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Essential parts of any program directed at improving health and fitness are weight lifting exercises. Determining exactly what weight lifting exercises are appropriate for you to reach you personal goals, however, is problematic. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different exercises that you can choose from. Finding complete information about each of these exercises is critical to selecting the right routine for you, but getting that information is more easily said than done. Many of the exercises recommended by experts or quasi experts are a waste of time. No one wants to practice an exercise regimen for a while only to find out that it isn't doing anything positive for his body. Picking the best weight lifting exercises for you will determine whether you exercise program is a success or a failure. The Internet has a number of sites that can assist experienced and advanced body builders, but it's more difficult to find sites that focus upon the beginners who want to understand the basics before they begin. Many think that lifting weights is a young man's game, at least when you begin. It may be a young man's game if your shooting for the Mr. Universe title, but weight lifting routines, when appropriately designed, are helpful to anyone at any age for building up muscle mass and improving endurance. Proper weight lifting exercises will increase your lean muscle mass. Increasing your lean muscle mass will speed up your metabolism. A sped up metabolism will reduce body fat. It's win-win regardless of age. You needn't aspire to be a competitive body builder to benefit from weight lifting exercises. If your interest is in slowing the visible signs of aging, increasing your physical performance, and generally improving your appearance, a weight lifting program that is tailored to your unique needs is the answer. What you can achieve in what amount of time depends heavily on your body type. Your genetic makeup will determine what routines you will need to practice to reach your goals. Your results will also be affected by your natural testosterone levels, growth hormones, and the ratio of slow twitch to fast twitch muscle fibers in your muscles. Before you begin lifting weights, undertaking strenuous exercises, practicing aerobics, or changing your diet including nutritional supplements, determine what your goals are. Exactly what do you want to achieve? Recognizing your goals and limitations before you begin, enables you to make intelligent choices regarding the nature of the best weight lifting exercise program that will move you in the right direction. Too many beginners charge out, buy free weights, and start pumping vigorously. That's definitely not most desirable weight lifting exercises for beginners. Unfocused weight lifting will do little to improve your muscle mass. Study the different exercises and the number of reps recommended.

Understand what you can expect to accomplish when doing those exercises in that manner. Don't over train. The most beneficial exercises can be completed in about one hour. Don't let your initial enthusiasm damage your body or you commitment to continue. Exercising vigorously for about one hour is long enough to cause your testosterone and growth hormone levels to fall. It also is enough exercise to cause another hormone, cortisol, to rise. This rise in cortisol should limited, because this hormone will actually eat existing muscle, which is not what you are exercising for. Extending your exercise for too long will also result in injury and soreness. It's also important that you don't forget the importance of good nutrition to you ultimate success. If you don't eat enough calories with the appropriate balance of protein and carbohydrates, you won't have the energy to exercise or the food to grow muscle. As a general rule, you should shoot for about 15 times your body weight in calories. Don't eat the traditional three big meals each day. Divide your eating into five smaller meals. Remember that you need about 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight each day. Finally, rest is an important component of body building. Your muscles don't grow in the gym while you're exercising. That's when they are being challenged. The muscles grow when you're resting or sleeping. Make sure that in addition to weight lifting exercises, and watching your diet, get enough rest.

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==== ==== More information on weight lifting can be found at: ==== ====

The Benefit of Weight Lifting Exercises  

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