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What better three words to openly welcome everyone to this year’s Heart of the City Festival! Our hope is for you to find comfort, fun, and inspiration through the arts wherever your senses take you. Luckily we have nearly everything that your “art-heart” may desire. Now let the creativity begin! Hear amazing musical acts at the main stage and youth tent! Listen to how powerful words can be at the The Beat slam poetry stage! Let your hands do the talking and attend several art workshops in the art tent (don’t forget to tie-dye your festival t-shirt)! See New Music Edmonton share their talents, watch Mile Zero dancers dance, and check out what art vendors have done this year! Does your nose smell something good? That’s just the food vendors making enticing delights guaranteed to please the taste-buds! Whatever it may be, the harmony of the senses is alive and well in Giovanni Caboto Park. You’ll find the healing begins at the Heart.


The Heart of the City Festival Society of Edmonton is a year-round organization that promotes local and emerging artists through the curation of music and arts events including a free, annual, familyfriendly festival in central Edmonton.


Inspiration and opportunity through the arts! Festival theme artwork by

Brandon Quill

at iHuman Youth Society Booklet layout and design by Mike Siek WWW.HEARTCITYFEST.COM



Do you hear something? Is that a faint drum, guitar, keyboard, or kazoo in the distance? Come closer to our Main Stage (and I mean right close) to listen and move to the craft of over 45 musical acts! We aim to host all genres, and whether you love metal, bluegrass, or hip-hop come share in the wonderful sounds at Heart of the City. Working equally as hard are our emcees, stage managers, and backstage technicians from Listen Louder. Watch as they manoeuvre the stage seamlessly ensuring smooth sailing for all acts “on deck”. It truly is a finely tuned symphony of hard work and extraordinary talent. Enjoy and encourage – and who knows… maybe next year that’ll be you on stage!


See below to learn about several of this year’s main stage acts! Wanna learn more, check out our website and social media streams. Chubby Cree are all-woman powwow and hand drummers group singing to our creator and honour all the women. They strive to help the youth and respect elders, serving as role models in the community. Rellik is an award winning, multi-award nominated urban , Indigenous artist

from Edmonton. Rellik decided to pursue Hip Hop at an early age and gradually developed over the years and has proudly shared the stage with childhood heroes such as Run DMC, Casual, as well as Canadian icons, Buffy St Marie and the Guess Who. Railtown Park a Rural Rock group fronted by 3 vocalists can only be described by one word: magic. With harmonies reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, the rawness in their live shows is


Adawgua, Aiden Denys, local Edmonton rapper, released his project The Learning Curve this year on SoundCloud. His lyrics have a sting and vibe straight from our inner city. We are looking forward to hearing more from him in the future, as he continues to perform around Edmonton. Rebecca Lappa’s latest album, Reckless Heart, the wisebeyond-heryears singer/ songwriter bravely dives into the complicated sea of emotions that define modern romance, and emerges with a collection of songs sure to add her name to the roll call of Canada’s brightest new folk-rock voices.

Cory Danyluk describes his music as “acoustic roots rock” — an earthy hybrid, alternating between groove-driven, ragged, countrified stylings, to more intimate barebones offerings to embrace the listener. Hewson Grey can be described as “super-cool vibe, a complex mesh of indie, alternative, bluesy rock, and ambient psych”. From the chaotic streets of Peru here come The Spanish Flies, a high energy power pop / psychedelic rock band strongly influenced by electric pop melodies and powerful guitar riffs. Beth Portman presents her personal perspective of life and love through original lyrics and engaging music, taking her audience on a musical journey that is happily nostalgic but never dated. Jay Gilday has a rare convergence of skills in the world of singer-songwriters. Whether on the main stage of a summer festival or headlining a shadowy cabaret, Jay captivates. Continued on next page >


something to be commemorated. With each member coming from different genres and walks of life it is easy to see the spark they all have when put in front of an audience.

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Gavin Bradley is a 24 year old acoustic singer songwriter from Belfast, Ireland. Will Belcourt is an multi awardwinning aboriginal artist from Edmonton who has garnered widereaching respect and attention. Kate Blechinger is an inventive and charismatic Edmonton based vocalist, composer, and arranger. Brother Octopus isn’t your typical cephalopod, he sometimes has the ability to take a human form and create musical compositions. Trent Agecoutay is a musician’s musician who literally sings for his supper. His toe-tapping, countryroots style is easy on the ears.

Sierra Jamerson bares her soul on stage. With climbing vocals and locked in grooves, Sierra’s authenticity often moves audiences to tears. Chipay Iskwew Singers (formally known as Spirit Woman Singers) is a traditional rattle and drum group from Edmonton AB, formed in 1998. Kyler Schogen’s guitar based, feel good music, consists of catchy, bluesy, melodic rock. Darren Frank is a singer, songwriter, musician and human who makes multiform soul tinged pop music. Young Medicine are First Nation’s contemporary & traditional musicians/ artists that perform a variety of genres of music and dance sending the positive message of, “Be your own person, follow your own dreams”


Check out these cool workshops!

New Music Edmonton is the city’s foremost organization promoting Canadian composers and producing some of the region’s best new music concerts.

Score Creation: Create a musical score and have it performed on site! Drone Music and Found Sound: Create soundscapes and music from everyday sounds using electronics. Make your own instrument: Make it then play it.


MOVEMENT TO MOVE YOU Check out these cool workshops! RV There Yet? is a mobile dance and music performance pop up initiated by Mile Zero Dance’s Artistic Director Gerry Morita. Mile Zero Dance Society (MZD) is a contemporary dance company that creates and produces original dynamic interdisciplinary works focusing on performance, collaboration, community outreach, and training. And, they’re right around the corner from our festival, so you should visit them!

The Traveler is a workshop and performance with choreographer Tony Olivares based on the exploration of human behaviour and personal boundaries. Open to participants/performers by submission. Free Dance Day: at Mile Zero Dance, Spazio Performativo, 10816-95 St. Experience a free sampling of dance classes! Sunday, June 4th. 1-2pm Children’s class 2-3pm Contemporary Dance 3-4pm Hip hop


Here are some of The Beat’s workshop leaders, emcees and headliners. KazMega is not a rapper, nor is he a poet, nor is he a producer or composer, or beatmaker. He is a journeyman welder of artistic expression, trained to apply hot fiyah to seemingly inflexible topics and forge completely new yet sturdy observations. Expect sparks to fly, supplied materials to bond together, and the exchange itself to become the trade. Hard hats will not be permitted on site, but thinking caps are mandatory!

genuine life experience as a first generation immigrant woman living in Turtle Island. Lady believes in the healing powers art provides for our community. Healing is not polite, art allows us to be the frankest versions of ourselves so that we may strengthen our souls, minds and the community around us. Art is where we come together through unity of purpose. She believes that as she heals herself on stage she is also healing those are witnesses to it.

S’rReaL My given name is Quincy and my chosen name is S’rReaL. I’m from Niagara falls. My style is very poignant. I like to get in your face about the issues then come in with a possible resolution. Most of my work is based around breaking down societal norms and expanding the mind. The two things society hates most. So, basically I’m the one your school and mainstream media warned you about.

Tab CA is a poet, dancer and community activator who strives to create safe spaces, facilitate artists of many disciplines and promote creative freedom and artistic experimentation in inclusive environments. They are an original member of The Edmonton Poetry Brothel, creator of Word Fight! and a 2016 Edmonton Slam Team finalist.

Lady Vanessa Caicedo Cardona is a Colombian spoken word artist, activist, story teller, actor and photographer. She aims to create unapologetic honest art based on

Marina Reid Hale can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to be a writer when she grew up (save for a week in grade two when she wanted to be a dolphin). She has represented Edmonton in two national poetry competitions; created a one-woman spoken word poetry show, Monster Girl, for


Ben Freeland is an Edmonton-based poet, essayist, playwright, and historian with an insatiably curious mind and a penchant for improbable collaborations. A Pushcart Prize nominee for non-fiction whose writings have been published in news and travel magazines on both sides of the Pacific Rim, Ben has also collaborated extensively with Mile Zero Dance, where he is also a board member, and is an active member of the Breath in Poetry Collective. His fascinations include urban geography, the spiritual dimensions of science and technology, art as protest, freedom of speech, psychology and mental health, and shifting notions of home amid restless times. Jess Tollestrup is a sound artist from rural southern Alberta who uses a looping pedal to combine music and words. They call many places home - Lethbridge, Vancouver, and most recently, Edmonton. On July 6 they will release their debut EP ‘The Pluto Year’, which they will tour across Canada in the fall. Notable performances include South Country Fair, Vancouver Busker Festival, People’s Poetry Festival, and the Vancouver Poetry Slam.

Nisha Patel is an Edmonton-born Gujarati spoken word artist. She is the 2016 Edmonton Indie Slam Champion, and recently placed 4th in Canada at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam 2017. She is a three-time member of the Edmonton Slam Team and a semi-finalist of the 2016 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. Dwennimmen AKA Shima Aisha Robinson Amiskwaciwâskahikan aka Edmonton (Treaty 6)-born poet and spoken word artist Shima Robinson embodies, with every poem, the ancient meaning of her chosen pen name. Dwennimmen is the name of an ancient African Adinkra symbol, which means strength, humility, learning and wisdom. It is no surprise, then, that this veteran of the Alberta poetry community uses a searing intellect and dynamic precision-of-language to create poetry which ushers her readers and listeners toward greater understanding and poignant reflection. For Dwennimmen, poetry has long been a compass, a salve, an anchor and guiding light. She uses the potential and force of poetry to uncover the full range of her cerebral, linguistic and spiritual fortitude. This is why her every poem and performance testifies to an emerging power and wisdom, an authentic, deeply human potency which she hopes to pass on to listeners and poetry-lovers around the world.


NextFest 2015; was a part of the initial #yegwords coffee sleeve project; and is the creator of the Giant Fridge Magnet Poetry art installation.

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Giovanni Caboto Park




Boys and Girls Club


94 Street


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1-2pm Children’s Class 2-3pm Contemporary 3-4pm Hip Hop

Sunday, June 4th

108A Avenue


Presented by E4C

Spoken Word













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My dear heartisans, Heart of the City Festival would not be what it is today without your undying love and support. It has truly moved us to see the dedication the community of McCauley has for the arts in all its forms. Many people have found salvation in turning their pain and struggle into something tangible and unique, something they can share with others, something to connect with so they may be understood. McCauley is the heart of the city; through community, art, music, and a general understanding that life is not always perfect this neighbourhood thrives and shows the rest of the city what heart looks like. It has been an honour to be a part of something so magical, enlightening, and transformative. We would not be who we are today without this connection to the Heart of the City and we thank you for showing us that hope, healing and harmony can all be achieved through the arts. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


Corey Hamilton has to his credit over 200 paintings; thousands of photographs; over 1800 poems; over 20 published books of poetry and much more! Corey started performing his brand of poetry/spoken word in 1991 when he hosted a poetry open stage for 2 years at the City Media Club. Angela Wald spent a stint of her life living in the throes of addiction. The future seemed bleak and foreboding but she managed to leave behind a world that had consumed her for years, nearly killing her. Addiction left a big void in her life, and to fill the space left behind she started painting. It felt good and the feedback she got from people was uplifting.


Magdalena Rzeczkowska studied Interior Design and Media Art and Visual Education at the Technological and Humanities University in Poland, and worked as an Interior Designer for 6 years. The basis of her artistic creation is the art of realism. The oversized portraits and other paintings of Magdalena are representations of light and color, awash in detail. Fascinated by large format images, she prefers to work with giant canvases. Magdalena says. “I try to paint fast to ensure my current feelings are captured in the painting “ Shirley Zago is a local jewellery redesigner. Through redesigning jewellery and a trip to Indonesia, a request to create something different for weddings brought forth a very unique type of foot jewellery that can be worn either with or without shoes. She is now creating a variety of jewellery and accessories. Shirley teaches basic jewellery making techniques and is always intrigued by watching others use their own imagination in creating something that is their own style. Since she was old enough to pick up a crayon Shiome Hrynyk knew that making art was what she was going to do. One of her earliest memories is painting with her grandmother. “In grade five a very ambitious art teacher handed me a Kodak camera and I’ve loved photography ever since. I graduated with a degree in 2D Animation and Illustration in 2015 and a degree in Graphic Design and Photography in 2016.” Street Prints Artist Collective brings together artists from diverse backgrounds to promote, plan, create and sell their artwork through the collaborative efforts of several community organizations including Boyle Street Community Services and Bissell Centre.


Tie Dye Get creative and have fun with this elusive art. Our Volunteers will show you some techniques to create your very own tie dye Tshirt! Bring your own from home, or purchase this year’s shirt. You could even do some research before you come and try your hand at some more complicated patterns. Guaranteed fun for the whole family! Painting Records Ever wonder what happens to old records that no one wants to listen to? They go to the reuse center, and then we pick them up and bring them to the festival for you to make your very own masterpiece on! They’re easy to hang at home because of the nail sized hole in the middle. Or if you would prefer a colourful fruit bowl just let them sit in the sun and then mold them how you want. Come enjoy Records in a new way! Making Zines Is there some kind of idea or topic that you think is very important and you’d like to get it out there, but you have no computer skills or access to a fancy printer? Use old magazines, calendars, and cards to create a zine! Once you’ve created it at the festival you can even scan, print, and give it to all your friends and family.


Peace Flags Now more than ever we need to promote peace. Let’s change the world around us by having peace in our hearts and love on our mind. Create what peace means to you by making a peace flag with us and celebrate the world around you. As the flags are made we will attach them to string and hang them around the festival to show the community that we believe in hope, healing, and harmony. Drawing for the Every person Let Lon Wagner show you that everyone is capable of drawing. Lon is a firm believer that everyone is an artist in some form, not everyone is good at everything but we’re all good at something. He will show you some techniques and help you find your niche. Sandpainting The art of sand painting is a traditional form of spiritual healing in many indigenous cultures around the world. Let hope, harmony, and healing flow through you as the sand flows through your fingers. Refurbished Jewelry Shirley Zago has been turning old, unwanted jewelry into beautiful foot adornments for many years, and now she has taken to teaching classes as well. Bring some old jewelry and let her show you how to turn it into a new piece that you’ll love and cherish!


Writing From Your Strength with Lady Vanessa Caicedo Cardona

Writing Toward the Light with Tab CA

This workshop specifically focuses on writing from a place of strength. Lady Vanessa Caicedo Cardona will take us through a memory exercise of past experiences. The journey will be an introspective look at the way our past experiences have shaped us to be who we are today. How have they shaped our intentions? How have they shaped the way we interact with society? Most of the time we find ourselves digging through certain traumatic memories. More often than not we have covered our wounds with lies and been too afraid to reveal them again. Lady’s workshop aims at safely channelling that trauma into a place of purpose and courage. Throughout the exercise we will find ourselves discovering the power of our past. Our past experiences help us to relate to others, they sharpen our survival skills and have the potential to channel the inner warrior in us.

Writing towards the light: Emotional safety and authenticity in poetic writing. In this workshop poets will concentrate on expressing difficult emotions with a focus on healing. Tab will lead writing exercises that centre around gentle affirmations and safety within expression.

This workshop allows individuals to practice processing their past experiences through writing. It educates participants on how to write for personal healing purposes and how to edit ones work to share for the community. Lady believes in the importance of safe space. She believes in the sacredness of our stories. Our stories are not disposable and should never be treated as such, especially by ourselves. Together we will learn how to be vulnerable while empowering ourselves and the community around us.

Playing With Poetry with Marina Reid Hale Often, poetry can seem completely out of reach. It can feel too complicated, too academic, too ethereal. Many of us find ourselves too intimidated, confused, or afraid to try and engage with poetry, let alone to try and write it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In “Playing With Poetry”, we will explore different ways to approach poetry with a lightness and ease will quash all your doubts. Make poetry fun with a series of games and exercises meant to stop you from over-thinking and just write. Perfect for beginners and long-time poets alike.


Bill Neis

CreArt is comprised of CreArtisans (community artists) who strongly believe in the power of arts to produce social transformation in our communities. The interaction between artists and community will bring more people into the practise of self-expression and encourage active debate about social problems.

CreArt is a free of charge social movement dedicated to creating accessible art spaces where people share their knowledge in a horizontal approach to education. We strongly believe in the power of arts to produce positive social transformation in our society. If you would like to get involved you can come and be part of the CreArtisans team. Community artists who use the arts to challenge society to be better. Also you can come and be part of CreArt activities and support the movement in promoting what we are we doing by word of mouth! Web: Facebook: @creart.edmonton Twitter: @creart_edmonton


Mikey Moze Nathan Robert Miller Darrien Byers BoogEtown MILLIE MUSIC Drizzle Drah Natasha Divina


The Definit Elusive Moose Collective Lock Naeem Letendre conscious collective Millie & The Fellas Jayden Paz

We are always looking for energetic and enthusiastic people to join us on our journey. This year we continue the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Colour of Your Heartâ&#x20AC;? campaign. Check out the colours listed below, and choose the heart that best matches your strengths and make it yours!



--Maintain the spirit of the festival---Ensure continuity of the festival--

--Perform at the Festival---Present art to the community---Sell artisan products---Host a workshop---Share a dance--



-- Like us on Facebook---Tweet us on Twitter---#Hashtag us on Instagram---Share everything we do--

--Festival setup---Promotional material distribution---Site maintenance---Security---Hospitality--

The Green Hearts of Heart of the City plant the seeds of community development and use their green thumbs to promote the rooting and growth of E  dmonton culture.These include board members and others deeply involved in the organization of the festival.

Blue Hearts carry our song into the streets of the community. Share the message of Heart of the City by connecting people to us online! You are the veins of our festival; carry forth the message heart soldiers!

The Yellow Hearts are the creative force that ignite the spirit of the festival. They are the beat of the heart and create the rhythm of the city. Their expression fuels the passion that connects us all.

Red Hearts of Heart of the City are hands-on, active and passionate volunteers who use their physical abilities and talents to make the festival a success. They are our front-line of heart soldiers!


After you have chosen your heart colour, go to and click the MEMBERSHIP button. You will be asked to select your heart colour, then we can let you know when there are opportunities to show your heart!

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As our festival grows and develops we are finding new ways to support art and music in the core of Edmonton, but we can’t do it alone! We depend on a team of volunteers to make the festival a reality every year. Setting up tents, tables and chairs, working in the info tent, face painting, workshops, playing Bill Neis music, designing, communicating, planning... The list of things that must be done to get this festival running each year is massive, and the team of volunteer board and community members that work together to make it happen is large and growing every day. This year we would especially like to thank our strong-but-silent bookkeeper, Rosalie Gelderman for her years of volunteer service to Heart of the City! People like Rosalie are a huge part of why our community is so great! There’s always room to grow, and you can join in the fun too this fall as we prepare for 2018!



L AU , T A E, E T A CRE , G N , SI E R A , SH W GRO , T N PLA , G DI



cafe & treats flowers to go herbs & tomatoes bedding plants pots & planters cool gifts tabletop surprises hanging flower baskets IN LIT TLE ITALY AT 10826 - 95 ST, EDMONTON, AB OPEN: MON-WED 9-6, TH-FRI 9-8, SAT 9-6, SUN 11-5

TEL: 780. 428.0754 WWW.ZOCALO.CA

A new home for your used furniture.

We pick up. No charge! sofas. chairs. tables. kitchen supplies. dressers. home electronics. gently used household items. By donating your gently used furniture to Find, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be helping a neighbour in need. 5120 122 Street Edmonton, AB 780.988.1717 Visit our new location: Find on Jasper 12304 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB

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