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b-Calm Audio GP Sedation Headphones

The “Acoustic Shield of Learners Everywhere!

What It Is? The b-Calm GP Audio System allows the individual to have control the levels of sound in their surrounding environments. Today it has become one of the leading devices to assist students with ADD/ ADHD in the classroom. It was created by a dentist who wanted to help an autistic patient with coping with the loud noises in his office

How it Works The b-Calm Audio System headphones encompass the child’s entire ear in protective, but comfortable foam leather. The headphones allow a child to stay focused by replacing the distracting environmental noise with familiar and soothing sounds from nature.

Where You Can Find It This device is extremely popular and can be found on several websites. Some of these websites are the following: * * * *

How Much Does It Cost? Even though there are many websites that sell the b-Calm GP Audio Sedation System, offers it for only $129.00 for their “Youth” size and $109.00 for their “Adult” size.

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By: Michael Puma Link to Purchase: -sedation-system-3

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