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Put yourself in their shoes...


2008 A N N U A L R E P O R T

The steps you take can make a difference in the steps they take. OUR MISSION: High Jump equalizes access to education for middle school students who have exhibited exceptional academic ambition and potential, and who are of limited economic means. We provide academic enrichment, counseling, and support to students of diverse backgrounds, with the goals of sending our participants to superior college preparatory schools, ensuring their success while they are there, and enhancing their ability to gain admission to highly regarded four-year colleges and universities.



“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” ~Dr. Seuss Dear Friends and Colleagues, On behalf of High Jump’s outstanding team of leaders we are pleased to present the 2008 Annual Report. With highly dedicated staff, faculty, trustees and volunteers, we continue our tireless efforts in making High Jump one of the leading institutions dedicated to providing tuition-free academic enrichment to talented and motivated middle school students with limited family income. The program provides a whole new world of choices for students in addition to the tools needed to succeed in a more challenging world that awaits them. Our sustained results are a strong demonstration of our commitment and dedication to continue providing students with access and opportunities to achieve their fullest potential. 2009 marks High Jump’s twentieth year of providing outstanding service and commitment to middle-school education to underserved youth. We hope that you will continue your support as we grow and expand to effect a greater number of deserving youth in our city. High Jump is embarking on some wonderful initiatives and we hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity by joining us in our efforts. High Jump is only possible because of the many stakeholders who have been willing to put themselves in our students’ shoes and thus, commit time and resources to our mission. We salute our faculty and staff, volunteers, parents, trustees, and The Latin School of Chicago - you are truly role models for all to follow. Our present initiatives, as well as our future plans require great commitment. We thank you for your support and hope we can count on you to walk alongside us in the coming year. With gratitude for your past and future support,

Tasha R. Green Executive Director

Langdon D. Neal Chair, Board of Trustees


Once students

experience High Jump, they never look back. High Jump is a tuition-free, two and one-half year academic enrichment program for talented lowincome students. Founded in 1989, the program prepares students for selective public, parochial, and independent college preparatory high schools. Participating students have high academic potential but face limited opportunities and resources. Entrance into the program is selective. Priority is given to students who would be the first in their family to attend college. Upon acceptance into the program, each student commits to attending rigorous classes during the two and one-half year program. The High Jump experience includes: – Saturday academic classes and programs – Daily six-week intensive summer programming – Educational field trips – Annual outdoor education leadership retreat – Nutritious breakfast snacks and lunch daily

– One-on-one high school admissions and financial aid counseling – Mentoring – All supplies, textbooks and curricular materials – Additional special programming, activities, and events

The enriched curriculum is designed to provide an educational experience that will foster discipline and a love for learning in students. Students take the following challenging courses during their time at High Jump: – Algebra / Geometry – Language Arts

– Junior Achievement: Marketplace and Globalization

– Biology / Physical Science

– High School Admissions and Financial Aid Preparation

– Social Science: Issues and Ideas

– Theatre

– Computer Applications

– Visual Arts

– ISEE / SSAT Exam Preparation

– Physical Education / Health Awareness

– Writing Workshop

High Jump has graduated 18 cohorts of students who have attended more than 100 top college preparatory high schools and 150 selective colleges and universities across the country. Since the program’s inception, more than 650 students have been served; 100% matriculate into top college preparatory high schools. 4


Running through 2008: and


High Jump utilizes a thematic approach in its enrichment curriculum, designed to inspire both the discipline and love for learning in its students. High Jump students develop strong critical and analytical thinking skills. All courses in the 7th and 8th grade curriculums focus on the core development of strong study skills, organization and time management. Class size is limited to 10-14 students, with a teacher and teaching assistants providing challenging course material coupled with strong support and academic advisory. All High Jump teaching assistants are program alumni, who offer a unique perspective and direct understanding of the High Jump experience and expectation. High Jump students began the 2008 Summer Session with a 3-day overnight outdoor educational leadership retreat at Lorado Taft, located on Northern Illinois University field campus in Oregon, Illinois. At Lorado Taft, students have the unique opportunity to meet their new peers in a non-classroom setting, free from the pressures of classroom performance. Students participate in icebreakers and introductions, develop team-building skills, and also have the opportunity to express their interests, personalities and goals amongst their peers. As a result, students begin the six week Summer Session with developed friendships and a strong sense of community and support. All students are enrolled in core subject courses: Math, Science, Writing Workshop, Language Arts, and Issues & Ideas. 7th grade students take Theater and Improvisation while 8th grade students are enrolled in Visual and/or Media Arts. Supplemental courses include but are not limited to Physical Education and Health Awareness, ISEE/ SSAT Exam Prep, High School Counseling, Study Hall/Independent Study, and Jr. Achievement: Marketplace and Globalization.



PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS ( CONT ’ D ) Curriculum collaborations and cross-curricular themes are strong and include looped lessons: – Writing Workshop 7th grade and Theater 7th grade: oral histories, biographies and interviewing – Writing Workshop 8th grade and Issues & Ideas 8th grade: memoirs and story telling – Physical Science 8th grade and Topics in Algebra 8th grade: math and science in engineering/design concepts, and cross-curriculum diagrams, power points, oral reports, lab reports and model structures – Physical Science 8th grade and Writing 8th grade: Napoleon’s Buttons and poster presentations

The Summer Bridge program for rising 9th grade students included the following summer intensive courses: Composition, Creative Writing & Performance, and French. High Jump is a founding member of the National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA). The National Partnership for Educational Access was spearheaded by The Steppingstone Foundation in 2007 and founded by a committee of organizational leaders to encourage long-term success for member organizations as well as the dissemination of best practices to allied schools, institutions and individuals who share a commitment to education access and opportunity. Cornell University has partnered with High Jump for six years conducting engineering seminars. The partnership has expanded to include seminars from university professors in the areas of literature, math and theater. High Jump partnered with Academic Approach, a test preparation center focused on “Teaching Beyond the Test,” to offer 7th and 8th grade students online instruction that helps them prepare for high school entrance exams such as SSAT and ISEE. In their exam prep course, each student receives a personal log-in and is able to track their progress as they strengthen their grasp of enriched vocabulary, math, reading and verbal skills. A teacher and teaching assistant guide their practice and supplement the homework assignments, discussions, and quizzes. As part of physical education and health awareness course, a new component called LIVESTRONG, developed by Lance Armstrong and Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory was implemented. Students viewed a video that identified key issues related to people living with cancer and held group discussions and focused activities around LIVESTRONG mission statement and health awareness. Each student received a yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet. 7th grade students visited the Chicago History Museum for audio tours of the following exhibits: Chicago-Crossroads of America, a gallery of Chicago history from early beginning to present day; Imagining Chicago-The Dioramas, depicts the story of Chicago from frontier outpost to host city for the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893; Sensing Chicago - a children’s gallery for students to explore the city using their 5 senses; Treasures - a series of building wide installations featuring collection highlight; Big Picture - a new view of painting in Chicago; Catholic Chicago - highlights the history of religious communities in Chicago. This field trip complimented the 7th grade thematic curriculum focusing on urban poverty, hunger and homelessness, immigration and social justice. A special group reflection activity was conducted upon the students return to High Jump with several Service Learning Coordinators from DePaul University’s Irwin W. Stearns Center for Community-based Service Learning and Community Service Studies. 8


PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS ( CONT ’ D ) 8th grade students spent a day at the Dirksen Federal Building to learn about the Federal Court System. The Honorable Judge Anne Williams and Just The Beginning Foundation spearheaded the partnership with High Jump. Students toured the courtrooms and Judge Williams’ chambers. U.S. Marshals conducted a presentation, and a panel of Judges shared with students their personal stories in becoming a judge. The law firm Sidley Austin hosted lunch at the firm with the summer associates and partners and heard from a panel of attorneys about the type of law they practice and their paths on becoming an attorney. This field trip complimented the 8th grade reading of To Kill a Mockingbird, and provided both a historical and contemporary comparison and discussion of the U.S. judicial system and trial law. High Jump students hosted an evening Art and Theater Expo to showcase their summer work and performances for their families and friends. Also High Jump hosted The First Annual Expo Day and Talent Show, in which students delighted in sharing what they learned during the intensive summer session. Students produced a variety of works including, but not limited to power point presentations, science demonstrations, scale models displays, individual student and group productions, special readings and spoken word performances. The event captured rousing performances during our Talent Show, which included performances by students, staff, faculty and alumni alike. Special student clubs were formed during Summer Session 2008 based on faculty, staff and student tee and science interest and included a knitting club, talent show committee club. A series of parent roundtable discussions have been held on topics ting Students at including Student Stress and Time Management; Supporting ns. These series Home; Exploring High School and Boarding School options. are ongoing throughout the school year and touches uponn a broad range of topics. ool Fair at Francis In October 2008, High Jump hosted The Annual High School ilies visited W. Parker School, where over 300 students and their families with more than 40 top local and national high schools andd boarding schools. Cohort 19 completed their ISEE exams at The Latin School of Chicago, and received test score advisory as well as recommendations to take the SSAT exam during a student roundtable. High Jump’s Mentoring Program hosted “Movie with your Mentor,” in which students viewed the film Whale Rider and later participated in an essay writing contest reflecting upon the film’s theme and message.


RECRUITING FUTURE LEADERS At the close of High Jump’s recruitment season, High Jump visited over 150 Chicagoland schools. A total of 33 neighborhoods were visited, including 10 new neighborhoods on the south side. The number of African-American male applicants increased as a strategic result. Over 1,700 students were reached during our recruitment season, including 1000 students who received a qualifying ISAT score and subsequent High Jump invitational to apply.

ALUMNI WHO REMAIN INVOLVED Over a dozen alumni volunteered for the Annual 2008 Benefit, “An Evening of Laughter,” at the Chicago History Museum in May. High Jump Alumni and summer teaching assistants joined Cohorts 19 and 20 at Lorado Taft, to help facilitate introductions and icebreakers, teambuilding skills, character development, independence and confidence building, and to create an environment of trust, allowing students to test their abilities in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere prior to the Summer Session. High Jump’s Mentors hosted a Holiday and Alumni Reunion Party for Cohorts 12-20.


Since 1989, more than 650 talented, Chicag our program and then found their way to o

go middle-school students have walked into outstanding college preparatory institutions. We want to keep that line moving.

Sizing us up High Jump serves talented, low-income students with an average annual family income of $28,000 (based on a family of four). Students are recruited from a wide range of neighborhoods and schools. Priority is given to students who would be first in their family to attend college. Here are a few snapshots of the program and the composition of our student body.


DIVERSITY PROFILE Instructional 34%

Hispanic 37%

Instructional Support 26%

African American 34%

General Administration 19%

Asian American 19%

Multi-Racial/Other 5%

Other 10% Student Support Services 4%

Indian/South Ind ian Asian 3%

Student Activities & Alumni Programs 4% General Institutional 3%



Parochial Schools 8% Charter Schools 6%

Individuals 22% Foundations 21%

In-Kind 21%


Earned Income 8%

Corporations 5%


Female 65%

Male 35%

Taking our students to

worthwhile places No two students benefit from the High Jump experience in precisely the same way, but each one benefits enormously. “I am Michelle Ng and I currently attend Lab Schools at the University of Chicago. High Jump was a place for me to feel welcomed and accepted for being smart. The teachers and staff are open to questions, comments, and concerns, and they are there for you whenever you need them. High Jump students offer encouragement and present themselves as role models and good influences. I gained a lot more self-confidence through High Jump, and feel ready for whatever challenges that may come my way because I will always have High Jump to support me.” Michelle Ng Cohort 18 “High Jump opened so many doors for me, both educationally and socially.Since I left the program, I have always wanted to come back and help out so that I could give back to the program that gave so much to me.” Paty Perea Cohort 11, High Jump Recruitment and Alumni Relations Officer.

“My name is Camaya Brown. I’m 14 years old, and I have a loving and supporting family. Some people may not realize it, but sometimes I can be very outspoken. Without High Jump this wouldn’t be the case. By joining High Jump, I have realized that you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you think. I know how to project my thoughts and feelings to get my point across.“ Camaya Brown Cohort 19

“I was one of the first students invited to join High Jump. Shortly thereafter, I was promoted to 7th grade a year early, and was the first student to officially graduate from High Jump. I was offered a full scholarship to The Latin School of Chicago and later matriculated to Michigan State University, where I majored in Finance/Banking with minors in Spanish and Theater. I currently own a Financial Systems Consulting Firm where I develop financially driven systems and databases for clients. As an entrepreneur, I’m also in the early stages of building my own web company, which has already reached about 2.5 million people through Facebook over the past few months.” Kenny Davis Cohort 1

“My name is Joshua Warren and I have been in High Jump since Summer 2007. Ever since the first day of the program, I have learned a lot and I really feel like this is where I belong. Everyone is so welcoming and nice! I’ve also learned to organize and focus on what needs to be done in order to be academically successful. High Jump has given me an advantage at school and in the future. It’s made me smarter and I believe a lot of opportunities are going to come my way. I got into a great high school, and I’m going to explore the world in college. Mostly, I am going to succeed! This is what lies ahead of me, thanks to High Jump.” Joshua Warren Cohort 19 “I was born Bizuwork Berhanu Melesse in a small town in Southern Ethiopia in 1994, and came to the United States in late 2002. In my earlier years, I did not like going to school. I love High Jump because it allowed me to prepare myself for the inevitable future of high school, college and beyond. High Jump is such a fine community where everybody is friendly, smart, and where there is understanding and acceptance. I currently attend Philips Exeter Academy and would like to graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and become an aircraft designer and chief pilot.” Bizuwork Melesse Cohort 18


High School

Matriculation COHORT 18

8th Grade Class of 2008 One hundred percent of High Jump graduates matriculate to high school. The students of Cohort 18 have matriculated to the following top college preparatory public, independent, and parochial high schools:



Conserve (2)

Senn High School

Phillips Exeter Academy

Walter Payton College Prep (7)

Northfield Mount Hermon

Whitney M. Young Magnet High School (10)



Curie High School International Baccalaureate

The Latin School of Chicago (4)

Hubbard High School International Baccalaureate

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (3)


Lane Technical High School (5) Lincoln Park International Baccalaureate (2) Morgan Park International Baccalaureate NorthSide College Prep (2) Richards High School


Mother McCauley High School Regina Dominican High School St. Ignatius College Prep St. Laurence (2)


Matriculation COHORT 14

High School Class of 2008 High Jump has provides students with the foundation needed to excel in high school and beyond. More than eighty- two percent of High Jump alumni attend college. Graduates of Cohort 14 have gone on to continue their studies at prestigious colleges and universities across the country. The following is a sample of where some of the students from Cohort 14 are enrolled:

Bowdoin College (2)

Oberlin College

Davidson College

St. Louis University

DePaul University (3)

Trinity College

DePauw University

University of Chicago (4)

George Washington University

University of Illinois at Chicago

Knox College

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (7)

Loyola University

University of Wisconsin

Northwestern University

Xavier University


High Jump 2008


High Jump is grateful to the following individuals, corporations and foundations whose generosity made it possible for Chicago area students to prepare for leadership and success in the college preparatory school of their choice. The list below reflects gifts from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008.

$50,000 +

Leslie & William Barker

$1,000 +

Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

Harry F. Chaddick & Elaine Chaddick Foundation Inc.

Bank of America

The Chicago Community Trust

Bank of America Foundation

$35,000 +

Gail & Richard Elden

Jean McKee Barry

The Brinson Foundation

Aline & Don Funk

Ivy H. Bennett

Patricia Cox & Family

The Berner Charitable and Scholarship Foundation

Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P.

Judith & Philip D. Block III

The Grover Hermann Foundation

Leslie Bluhm & David Helfand

Nancy & Robert Hoyt

Cynthia & Benjamin Chereskin


Shawn Donnelley

JP Morgan Chase

Gretchen & John W. Jordan Jordan Industries, Inc.

Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

Kenny’s Kids

LaSalle Bank

Arie & Ida Crown Memorial The Crown Family

$25,000 + Mary Beth & Phil Canfield

$20,000 +

Peggy & Yung Bong Lim McGraw Foundation

Chicago Sun-Times Charity Trust

The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation

Laurie & Scott Rose

Annie & Richard Rothkopf

$15,000 + Circle of Service Foundation Paula Hannaway Crown & James Crown Keith & Rodney Goldstein The Mayer & Morris Kaplan Family Foundation

The Rothkopf Family Charitable Foundation Ventas Healthcare Properties Gail Waller & Tim Schwertfeger Tina & William Wardrop William Blair and Company Foundation

Lindy & Michael Keiser

$2,500 +

Little Angel Foundation

Diana Aixala & Gavin Campbell

Jeanette Sublett & Langdon D. Neal

Atlantic Trust

$10,000 + Jill & Richard Almeida Almeida Family Foundation Robin Loewenberg Berger & Louis Berger Joanne Benazzi Friedland Weezie & John Gates Andi & Jim Gordon Kirkland & Ellis Foundation Whitney & Jerry Lasky Prince Charitable Trusts Cari & Michael Sacks Sacks Family Foundation Julie & Brian Simmons Julie & Brian Simmons Family Foundation The Northern Trust Company W.P. & H.B. White Foundation

$5,000 + ABN-AMRO Anonymous Janice & Richard Bail


Everett/O’Connor Charitable Trust

Debbie Bricker Jillisa Brittan Jacolyn & John Bucksbaum Kate Markin Coleman ColeTaylor Bank Anne & Thomas Cox Mary & Charles Gofen Sandra & Lee Golub Shelley Greenwood & John Lincoln Harris Bank Karen & Charles Hunter Mark Hoplamazian & Rachel Kohler McDougal Littell Inc. Adele & Michael Murphy Michael Murphy Foundation Alexandra & John Nichols Maureen Rogan & Vincent Cozzi Susan Sher Sidley Austin LLP Sun-Times News Group Jill & John Svoboda Lisa & Charles Tribbett

Sylvia Fergus Marilyn & Larry Fields Alexandra & David Fox Anna & Hubbard Garber Kathryn & James Gidwitz Ronald Gidwitz Susan & Terence Graunke Lisa Gregg & Randy Mitchell Harris Family Foundation Stephanie & Charlie Harrold Patricia & O.J. Heestand Christopher Hehmeyer Hennessy Family Foundation Kathy & Mark Hoffmeister Tom Hynes & Carol Jones Priscilla & Steven Kersten Steven Koch Patricia & Martin Koldyke Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc. Jill & John Levi Kimberly Lynch & Andrew Karp Martha & John Mabie Julie & John Mathias Courtney & Roger McEniry McKee Family Foundation Mary Mikva & Steve Cohen National City Isobel Neal Dr. Eleanor Nicholson Peter Nierman Beth Ann & Tom Papoutsis Georgy Ann & William Peluchiwski Adrienne Banks Pitts & Michael Pitts Reyes Holding Group Desiree Rodgers Beverly & Howard Rossman


Contributors Dianne Sautter & Tom Campbell

Bruce Heyman

Stephanie & Michael Chu

Leslie Breed McLean

Jan & Donny Schneider

High Jump Auxiliary Committee

Lindsey & Dan Ciral

Meredith Meserow

Carole & Gordon Segal

The Horner Foundation

Clare & Matthew Colnon

Paul Miller

Shields Meneley Partners

Doris Conant

Susan Moran & John McDonough

Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

Debbie Jefkin-Elnekave & Robi Elnekave

Maureen & Ian Connell

Jane & Mike Murray

Souder Family Foundation

Kazi Joshua

Joan Craig

Rhodeshia & Ben Nelson

Deborah Stone

Karie & David Katz

Ana & Cameron Cummins

Annmarie & Matthew Neumeier

Pam Szokol & Dr. Joe Szokol

Judith & John Keller

Fern Davis

Kristen & David Nuelle

Diane Rohlin Thomas & Mike Thomas

Rohit Kumar

Marilyn & Terrance Diamond

Peg Panzer

Elizabeth & Bruce White

Lindsay & Marc Landsberg

Gioia Diliberto & Dick Babcock

Jill & Geoffrey Parker

Anthony M. Castaldo

Wende Fox Lawson & James Lawson

Patricia Dimm & Thomas Harboe

Robin & John Parsons

Marc Hodak

Karen & Mike Litwin

Thomas Dwyer

Nancy & Thomas Patterson

Charley Johnson

Dr. Debra Weese-Mayer & Dr. Robert N. Mayer

Marci Eisenstein & John Treece

Miledy Payano

Patti & Joseph Farago

Beth & Cary Perlman

David Feiner

Jan & Harold Pomerantz

Lisa & Don Firke

Deborah & Stephen Quazzo

Suzanne Flavin

John Rafkin

Debbie & Charles Frank

Bruce Fleisher & Laurie Regenbogen

Lauren & Todd Gillman

Liliana Reyes E. Robbie Robinson

Janice Rodgers

Ann Dudley Goldblatt & Stanford Goldblatt

Adrienne & Harry Rosenberg

Evelyn Gonzalez

Laura & Steven Rugo

Sandy Shkolnik & Jude DiGuiseppe

Linda Goodman & David Narefsky

Nancy & David Sarne

Kate & Howard Siegel

Karen & J.D. Gray

April & James Schink

Terri & Mark Sullivan

Stephanie & Carlos Green

Randie & Donald Shapiro

Sara & Blake Swift

Joyce & Russell Greenblatt

Anne Frame Sheppard

Marilynn & Carl Thoma

Brenda Gutierrez

Lindsay & Richard Shepro

Noren & Richard Ungaretti

Carey & Adam Hecktman

Thomas Shure

Katrina Veerhusen & Hugh McCombs

Ruben Hedlund

Frances Seidman

Richard Wagner

Janet & Robert Helman

Fanette Singer

Lena & Steve Helms

Naomi & James Stanhaus

Patricia & Craig Henderson

Kim & Scott Stiffle

High Jump Auxilliary Committee Paula Hudson Holderman

Emily Heisley Stoeckel & Kevin Stoeckel

Tassie & Dick Holt

Carol & David Stone

Patricia & Christopher Horsch

Susan & Garth Taylor

Mary Jane Jacob & Russsell Lewis

Brian Tilton

Shirley Jaffee

June & Trey Tune

Anna Johnson

Robin & Bob Von Halle

Raymonda & Hulon Johnson

Peter Bensinger Jr. & Heidi Wagman

Svena Julien

Dr.Alaka Wali

Janet & Ivan Kaplan

Jennifer & Rob Warden

Patricia Kilduff

Roger Hill & Eva Wassermann

Jennifer & Joseph Lansing

Liz & Daniel Weil

Carol & Robert Lifton

Tracy & Tony Weisman

Maria Lopez

Mary & Lynn White

Carlene Lutz

Dori Wilson

Mary & Melvin Marks

Janie Wu

John F. Kerridge Tony Kondaks Thierry Lefebvre Mike Meginnis Matt Monell Luis Garza Sada Elliot Schwartz Anshuman A Mondal Richard Adam Smith Craig Aaron David Aaronovitch Morra Aarons-Mele Rashid Abbara Hassan Abbas Diane Abbott

$500+ Liz & Bill Adams Trisha Rooney & Chris Alden Teri & Matt Anderson Ariel Capital Management Inc. Lorraine Arvin Deborah & Warren Baker Maria Bechily & Scott Hodes Prudence & Francis Beidler Steven Berkowitz Kristi & Kevin Brown Connie & E. D. Coolidge Coolidge Family Foundation Theresa & Philip Cothern Kathleen & James Cowie Liz & Kent Dauten Elizabeth & Donald Eugenio Mary Frances & Frank Brumfield Ethel & William Gofen Karen Granda & John Mrowiec Judith Guajardo Jennifer & Scott Gwilliam



Susan McGee & Timothy Goodsell Carlette McMullan & John Gibbons Amy & William Morro Clare Munana & John McCartney Eileen & Chris Murphy Margot Pritzker

TO $500 Akira Ellen & Thomas Albrecht Andrea & Barry Ash Alicia Judith Bassum Meta S. and Ronald Berger Family Foundation Margaret Berger & Michel Friedman Susan Berman & Raymond Cahnman Ellen & David Block Patricia & Laurence Booth Judy & John Bross Robert & Tamara Buday Suzette & Allan Bulley Robert Buno Martha Camargo Sally & John Carton Charlotte Caudill & Alan Cravitz Zorobabel Cervantes Sandra & Robert Chapman

Laura & James McCormick Betsy & Mark McKelvey

Juan Rosales



HIGH JUMP 2008-2009 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Langdon D. Neal, CHAIR Rodney L. Goldstein, IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR Paula Hannaway Crown, VICE CHAIR



Kate Markin Coleman

Anna D. Johnson

Scott B. Rose

Diana Aixala

Patricia Cox

Priscilla Kersten

Richard E. Rothkopf

Richard J. Almeida, Emeritas

Joanne Benazzi Friedland

Whitney Lasky

Susan Sher

Bill Barker

Charles S. Gofen

Julie Mathias

Julie Simmons

Ivy H. Bennett

Shelley Greenwood

Dr. Eleanor Nicholson

Dr. Alaka Wali

Robin Loewenberg Berger

Nancy Hoyt

Adrienne Banks Pitts

Mary Beth Canfield

Charles J. Hunter

Nicholas K. Pontikes


FACULTY Tai Basurto

Bill Hedden

Aileen Belizario

Cesar Orozco

Ralph Bayoneto

Brian Hennelly

Judy Chen

Lisa Pagniucci, Co-chair

Sabrina Binder

Wendy Hush

Jeffery D. Harrold, II

Seema Radhakrishnan

Maggie Coyne

David Kaye

Daniel Hwang

Linaida Rivera

Margaret Deyerler

Jordan Kravitz

Melissa Roth

Bernadette Dvorscak

Michael Kolody

Abigail Kalmbach June Kim

Kathy Farrell

Kelly Lambert

Ada Li

Jonas Feliciano

Katherine Lampert

Jeffrey Oudsema

Sari Fine Veronica Galindo

Virginia Lund

Marci Gitles

Chris Van Benthuysen

Valerie Goldstein

Paige Warren

Myiti Sengstacke

Lance Hall


Larry Serota A. Melissa Vargas, Co-chair Rafael A. Vargas

VOLUNTEERS Oscar Barbarin

Alex Lin

Annie Bostrom

Evelyn Murillo

Tiffany Cole

Gaby Perea

Andrew Crown

Karla Perez

Agnes Dziemianko

Alejandro Ruizeparaza

Muhammad Ahktar

Elaine Rojas-Castillo

Molly Eskew

Jonathan Schatz

Imani Camp

Jessica Roldan

Curran Filer

Sarah Serrano

Charles Fang

Ben Serrano

Paloma Hernandez

Pratik Shah

Jesus Flores

Claire Swisher

Marco Hernandez

Stephen Simko

Nakeba Johnson

Maryann Tamrazi

Daniel Hwang

Marcus Summers

Chris Lee

Verdiana Wagner

Lasondra Kern

Nicoletta Wagner

Dani Perea

Meghan Wals

Jessica Lewis

Margaret Wardrop

Photography by: Michael Chu


To learn more about High Jump and funding opportunities, please contact: High Jump, 59 W. North Boulevard, Chicago IL 60610 312.582.7700

Printed with soy inks on recycled paper.

High Jump 2009 Annual Report  
High Jump 2009 Annual Report  

Annual Report from Chicago's High Jump Program. Photography by Michael Chu