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Affiliate marketing is a very attractive method of earning a living online but product creation allows you more control (and higher profits), if you're willing to learn how to do it. There are three main areas you need to investigate to see if product creation is an area you want to head into. Types of Products Everyone has a different set of skills. Some people are naturally born writers while others enjoy a higher technical skill level with things like audio and video technology. You can create one of a few different types of products, such as: • eBook course • Membership site • Set of audio downloads or CDs • Personal coaching Don't get stuck on size of the course. Too many marketers worry about how many pages or hours their product should be, when the most pressing concern is whether or not it delivered the right amount of value for the price point you choose. You can always have your product creation outsourced if necessary, by hiring a freelancer at a site like or You can even embark on a joint venture partnership where the other marketer handles product creation and you take part in the launch and traffic portion of the sales. Expertise Factor Everyone always worries if they'll have enough expertise to warrant charging for their product creation. Just remember that there's always someone who knows less than you do, and as long as your sales letter doesn't promise what you can't deliver, you'll be fine. Conduct ample research before creating your product and buy competitor products (not to steal information, but to ensure you've covered everything you should). Be unique. Your way of disseminating information to the masses might be preferred over what the competition has on the market, so enter it with confidence and you should see success! Launch Details

Product creation doesn't end when you type the last word of a product or speak the last sentence of a presentation. To have a successful product on the market, you have to secure the right JVs (joint venture partnerships), build up anticipation for the launch, and bring plenty of affiliates onboard. As your product gets consumed by your target audience, make sure you ask for feedback on what they did and didn't like. The great thing about product creation is that you can easily edit and reupload your product to the marketplace with ease.

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==== ==== More product creation ideas can be found at: ==== ====

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