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Scott & Lilly

Dear Birthmother.... We are very grateful and thankful that you take the time to read about us. We are also very excited that you might consider us as your child’s adoptive parents. What a courageous woman you are! We admire your strength! My husband and I love each other deeply and our goal is to share our life with a baby, maybe your baby, to cherish, to love, to nurture and teach. Sincerely,

Scott, Lilly & Amy

About Us...

Our na mes are Scott and Lilly. We fell in love with each other at work. The ten years of our marriage together is a blessing for both of us. We love to do things together. Now looking back at our life together, we feel very grateful that we found each other. We have been respecting each other’s culture and sharing our lives in every aspect: happiness, excitement, sports, travel, sufferings and problems. However, we still have our own hobbies and independence: we each keep our na mes and our own cultures. We like to laugh at each other, make fun of each other, travelling with each other, and spending the quality time together.

Our Family... Scott, Lilly, Amy (Lilly’s daughter), two dogs and seven chickens are our fa mily members. We live in harmony and contentment together. We always do things together as a fa mily and we enjoy our time together. Giving, caring and hard-working are our fa mily tradition. We love healthy food, outdoor sports and to keep fit. Our life is full of joy and activities: we often go fishing, swimming, ca mping, mountain climbing, skiing, sightseeing and traveling. We are so lucky to travel to ten different countries internationally and have been to most of scenic sites within U.S.A.: Disney World, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Y ellow Stone, Niagara Falls, Mia mi, New York, etc.

Our Family & Friends...

Lilly’s Fa mily

Enjoying the Holidays

Scott’s Fa mily

Scott’s Fa mily

Fa mily & Friends

Fa mily & Friends

About Scott...

Scott is a funny, playful, gentle, giving, energetic, smart and hardworking guy. He has built the whole metal fence around our big yard by himself! He gets up at 4:00 A.M. every workday and cooks breakfast for us! He is creative and a mazing. Now he cooks a very delicious standardized Chinese dinner for us every workday! Every year we cannot wait to enjoy his wonderful unique Turkey on Thanksgiving! He takes care of everyone in this fa mily. He even toasts bagels, puts on peanut butter for our dogs and chickens! He likes to talk to people and make them laugh very loudly. He is also very attractive to kids, my daughter, Amy, simply loves him. I will hear louder laughter from him than from kids when he is with kids. Sometimes I have to go to see what’s going on that makes him laugh so much. He is very excited to be a great dad!

About Lilly... by Scott

My Wife Lilly is a “great girl�. Smart, attractive, and hard-working, Lilly is great to be around. As she is fluent in both English and Chinese, Lilly enjoys chatting with people from all parts of the World. A top-rated cook, she readily prepares wonderful and nutritious meals even after a full day of hard-working. With an athletic flair, Lilly is a good Ping-Pong player, a decent tennis player, and she can also take part in 5-kilometer races every now and then. Her caring ways are a good influence on me.

About Amy...

by Lilly

Amy is my daughter born in China. Now she is studying her master’s degree in University of Maryland majoring in education. She wants to be an Elementary teacher. She is a very intelligent, passionate, beautiful girl who works hard to realize her drea ms in life. She is an artist, tennis player, great swimmer and karate student. As a part-time job she has worked as a life guard for more than three years. She likes to travel. She loves kids and is very patient with them. She will be a gorgeous older sister to the baby!

We Love Travel!

Baha mas , London, Belgiu m, Italy, Paris, China, Germany, Switzerland

Our Home... Ou r Bea ut if u l Ho m e Dou ble R a in bow in f ro nt o f o u r h o m e!

Our App le Trees

Our Pear Trees

Outdoor Activities...

Thank Y ou for Y our Time to Read About Us! If you have any questions for us, or would like to talk to us about adopting your child, please contact an AdoptHelp advisor by Calling 1-800-637-7999 or clicking the “Contact Us� button below. With Gratitude,

Scott and Lilly

lilly & scott  

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