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I've always been impressed with those who are highly successful online. It never came easy to me initially and I wondered how others seemed to make it so easy. Then, I figured out their secret. They all have a very profitable list building system. Email marketing is, without doubt, one of the most successful ways of generating a consistent flow of targeted traffic to your blog. If you do not have your own opt in list, it is unlikely that you will be able to build a sustainable income or online business. List building is key. The biggest advantages of having your own very responsive list of subscribers is being able to keep them informed through your newsletter and being able to offer them your special promotions. Once you build trust and loyalty, many of your subscribers will become repeat customers. However, there are other advantages such as joint ventures. There will be other list owners in the same relevant market as you are and many will be delighted to discuss joint venture opportunities. Also, other list owners actually sell advertising space in their newsletters giving them additional residual income. The list building system is not complicated. It basically consists of a landing page on your blog, a subscription form by which you can capture the visitor's name and email address, a quality giveaway item to increase the number of opt ins, and a reliable autoresponder. The main purpose of your landing page is twofold. Firstly, you want to emphasize the benefits of what you are offering and why your blog visitors should subscribe to your list. Secondly, to capture their information. To optimize your conversion rates, it is absolutely essential that you focus on one and only one specific topic. If your readers become confused and unsure of what they are signing up for, you run the risk of them exiting without leaving their details. If your offer captures their interest, they will then enter their information and join your email list. While some bloggers offer ebooks or special reports, others offer a weekly or monthly newsletter. The big advantage of a newsletter is that your subscribers are expecting it and you can include your sales promotions as long as you also provide good quality content. When choosing an auto responder, it is important to select the most reliable provider available. Furthermore, I would not hesitate about choosing a fee paying service over one that is free. In case you didn't know, if you use a free autoresponder, advertisements which you have no contol over will go out with your emails. Your subscribers will see those ads and many may well question

your credibility and authority. To make life a lot easier and less stressful, I also recommend that you choose a third party autoresponder service instead of installing an autoresponder script on your blog or website. By developing the list building system, you will enhance your internet marketing through focused email marketing campaigns. Use them to develop a strong relationship and build trust and confidence in you and what you have to offer whether that is your own products or affiliate products. There is no doubt that if your subscribers trust you, they will buy from you.

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==== ==== More information on building a profitable list can be found at: ==== ====

The List Building System For Bloggers  

More useful information on how to build a profitable list can be found at

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