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Powder Coating Services Powder coating is an advanced method of protecting, strengthening and sustaining metals and metallic objects for a longer period. Technological growth has ushered in a new wave of protective finish in the form of powder coating that is used for both protective as well as decorative purpose. Powder coating Sydney is a result of technological progress wherein industrial & consumer-used metals are offered a special coating using a highly advanced method. With the unmatched merits offered by commercial powder coating & industrial powder coating, the technology is now available in Australia.

Semi Frameless Glass Specialists Aluminx Australia is located in Sydney and is Australia's leading semi frameless glass specialists. We developing new and exciting products with state of the art manufacturing techniques. Aluminx has a reputation as one of the industries market leaders for quality semi frameless glass balustrade components and new products. We develop custom brackets, components and spigots for balconies, decking and pool fencing. We have also launched a new product range of illuminated spigots for leading lights in garden pathways and dark areas.

Cabana Specialists Living in the temperate climate offers you the freedom to stay outside your home for long hours. The sun can be merciful at times which allows you to either spend quality time with your partner or invest it in some hobby like reading a book. Laying out in different climatic conditions is sure fun but it is always a good idea to have a roof above your head. This way you stay out too and still do not have to face the harmful sun rays or fight the sulky weather.

Aluminium Composite Panels

CNC Router Service


Complete range on aluminium composite panel sheets in standard and custom sizes.

Complete CNC router service for aluminium and composite materials.

Custom fabricated stainless aluminium hardware.



Powdercoating Service Sydney  
Powdercoating Service Sydney  

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