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If you are planning on writing an e-book, you may have wondered how other authors get their covers made. These e-covers only exist in digital form, and are not (as some people believe) photographs of an actual book. Here are the basics of how to make a cover for your e-book. But first, you may be wondering if you really need a cover at all. The answer is that you don't technically need one, as you will be delivering your e-book electronically. However, an e-cover will instantly add value to your e-book. It will help buyers think of it as an actual "book" instead of just seeing it as digital information. So, onto how it's done... You will need graphics editing software to make e-covers. You can use GIMP, Photoshop, or other graphics programs that allow you to create layered images. Which software you get will depend on which of the following methods you will be using to make a cover for your e-book. By hand. This means you will draw the entire cover from scratch. You will use various shapes, then stretch and skew them to give them their three-dimensional perspective. this can take some time, but it can be done if you are proficient with the graphics software you're using. Action scripts are really the "secret weapon" of how to make a cover for your e-book. Basically, an action script takes a flat image and then renders it in the finished three-dimensional form of your choice (depending on what e-covers are included with the action script package you buy). Not all graphics programs can run action scripts, but if your does, then it's a fairly easy way of doing it. While all of these methods work, they have two major problems: they can be expensive, and you need to be experienced in using graphics software. For example, the newest version of Photoshop retails for either $699 or $999, depending on which version you get. And if you're not familiar with such programs, then there is a steep learning curve. Luckily, there are online alternatives. These websites allow you to create three-dimensional ecovers right in your browser. All you do is select the style of cover you want, choose a background image, add text and submit it for instant processing. In effect, the site is running the action script for you. This makes it much easier for you to make a cover for your e-book.

Yes, you really do need a good e-cover for your e-book. This will help you to get even more sales. It's another example of something that used to be difficult, but that is no longer the case. Getting everything ready to promote your e-book can take quite a bit of time. And it seems time is the one luxury that we never have enough of. That's why so many people are turning to easy e-covers to quickly increase their online profits.

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==== ==== Check this site out if you want to learn more about photoshop action scripts: ==== ====

Photoshop Ecover Scripts - Your Ultimate Guide  

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