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Longhorn Band Boots Order Form Benefiting the Members of The Longhorn Band $475 + s&h if desired


Prices: Full Quill Ostrich - does not have Longhorn Stitched on Toe


Smooth Quill Ostrich – Displayed below


Bottom half only

(Tax NOT included) $515.00 w/ tax

$375 + s&h if desired (Tax NOT included) $406.00 w/ TAX

Black Ostrich (free if desired)

call or e-mail for pricing if different skin is desired TOE STYLE ____ only list if different style is desired, *Toe customization is



free of charge, heel comes as is. Visit to see styles, limited to 5 & 7 toe option only if wanting to customize Boot automatically comes with 6 Toe & 4 Heel (cowboy) Style.

Add Tax ($31 for $375 pair & $40 for $475 pair) and $20.00 for shipping & handling or pick up order in Austin at Allen’s Boots on South Congress. ***$75.00 of your payment will be considered Tax Deductable***

Name: ______________________________

Phone: (____) ______-________

E-mail: ______________________________ Shipping Address: _____________________ City: ___________ State: ____ Zip:_______ These boots were designed by Eddie Lopez, former KKY President and made by Lucchese Boots 1883, one of the best brands of boots in the country. The profit from these sales will be given to the Scholarship Fund as soon as sales are made. Once ordered it will take 6-8 weeks until you will receive your pair. Smooth Quill boots pictured below:

Return this form with payment to: Longhorn Alumni Band P.O. Box 1204 Austin, Texas 78767 Please make checks payable to “LHAB” with “Boots” written in the memo line. For any further questions, please contact: Eddie Lopez Phone #: (512) 600-0341 E-mail:

The University of Texas Longhorn Band


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