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WAKA Schuylkill County “Best Parties. Best Games. Best Friends”

“Where age 30 is the new 8”

Looking for as many kickballers as we can find to bring something for us adults to Schuylkill County in 2011! WAKA kickball has been around for 10 years and has tens of thousands of players who bring the fun of the good ole days to the present. Gather your friends, fellow employees and family to join in on the chance to bring some kickballin' fun times to Schuylkill County next year. Who knows, maybe the group you put together will be the team that wins the Founders Cup Championship in Las, Vegas, NV! Currently, there are more then 50,000 players making up over 2,900 teams which are part of 200 divisions that cover 27 states. Let ’ s be part of that number!

REGISTRATION FEE ($60—$70 per Player) INCLUDES— 

One full season of WAKA Kickball games, including climactic Division Tournament. Typically around 10 weeks

of fun in all!

Multiple parties and other official Division social and charity events

Discounts/Specials at the official Division Bar, where players gather to socialize each week after games

WAKA team kickball t-shirt for each participant ( Sizes S-XXL available, or larger in some colors. )

All kickball equipment to be used by division to play games - bags, balls, bases, cones, scorebooks, first aid

kits, pumps and needles

Customized online registration process with team management tools and personalized player cards

Division webpage hosting & maintenance ( schedule, standings, social calendar, and all the info you need! )

Eligibility to qualify for exclusive WAKA Tournaments, including the annual Founders Cup World Kickball


Referee training and dedicated full-time Rules service, including Rules FAQs updated year-round

Field permit costs, with lights, security, insurance, and other operating costs as necessary—search WAKA Schuylkill

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WAKA Schuylkill County “Best Parties. Best Games. Best Friends”

“Where age 30 is the new 8”

Help us bring the fun game of kickball to our back yard! WAKA kickball is real fun for real people. The average WAKA Kickball player is a young professional (21+). Leagues are co-ed and play is like the elementary school game you remember – the one with the big red playground ball. It's an easy game that is open to all skill levels. (Even YOU can be a kickball superstar!) A WAKA kickball season generally consists of eight regular season games and a division championship tournament. The divisions (leagues) are made up of four 16 co-ed teams. (That means TONS of new people to meet and party with!) Qualifying teams from each division are eligible to compete in the annual Founders Cup World Kickball Championship held in Las Vegas. (It's true - there really is a World Kickball Championship in Vegas!) REQUIREMENTS— …are at least 21 years old, or will be as of the first day of division games …have current adequate health insurance …register officially with WAKA. (not required until Division is established)—search WAKA Schuylkill

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WAKA Schuylkill County