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Michael Smith


18th February 1949




Healthcare, Senior Management, CEO, Chairman

Overview Michael Smith’s career began in 1969 when he joined the Royal Air Force to study medical laboratory technology. Having gained degrees in medical microbiology and clinical biochemistry between 1969 and 1973 he became a medical scientific officer until he left the RAF in 1975 having worked in several UK military hospitals and overseas postings. In 1975 he continued his career by taking a senior position in a Harley Street laboratory. During the years from 1975-1981 he took a range of positions both in the UK and overseas. In 1980 he travelled to India where he met with H.H. Dalai Lama and following discussion with His Holiness decided to spend 12 months in Dharamsala to train and develop a medical laboratory service for the Tibetan Refugees living in exile. Returning to the UK in 1982 he gained substantial experience as a medical technologist he decided to pursue a management career and as such in 1983 took a position as international marketing manager for J.S Pathology Plc, the UK’s largest commercial laboratory. The role comprised development of international business in the Middle East. This was a very successful role and he developed a turnover in excess of £2.5 million in the Middle East market. In 1985 he was headhunted by Bioscientia Gmbh a division of Boehringer Ingleheim. He took the position as International Marketing Manager responsible for developing and managing a 25 million Deutschmark business in Europe and the Middle East. In 1988 he decided to start his own business and established Pathology Management Company Limited. (PMC) His role was CEO. The concept was innovative and was a direct competition to many private pathology laboratory services in the Harley Street area of London. As an alternative to the high capital cost of equipping a multi-discipline medical laboratory he developed a network of specialist laboratories throughout the NHS. High profile labs such as St Thomas’s Hospital, Guys Medical School and University College Hospital, already had the reputation of high quality laboratories. He then developed a system that provided a range of specialist investigations to the pharmaceutical industry and private doctors. Essentially PMC was a clearing house that collected samples centrally and using

sophisticated computer communications provided the results of analytical services back to the client. The service was high profit and high quality. In 1992 the market became diversified and as such PMC needed to develop other sources of income and as such Michael developed a range of sophisticated self-testing home diagnostic kits. The range included: Cholesterol, Blood Group, Allergy, Prostate Specific Antigen, Urine Infection and Osteoporosis. The kits were branded as BodyWatch and he designed the product from ground up. Within a period of just 12 months the kits were available through; Boots, Tesco, Safeway and Superdrug. He also developed a marketing strategy using P.R and frequently appeared on BBC TV as well as articles and profiles in the Daily Mail and other prominent newspapers. In addition he also developed an outlet through QVC shopping channel and also presented the products personally. In 1999 the company was sold and Michael co-developed a health screening business Medicalliance Healthcare Ltd. The business provided preventative healthcare services to senior executives in the form of health screening and counselling. Services were provided to high profile blue chip. Addition to corporate executives Michael developed a service of informative health-days to employees in the form of one-day workshops. This proved highly innovative and successful and was implemented by many government councils and corporations. In 2006 Michael retired from a full time career and decided to live temporarily in Dharamsala, Northern India where he met with His Holiness Dalai Lama and decided to set up a charity called Tibet Medical Fund. TMF provided funding to upgrade equipment for the laboratory that he personally started in 1981. He has lived in Dharamsala from 2006 to 2011. The Delek Hospital for Tibetans now has a fully operational medical laboratory with an extensive range of diagnostic equipment serving the Tibetan community as well as the local indigenous population. Apart from occasional consultation work, this project is successfully concluded. With specialist knowledge of meditation and stress management techniques, combined with conventional diagnostic and preventative medicine, Michael now provides a consultancy service providing mentoring and management experience to healthcare industry. He has consulted for BUPA and other organisations.

Expertise General management Product development Marketing strategy Operations Stress management Healthcare counselling Television and Radio media experience Public relations Spokesperson Current Company profile HealthAlliance HealthAlliance provides services to business including: On-site health screening and assessment Meditation and Mindfulness workshops for business Tel: 01908 41279 Mob: 07919386149 Email: URL: www. Michael Smith Consultancy MSC provides consultancy services to business and includes: Interim management Mentoring and motivation Mediation Conflict resolution Tel: 01908 412794 Mob: 07919386149 Email: URL: General Interests Writing – Michael has also published three novels now available as Kinder electronic media through Music – performed, wrote and produced a solo album of acoustic guitar in 1978 Photography - He is also a keen photographer having taken pictures throughout India and S.E. Asia. Meditation– studied in Dharamsala India Trekking – undertaken high altitude treks in Nepal, Zanskar and Ladakh

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