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The use of ebooks as a form of product promotion is becoming increasingly important for online marketers and individuals wishing to make money from home. Although quality content should be the main reason to attract a website visitor to buy your ebook, the front cover is the only image they will see so it must be designed well enough to attract a sale. It is, of course, possible to hire a graphics designer who will charge a small fortune to create your ecover and website images for you. But, if you are just getting started with internet marketing with little or no budget, you will need to find a much cheaper way of creating ecovers for your ebooks. Fortunately, you have a number of options available to help you create ecovers yourself. If you have Adobe Photoshop on your PC then you can create your ecover design and manipulate the image to make it look like a book, CD or DVD case, or even a box for software. However, unless you are a Photoshop expert this is really quite difficult and will probably cost a lot of your valuable time. A way to speed this up is by using Photoshop action scripts which take your saved ecover design and turn them into cool boxes, cases or boxes at the click of a mouse. Scripts like this are provided as a part of Cover Software Pro or Cover Action Pro. Other pieces of software are developed specifically for the task of creating ecovers, either from scratch or by using an image you have already created in Photoshop. In just a few clicks this type of software will create a professional looking ecover, complete with shadows or reflections which look really classy. Quick 3D Cover is an example of this type of software. So, if you are ready to have a go and have some basic design skills and a bit of marketing flair, you will be able to create your own really good ecovers. Remember, your ecover must be appealing and eye-catching enough for your customers to open their wallets and force you to take their money! Good luck.

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==== ==== Check this site out if you want to learn more about photoshop action scripts: ==== ====

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