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I just got done writing a 'lift note' for MaryEllen Tribby of Working with a woman like MaryEllen is an honor! She singlehandedly took several companies to a place they never dreamed was possible. Companies like Weiss Research went from 11 million to 67 million in under 12 months because of her expertise. As Publisher & CEO of Early To Rise where she was responsible for growing the business from 8 million in sales to 26 million in just 15 months. When I began to write the lift note I remembered a 'million dollar' tip I had received from one of the most successful copywriters of our time: "Don't kill the sales letter with the lift note" If I were to give MaryEllen's resume, accomplishments, why someone should follow her the lift note would have bombed. Instead, I gave a personal endorsement from someone who is hugely valuable to her list and MaryEllen said after the first draft, "It's PERFECT!" I did not speak about the offer, the client or what we had to roll out. A heart felt endorsement did it beautifully. The anatomy of a lift note is to lift the response, and to lift the rapport building. It creates a bigger result than just putting a regular sales or email letter in front of a big promotion. Traditionally in Direct Response Marketing a company would mail out a 5-9 page sales letter and then 'attach' a smaller, 3×5 or 5×7 "Lift Note" to the opening page. If the prospect read the lift note first the response would be much higher than if one wasn't included. Some other takes on a lift note have been an attached "Post It" type note attached to the opening page. A picture with a signed note over it has also created great results. But in the world of the internet things go at such an accelerated pace that you really have to be careful how you introduce or roll out a campaign. An email lift note can create an enormous response... or it could kill the sales letter. A good lift note will:

Warm up the prospect Turn their ear towards what you are saying on the sales page Endorse who is about to speak on the sales page Give credibility or urgency to the sales page But far too often inexperienced copywriters will slaughter the sales letter and many times destroy the results with a lift note that is written completely wrong. A horrible lift note will: Steal the power by reiterating the big idea way too soon Take away the huge pull initially in the first paragraph Tell the reader what they are about to see ( so there's no reason to keep reading) When you write an email lift note be sure to include something that arouses your prospect out of their slumber- you are one in a pile of a ton of emails- so grab their attention. Don't grab their attention to the point that they have no need to click through to the sales page- in other words you tell them so much they predetermine I don't want what you have to offer. Be sure to speak to the prospect, be warm, be inviting and reiterate in a such a way that is so unique to your idea prospect something that is very important to them but don't give away the POWER of the big idea in the sales letter. A lift note, if you do it right, could earn you a whopping royalty check. You, as the copywriter, are opening the door. Do it beautifully and you could be paid handsomely. Are you using lift notes before you take your prospect to the sales letter? Try one in your next campaign. Short and sweet, less than 800 words by email and lift the response of your next campaign.

Sandi Krakowski spent 6 years in the Direct Sales industry building a $ 4 million dollar company that was run 100% online through eCommerce, building large sales forces in network marketing and home business industries. After earning $ 1.8 million dollars in a home based business market in 31 months, she went onto build a 7-figure marketing and copywriting firm in just 20 months. Currently she runs one of the fastest growing training venues teaching beginners to experts how to really use the internet to it's fullest capacity. Get started today with her FREE 7-Part Video Series entitled, "Your Quick Start To Bigger Profits In WordPress"!

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==== ==== Check this site out if you want to learn more about how to copywrite effective sales letters: ==== ====

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