dea r and Happiness; to Paula, an all night batnroom, un s weetened grapefru it juice , I sunray's that only tan, and walkie ta lkies that work 'at a ny distance fo~ everlasting c ommunic at i on ; to Sue, another birthd ay at t he beac h, a bo ttle of catsup, and " t ruckin "; to Karen , a ski resor t wi th never melt ing powder and a spot in the s unshine; t o Di ane, a supply of carrots a nd tennis shoes that don't wear-out; to Chyrs , one lobster d inner at Senor "Pi"cos, champagne, and Crepes. ".1.11.11

I I , VICKI IACOBI'l'TI... will to Rick, <1,. littl e devi l s tat ue; 1,;0 Marty . a halrcv.t and -some_ Dorltos~ t o Ren .€ run in Europe; to Norm , a Ij' 11 3/11" club; to Sally, a chipped toot h ; to Gary, "yeah"; to Klm, my f at ; to Piper, "Ca li_Hin; to Pat, a massag e; to Joel, curly hair; to Pryde, a beer r a ffle; t o Caro l, Meroed , the giggl es; to Julie , Walnut Creek, o ne -way streets . J.D., " Irv" , Rev. Brosseaur, SO-dolln Moeser; and to Kevin Elvis Tige r Berndt, all my love! II

I, DONNA HEOLER, wIll to my sister Carol, happiness, earplugs and the livingroom ; to Janet, success and·8 year 's supp l y of gas; to Vinee, hll:ppin e3.~ and a year's s upply of bus tickeh: ; to Jua ntan, tlthe time"; t o Gail a happy seni or year; t o Richard , my bra cele t; to Deda, patience, a car, and peace ; to Lynn and Fema. happiness and s uccess; to Coco, ~n admit s l1 p; to Pooh, my no tes; to my o ther friends at E . C., I will love, peace, and happinoss.








I. CY.NTHIA HIgHTOWER, will t o my brother Curtis ,

Nicks, my willingness to learn and s tay In schoo l; to

Ramona Young, Love , Peace, and H~ppi ne s s for etern ity;

and to Ron~ t a James and Tim Bai l ey, the best o f l uc k

in years to come.

• • • • • 11 • • •

I, FREDA HOKOM, will to Russeau , my only bo ctom­

less birdcage; to darling Sewerat, I will t he keys to

Che Brooklyn sewers; to Ganoung, his very own rUbber

ke wpie doll; to "Crab". no thing for being such a crab;

to Yogi, I will a tape of her laughing l ike a seal; to

Howa rd , I will 3,000 st ickers and a kis s . Finally t o

30bby, I will happ inesa and love in ,Jesus Cbrist.






I , CAROLYN HOOD, will to Shir l ey. an Okie boy - ·

friend; to Marg ie, happiness, a car and someone ; t o

Jeannette, a trip to MeXiCO, a lot of happi ness and a

strong fai t h; to Fema an expensive pair of s unglasses

for her next party ; to Bur t , the in be t ween s tage s,

and luck; to Mr. Mayers, good hard work and an A.C.

Transi t bt;sj to Caro) yn, a blond ha ired, blUe ey ed ,

dark ski nned someone; to Ladan, her fiance.




* ••••


I , ANDREA (TINY) JAMES , ~ill to Marc ia, a quiet moment , and a l l s ugarbear' s LOVE; to Cassandra , my smiling p1 lls and an und erstanding fr iend; to Karen, £Q new pairs of eyelashes; to Debra .and Joni, happiness with your man; to Preaa , have U.C .L.A. in backyard; to Netta a nd Fly, a ll the power t o stay together; t o Carlos , a season wi thout ge t t ing hurt; t o Robert Bartlow, my Eng lish voca~ulary; and to Davi d Bartlow, all Illy love.

I, SHERIE (JEFF ) JEP~E RS ON , will to Buzz, my handS when yours \II'ear out, phones with no green buttons, the gangs' problems on t a pe, elephant and mons ter j okes , spooky stories at nite, crazy e igh ts an hour long, a picture of Hair n S o~, ome lets, ponep,ranat e s , and a real smooch ; t o Sma.\(, no hand s; t o Katie, guys f orever; to DeDe, s t ag Jump a l ong dre s s ; to Suzi, less boy prob l ems to Alan, yout h and rainbows; to Fred , Fl irts; to Ruso, a wig.



I, GLEN HOMO, wi ll to Greg. t he complement t o my unpaid debt ; to Tea pe , my rati onal noae; to Ad l ey , a much needed songbook; to Duggan , a bubble orgy; t o Augie, the Allman Bros. to live in his living rO OM; to Jim, two o verviews and massive inherency ; t o ~rs. Stampp. a huge permiSSion slip ; to Donni e , my motivation; to Sherm, a ski sponser; to Brandy, outrageous times and dreama fulfill ed; and to Diane, my t an, mu shroo~ s, a nd happine s s .



I, DORIS I SEYAMA, will to Brooke, no more fat­ faces, Pepperidge Farm cookies, and the last two year s; to Bri an . Friday , Saturday ni ghts; to Carol, three-in­ a-bed , viOlin les s ons, pret zels and beer; to Todd, li psaver. 20 lbs . a nd fatter legs, an automatic toe­ nai l clipper; to Guys of 7th period, 2 more years of 7th period , a ne li deck of cards; to Brandon and Glen, my chemistry notes; t o Ric hard, a dress so he can' l ook at bis own legs; to E. C.H.S., some i ndividuality.

I , CLARE HENNINGS, will t o Sub s, a ease of ha ir

setting- lot' i o n, a !2:asshopper-kn ee . exploding eharilPAgrte bottles, -and ·a piz-zapIe; to -Stie. one s·!iiall " orange , Matzo s . and a bottle o f wlne, the Mission Impossible Theme. and my voice; to Ire ne, Stin s on Beach, a ten mi l e bi ke ride , and a Fore s t Ranger Uniform; to Chr ys, Robert Redfor d, Gi o vanni's a nd Greece; t o Paula , "Tell Her She' S Lovely," and a toa s ted cheese sandwIch ; to Harry, Regal Ro ck, and a pizza picniC; a nd t o J anet, Donny Osmond.



I, CAROLYN J. J OHNSON, wIll to Peggy, a s ize 14 ; and a lot of babies; to Mary , I will my two f ront teeth; to McQu iston, a new type writer, a nd l ove, peace , and happiness; to Mr s. Farr, I wi l l a place at Elaine Power' to Mrs. Walker, I 10'111 a new orf ice; to Audrey, a new boyfriend every day; to Ben , l ove, peac e, and happiness, a wife that will l i ve with him, and a ne w l ip.

t, MELVIN JOH NSON, will to Robert, a Job on K.Y. A. ; to Larry, a blowout kit; to Char1et ta, a date to next senior ball; to Brenda, Greta, and Li nda remembranc e of ~e ; to Cl ennis , a danc ing ma ch ine dude fo r her Jackson: steps ; to Yaahn, Phyli ss ; to Vicki and Cynthia suc ce ss ·...ith Grence; to John a new sax; to Coac h J ones, a TOe w! John ; t o Gary , :some sense; to the class o f "14 " suc cess; to Gayl e , my poetry, my Singing, my l ove, and the man of her c hOice (me ) ; to Karen , Michael .





I, KAREN HOYER. will to Tim, an undefeated nut­ ball season; to Steph, wa terwings; to PeCer, a whal e to k noo k over hi s boat in the FJior d; to Ricko , a tickling durney; to Dorian, the Bull; to Lynn , my nails , to Dori san , no more espanol; to Maid Karian, Robin Hoo~ to rescue her from us. to Pr eda, Dave and electri C sc i ssors; to Margarita, a bo okcase to hide be hind ; and to Bryan, a tweepie !Tom bis haIr-sister.

I. TAMARA S U ZZ~E JOHN5 0~ . wil l to El aine Cop el a ~~ J ob without t hree brat s we know ; t o Gail Carpe nter, a f: pass to get out o f school at 1:00 to see Al l My Cn1~dr e r to Sharon Moore, a stuffed koala bear and a rocking cha ! to "farmer " Dawn Ta kei, a sunny brook fa rm and a year ' s suo5c rip t ion to Shakespeare' s greatest works; to V1c my love and our s on, the.

I, OLENN KOMORI, wl1l to Kam, a matching pair

I, SUSAN MARIE J ONES , vill to brothe rs Vincent and

ot toecups so he can keep his "Toe n forever; to Sack,

U'vel l Jones a pair of dices and good luek with tbem; to U'v i n Wiley, me loy love Md happiness in our ruture; to trrie Young. my brown skin color; Audrey Gjyse, my monet b she'll quit begging; to Leon Russell, what ever he wants p lite; to Papa, love, happiness ~nd elass of 77; to ~r les Jims. any youn~ lady he wants; to Andrea James, a sr; t o El Cerrito studen ts , al~ the luck.

a dog biscuit and an ~~ t bur Ashe tennis racket; to Randy, Kimi; to Pam, happiness and love; to "Sheen", a good job; to Yogi, a hairy wig; to Kirk, an "A" trIg test; to Joey Nagase. a night or Br~ppin&; to Miguel, a clean bathtub and clean toes for your dad; to Larry, a "par" golf score; to Stove, foxy women.

t, BARBARA LEE. will to Laureen, all the kids at Castro School; to Jane, a difCerent last name and two Freddies ; to Debbie. the Cracker Jack Song; to Mar­ garita, all the rude insults she can handle; to Jan, one Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day oard and a ·supply of bananas for Barney; to Pam, 25t to buy me an ice cream cone. ,

I, MICHAEL Y. KAMIO, wi ll to Jay-Jay, happiness and . ; to Kev, new brakes for his car; to Glenn, a bottle • Hi - Karate to fiRht ott' women; to Kar en Mats, all my iwspapersj to Randy, a pair of nMchslcus for his job; Sak, a dishvashing machine; to ChriS, a trip to Dis­ !yland; to Grant, that dream girl; to Lloyd, a two on 18 history test; to Stove, a blanket to cry wit h at rthwestern; to Steve, a new job; t o Doc, a nev staCC


•••• 1"' "





I, DICK LEE, will to Mrs. Hill, my writ ing abilit to Marie, a flower; to Killer, luck in the ALL STAR GAME; to Carol, a wonderful time; to Steve Crunp, a straight nose; to Belinda, music corner and someone to dance with; to Vicky Miller, a steady boyfriend; to Mark, some corner sense; to Judy, a tew pounds; to Vicky, boys; to Lorenzo, an endless supply of ____; aDd lastly my sincere appreciation to all the teachers and stafC who have so kindly instructed me.

I, STEVE KAYA, will to Kevin Miyasaki, more golf lIs and Mike's cousin; to Mike K~i o , luck with his ~rown toe; to Glenn Komori, more weigh t to make a !Queeze"; to Jane Lee. a forest and a place to roam; I Judy ~endelson, keep them legs!; t o Chr1. Masuda, )unshine"; to Jenee' Mosing, AneheiID. Church and that 10 "JeCf"; to Janis Nakaji, the ocean, a SWlset and II. Ilet walk along an endless beach • •






I, JONI KEITH, wI ll to Marcia, a year supply of so that she can play b1d wlsk for tbe rest of !r life; to Karen, a year s upply of eye lashes; to ~da, all the little Joe Davis Jr; t o Debra, Noel; fdra, to David so that thcy will get married; to Issandra, some long fingernaIls and hope that she n't bite t hem; to Mona, all the gossip t~at she can .ndle; P.S. I wIll to Marcia the rest oC my words. ds



A hard-wo~kln~ Lo s Chorali stas rehearsa l?

.. ,", ....

I, MS . SHERRY ANN KIMBROUGH, will t o Deada a pent­ use apartment; to Willie. THG; Pooh . good luck as a om-pon girl and Dana; to Dawn, next year's Jr. ProlD. and boyfrlcnd; to Pam, Las Vegas with Lionel; to Yo- yo, ~lt; to Curtis, "my secret l~ve", a dimple ror his lett beek; to Donna, a copy or the best sell e r "Everlthlng ou've EVe r Wanted to Know About LIfe But Were Afraid to ~"; and to that special man in my l i fe , lIlY everlasting ove.

I, LINDA LEST!, wi ll to Carol, a basement full of Kurnose stairs and a batch ot brownies ; to Janine , ~ t and an Italian Ice Bar (ruby red l1ps; to Judy, a place to go on Friday nights; to Richard, the Mahavishnu Orchestra; to Debbie, our old playhouse and all our mudpies; to Ann Miller, my brother; to the guy who stares at me at lunch. an axlO of myself 4nd to Brian In advisory, all my love. 1


•, •• , • *• •, I, KAREN KITEAS, will to Renie, my fat, my pretty weater, a bean burrito, a nd wunnerful skIi ng and baek­ a cking ; to Rabbit , an unfreckled fac e and luck wit h pi nche rs nd lovers; to Bubs, courage in the dark, Delt a sun, and appy times with Jefr, Michael, and Ii to Susie, safety hile walking at night, a Sona concert, a nd my brother?; :) Clare, a d.1et -tree lite; to Diane, an easy solution; to ell, a hat like Michael's;. to Cheryl, close friends; to he vegetables in the garden, good times.

, *•, ,, •••• I, DANA KLOSKI, wIll to Sophia, a sel f-tillin g goblet ; the Te rrible Trio, a barber shop quartet with Jan; to lsi and Judy, Union Square. to Sue, a diploma made out to w; to Nathan, a squ~egie and some nair; to Joe , a year's lbscription to the Mongolian Yearly; to Lizzy, a parasol )nsisting of butcher paper and satety pins; to Paul, a ~ rtain s ong to sing while tighting an obnoxious McCollume ;rawberry. ~


I, NORA MAHAN, will to Debbie, Dick's Camp Gualal hat, and a box of Cracker Jacks with only peanuts; to Kellie , a paper clip and a Ron Selak autographed base­ ball; to Bunny, all the decisions I've ~de this year; to my brother, a crate or pre- written oranges ; to Dick Carlos, Bill,., John, and the rest of Mahavishnu, 2 ti­ ckets tor their November 16 concert, my brother' s oran ges, the yearbook "class", and all my love 'n SUnshine

. .., , , ..

, ,

I, DEBORAH ANN MANUEL , will to Cassandra Cowart, perfect man. to Marcia Brown, Leroy ' s paycheck and pr­ awns; to Freda Harris, a black see through bra. to Le ­ roy Thomas, the name Eddie; to Joni Keit h, luck in kee ying a man; to Andrea James, a electric hair curling 5et; to Phyllis Ross , a ride to school nex t year; to Noel Mitchell, all my love and complete happines5 r or ~ ever.

I, DAVID MASON, will to my fellow card players a cecent table to play on; to Mary Stewart, a passing grade in American Experience; to Cynthia Thomas, a new walk; to Michael Ellison, the 3trongest handkerchief money can buy; to Little Cookie, someone else to call Fred Sanford; to Eric, Ivan, Cheryl, and the Hawk, a new heater for the second floor; to Stymie, a one way ticket to Las Vegas; to El Cerrito High, a peaceful Nineteen Seventy-Five.

I ... MARILYN MILLER, ,",'ill this part of a son". writ by Lennon and M""eCa:f!th:v "IN JIll! LI·PE". There ~re places I'll remember

All my life though some have changed.

Some forever not for better

Some have gone and some remain.

All these places had their moments

With lovers and friend s I s ti ll recall .

In my life I've loved them all.

•••••••••• I, SHIRLEY MCCOY, will to Paulette a guy in Hawaii this summer; to Carol, all the ice cream she can eat; to Debbie, a good time at Camp; to Joyce, my decorat~d lOcker; to Anita, fishnet stockings and go-go boots; to Fujita, a dress and nylons; to Fema, a dime tor prank call s; to Jamie, good health; to Roberta . enough gas to take the rounds; to Margie time to see all the soaps; to Dee, a track nstar"; to Tomi, an "A" in trig.

•••••••••• I, JUDY MENDELSON , will to Cathie a one way ticket to San Diego; t.o Dicit. the U.S. Open and a , ,·x,. ct1a~n to Linda, my figure and the "roain"; to Keille, a glove to catch all of Salak 's pit ches; to Brian, five dollars to cover the check ; to Lonnie, I will a piece of my beart, :n~ r~sp eOt and Illy memorIes at ECHS;-arij"-to all.,. Criend&. , love and happiness. •



I, BROOKE MILLER, will to Dorisan, her own kItchen and rice patties , hey; to Debbie, her Spanish mumbo­ jumbo; to Viki , nra- ra ,,; to "Miller", pine cones; to Kirk, a fe w more inches; to Carol. an air-conditi oned body; to Kent and Steve, "I s that a dress? " ; to Howard. fre nch forever ; t o Kenny and Martin, someone'else; to the Allman Bro thers, more Bay Area concerts; to Brian, "B l\l~ Sky", QMor three speeial d8:ys tog~tber. fdrevft:;' pIlls ••••. •






I, STEVE MILLER,will to D1cklena Lee, an antidote to chanks disease and a can of muscle- on; to Tan Wood­ north, a big enough suitcase to bring a hula girl back; to Coach Frank, the e~tremely long ball hitter; a fre e tow to the dump when h1s car dies, and some driving lessons; Bra Armpit, a wesson 011 party; to Dirty Harry. a dent In his Volkswagon; to Gutsy GilmorE and Red, a case of' clearas il ; to Coach Nule s~ a nrealn case oC Greek Brandy.

•••••••••• I, PEGGY MCGEE, will to Pandora , band control ; to Cynthia, my height; to Ray, my diplo.a; to Gary. a stea dy 1 ady; to John~ a new hat; to Gail, a date to the Senior Ball; to Mr. Mayers, a larger of'fi ce; to Jon1, 'a happy marriage; to Dale, an automatic hair roller; to K~rme tta, my uniforM ; to Glenda, a new car; to Kabby, SENSE; to Ra~ mona. my weight; to Leroy. my senior portrait; to Annette, a new diet plan; to Ben and Carolyn, my friendship ring; a nd to Ro nnie, ME ! If



I, VIKI MILLER, will to Den1se Campbe ll . the last day of sehool In our Junior year; to Brooke Miller, a pair of fashion pumps; to Sherr i Z1a, a fre e danee less on; to Dicky and Lonnie, lots of hap piness ; to Chriss, the Colusa 500, the "Bub". and all the good. t1mes to come; And lastly. to Merk, the summer of '72 , Colorado, Micky Cabral, and lots of love and a beautiful future.


I, KABBY (STAR) MITCHELL III, will to GRENAD~, continued success, x1nos Leach's bad wardrobe and silver party shoes; to Caryn, l ittle J amey; to Pat, Mark; to P1nky. Yaahn; to Vicki, Gary; t o Dody. Russ el ; to Reguandina. a Tony for "Ball Hai "; to Gail a ball dress from GABERDINES; to Yvetta, backstage blaCK experienee; to Sherry and Diedra, juice; to Car la, a dog biscuit; to Agnes and Yolanda, poo tang; to Bobbie, Jeanna, Sabrina, Yvette and Pam, Jamey' s twin brothers senior ball dates; to Bev, soae glittered stretch pants to Phyllis, Billy, and Ramona, my LOVE, .11 •• ,.11.

I, SHERYL MITCHELL, will to Audrey, Melvin with another c hance; to Barbara, a new ear; to Janet, the star, a j ob in show biz; Loretta to Cat hy and Carolyn; to Vincent and others. more luck with g1rls; to Emma, a 1975 Brougham and everything that goee along with it; to Mrs. Hobdy a stick of gum; to Gayle. more excuses froll P.E.; to Viek1e. a long relation3hip with Dennis; a nd last but not least to Nelson, all my love and all the affection he can stand, and more in the years to come.


I, KEVIN MIYASAKI, will to Randy, 1 pinball ma­ chine; to Nike, a lasting relationship with whomever he wants; to Glenn. a year's subscription to PlaabO Y; to Steve Kaya, a woman; to Lloyd a new car; to rant, someone to hustle ; to Larry , range balls; to Steve Sakai, 25, for trying; to Terry, a pool cue; to the rest of the Junior Dudes, a deck of cards and to the Junior Women, any guy they want.



I. ANNETTE LOVONE MORRIS, will to my friend, Pan­ dora Turner a carton of Kool~ (Mild) clgarette~; to ~y friend, Jautan Staneill, my potted plant; to Barbara Skinner, a tifth of white port and lemon Juice; to Peggy McGee, a touch of love and sweetness; t o my frie~ Gelinda Woolbr1ght , my power of catching the fine men, to Vickie Ballard my rabbit's root ••.• •

BelI nda Jeffries sp~aks o ut while John Haynes gathe r s h1s t houghts .


I, JANET MOSES, will t o Joyce {<loses, my l ove and = smarts. a nd Dennis; to Le zelee, my smile, a 11fe s upplJ of perma-lashes, and Greg ; to Olevia . a man with money; to Annette, James and a fif th of Bar cardl ' s rum, to Chrys, my violin ; to Kabb y, 500 succes sful plays; to Carol, my height; to Maranda, s ome diet pills; to Cyn­ thina, James; to Sharon, my te eth; to Jautan, my fr ler.d in Berkeley and everyone else at E.C.H.S . '


I, PEMA NAGAL. will to Bert, a sunvisor, a beige

• 11 ngulea Sau s a~e pizzas , a nd s ungl asses, to Dee-Dum,

~ gum mac hine , salami sandwiche s , a navy blue cap; to

~ ~ irl ey ~ fe ta l pIg; to Anita, II sequ in halter top

~ ~ ~b mat c hing hot pants, lizard ski n go-go boots; to

3~bb y . burritos, new shocks; to To~. car d oor handles,



• • • • _• • •

st a le Jokes; to Larry my fetal pig book; to Keith a


flying squirrel.





I , DIANE NAKANO, will to Shi r l ey, a pair of plae ­ ~orm


I, JOSEPH V. PAULINO. wIll to Robert Zettle, my hot spot in the gutter; to Kabby, my hIgh heeled tap shoes, to Bruce Talbot; two lessons from the Vaczovsk} School of Music; to Larry Coates. a copy of Keypunch Queen ; to Mario Lava gnino . my A1gebra cheat s heets; to Peter Vaczovsky. a can Of shav1ng cream; to D'Ann Bu~chler, my Purry Brown Hat and my you know what; t o Abi Sbaw, HEH. __ HEH .• • HEH ••• _.

s hoes wi t h a 5 inch heel; to Ca r o l, a dark tan!;

Anita, a pair of sunglasses; to Feda , a blue beenie,

Camara, II bowlegged somebody and 175 pounds of alumni; ;;0 Larry. a Itfe' s supply ot live rwurst!; to Margie. an­ ~ther project ot patchwork; to Jefr, the ability to play ~a 8ke tba11; to Roberta, no Dore s itt1ng at home on fri­ day nights, and a volleyball to practice on. to Paulette a driver' s license. ~







I, MIKE NEEDHAM, w1ll to Richard Evans, my cllps~

to Nina, I g1ve an ounce of encoura gement; to Larry

Young, 1/2 of 'my d iploma; the other half I will to Bu~z;

to Dennis, my streaker's tenny shoes; to Roberta, I

give Richard (Good Luck); to Ros emary, I give one wo rn

out back-alley pad, and lastly, t o "Pookey" all my love

and all my apologies.

•••••••••• I, SUE NELSON, will to Harry, FUN; to Clare, "one s~all ••• orange n and a cute Mexican; to Rene, swiss mil k chocol ate ice cream and a forest; to Karen, the "Spanish 'iilla"; to Paula, a pom pon, a bac kyard to dance !n, a nd some confidential secrets, to Bubs, a salami sandwich, ~appy memories of the cabin and Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice ~eys, and a h ug for under s tand i ng me; to the whole ~ aL~ , lots of love and understand1ng.

!!Iy ear_thly be­


and t h,

to ~ p;ranola; cl ockwork Fres no bea c h ; ~ o Wall, Stover my Gomez, a. gefel­ ~ e y f ish f rom Column B; ~o Br ams on, Sc r i a bin- s thi r d !:i!npho ny; to Stenl le, sl ide - whi s t le l essons.


I, CAROL ONO, will to Dolly Deseo, a date with to Alisie. Aguilar, all the happiness with Tom; ~o Antonia Hernandez, a date with PURO MACHO: and a day ~: res t ; to Debbie Barocio, the man of her dreams; to !vonne DiGratia. 15-20 pounds; to Debbie Davil a, good l~ck; to Miriam'J erez, a car; to the Radio Station, the sense to 'play SAPO!, and to al l lilY other friends, peace, good luck, and happiness. ~arcus;


I, ROBERTA PAULSON. will to Carol, straigh~ bair; to Anita, berry dust and go -go juice; to Fema, a choco late mint milkshake, a red courier, and a pogostiOkj t Diane, an autographed picture of her faVorite track at to Bobby, all tbe pina he can eat; ~o Jeff, 80me oran peel; to Howard, the name Jaok ; to Sh!rley s ing ing les sons and stilts; to Carolyn, a Gibson'su1tar; to Larry cberry l itesavers; to Paul more understanding.

•••••••••• I, MS_ BOBBIE PERKINS, ;"111- to Jeanne, a smile; t Pam. a tri p to Las Vegas ; to sabr1na •••• Wel 11ngto n ~ t o sister Patrioia, a ll the good times I bad at E.C_H.S., to Karen and Freda, dance witb Grunseth; to Cassandra, my finernails, t o Limar, ~MY _ BIg Bro~ Eyel"; . to Ro­ lII8Jla, "funny Jokel"; to [arnie and Gwenetta, the futur to Annie and MAchae l and BI lly and Wanda, love ' and har ness; to Marcia. a bot 11ne to Cbico; to Ronnie the ab I1ty to understand Iller to Myself all the happiness l1! bolds. •

I, RICHARD PARMETER, wll1 to CarOl, SUnsetvlew and

:al's head POID-Pon , t o Crawford, electric cl'utch orche­ and a barrel of laughs; t o Sc ott Bal1ey. State; to a stlck s hittless car, a trip wit h ce, a good con­ ~ert, Levi Stra us s, a super warm day and me . to Every­ ~~e, my educa tion and thanks_

s~~a ~ j ra,


I, JEFF PETERSON, w111 to- Candy ~ichards, all cy love, and the bope that she finds what ahe i8 looking for, and my tirst navy payc heck; to Steve CrumP. a t r1 to Columbia paid tor tree; to Denise Campbell, al l thE love in the world beoause it is all inside her and it fits perfectly; to Tim Murphy. a can Of beer; to TOlll Ekstrom, a new Galaxy 500 or an LTD. •


••• 1 . 1



I, SABRINA PIERCE, w111 to Jeanna, Vernon it that all right with her; to ~cbael. E.C.H.S.; to Bobbie sOlDe handk'ercbiets because I teel she 'll be crying fO! long timej to YOlanda, a spot singing bass 1n anybody' group; to Ernie, my LOVE!! (get mad GVenetta O.X.) to Leroy. his rival, Rodney Allen Rippy, to Yvette and Pc their solider ~oySj to LaMar, the SenIor Ball; and to Dyselt, Wellington •.• ••• __ . •





I, J UDE PIPES, will to Jonny Duke, my collection of l ove co:ni ca aoo whipped cream; to Tilli, Dave Sonner noae; to Tom Tiptoes, one free ses810n with E11een Feather; to Cohort. one big br1m over a lipit curl ; to Ha l , one Jo ckette on Broadway; to Joey Paulino, a bouncing baby bozo burger bar; to Mr. Punch, tnree rodents ~ith detective viaion; to Blanche , Prom Here To Eternity, and Jenny Ough; to Cr isco Kid, a lifetime 5upply of trench maids. and a gold lame suit _ •



I, DAHIELLE PON, ot unsound alnd and feeble body, do hereby ~1 1 1 t o Mr _ Berman, 95, to buy a revised boe of J okes ; to Mr. Gehman, my cUppings tlle; to Cindy, a lifet ime suppl y ot Geritol; to Pema, my badminton knee; t o Wendy, my weights; to Lynn, my leftover Ayds ; t o Al len, a crash c ourse on how not to type with one finge r. I

~ger; t o Linda, a loved one; to Debb i e, optimism, warmth ~~ a po~-ponj to Boog, my poems and a valuable rock; to ~3e Poker clan , Old English and a royal rlu:lb; to Bri an,


I, BRIAN POWELL, will to Red, a chocolate bar anc first chair in the El C~rrito High Harmonica Ensem~ le; to Ono, a woman, a case ot Wrigley 'Ii for Cal, and ten mor e right-on years; to Ralph, brangyajh. __ ; to Mr. l'iayers , Mr _ Morehouse, Mr. Tietjen and Mr . Gelulan , lDU ~ r e spect, gratitude a nc1 a -hand s hake; t o Patt y , a Jar c ~ copper c l eaner, muc h peac e, and a c l ear vi e ~; t o the Sei l e rs, Judy, Lonnie, Parm, Nora, and the Class ot '711, lIuch joy and prosperit y.

I. YVEXTE NAICOLE PRICE, wIll to a very special rson RoderIck, all the LOVE and HappIness together ways; tor Bobbie, to find happiness wltn that ~rtaln youngman; tor Paa, to get whatever sbe sets ~ t tor especially Lionel; to Jeanna, a glued on 8~le ~6 happiness wIth Ve rnon; to SabrIna, transportation b We llington; to my slater Laurie, all the fun I ~d at ECHS; to Kev!n, all the 8uccess In track; to ~gelt. all the happiness one can acquire out of life; nd to Raymond, to slow down, he's COOL eno~. •


I, ELSIE PUlKI, wIll to BeckY. gOOd friendship. to ita , confidence In herself and a pOSitIve mind; to Deb­ e.. peace ot mind; to Keith, a &:ood knee to get him to okane; to Corky. good health; to Donna. all my musical lll·tIes; to Miss Wong, a good tennis team next year, so my gym clothes; to Mr. Robbins, 8 good creative oir next year.


I, CARYN RAMEY, will to my friend Curtis, a Caryn T-s hirt ; to Piette. admisaion to Long Beach; to ~. Mayers , a soun~proor office; to Darryl, Luci on, and ~than. the library 2nd period; to John and ErnIe, pan­ ~kes forever; to DIcky, a girl with my character; to ~chael , a diploma in June; to Hilary, one lady that Jill blow hi.! mlnt1; to Carolyn, L.A. and Maurie; to La ­ br, t he golden ke y to ••• ; to Belinda, peace. Long Beach, ,uece&& , our mad tri ps and Curti s; and to students left t F..C.H.S., my pity! ~e1

•••••••••• I, CANDY RICHARDS, wIll to ~ buddy Mitch Martinez, ove and happIness; to Jilda D'Amico , a lifetime of 1'0­ nce watching Joe work on hi s bike ; to Candy Cadra, a rley Davidson; to Jeff Peterson. the Book, The Sensuous n , a good t i me in Alaska hunting , a pair of shoe&, and r-fot of happines& ; to Tani & Kearns, a happy ~r ria ~e; to ~1nda Stagg , a good time at the main; to Denise Campell , tI l the happine&s for you and David.


• •••••••••

I, STEPHEN "HAYS" RILEY, will to Wamble, Lake Mer· rit , 50 ' and my nose; to Kevin, my St'bl and hat colle c­ cions; to Nunley , my tweezers and my a lity to stay off ;ne hench; to Sumrall. a floris t shop and a bowl or r1ce; ;0 Anderson, 2000 yds. and my t1tle as the Grea t White ~op e; to Sharman, a case ot miller shorts , my 5pee~ and l ocker 175; to Alex, my ability to relax; to Judy . my l dd iction to griesem miesem; to Nora , my love for oran­ ies ; and to El Cerrito it self , my uniqueness.

t. PAOLA SAVAGe. will ~ buddies: Harry. clean g tor his whIte bug; Bean, speck-tree eyes.• golf courses without "extra-dry If ; Andre dust-tree lense&, and mean ing unsaid teel1t:l&&; B-ubs-Babber, stalned curtains gotty squeaks, puffy hair, delectahle food. Jobs fair and true; Sue. the giggles, rah, rah (5. 6 , 7. 8), son until 1: 00 a . m., ( left-right etc.) , one ~ara~e door, "hirds and bees" the book, "Almaden, n "Stevie Wonder" to dance by; Bear kltchen li no le~ and wolt­ calls; Ta&hl, Time. r'amous publications. -i!verlut­ ong concern. vinegar -and smiles.

•••••••••• I, KATHLEEN SEILER. will to Janet, a hillside to dream on and that certalD person; to Nora, the Ralders to Marilyn , a tetal pig; to Shauna. awim meeta; to Bra don, a aki instructor's pOSition; to Brad unbreakable skis; Richard and Ste~e, Mahayishnu; to Dan . my noae; to the 197 3-7 _ Po~ Porners, camp, Merced, baggy socks a competition; 1974-75 Pom Pon Girls, SPIRIT. to the. awi team, Fred Brown, and gold medals; to all my teachers and friends who cared. my everla&ting friendshlp and thanks tor t he memories, and to Bill, "Blue Sk1es." th Sierras, fun at UCSB, my respect, understand~ng and 10 for ever. t


I, GARY ~ENA, will to Steve Wilbur , a soap collec, tion; Harry Ahla5, a wat erbed; Kim Taylor. a trouble­ tree world. Allen Canestro, 50 million ca&h ducketts . Dan Garrett, a bottle of Squirt; to Kathy Seller, a darker tan; to Bev Wood, a better grade than me; Oon Danielson, a morning at the rock; to Bl11 Close, a sermon at Laks Anza with a bottle in his hand; ·1:'0 Ju11! Grodhaus, some band-aids and a lifetime supply of T­ shirts; and all my friendll "GOOD" times together fore\·1 •



I, JAN SETCHKO, will to Geneva, a short halrcut like the gIrl in the magazine picture; my sloh cut offs to Richard Parmeter. my "blueriver"" horse to Julie Wal a nlce painting to Margarita; a little Barney to Barbara Bossi ; my brother to Sue; my vocabulary lists to Laur een; all the s ucrets to helR herself and me to Barbara Lee; my psycho log)' notes to Olenn Amaral; to Julie , two special teacups for the fUture; to Dorothy, my green thumb. •


I, TIM SHERMAN, of insane mind and perfect body, wil l to Freda, all the years I have known her, ord ered cash on deliver,; to Karen. a new rock set with golden puki es ; to Marlan, one sane person, ( good-luck); to Mlke, a box of screaming yellow zonkers; to Roberta, one 5 pound canned ham and a , Hi Guy! poster.

•••••••••• Brian Auger strikes a contemplative ?ose.

I, RONNIE (TWEET ) ROBINSON, will to Lamar, my to Ernie, my Legs; to Pa~, my arms; to MarCia, .y watch ; to Curtis, my ....eight; to Kevin , my speed; to u~ t he ....olllen, my good looks; to Kay-Kay, my size; to 3obbie , ~y car; to Alex. a mind; t o Lela and Vincent iac~&on , my tenni s shoes ; to Eric my Art pictures; t o t.arc i a Br own , .my waist; to ("),self a long 11 f e; to Clax ­ :.o;; ~ :.y s kin; to Yolanda, a soft voic e . ~ ng5;

I, ROBERT "MUOSY" ROUTIER. will to Commls,a ioner Erskine and Special A~ent Colby. my phaser; to Cra!g Thomas, all tbe rubber be left 1n Illy garage; to Mrs. Young and bel' CADBY stafr. my sanity; and to Dr. G. a bell that works.

I, CAROL SISK, will to Linda, a guy and a car tor cruising; to JRnine , nurse's infirmary at ca~p, a chapatick razor, and car, and Razputin; to Jan, flying chicken, a messy kitchen, and non-ripabl e plastic hag s to cove: your tenniS shoe s; to Laura, a good stand partner next year; to Doris and Brooke, KMonday, Honda to Diane, Lake Merri tt; to Dub, Angel Island; to ~~ril yn, picnics in Ti lden ; to Richard. a fire ln ~he rai n to s i t by; to Genny, Jobn Denver and SOde ladybug

I, BARBARA KATHERINE DARLENE SKINNER, will to my o ved friend Chuck Connors, all I've got t o give and ; t o Jautan Stancill, the ability to cope with Ro­ ' s 80n; to Pandora Turner, a plantation; to Glenda ~lb right, one Brass Monkey; to Gayle Hearns, ID3 de­ !~ 1t Jewelry; t o lIlY little sister Sandy Harr i s, her ; to Annette Morris, my estate of 2$.

•••••••••• I, JANET SHITH, will to Ramona, my orange hat; to

es , much luck as Pom Pon 011"1; to Kabby, a shirt that

~s and much luck at becoming a st ar; to Fred, a ticket

t he Exorcist; to Vickie, Tilden Park and a baby blue f t o ; to Sheryl, Nelson; to AUdre Y Melvin; to Regina, j to Artie. bas s r Theme from Star Trek (the words. rL'lgs; to Larry, a wrestling match; and to my family il the future classes of E.C ., much love, luck and ppiness ~

•• •••••••• I, SUNNY SMITS , will to Dana, a bag of popcorn and ar of jam; to Nathan , a pink ribbon for his tall; to ~, a roll of paper with blue and red paint; to Paul, ~trawberry a nd a mother ship to be ope ned up; to Tis!, oig bunny rabbit; to Joe, happine s s from under any : k he may s e ek it; to Robbie, a warm s unny gutter, and Bl anche and the Gremlins the t heatre and its contents. •



I, Ll~DA STAOG, will t o Chriss, my old job. a fre e ae into Anza, a key to the house around the corher , a gbt in the midnight blUe room, and a newly paved st­ et; to Bucky, a new book or JOkes, cigarettes, and a nk of gas; to my brother, a mustaChe and a stronger c~ch; to Leroy Weaver, a ticket to the Isley Bro­ ~r5, a ride to the cemetery, and some brown eye sha-

I, MIKE STOVER, will to Glen. a girl he can stic k

with; to Sponz, my bridge ability; to Milton, some white

paint tor his face; to Chiang and Rogera, the big brim;

t o Kam, a bare bodkin; to Ridone, some dance lessons; to

Supers t ar Robbie Nichols, my apologies; to Ono, a bigger

discus ring; to Irene, the best of luck and a new sewing

machine; to Richard Evans, all the prune pizza he can

eat trom Mamma Stovilennies .

•••••••••• I, BRANDON SWAIN, will to Bill, a tolerance for beer; to Brad, some unbreakable skiis; to Brad A., a week at Vail; to Stephanie, a faster butterfly; to Glen, my lifelong f ri endship; to Dave, a personality; to Donny , money, and tbe Allman Brothers; to Brian, sanity; to Greg an e vent besides the sao free; to ECHS, a direction; to the Swim Te aa, T.itM Port, and co-ed showers; and to Lei gh , a real Job. t

I , BRUCE TALBOT. will to the returning stu~ent body, my enthusiasm for the resources we have, and my faith in your desi r e for more, as for my three favorite r e sources: To Mu, a kiSS of gratitude tor a g i tt of ex­ perience which I will give to others; to Uncle Jimmy. Godspeed you on your joyous evolution with ~ eternal thanks. and to m;y beloved friends an~. characters, long residence in the back of my head •

•••••••••• I, BILL TEMPELIS, will to brother Daniel, a mind of his own and a nose to be proud of; to Brandon, a dentist chair. a job at Heavenly, and hours of Allman Brothers and Boz; to Olen, hard work . good mUSic and my nose; to Nora, my place on the heater; to the swim team. myoId swim suits , to the stats much thanks; to Kathy, I will p,arveys ' Elevator, a c a bin on her own mountain, a big meadow, and Melissa. •



I. eRAIO THOMAS, will t o Dave :- '.:k , a set of May­ nard Fergu s on chops and a Silver Fl air ; to Bob Sharman , a book of tongu ~g ex ce r cise~ ; to ROber~l a ll t he rubbe ~ I left in JOur driveway; to Wes, a new Colnago .

A bright moment comes a liv e on thlt f (lce of Eva Wallen .

••• •• • •• • • I, LEROY THOMAS JR. (EDDIE), will to Sister, legs like Lydia; to Maria, my tine body. to MarCia , Merte ll with a year of milk plus; to Sabrina, an orange Javlin and Wellington; to Mary, a year's supply of ul tra s heen permanents; to Kay Kay, cleanliness and anybody in the ~ o r ld she wa nt s e xcept me; t o Curti s, al l t he .Hab i da ­ s her i ; t o John a r.d Ga il, my key to McDonald s so when ! die t hey will ha ve t he key to suc cess; to Pa t, some gossip ; to my women , my LOVE.


I, JATAUN STANCILL , will to my associate Donna :gler, some "NERVE". to Gl e nda Woolbright, her own bomb uad; t o Pandora Turner, a "strong s ystem" ; to Shawne ::-kland , a "BI G Payback"; t o Ronn ie Robinsor., a Dyna­ te bla s t; to Annette Morris, a smile; to Rochelle Car­ ');ay. Seamore; to Sandy Harris, a "STOP" s ign; to Gla­ s J ohnso n, one lost necklace; to Ken Mitchell, a dan­ ~ machine; to Michael a "brand new me"; to Barbara ~nn e r. a hill ot her very own; to OOlly Deseo, a "pot­ e plant".


I, MARL DANYALE BOSTON (STEWART), will to my spe­ ~l friends, Vic kie Clay, long extension of lire with x~ er; to Ruthie , speech, a nd all my i nt el li gence ; t o ~o y Thomas , some women , and one pi nt of Tangaray ; to n t hia Thomas. o l d c lothes , she wears her new ones out; Curti s Blake, s ome new Joke s ; to Carolyn Johnson, a 19ht machine ; t o Mrs. Young, lIlY special TIIANK YOU' S ; Ben Dixon, my atte ndance record; t o Malcom Boston, I :1 QY Love tor he has made me very ve ry happy. Tha nks .

r , JULIE TSAGURIS , will to Rick. a bigger apart­ ment; to Pat, a mustache; to Marty, a finished 1I&.1a~; tc Norm, Holiday Inn; to Sall y. "Betsey", my car keys; to Gary, "jelly"; to Kim Hilburn, a martian, and fatness; to Piper, a new nose; to Carol, pants, and Shakeys; to Pryde , a draR race' to Joel, beer; to Klm Maia, my driving abi l ity ; to Vi c ki . New Year's Eve, one 9 th gr ade party, "trv, n Co lus a Avenue, Strawberry Hi 11, " d reams~ " and more good memories ••

• ••••••••• I , TOSHIRO J. TSURUMOTO , wil l to my lady, a smile e ve r y da y _ Whe the r bright 01" grey my sm i l e wi ll shine through,

•••••••••• I, PANDORA TURNER, will to Peggy McOee, Her and Frankly a ll the happiness; to Jataun Stanell1, a new fish tankj to Glenda Woolbright, a new bomb ; to £la~ne Mitchell, my leg, my quietness and a kiss from her man; t o Denn i s Billups , t he a bil ity to be a Pom Pon girl ar.~ a ye l l l eader; to Kermetta Rob ins on, my deser t boot s: : c Bar bara Skinner, t he Bu ll; to David ~as on t he abi l l t j tc be 6' 1"; to Larr y Bate s , t he abil ity t o be a lawyer; an::! to Ci ndy Reynolds a =ap.


I, CLAUDIA LEE UHRIG, wIll to C~rolyn. a free Saturday to go to the movies; to Margie, a eocktail at Cafe Giovanni ' s; to Carolyn, the guy at the counter in Sambo 's; t o Carolyn, Margi e , and Carolyn, another Cab l e Car ride; t o Kabby. 101 ohildren; t o Regina , many memorable hours watching Captain Kirk's body on Star Trek ; to Mr s. Young, a story that's on time; to ~y sister Col e t te , cu r ly hair; lastl y . to a ll at El -Cerrito High, t he respect, memories of Love, Peace, and Happiness I have had during my high schoo l years.


I. MARGIE VALENZUELA. will to FUjita , a long

vacation a nd a bankteller; t o Carolyn , a certain some­

one who Is very special; to Claudia, a car, and a

somebody; to Shirl ey, a new anything tha t you may find

wro~g with y ourself ; to Tami ', "no mis takes; to PeUla,

no more ka-knots in your hair, to Diane, another shawl

to crochet; to Carol , lots of ice - cream ; to Roberta,

a new way to eat oranges ; to Jeannette, a good song;

to Paulette, Jamie, only happiness . .

• •••••••••

I, STEVE WILBUR, will t o Mrs . Young, my absence;

to Mr. Tietjen, a r eal radio station; to Jake, Brawny .

"J. B.", The Greek, Armpit, Brandy, Gomes, and Donny,

a 10ft. Columbo with eight ends; to Nina, a smIle; to Legs. her own ·name back; to Nora. individualism; to Pudmo r e. pudliness and a Mahacoblytana album; to Li ssa, part ies and more parties ; to Polly, ten puppies; to Carol, a steady boyfriend; t o Marty, Killer, Dicky, booze, girls , and oommon sense; to Prep, skiing nerve; to Geneva , a Colorado Aspen tree , a John De nver concert, and happiness. •








I, MS. PAMELA J. WOODSON. will to Deidra, a fas hion studio; to Michael Price, my lasting friendship; to J e ­ a~n~, a smile and a Fiat; to $abrina, Wellingtqn and a night in L.A.; to Yvette and RQd . love and a Porsche 9 ~ Q to Gail, Steno; to Karen, a nd Freda , pri vate lessons with Mrs, Grunseth; to ~mar, Bobbi e .; to Pooch a n,d Coco, those special men; to Vicki , May of "76"; t o Curtis. me and my rriendshlp; to Gwenetta and Ernie, happiness a nd t heir own hospital; to Marcia, ECHS and a gossip column; to Audrey, Jesse TUcker; to Myself and mine. love happi ­ ness and the futur e . •

11 •


I, GLENDA WOOLBRIGHT, will to Steven Walke r, me; to Raymond. Lindsey, IIIJ" bracelet and LOVE ; to Jataun Stan­ cill, a ear that won 't stop at a concert; to Pandora Turner, the "BOMB" cause she loves it so much; to Pam Alston, a bcittle Of rum; to Annette Morris, a happy mar­ riage; to Vickie Ballard, DenniS James; to Ke rmetta Ro­ binson, Tuti CUnning ham and some weight; to Barbara Skinner, SOMe beer; t o Larry Bates, his own wrestling ~t.

I, MS . HDEDA" VA NESSA VANN, will to Pooh, San Diego , my love and good spirits; Coco , my trus t and fri end ship, a Disneyland- t icket and a "hiP :' ,you know who ; to Pa'm, my friendship, Las Vegas, and Lionel; to Turtle, happiness and success; to Kabby, Ms. Roub i cek's speec h studio; to Eric, a new advisee; to LaMar , Curtis, my love; to Rona l d, green-addidas, trac k suit, and bi~e; to John, Gail, Ernie, and Gwenet ta all the l ove in the world; to my family, my love, under­ standing, and apprec iation; Myself , success, a good lI fe and Mr . RI GHT!

I I, MARVIN WAMBLE, will Juan Rarez, muchas ehicas y yards; to Ch i P. his first trip over t hat dynamite lill; to Cathy, my dancing abIli ty; to Brodie, a trIp to ~he Temp l e; to HowaTd, a tTip to U. S.C. to find sOllie TTO-· , ansi to Bar ge, some big legs (boote); to Nun, a 6 foot lirl to rap to; to Fred, a new forehead ; a Nate to Shir­ ley ; to Thurm, a boston; to Sondra, "THE BIG PAYBACK " to ~r ic, a beash; to Dawn, driving lessons, and to Betty, ME: ~ , OOO






I, ERNEST WASHINGTON, will to Caren Price, my

walk and my ' laugh; to the t rack team , my will to

succeed; to Jeff Stradford, my temper; to Curtis Blaxe,

my j okes; to all of the siater, a good life; to the

brothers. my personality; to the school, a better

system; to Denise Harri son, the success she wants; to

y lady, a beautiful life with me; to Er ic Clayton .

starting position; t o Pam, Sabrina. Gena , Bobbie ,

eid ra, my friendship; to Yolanda, a beautiful s ummer ,


I, MARK PEE-WEE WENDELL, will to Willie s Maynes,

1 1 the pretty ladies at E .C.H,S.; to Toad, my t ruok;

o Crump it , a good night' s rest ; to Canestro, my ~mp ty six-pac k; to Richie Boyd , a truck t hat r uns ; to &lm and Karin, a Man ; to Dorothy , a new 240Z ; to Phy l lis , any car; to Carla, my friend shio; to Laurie, most of all my love, a nd any and everything I could give . •




Where were you In '621 Greasy Glen greets the camera .

•"Y ::>arner out Jur.:ps everybody frDr.l Richrond f or the rebound .


nI don ' t think you can singl e ut any individual as b~st , " com­ 2nt ed Coach Dick J ones about his C':110r basketball stal" s . Clnrence uffen. Hillary Conors, Ra y Danger­ 1eld . Gary Garner, and Bill Hardin 11 did excellent Jobs in l"ack1n g p a 2~- 6 s eason and 1n taking sec­ ::d 1n the ACAL.

Ruffen, achi eving stardom by the All- Nort hel"n California earn , provi ded the he i ghth and re­ ounds to carry the team defensively . :.l.!"fen will be moving across the bay 2Xt year to play f or San Fransisco ~a ~e . Connors , playing h i s third 2ar of Var sity, was fundamental In ~~t lng up plays as the point man . ~:lary will be head i ng for the sun b~s f all to attend the College of ~e Pacific in Pa lm Springs. ~king

Gal"ner , as well as Ruffen, was AII- ACAL for his sharp out ­ !.I!e shooting . ~ed

·'Dangel"fle ld did an out standing


The Hom«

Football 'i·hough the Ga uch os suffered

throUEn theI r sccon :! success!.vc

10s1n;; season, t hey s ':; l ll ::lanaged

bri~ht s pots i n a dis~Al 3-7 record .

The ~ootba llers after quick ly

c et tinr' off ';0 a l11nless 0-6 record,

canc tOF,ct her lfln:1 int: ';hree of ';hc

!ast four f:';ar"_es, and beat Turkey

Boul char:-<pio:". :'! i ch:-.ond ll:!.r:h, 23-15,

I n the process .

T~e key to the revcrsal cane when t he defcnse led by seniors :)1c k Lee (L3), 'Rodney Barccr (Of!:!), Lorenzo Pierce(D~- L9), ·l:1!'ty l-foo;! ­ worth (DO) and :"'teve '.liller (DT), beean slapping passes from the sky and brine ir., t~e oppositions' ~unninK gru:le to a grind1n:-. ha l t . The offense, soon caoital~2cC b J p11i1'.1; up yarda;.-.e, oy producing lon~ ~ aln 3 and lastly. by $corl nv . The seniors ...;ho ·...ere part of: tile c;,a!lce Includerl: !}:lll Clos e ( ltil) , j-larvin '.-:a."1ble (-G) a lonr: ~:1ti1 :Ull e!"' (T), l·;ootiuo::-th (';'), Pierce ( F !3 ) and Lee ern .

Girl's Sports

It definl tly proved t o be a ~lnni ng year for the successful and pr omising girls ' te~~s . The vo lleyball teams had few problems as they went on to an un­ defeated season 6-0, ami were in­ vited to a Tournament of Champions. Senior Wendy Adachi, who earned the TriP 'I.\"iards 'late tI:/ he ::- teaB/ was definltly the te~ learler.

::1: conlnp- off the bench aft er _1\ <1 ­

!.so~ r.ot hur t," said Coac!:; Jone s of :;,., another one of EC' s dazzling _::....'·<1s. '.:'hesc super senioT'~ ·.d_ll ! severly mIssed next year .


Each year t he wrestling t e am 'a!.ns expe rience, and is a year :05er t o the ACAL championship . c= in wrestling , more important ~an strength, a nd ~ore importan~ ~~n agi lity is experience. Un­ '::":-t unat ely, none of the scr:.iorr. !lAo;:! c ~ance to get that time-taught ::::o.... ledge sInce this was only the ~cond yea:- of t he sport at El Ccr­ ~~o . None the less, the seniors 'aired rat.her well. Capt.ain Lar~y Bates strung up 0;3 record in t he 123 lb . weight ~·; !sion even though he ..,as ou t a:~ of the season ~ l th a s ever ly ...:':':t

:-.a.'lrl .

The basketball tean:; also ....on the league cha~plons hip with an impressive 7- 1 record, but the road to victory grew steeper 1n tr.e chanpionship games wh en they lost a well-played game to Berkeley. Still they went on t o the ~ou~~ament o~ Chamoions i n Eayward where they played the strongest t eams in the Eas t bay . Again Wendy Adachi protred

"Larry is a good teat". leader. We'll be looking for s omeone with hi s enthuslas::1 next year," said Coach Lawler . Rich Homono, wh ile feilinl.:; to win a d~al neet ~atch, came on strong in the ~CAL t o take fo~rth . Steve Wil!lur , a f irst year and Dick Parmeter also gave thei~ best tP~oughout t he season. Accor di nb the Coach Lawler , next ;;~Il.r ' stear; s",ould ::e ~etteY'. than ev er . "Every body will return except for so;aeone In Larry' s ( Bates) "Wei ght. We ' ll have a ~oo d shot a t the . :" C .~l.. a l onG .. it h f:" ve ot he::-o tear.s . "


At most s chools around h~r e if you lin ed the cr oss country tea~ up in a strai ght l ine the guys on the ends could ho ld hands, Not so at E.C. Thanks to Coach Brooks and Scott Smith a lar ~e turnou t , mostly underclassmen, helped the Gaucho harriers perform excep tion­ ally "·el l .

The var sity, led by the inde­ hi g h point man Steve Riley placed a c lo se fourth at the league meet. Capta i n Mike Stover, Ki r ~: ~ 1yashlr o , a nd ,1ohn Car l eton rour-ded out this hard wor kln!'; p:rou::. Cross country, with races up to three miles has been referred to a~ the most ~ruelln~ spo rt in hl~h school . Guts a nd coura~e are at a premeum. fati~ablc

with a fine batch of Juniors and Sophomore s returninK next yea Y' El Cerr It o looks lIke the sure bet to take the ACAL cr oss coun try title. e~cepti ona l ab ilit y all seas or. was voted another MYP award fo:­ her tcam efforts.



The tenni s team ran away wit h their divi s ion tit l e as the compet i ­ t ion wa s a lmost nonexi stent . Of course they were unde f eate d throu g ~ ­ out the championships , led by Kathy Hoertllng in varsity singles and Marybeth Rozance a nd Ann rUl,ler in va r sity double . The g il"l s ' varsity s wim t eam evened their season record at 2 - 2 whi le t he Jr. varsity had a wir.n1r.g seaso n wi th a 3- 1 record. Jan Overholtzer was the r·tvp for the Varsity team provi ng victorious nar.? times.

Par the first timc at El Cerr!~ there ~ere enough competent a nd s~!~ players in soft ball t o create a Varsity and. J r. Varsity team. Coa:::-. ed by ;Uss Wong , the girls finis hed the season with an even record at

4-4 .

ham ion Tennis Going from 11 7- 0 ·.rin o ver Ells to a a 0-7 snatc h to San Leandro. the tennis tear:' ~'~il e SO:'lC~.'llat erratic, cat"e u!' with its first winning season, 11-10 . Witb I:lany of the top players under­ classmen, the team should be equally successful nex t year . Don Steedman, the top Senior, played No. 1 the first half of" the season and No. 4 the second . Steve Sakai ranked third and. was voted Most Improved by his te~~tes.

~tcve Riley 13 bat t l inr. it ou with !JcA nza' 3 'ror.1 Durrough in the ACA!. half - nile .

Brad Sherman wa:l the only rull­ time doubles player teaming up with Kathy Hoert l~ng part of the year and Glen Hooo the rest .


~rad ~nerman windIng up for one

his powerful serves .

The Gauchos Swim team had a winning season for the first time in four years. Seniors Bill Tem­ pel1s and Brandon Swain were two of the main reasons. Bill Tempelis wes- the top point getter, collecting his point s In the 200 I.M. and 100 Back, and. as a member of the 200 Medley relay team .

Baseball and twelve loases

~;:;;::i;:~:~~::~;~:t,:O:~~hoast team


the Varsity about,

sone pride. Out

twelve losses 7 were by one Both seniors were members of the free relay team that, along with Alan Hamilton and Brian Bates , set a school record in the event at 3:~1.O. ~OO

BIll Hardin led the Gauchos battlnc: .3118, 'I.'1th five homerun a

batted 15 RBI ' s.

Don Danielson, top Gaucho diver took the clty championship after going undefeated in all dual meets. A foot injury kept him from com­ peting 1n the North Coast meet .

Hardin who was the only Gaucho




as an out-

al,so played catcher, first .

and pitcher. BIll had one horn~­ F.olnF, Into the last two sames of

season , and then hit t~o In his

two at tat~ agaInst Zennedy

nore In his ~!rst two at bat~ ~lchmond . giving hin 11 suc­


BIl ly Close 1'\'85 a valuable

for the Gauchos playln~ the • ",.",'0 too, batted .239 and knock­ r uns, and :l lt a .



Lavagn lno pitched


Clayton, the G~ucho second had a disappolnt 1n,c sea.son hen he fell into an early slum!) but arne out in the fev. games of he season. Eric \;,as an l:npresslve lelder makln~ few errors. ~ric

ac~te r

of ea~on ....ere :--. the ('irst ~.rashl~b of

Golf Led by six Senlors, the Golf tesM hl\d a fine ye:o.r takin, first in the Richmond city neet and second 1n the ACAL. One of the lowest sc oring groups 1n school h1story, had t~e te~'l'! donc as }Iell !ast yellr, they would have lI'on.


with control problens late seasor:. :1ario pit ched in 30 ~""'"';" struck out Ijlj hatters and his Average per game was 3.73, lea~uc recor6 was 1-5.


the highl1f;hts of the a 1-0 win over Berkeley leasue earnp. and a 14-6 Alameda .

Paving the "ay were Martin liood­ 1I0rth, ')1c):, Steve ~:il ler. Glen A"~ral. Grant Inouye, and Ted Cat­ anesi. In t:~e city meet, Woodworth was top medalist tor E1 Cerrito placing second; while in the league, Lee was the top Gaucho takil'..g seventh. "Woodll'orth and !-liller !)layed outstnndinr: over t;'c:!.r t;h:-ee years, ,. co~ent ed Coack Bill P:-ank on these two big athletes both of whom plan to attend Humbolt State in the fall. Lee's college ?lans are still up 1n the air. pending possible ~olf

scholarship offers .


When people get to~e&her to talk abou t Northern California high SChool track powers, inva riabl.v El Cerrito is t~e first school men­ tioned. Thr ougl",out the years, the Gauchos ha·,re don-·-:.,ted the cinders ',ofith such star:o;. ,"' ; ;)1\111' Scott , Sammy Burns, ,)/> \ '~!'.I5ters and others . In keer. ~ .~' . ·...ith t hi s tra­ dition or eJ;celle?:ce, the 1974 team under CC3ch J1m Brooks has turned out ano& fine season . Led by Seniors Steve Riley , John liaynes , Pred Andrews, Tony Bolden, Thurmound Wa!lhinR;ton, ~arvin Wamble, and r.ary Sena , the sp iker'S lost only one dual meet all season and for the second year in a ro w won the Carlemont Relays .

Chose n by the team as Co­ Centains were ~te ve Riley and John Hay nes. Riley. carryin~ the teams ~iddle distance work load all season becaJIle the third fast est half miler in EI Cerrito's history clocki~ 1:55.3 . Tripling through­ OUL ~o st of the year, Steve also runs the 220 (23 . 0) , &he quarter (49 .1 ) , end anchors the mile relay team. Still unsure about his future, Steve has consi dered the University of Hawaii a nd U. C. Davis as possible colleges . The other co-captain,tripl e John Haynes, holds the scheo : record b.y over two feet at 47'11'·. John looks to be a sure state ~eet medalist at Bakersf1eld. Surprisl~ everyone this year after breakln~ hts leg in football, Ha.vnes throu>1:h determ1nation and hard work rou~ht hiS way back up to the number one spot on the teal~ . Ombudsman and State Scholar , John':; work in the classroom ~peaks for itself. The teal!\ couldn't have chosen t ..·o fine!" captains . JUJl\Der

Wh11~ the loss of these 3er.!o:­ superstars will be sorely felt , next year's tear. s~ould ~ve ~ he nece$sary de pth to cc~tin~ e ~ne El Ce~r1~0 tradjtion.


Mr. Dunn's Last Request L1sten uP. you fools. As you cross the border to eighteen, re­ member you are entitled to be draf­ ted as well as vote. If you don't vote to mess up the government, the government may come and draft you, or tax you, or jail you , or declare you a postage stamp.

Seniors during their final se­ mester of scho ol have a tendency to re flect with some sentimentality on the ir high school experiences . I take this opportu ni ty to share with you some of my thou~hts and experi ­ ences as Student Body Pre sident. I shall endeavour to dispense with need less emot i ons whether they be of joy or sadness . I launched into my "political" career rather abruptly. My lack of experienc e in student government. has in SOMe ways, been a hi ndTance in achieving some of the goals and obj ectives that I had hoped to ac­ comp lish. "So much to lea rn and so litt le time ." I became involved 1n Student government with the belief that through i t much could have been accomp lished. I still hold this be­ lief . This 15 not to say that pr o­ bl ems do not exi st within tpe body; many improvements can be made. Yet as an institution, if well organ­ ized if well lead, and containing repr~sentatives who actually re pr e ­ sent their fellow students, student government is almost limit l ess as to the changes i t can ind uce. ;~ Olfe':! mind runs wild with thoughts of fant asti c achievements when first elected; the great pyra­ mids seem nothing in comparison. The rude awakening is quick, how­ ever. Change does not come over­ night, nor Is i t effected tremendously by one individual. For various reasons, many of my efforts have gone in vain. A lesson one mu st learn early in hJs term is patience.

That's ~ trip: Do unto the syste m before it does unto you. Grab the bosses Dy their sapes and the rest will follow.

As my years here at E.C. come to an end, I can't help thinking about the things we ' ve faile d to accomplish. I guess I ' m sad in one respect but much more frustrated in another. I feel sad about l eaving El Cerrito, but I feel frustrated that in all my time here we've never really learned how to communicate. More than ever people s eparate themselves into c l i­ Ques; mor e than ever peop le don't care about other people's problems, and more than ever we ta lk but ge t nothing done.

I don't ab ~o lve myse lf from guilt bec au se I knOW I've been a part of i t all. ~u t I ur~e stu ­ dents in the future to do What we couldn't; find some meaning in stu­ dent government and school , and to ~o past mere talk and find out what real communic ation is. And above all, sa tisfy youself with your goa ls .

Student Body Pre siden t

I can say that because I spent 3 yea rs atartln~ a lot of thin~a and fin ishing none of the~. So I g Ive yo~ my wise advice and hope none of you:".end up me. And I wish you good luck. Most of you will go over the torder and turn eighteen. I hope you regIster and vote. Because vo­ ting outside of s chool is not like voting in school. If It's a "game" the reason the present politicians are in is because the rest of us didn't play their "game." Their game is taxes , cops , laws. welfare, s ocl~l security, and war, Which are not the same things as stUdent body stickers. All power :0 next year's Freshmen !

ILLCO~ (Iv ·· .~;t1to r Glen Homo,

Vice President

I have had rewards from my ot­

fice. I do not elect t o judge as

Por seniors, graduation i8 a to whether the time spent was worth

time of new beginnings. For some the achievements. Much t~me wa s

it means coll ege and higher educa­ spent. I'll leave it at that .

tion. Por others it's get ting a job and finding new freedoms. Student Government has taught me much about school - administrations, But graduation is a l onely my fellow students, and maybe time too. Friends known and loved most important o f all, about myself. for years are going their separate For these reasons, I value my expe­ ways. riences in student government. This is why I a_ in total Anyone facing the loss of fri­ disagreement with those who would ends should read thi s part of the say that I have wasted my time. "Theme From Star Trek" writt en by Gene Roddenberry. the show's crea­ !lie come here, after all, to tor. learn. I f eel the things I have learned. the insi ght s I have ga ined, .... I mow wi ll benefit me much more than His journey ends never any class I have taken here. His Star Trek I wish you al l succ ess. It Will go on forever has been a privi lege. Good-bye and But tell him While he wanders his starry sea Good Luc k. Remember, remember me.

Brandon Swain,

How do you. do that? I don't know, hut you don't flaunt your apat hy and walk out on the whole bus­ siness . When you get a petit ion, push it hard and don't stop pushing. Change ta kes time and work. I f you won't follow through, don't start anything.


t-;L CABALLERO 1973-'71

~taff Co -Editors ........ Bruce Talbot and Shauna Bridges Photographer ...... Wes ley Takashiba Page Editors ...... Robert Houtier, Arthur Chianl-":, Bruce Talbot, Li: Cohe e, Mike StOVI Mike Kamio. Barr Cr oma rit~, Set.t y King, Paul Roge and CIndy Hart

Head line s ......... Nathan Silverman

Typists ..•........ Karen Weir ich, Kim Hilburn. Pe ','eCce, <'l.nd Yvon McCormick. Reporters •..•..... J ohn Dunn, Caro Epperson . She rr ~ Zia, and Bett y King,

El Cerrito High School 1974 Senior Edition  

A special edition of the El Caballero student newspaper published May 31, 1974

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