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Association >>> MANAGER’S MESSAGE

The Value Proposition of Gathering By Vanessa Dreyer, Community Manager


n looking at what adds value to our community, some things are clear. A nicely maintained community center with loads of amenities, CC&Rs that are enforced, and clean streets that are well taken care of unarguably add and protect value. But, what about everything else in the community?

There’s a value proposition in the intangible. I came up here on a Sunday afternoon with my husband while training for my first triathlon. I had to log some miles on the bike and I had not yet biked the Discovery Trail and wanted to see what the community was like when I wasn’t usually here to see it. The Discovery Trail looked amazing and, in and of itself, adds to the community and the value of the homes. That wasn’t what stuck out to me that afternoon, though. It was a small group of kids at the entrance to Sandstone Pass selling lemonade in 100-plus degree heat. It was everyone that waved back at me when we passed them. It was two girls at the Mountain Vista Club practicing volleyball drills amidst the noise of kids having fun at the pool. Robert Putnam, Harvard professor and author of Bowling Alone, once said that community happens when local people gather.

That Sunday, I saw community happening and that is what makes Vistancia so amazing. Looking at our calendar of events for this month, the opportunities that have been created for people to gather is astounding. Studies have shown that increasing what is called social capital, or bonding based in social interactions and relationships, can decrease health risks, build trust and even keep communities more protected from crime. We can’t put a price tag on that, but I wish we could. This is what improves our quality of life. Sure, Vistancia is a great place to live because people maintain yards and we’re in great financial shape and the landscape is well attended to. I don’t want to underscore that. But, we seek to build community and collective memories so that in 20 years from now it’s a neighbor that helped you with plants in your yard, conversations at Coffee Talk and how much fun you had at Harvest Daze and that you knew the names of everyone on your street that you’ll remember. Building community isn’t hard. Invite a neighbor over for coffee. Walk your streets more. Wave. Sit on your front porch or patio. Introduce yourself. Attend meetings. Volunteer for a committee or event. The effects could last a lifetime.

>>> from the developer

Vistancia – So Much Life All In One Place By Vistancia Information Center


he month of October brings exciting changes to the community and opportunities to attract new residents to Vistancia. Earlier this year, the developer embarked on a mission to refresh Vistancia’s brand and marketing to attract new buyers. The outcome of that work yielded updates to the website, brochures, advertising and a renovation of the Information Center. In October, we will proudly unveil our updated marketing campaign to the greater Phoenix area in our newest marketing campaign – ‘So So much life, all in one place. Much Life All In One Place’. The campaign touts our beautiful master planned community for offering residents a place to call home, but so much more – community events, Discovery Trail, schools and the natural Sonoran desert as a backdrop. A morning routine. An afternoon hike. An evening adventure. Your home is more than your house. It’s community. It’s parks. It’s miles of open space. That’s what uniquely defines Vistancia, where The Village, Blackstone and Trilogy offer wonderful diversity — in neighborhoods and in nature. All located outside the bustle and close to what’s important in life. Discover just how much life there is in one place at or call (623) 933-6233. HOMES FROM THE LOW $200’S

The Village Blackstone



12026 W Lone Mountain Pkwy. Peoria, AZ 85383 Take Loop 303 to Lone Mountain Parkway (Exit 127).

Prices, specifications and details are subject to change without notice. Vistancia Land Holdings LLC does not offer, broker or arrange real estate sales. No offer to sell or lease can be made or accepted prior to the issuance of the final Arizona Subdivision Disclosure Report. All rights reserved. ©2012.


The Vistancia Information Center, located at the community entrance of Blackstone at Vistancia will be completely redesigned in early October and will feature an interactive map educating prospective buyers about our three unique communities – The Village, Blackstone and Trilogy. It will also showcase our future communities in the additional 3,450 acres North of the CAP. To celebrate the Information Center redesign and showcase new home opportunities throughout the community, Vistancia will be hosting a unique event that has never been offered in the West Valley – The Vistancia Food Truck Experience – showcasing the Valley’s best food trucks all in one place. The event will be held Saturday, Oct. 27th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will feature 12 gourmet food trucks and complimentary food samplings at each of our actively selling builder models. Blackstone Country Club will also be participating in the event, offering tours of the club and menu tastings from Executive Chef Randy Heltsley. For more information contact the Vistancia Information Center at 623-933-6233.


Our Pets Are Like Family By Jessica Smith, Covenants Coordinator

Roscoe has been missing since July 5. Call 623.455.0953 if you’ve seen him.


t goes without saying that our animals are curious and want to explore. Although we think we have them safe and secure, they often find a way to get loose. In honor of some very special residents that have lost their pets, I wanted to list some key tips in getting your pet home safely. First and foremost GET THE WORD OUT! Your pets may not find their way back home on their own and the more people on the lookout for your cat or dog the better! Make sure you have good photos of your pets to pass out if needed and that your pets are wearing a collar with identification tags. While Vistancia does not allow flyers to be placed in the community, the HOA has come up with amazing alternatives to flyers. We can send an email blast to the entire community as soon as we are notified, and also post your information and your pet’s pictures on Facebook. This has been very effective in getting the word out to people in other neighborhoods who would have otherwise never seen your flyer. The best time to call for your pet is at night, and at dawn. If you are calling from your car, drive slowly, roll down all the windows, stop and turn your vehicle off frequently to listen. Call all veterinary clinics, including emergency veterinary hospitals outside your local area. Sometimes people pick up a stray and drive it to a distant clinic. Call all animal shelters, animal control and dog control officers, all local police and state troopers, all local kennels, the highway department, dog training clubs and grooming shops. Placing a “LOST” ad in your local newspaper or on Cragslist can also be a huge help. Remember, dogs and cats often wander far away, and do things you wouldn’t predict they would do. Try everything, look everywhere, tell everyone. You’d be surprised how many people will be supportive, get out and help you look, offer words of encouragement and hope and suggest places to look. Visit all local dog pounds and animal shelters, don’t rely on their information, but go and look at all dogs and cats yourself. Above all, DON’T GIVE UP! Animals have been lost for months and have found their way home.

Phone: 623.215.8646 / Fax: 623.215.8647 / Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm. Additional hours available by appointment.

Vanessa Dreyer Community Manager Carrie Lienhart Assistant Community Manager Lauren Stephan Lifestyle Director Michael Brooks Maintenance Director of VMC

April Rettler Administrative Coordinator Jake Monday Maintenance Coordinator Jessica Smith Covenants Coordinator Mike Robinson Lifestyle Assistant Vistancia Living Magazine is the official community magazine of Vistancia, brought to you by the Vistancia Village Association. It is published monthly by Lion Tree Communications, LionTreeCommunications@ Reproduction in whole or in part of any text, photographs or illustrations without written permission from the publisher is prohibited by law. Trademarks, logos and content provided by advertisers, sponsors and partners are owned by the respective companies and all rights are reserved by them. The views, statements, and claims of advertisers or other VLM contributors do not necessarily represent those of the publisher, Vistancia Village Association or its employees. Printed in the USA. ©2012 Vistancia Living Magazine. All rights reserved. Please recycle.

Cover photo by For advertising opportunities, please contact Jonathan E. Himlin at 480.636.6670, or email:


Association >>> Caretaker landscape

Fall/Winter Overseeding Procedure By Anthony Luciano, Director of Horticulture – Vistancia ISA Certified Arborists (WE-9687A), CDLP, CLP, SLM, ACPA


he optimum time to over-seed is during the first two weeks of October or when the evening temperatures consistently stay below 65 degrees. It takes a little effort; however, we are sure that you will love the results. If you have any questions or need assistance with planting or maintaining your winter lawn, please contact us.

Steps to Over-Seed Your Lawn

Step 4 - Mulch This step is optional, but can be critical if you (1) do not have a good irrigation system, (2) do not have a timer that can water 4-5 times per day, or (3) the temperatures have cooled too quickly. A wellcomposted mulch will help retain moisture and heat necessary to germinate your perennial ryegrass. After you have spread the seed, spread the mulch 1/8” to 1/4” thick evenly over the whole lawn.

Step 1 - Transitioning

Step 5 - Water

To insure a good over-seed, you need to eliminate the competition of your summer lawn and reduce the thatch that has accumulated over the summer. This is accomplished by transitioning and dethatching, which is the removal of leaf and thatch accumulation to ensure the seed gets down to the soil.

Water is critical! You want to maintain a moist seedbed for a period of seven to ten days to allow the seed to germinate. You will want to water 4 to 5 times per day for very short cycles that leave no puddles and no dry spots. After the seed has germinated and grown to a height of 3⁄4” to 1”, you may reduce watering to 2-3 times per day. After ten to fourteen days, you can reduce watering to once per day. Once your winter lawn is established, you will be able to water every other day through the winter. However, when the temperatures begin to rise in the spring you may need to begin watering every night, depending on the needs of the lawn.

First, drop your mowing height down to 1⁄4” - 1⁄2”. This should remove all of the green tissue in this process. You may have to mow your lawn 2 or 3 times to accomplish this. Collect and remove all of the clippings. If you still have too much thatch, you may need to rent a “power rake”. This is a machine with blades that will quickly loosen and rake the thatch. Rake your lawn in 2 directions with the “power rake”, mow one more time and then collect the clippings. You should now have a lawn that is very brown, with 1⁄4’ to 1⁄2” of stubble, a network of “runners” on the surface (above ground stolons), and just a little bit of soil showing through. You are now ready to seed.

Step 2 - Seeding The better quality your grass seed, the better quality your lawn will be. We recommend grasses that are suited for Arizona’s desert climate such as perennial ryegrass. Depending on how lush you prefer your lawn and the typical grass height you are planning, the amount of seed that you will need varies: •

Home Lawns (1”-2”) — 12 pounds per 1,000 square feet

Home Lawns ( 1⁄2” - 1”) — 15 pounds per 1,000 square feet

Spread your seed in two directions, half in one direction and the other half in a direction perpendicular to the first. This will minimize overlaps and skips. If you overlap too much, you will have some very thick stripes in your lawn. If you have skips, you will see some very thin yellow areas in your lawn. It is important to spread your seed as evenly as possible for the best results.

Step 3 - Fertilize Be sure to fertilize with a starter fertilizer before turning on your water. The analysis should be similar to a 6-20-20 (6% nitrogen, 20% phosphorus, 20% potassium) or 15-15-15 (15% each of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) mix. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the bag for fertilizing. Check out our fertilizer guide to learn what all these numbers mean on the fertilizer bag, so you can be sure you are making the right choice.


Step 6 - Mowing The first mowing should occur at the 10th to 14th day after germination. Follow the 30% rule for mowing—never remove more than 30% of the leaf at one time. This will keep you from pulling out your new young seedlings. Your first cut will probably be at a height of 3⁄4” to 1”. If prefer your lawn a little longer, then you may not need to mow for 14 - 21 days. Once your ryegrass is established, you can follow normal upkeep measures outlined in our maintenance section.

Step 7 - Turf Nutrition Your winter lawn will require feeding, just like your summer lawn. Feed your ryegrass monthly with an analysis such as 21-7-14 or 223-9 (see our fertilizer guide for more information). Look for a fertilizer that contains iron or use an iron product like “Ironite” for the best results. Iron also comes in a variety of liquid products that can be sprayed on your turf. Visit your local nursery or garden center for more information. *Be careful with iron products, they will stain concrete, cool-decking and swimming pools. Vistancia along with Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management won ALCA’s 36th Annual Arizona Excellence in Landscaping Awards for Commercial Maintenance – Large Scale Community. Thank you to Vanessa Dreyer, Carrie Lienhart, Lauren Stephan, and Michael Brooks with CCMC and to all the wonderful Board Members and Homeowners at Vistancia for a wonderful partnership.

  

  

  

   

 


Community >>> Featured Event

Harvest Daze in Vistancia Saturday, October 20th, 5-8 p.m. at the Mountain Vista Club Event Lawn


ur Annual Fall Celebration is back! The Harvest Daze event will be held on the Event Lawn at the Mountain Vista Club from 5pm-8pm on Saturday, October 20th. This celebration is possible thanks to our event sponsor Zona Communications!

The Big Zephyr Band will get the party started at 5pm playing a variety of classic rock and festive Halloween music. Activities to keep the children entertained include face painting, fall crafts, hay rides, bounce houses, caricatures, an obstacle course, bean bag boards and more! We’ll have a large variety of food vendors at this event so come hungry! The menu items vary in pricing including meals from $2 to $7. On the menu we have hotdogs, brats, hamburgers, cotton candy, kettle corn, nachos and more. Beer and wine will be available to purchase at $4 per glass.

Tickets for this event are available to purchase in the HOA office. We encourage residents to buy their tickets in advance to avoid long lines on event day. Tickets will be available starting at 5pm the day of the event. Please do not arrive earlier as there is a lot of set up and preparation to do prior to 5pm. Tickets cost $2 per person to attend Harvest Daze and $4 per person if you would also like to enter the haunted house. Children 2 and younger are free. Costumes are strongly encouraged! We’re looking forward to this spooktacular event and we hope you are too! Thank you ZONA COMMUNICATIONS for sponsoring this event for our community!

Photos by

We have a few contests on the itinerary. You’ll have chances to compete in a pumpkin carving contest, pie eating contest and candy corn guessing. To participate in the pumpkin carving contest you must bring your pre-carved or decorated pumpkin to the event lawn at 5:00pm. We will have a $25 gif card for each winner of the competitions.

In addition to the festivities on the event lawn we are preparing a haunted house for your spooky enjoyment! The haunted house will be from 6pm-8pm in the Gymnasium. We encourage you not to take small children through the haunted house. We need adult volunteers to make the haunted house successful. If you are interested in helping please email

A Note from Vistancia Resident Patrick Sherrill, President and CEO of Zona Communications, Sponsors of Harvest Daze Ah the joys of the fall season! Football is back in full swing, pumpkin spice lattes reappear on the menu, and summertime heat finally gives way to the pleasant weather that makes central Arizona such a wonderful place to live. We residents of Vistancia have an abundance of reasons to be thankful this time of year.

On behalf of all the team at Zona I say “Thank you!” Thanks for letting our company serve you. Thanks for allowing us to partner with you in making this community a great place to live. Thanks for treating our network technicians with fresh-baked cookies. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

I am particularly thankful to do business in the community where I live. It is a real pleasure to get to know my interesting and talented neighbors. I am truly blessed to lead the team at Zona Communications by serving the communications needs for many of the homes and businesses in Vistancia.

As a small expression of our gratitude, Zona is pleased to sponsor the upcoming “Harvest Daze” event. Please come and enjoy the festivities and when you have a chance come by and say “Hi” to the Zona team. We look forward to seeing you!


If You Build It... An Interview with Haunted Funhouse Builder Joseph Lopez Vistancia Resident Joseph Lopez talks about his role in the Harvest Daze event as the builder of the Haunted Funhouse, and his need for volunteers. VLM: Why do you enjoy building the haunted house for the community?

>>> spotlight

Wayne and Deena Copeland


ew to the Vistancia area are Wayne and Deena Copeland. The couple moved here from the Tampa, Florida area and are quickly adjusting to their new lifestyle. Wayne, a Senior IT Manager, was asked to relocate to the Phoenix area. When he accepted the position, the company moved them here in June, just in time to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in their new home.

Photos by

JL: Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so making the haunted house is a fun way to get into the spirit, have fun, and be creative. I do woodworking as a hobby, so designing and constructing things for the haunted house gives me an opportunity to partake in that hobby. And because it’s all for the community, I have the added bonus of knowing that I’m participating in events that everyone can enjoy and that I’m contributing something to the community in which I live. VLM: What is the theme of the haunted house? JL: The theme of the haunted house this year is “Haunted Funhouse.” VLM: Did you enjoy the haunted trail last year? Which did you prefer building more? JL: I very much enjoyed the haunted trail last year. The whole ghost town / Old West theme was a fun setting to create. Being outside had its unique set of challenges, as well as advantages, but all of the volunteers were great to work with. It was their enthusiasm and excitement that made it successful. This year’s funhouse, which will be in the gym, has also been fun to build. We’re going to have settings and gimmicks that are completely different from last year. VLM: Do you need volunteers? JL: Adult volunteers are both welcomed and needed. We will need participants to be part of the funhouse (work the effects, be our actors/characters, stand as security) as well as participants to help construct everything and put the funhouse together.

Deena is an organic coffee/tea distributor (http://loscopelands You might find her popping in and out of her favorite gym, various networking meetings around town, or chatting with her new friends at the HOA office. Former New Yorkers, the Copelands moved to the Tampa, Florida area with their two sons, Christopher and Bryan. A few years later they were blessed with their daughter, Sydney. They have raised three wonderful children together. This past May, they had two college graduation ceremonies to attend while planning the move to Phoenix in June. Their oldest son, Christopher, is a Morehouse University graduate with dual Bachelor degrees in Physics and Mathematics; and, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate with dual Master degrees in Nuclear Engineering and Policy & Technology. Their youngest son, Bryan, has dual Bachelor degrees in Management and Web design from Southeastern University. And, their daughter, Sydney, will graduate in 2013 from the University of Central with a Bachelor degree in Public Relations. Be sure to say hello and welcome the Copelands to Vistancia when you see them.


Community >>> What’s Happening

Harvest Daze

Jazz for Javier Benefit Concert

The Annual Fall Celebration is here! This event will be enjoyable for the entire family and will even be accompanied by a haunted house! Tickets are $2 to harvest daze and $4 if they also want to go to the haunted house! This event is sponsored by Zona Communications! See page 10 for details!

Spirit Song church and Music Serving the Word (MSW) are partnering together to host “Jazz for Javier” to help a young boy in our community who suffers with significant medical conditions get a much needed assist dog. MSW’s “Inner Journeys” and The Vicki MeDermitt Quartet are bringing an evening of jazz under the stars to the Vistancia event lawn on Saturday, October 13th. MSW and Spirit Song church are bringing together talented musicians including jazz pianist Bob Ravenscroft, Dwight Kilian on bass, Rob Moore on drums, vocalist Vicki McDermitt, pianist Armand Boatman, saxophonist Jerry Donato, and visual artist Mario Barnabe to give the community a chance to help Javier and his family and enjoy a great concert at the same time. Tickets are $5 per person. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets. Beverages, glow necklaces and raffle tickets will be available for purchase. ALL proceeds from the event go toward the cost of the service dog for Javier. Additional donations may be made at the concert. To learn more about MSW, please visit the website, or call 480-575-1303. To learn more about Spirit Song, visit or call 623-824-1357.

Saturday, October 20th, 5pm-8pm

Saturday, October 13th, 6pm-8pm

Trunk or Treat Oktoberfest

Saturday, October 6th, 6pm-8pm Come enjoy the live polka music and delicious food on the event lawn! The cost is $3 per person and includes one hot dog or brat, sauerkraut, chips and a soda. If you want more food you can buy an additional ticket. Rock Bottom Brewery will be there selling a variety of German beers at $4 per glass. The beer stein holding competition is back! The winner from the women’s and the men’s team will win a traditional German beer stein! Your RSVP to mrobinson@ccmcnet. com is mandatory to this event so we know how much food to prepare. If you would like to participate in the beer stein holding competition email Lauren at Prost!

Halloween Movie

Friday, October 12th, 7pm We’ll be playing Hocus Pocus on the event lawn. The movie is free for all to enjoy. Bring your blankets and refreshments!

Halloween Costume Exchange

Saturday, October 13th, 1pm-3pm Bring your Halloween costumes and accessories to the permanent COSTUME EXCHANGE in the gym! Donations will be accepted in the HOA office after October 1st. Fall crafts and light refreshments will be provided. Bring your costumes at 1pm and plan on the exchange to begin around 1:45pm.


Wednesday, October 31st, 6:30pm-8:00pm You can take all the fun of Trick or Treating and combine it with a great cause, fighting malaria, all at the same time! Give your children a chance to get candy and give to a cause on the same night. Children can give their change to help kids in the world who aren’t worried about scary ghosts or goblins but are afraid of malaria, a preventable and curable disease. 1.2 million people die every year because they don’t have the means to treat this disease. You can help. All proceeds go to Imagine No Malaria, imaginenomalaria. org. Join us in the MVC parking lot on Halloween night. Bring your children and have fun going car to car and playing games or participate with your car, give candy, and have a chance to win the Best Decorated Car Contest. (For safety, plan to park and set up by 6:00.) This fun night is sponsored by Spirit Song church in Vistancia, Call Tracy, 623-221-2852 or Valerie, 623-8241357 for more information.

Vistancia Community Garage Sale November 10th, 7am-11am

Save the Date

The fall garage sale is finally here! It’s time to clean out your garage and make some cash! There is no charge to participate; we just need you to sign up by the deadline, Tuesday, November 6th, no exceptions. If you would like to participate email your address, neighborhood name and a few items you’re selling to mteam96@ Maps will be given out on Friday, November 9th at the HOA office and Saturday, November 10th from 7am-11am in the Walgreens parking lot. Big Brothers Big Sisters will be accepting donations in the MVC parking lot from 10am-2pm.

Fall Swim Lessons

Vistancia Waterworks will be offering group swimming lessons for youth and adults beginning in October. The first series of group lessons will be held at the heated MVC Pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Coach Mike is a US Swimming Coach, Water Safety Instructor, and former municipal aquatic director. Lessons will feature small class size [3:1] and economical pricing. For additional information please visit or call 425 492 6871.


Vistancia MOPS


oes your reading these days only consist of Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose? Did your last meal consist of what you found on the floor while mopping up after dinner? Do you find yourself hiding in the bathroom, just so you can be alone? Do you find yourself humming the Barney theme song even when your kids are not around?

Spanish Classes

Spanish classes are back! Spanish Club for adults and Spanish For Kids will be taught by Professor Susan Roemer for the affordable price of $40 a month for 6 classes and all materials. Spanish For Kids is open to all children pre-K through Middle School and will be held on Thursday evenings from 6-7 p.m. on October 11, 18, 25, and November 8, 15, 29. Spanish Club for adults will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30 p.m. on October 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, and 24. All classes will be held in building A . To register please email or call (623) 518-6383.

Vistancia Fall Sports Leagues

We’ve partnered with Arizona Youth Sports Leagues (AYSL) to bring soccer, T-Ball, and flag football to our Vistancia resident’s! Our goal and AYSL’s goal is to get enough interest to keep the games and practices right here in Vistancia. AYSL is a locally owned and operated youth sports league that believes every child deserves the chance to play a sport regardless of their abilities. AYSL is now accepting registrations for it’s fall season! For more information about AYSL and their leagues contact them at 602-635-6345 or visit their website at to register your child today.

Self-Defense Classes

Starting October 11th, an exclusive, exciting and unique self-defense training program, DeMile Self-Defense Systems (DSS), comes to Vistancia. DSS is a modern self-defense/fitness system with its core principles rooted in the Wing Chun Do martial arts system. With DSS, Sijo DeMile accelerates the learning process of his approach to applied trapping and Chi Sao and integrates it with the selfdefense applications of Jiu Jitsu , Judo , MMA Fitness training and military close quarter combat. Randy Parker, under direct authority/ certification of Sijo DeMile, will be teaching adult level (14 and older) classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays (7-8 pm) at the Vistancia MVC gymnasium. An introductory special of $20 is being offered for the month of October. Please email or (623) 866-8237 for additional details.

Pictured Above (from left): Azucena Jones, April Martinell, Meagahn Cummings, Karen Grieser, Jamy Beaton

Vistancia MOPS understands the unique challenges, joys and needs that moms experience, especially in the early years of motherhood. MOPS is a place where you will be welcomed, accepted and inspired to reach your full potential as both a wife and a mother. You can come and build friendships with other moms just like you who understand your struggles and can offer you both encouragement and support. You will have time to relax and enjoy other moms, while your children are being taken care of. That’s right, MOPS has childcare. Your children will be lovingly cared for in a safe environment, while learning valuable lessons and having lots of fun. We would like to invite you to come along on this exciting adventure. MOPS meets twice a month in the Vistancia Mountain Vista Club. Meetings run from 9:30-11:00 and the registration cost is $59/yearly, 29.50/semester or $7/month. You can visit our website at for more information and to get registered! We hope to see you soon!


Community >>> Scrapbook

Basketball Academy “I look forward to seeing my son’s continued growth each week and really appreciate the time Peter and his staff have spent with all the kids. Job well done by everyone involved!” - Chris Franciscus

Casino Night “Just a note to thank you for giving the residents of Vistancia such a great evening of fun! We had such a good time.” – Ginger Sublet


Coaches Jedd Dunn and Peter Ezugwu run Vistancia’s new Basketball Academy on Mondays from 6-7:30pm. Go to to register your child.


Fall Pruning By Charlotte Smith, Certified Horticulturalist and Master Gardener


ow that our summer is over, it’s that time of year to start pruning our trees. We broke several record temperatures this summer and had some pretty amazing monsoons. But that can also mean wind damage to our desert trees, in addition to normal summer growth. Both situations need to be addressed. Don’t just prune for the sake of pruning, however. Whether it’s removing dead, damaged or weakened branches, eliminating branches that rub or cross, removing low-hanging branches that block a sidewalk, or impair visibility at a stop sign, you should have a reason to prune. Proper pruning is an important skill to keep trees healthy and beautiful at the same time. By making the proper cuts, removing only what is necessary and keeping the tree’s natural form, we do a service to our trees and our overall landscape aesthetic. Pruning also helps the stability of a tree as well as its balance. It also helps you to control and direct its growth. Using the proper tool is also important, as it helps you to give a fresh, clean cut to the tree so it can heal properly, rather than tearing at the tissue with an improper cut. • Hand pruning shears are fine for any cut under ½ inch in diameter. • Loppers should be used on anything under 1 inch in diameter. • Use a pruning saw on anything over 1 inch in diameter.

Having the proper tool for the perfect cut and keeping your tools clean after pruning will extend the life of the tool. When pruning, keep in mind that you don’t want to remove more than ¼ of a mature tree’s leaves in a growing season. Pruning of a newly planted tree should only be done to remove dead or badly damaged branches for the first year. You always want to make a clean cut back to a main stem or branch just outside the branch back ridge and branded collar. This will allow for the wound to close properly and not give entry for diseases and insects. Topping of a tree is the indiscriminate cutting back of tree branches to stubs. Never top a tree! This only stresses the tree by removal of leaves, or “food factories,” creating new shoots that are weak and prone to breakage and also creating unsightly trees by disfiguring their natural branching structure. Remember a properly pruned tree will be able to protect itself. As always, enjoy your adventures “Beyond the Garden Gate!” Please note: We have changed the Garden Chat in Vistancia to the Second Wednesday of each Month at 6:00pm. Be sure and bring any landscape or garden questions you may have. Feel free to contact me at or 623-695-3952.


Tennis, A Metaphor for Life By Vistancia Resident- Janna Babb


ennis is a great metaphor for life. You can win matches in tennis by not winning every single point, but by winning most of the points in most of the games in most of the sets, exactly as in life. Since no one is perfect, tennis mirrors life in that if you keep getting up after a defeat and keep fighting, you, too, can still win the match. The Vistancia tennis program has gotten off to a great start. Children and adults are taking advantage of the expertise of our local pros Joe Ragland (USPTA) and Aide’ Smedes (USPTR). Both are certified, and together they have a combined total of 40 plus years coaching/ teaching tennis. In addition to having great pros, Vistancia residents have the luxury of this great sport right here in Vistancia. Vistancia is building its Junior Tennis Program. During the 2011-12 sessions, the youth involved have improved tremendously. Many of the youth are asking to form a team and begin competition. This is a testament to a job well done by Joe and Aide’. They have created an environment of fun competition for our youth. The young players are learning how to win and lose with grace and dignity— something that inspires them to do their best as an individual, and

when they play doubles as a team. As stated by Jennifer S. (a mother of a participant), “Coach Joe and Coach Aide’ provide a fun and supportive environment for the players while staying focused on teaching fundamentals. Max is having a blast!” Tennis is the sport for a lifetime. It promotes tactical thinking, sportsmanship, and adaptability to name a few. All of these things are learned through the enjoyment of a great aerobic activity. Sessions begin every four weeks. Call Joe Ragland at 623-680-6738 or visit the HOA office for a flyer. The next session begins October 8th.


At the club >>> A Day At The Spa

Managing Sporadic Stress By Chris Farley, Spa & Wellness Director, Alvea Spa, Trilogy at Vistancia


ith varying degree, we all have times of basic stress in our lives. Some even thrive on it; but stress affects your health in many ways. Chronic tension and stress can affect your immune system, your nervous system and eventually your health in general. It’s how we deal with it that will keep our bodies healthier and our minds happier. Symptoms of stress come in many different forms. They can show up as general fatigue, loss of sleep or appetite, even over-eating, all leading to much larger health disturbances like inflammation in the joints, heart disease and even stroke. Identifying the cause and then learning coping mechanisms that work for you will keep your body in an all around healthier state of being. Luckily sporadic stress is generally easy to control simply by maintaining a balanced diet and exercise program that can reduce the systemic effects that stress can take on your overall well being. Eating a well-balanced diet consisting of fresh ingredients, while limiting (or even eliminating if you can) processed and packaged foods is simply a great first step. There are many online tools (both free and small-fee based) that can help you to get on track with your diet as well as physical activity. One is, an excellent free resource where you can set-up an online profile to track personal progress. If you would rather not register, check out the general program for some great reminders to start eating

healthy. Working together with a proper diet, exercise and principles of how to deal with stress comes next. When you do find yourself in stressful situations try some of the following exercises to help calm your mind and body. Focus on your breathing and try to slow it down; breathing through your nose. Evening out your inhalations and your exhalations will have an immediate calming effect on the nervous system. Calming both the physical body as well as the mind, allowing you to think clearly and keep your blood pressure down. It is unbelievable (maybe old fashioned and silly), but simply counting to 10 can redirect your outlook on the task at hand‌ and only takes 10 seconds! Exercise regularly. Physical activity allows you an opportunity to burn off any negative energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored. If time is a factor, acknowledge that your health may be at risk and whether you take a brisk walk during your lunch break or carve time out of your nightly TV routine, you will always be better off choosing some physical activity. With these simple reminders you can help to keep stress to a minimal level. And remember, the Alvea Spa is always here to help with Spa, Salon and Naturopathic services as well. We can be reached at 623-215-6290.

>>> blackstone

Seasonal Changes and Over Seeding By The Vistancia Information Center


s the weather starts to cool, the time has come once again for golf course over seeding at Blackstone Country Club. Each year during the month of October, the course closes to prepare for the golf season. This year, Blackstone Country Club will be closed from Monday, October 8th through Thursday, November 1st, re-opening for the season on Friday, November 2nd. The driving range will still be open for practice throughout the process of over seeding. All other club amenities including the dining facility, pools, tennis courts and fitness facility remain operational during normal scheduled hours. For additional questions regarding the course you may contact the golf shop directly at 623-707-8710.

In addition to the changes from the over seeding schedule, the Blackstone Gatehouse hours will change for the fall through winter. Starting Monday, October 1st the hours will shift from 6am-6pm to 7am-7pm. For assistance during non-manned hours you may contact the community patrol 480-313-2685.


We appreciate your patience during this time of scheduled change and ensure that the award-winning course will be as beautiful as ever once re-opened in November. If you are interested in learning more about club membership opportunities, please call 623-707-8700.


>>> council update

Helpful, Practical Events And Services By Cathy Carlat, Councilmember, Mesquite District, City of Peoria


s we stroll into cooler weather, we’ve been working hard to bring forward a variety of helpful, practical events and services to Northern Peoria.

Partnering with St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic, the City of Peoria is hosting Keep it Safe – A Family Affair on Saturday, October 6th. This free event will run from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the northern Peoria medical clinic, located at 77th Avenue, South of Deer Valley Road. Event will include a range of activities, including: Bike Rodeo, Fire & Water Safety Prevention, Fire Truck Tour, Child ID Kits, Free blood Pressure Checks, $10 Flu Shots – Adults Only, Pumpkin Patch, Face Painting, Inflatable’s, Food, Vendor Booths, Helmet Fitting & Giveaway, and Booster Seat Fitting & Giveaway. In addition to this event, the City of Peoria and Maricopa County are offering a Shred-a-Thon and Prescription Take Back service on Thursday, October 25th from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Home Depot, located at 25650 N. Lake Pleasant Pkwy. Residents will have an opportunity to have up to 5 boxes/bags (per person) of documents shredded for free. Old, unused, or expired prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine are also accepted. This is a great

opportunity to clean out your important documents and unwanted prescriptions, in a safe and controlled manner. The following week, on Saturday, November 3rd from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., residents can again stop by the Home Depot, located at 25650 N. Lake Pleasant Pkwy, for the Household Hazardous Waste drop-off program. In an effort to divert toxic materials from our landfills, residents may stop by to have a variety of items safely, and properly, disposed of. Acceptable items include: batteries, paint, gas, pesticides, antifreeze, cleaners, tires, appliances, electronics, etc. For a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable drop off items, including proper tips for drop off, please contact the Solid Waste Division at (623) 773-7160. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your driver’s license or water bill for proof of residency. For a full listing of events within the City of Peoria, please visit: or call our Community Services Department at (623) 773-7137. To keep updated about what is happening in your city, register for the Mesquite District electronic news alerts by visiting www. Contact Councilmember Cathy Carlat at or by calling 623-773-7306.

>>> police beat

Law Enforcement Torch Run Benefits Special Olympics By Officer Don Watts


ach year the Peoria Police Department participates in the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. You may have seen the participants as they carried the torch as they do each year, from about 99th Avenue and Grand to about 73rd Avenue and Grand, where they pass the torch to the Glendale Police Department. The Law Enforcement Torch Run began in 1981 when Wichita, Kansas (USA), Police Chief Richard LaMunyon saw an urgent need to increase awareness of Special Olympics. He also saw it as an ideal way to involve local law enforcement personnel with the Special Olympics community. Thirty years later, that flicker has become a roaring flame of stability for Special Olympic athletes worldwide. In 2011, the Law Enforcement Torch Runs around the world raised $42 million, making it the movement’s largest grass-roots fundraiser and public relations vehicle for the Special Olympics. The Torch Run funds raised are only part of what the police officers give. Above all,


athletes say the law enforcement officers involved with the Torch Runs give them acceptance, friendship and encouragement. Schools around Arizona, inculding Liberty High School, have started a program called, “Unified Sports®.” Unified Sports® is an inclusive program which combines individuals with intellectual disabilities (athletes) and individuals without intellectual disabilities (partners) on sports teams for training and competition. Athletes and partners compete alongside one another, each in a meaningful and integral role on the Unified Sports® team. Schools across Arizona are starting Unified Sports® Programs because of the inclusive and culture-changing opportunities it creates for everyone involved. Keep your eyes open for some fundraising events in North Peoria and check out a Unified Sports® game at Liberty High School. If you see the participants in next year’s Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics, don’t forget to honk and wave!


Saturday October 27th

5 p.m. - 9 p.m. Peoria Sports Complex 16101 N. 83rd Ave FREE admission with canned food item(s) to help support The St. Mary’s / Westside Food Bank Alliance


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Resources HOA Office Vistancia Community Patrol Vistancia Village Emergency For use between midnight and 8am City of Peoria Police/Animal Control Peoria Policing Program, North Tip Line Fire Southwest Ambulance Arrowhead Hospital North Peoria Emergency Center Sun Health Hospital Post Office Sunrise Mountain Library Utilities Cox Communications Zona Communications Southwest Gas APS (Electric) City of Peoria (water/trash) Schools Peoria Unified S.D. #11 Lake Pleasant Elementary Attendance Vistancia Elementary Attendance Liberty High School Sunrise Mountain High School Creative Castle Preschool and Kindergarten Churches Spirit Song United Methodist Church

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Activities and Clubs Aerobics We’ve started a new aerobics class in Vistancia on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am in the Gymnasium. This is a free fitness class! All you need is a water bottle, a towel and mat if you have one. Enjoy! AYSL AYSL is bringing soccer, T-Ball, and flag football to Vistancia! AYSL is a locally owned and operated youth sports league that believes every child deserves the chance to play a sport regardless of their abilities. AYSL is now accepting registrations for it’s fall season that kicks off September 15th, 2012 for tackle football and October 13th, 2012 for all other coed sports. For more information about AYSL and their leagues contact them at 602-635-6345 or visit their website at and register your child today. Bible Study The women’s Bible study meets every Thursday at 9am in the clubhouse Office. All women are invited as we share, discuss, and encourage one another. Call Valerie for more information at 623-824-1357. Blue Goose Adventures Join us in the Clubhouse every Tuesday at 10:00am for adventures in reading, crafts, cooking, singing and learning. The fee is $10 per child. Bunco We need players! Join us in the Clubhouse on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm for an exciting dice game and a great way to meet new friends! The fee is $6 per person to play. There are 4 gift cards available to win! Please contact Lauren at if you’re interested in playing! Cheer Club Cheer club meets every Wednesday night from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the gym. We focus on health and fitness, building self confidence and the FUNdamentals of cheerleading with the emphasis on fun while working hard to perfect our skills. Email Clarissa at or call 572-4289 for more information. Garden Chat Garden chat will meet the last Wednesday of every month at 6pm. Contact for additional information.

Helping Hands Club The helpings hand club is a group of Vistancia residents with the same mission to help their neighbors in need! If you would like to join the club or if you have a need that the club might be able to assist you with contact Adrienne at adrienne_vetter@ MOMS Club We are a non-profit network support group for all moms. Whether you are working and looking to connect with other working moms or you stay at home and are looking for friendships for both you and your child, we are the answer. We offer many activities! If you are interested in meeting new moms and making great friendships, please visit MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) Club* MOPS is a great place where Mothers of Preschoolers are welcomed, accepted and inspired to reach their full potential as a woman and a mom. MOPS will meet on Wednesdays twice a month in the Mountain Vista Clubhouse from 9:15-11:00. Childcare will be provided. Fee is $59 per year. If you are interested in more details, please visit or contact Christie at Mountain Biking Club This club meets on weekends at the discrepancy of group leader. Explore new terrain in and around the Vistancia community. For additional information contact Scott Thompson at 623.764.4960. Poker Club Come meet your neighbors while playing a game of luck and skill. Vistancia Poker tournaments will be held every other Saturday of every month in the Association Office. Buy-ins are $20 per person. 100% of proceeds go to top place finishers. For more information, / www. Spanish Club It’s open to all residents who would like to learn Spanish as well as those who want to practice their Spanish-speaking skills in a supportive environment. The topics of conversation will include, but not be limited to: greetings, holiday celebrations, family events. eating out, shopping, traveling, entertainment and games. The $40 monthly dues include all classes and materials. To register contact Susan at susan. Teen Club Kids ages 11-17. We plan teen events and do community service projects all while having a great time. Please contact Lauren Stephan at for more information. Tennis Club Drop-in Tennis is on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays at the Mountain Vista Club tennis courts at 7am-9am. For more information contact Vistanciatenisclub@yahoo. com or call Tom or Barbara at 928.252.3546. Tennis Lessons Tennis Pro Joe Ragland instructs Children and Adults in multiple settings including private lessons and group clinics. Call Joe for additional information at 623.680.6738. Vistancia Village Loaning Library Bring a book take a book at the Loaning Library in the Association Office. We are also always accepting donations for books and DVDs For more information contact the Association Office at 623.215.8646. Vistancia Vipers Vistancia Village Swim Team. Practices are currently Monday-Friday from 4pm6:15p at the Foothills Pool. For more information contact Jen Peery at jpeery1@ Vistancia Water Works: Vistancia Waterworks will be offering group swim lessons on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in October for youth ages 4 and up and an adult class. Classes will feature a 3 : 1 student instructor ratio and economical pricing, $15.00 per class. All classes will be held at the Vistancia Mountain Vista Pool. For registration please phone 425 492-6871. For additional information please visit Water Aerobics Classes are Monday-Saturday at 10am at the Mountain Vista Club pool. If you have any questions contact Lauren at

Follow us on Facebook: and find us online at



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October 2012 SUN








2 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Blue Goose Adventures 10am Water Aerobics, 10-11am Hip Hop, 6pm Good News Club 6-7:30pm zumba 7pm

3 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Dodgeball 4pm Cheer Club, 6-7pm Power Yoga, 6-7pm MOPS 9:30am

4 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Water Aerobics, 10-11am Bible Study, 9am Water Aerobics, 9-10am Zumba, 6pm

5 Coffee Talk 9am MOMS Club 10am-12pm Water Aerobics, 10-11am

6 Drop in Tennis, 7am-9am Tumbling 3-5 yr olds, 9:45 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Tumbling 6-12 yr olds, 10:30 OKTOBERFEST, 6pm-8pm


9 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Blue Goose Adventures 10am Water Aerobics, 10-11am Swim Lessons/ Swim Fun 1pm Hip Hop, 6pm Good News Club 6-7:30pm Zumba 7pm

10 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Dodgeball 4pm Cheer Club, 6-7pm Power Yoga, 6-7pm Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm Garden Chat, 6pm

11 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Bible Study, 9am Water Aerobics, 10-11am Kids Spanish 6pm-7pm Zumba, 6pm History Club, 7pm

12 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Movie on the lawn, 7pm

13 Drop in Tennis, 7am-9am Tumbling 3-5 yr olds, 9:45 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Tumbling 6-12 yr olds, 10:30 Costume Exchange, 1pm-3pm Jazz for Javier, 6pm-8pm


16 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Blue Goose Adventures 10am Water Aerobics, 10-11am Hip Hop, 6pm Good News Club 6-7:30pm Zumba 7pm

17 Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm MOPS 9:30am Water Aerobics, 10-11am Dodgeball 4pm Cheer Club, 6-7pm Power Yoga, 6-7pm Bunco 7pm

18 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Bible Study, 9am Water Aerobics, 10-11am Kids Spanish 6pm-7pm Zumba, 6pm


20 Drop in Tennis, 7am-9am Tumbling 3-5 yr olds, 9:45 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Tumbling 6-12 yr olds, 10:30 Harvest Daze, 5pm-8pm Haunted House, 6pm-8pm

23 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Blue Goose Adventures 10am Water Aerobics, 10-11am Hip Hop, 6pm Good News Club 6-7:30pm Zumba 7pm

24 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Dodgeball 4pm Cheer Club, 6-7pm Power Yoga, 6-7pm Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm

25 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Bible Study, 9am Water Aerobics, 10-11am Kids Spanish 6pm-7pm Zumba, 6pm History Club, 7pm


27 Drop in Tennis, 7am-9am Tumbling 3-5 yr olds, 9:45 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Tumbling 6-12 yr olds, 10:30

30 Drop-in Tennis, 8am-10am Blue Goose Adventures 10am Water Aerobics, 10-11am Hip Hop, 6pm Good News Club 6-7:30pm Zumba 7pm

31 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Halloween! Story Time with Winnie the Witch 10am Cheer Club, 6-7pm Trunk or Treat 6:30-8:00pm Power Yoga, 6-7pm

Water Aerobics, 10-11am Cheer Club, 4-6pm Basketball Academy 6-7:30pm

7 Adult B-Ball, 7pm

Water Aerobics, 10-11am Cheer Club, 4-6pm Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm Basketball Academy 6-7:30pm

14 Adult B-Ball, 7pm

Water Aerobics, 10-11am Cheer Club, 4-6pm Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm Basketball Academy 6-7:30pm

21 Adult B-Ball, 7pm

22 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Cheer Club, 4-6pm Adult Spanish 6pm-7:30pm Basketball Academy 6-7:30pm

28 Adult B-Ball, 7pm

29 Water Aerobics, 10-11am Cheer Club, 4-6pm Basketball Academy 6-7:30pm


Water Aerobics, 10-11am

Water Aerobics, 10-11am

Vistancia Village Association 29701 N. Sunrise Point Peoria, AZ 85383 623.215.8646 /


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