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You might be one of these people who think hiring a sales-letter copywriter is like a magic bullet. You hire the guy, he comes in, changes up the sales-letter and BAM sales through the roof... But it doesn't always work out like that, and there are many valid reasons not to hire sales-letter copywriters. Here are the top 3 reasons, and their counterarguments. I'll let you make up your own mind. Read on. Reason 1: You know your product and your business better than any copywriter! This is a very valid reason, in fact, this is the first criteria you should have in hiring a sales-letter copywriter. You need to make sure you hire one that will have the same understandings as you do. And how do you do this? Its simple, just focus on weeding copywriters out by their writing experience. Go for the ones who have experiences closest to your market or type of product. Secondly... when you do a consultation with them, notice where their focus goes. Are they trying to proactively convince you to hire them, or is their entire focus going towards probing you about your business? Are they trying to understand you, your business and your customers? Reason 2: You don't need fancy manipulative tactics if your product is good enough You might hear people say stuff like "Who needs fancy words? My product sells itself." And you might think they're a bit naive... but they're not too off the mark. In reality, it holds much truth. I know people who have amazingly poor marketing, yet earn millions. Why? Because their products sells itself! They have a super-effective products that is unique in a very non-competitive market. The lesson to take out here is that 90% of your focus should be going towards your product, and only 10% in your marketing... but guess what? That 10% has a lot of leverage. If you have an average, non-professional sales-letter, and then get a professional to rewrite it, you're easily looking at quadrupling of profits. Again, this assumes your products is great. Reason 3: You can't afford a professional copywriter, can you now? The way to easily see if you can afford professional sales-letter copywriting is very simple. Take out your calculator and find out the following. How much will you have in extra profits if your salesletter sells twice as much (or however much your freelance copywriter has promised to deliver). Now calculate how much in extra profit is that over 3-5 months. If this profit is less than the cost of the copywriter... Forget it, and focus on increasing your profit by other means (leads, etc...). And forget professional copywriting for now. HOWEVER... If your copywriter costs less or equal to 3-5 months of the extra profits he brings, then he is more than

worth it...

And really there's no reason you should be confused about finding the right copywriter. Click here to get the perspective you need to effectively find a good copywriter in no time If you're ready to learn more about what a good freelance copywriter looks like, visit my friend, the sales-letter copywriter above and look around.

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==== ==== Check this site out if you want to learn more about how to copywrite effective sales letters: ==== ====

3 Reasons Not to Hire Sales-Letter Copywriters  

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