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Profloor Acoustic Mat••••••••

Installation Details•••••••••


• Ensure all fixings, nails, screws etc. are below the top surface of the floor boards. • Clean underside edge of skirtings to remove dust and dirt particles. • Ensure complete floor surface is dry, firm, free from grease, polish and mould growth. • Fill joints between floor boards and bottom edge of skirtings with a suitable mastic. (See figure 1.) • Very absorbent surfaces eg; untreated concrete, non-flooring grade chipboard or old floor boards may require the application of a suitable primer.

Preliminaries The floor laying team are to familiarise themselves with all materials and surfaces to be covered. Where given, manufacturer’s instructions for the use of floorcoverings are to be followed. All floor surfaces are to be suitable for the application of Profloor Acoustic Mat. All floor surfaces are to be prepared to the minimum levels covered by these application guidelines.

Surface Preparation • Remove any existing loose laid floor coverings ie: carpet, linoleum, sheet vinyl or similar. • Existing fixed (glued) floor coverings such as thermo- plastic or ceramic tiles need not be removed providing they are firmly fixed. • Renew any damaged or rotten floor boards. • Check there are no squeaking or moving floor boards. Screw fix any loose or squeaking floor boards. • Clean joints between floor boards of dust and dirt particles.

Installation Details•••••••••

Fill joints between floor boards and bottom edge of skirtings with a suitable mastic

Application of Profloor Acoustic Mat • Measure and cut Profloor Acoustic Mat to the required size.

figure 1

Note: The Profloor Acoustic Mat is to be measured and cut so that approximately 25mm is returned up around the skirtings. (See figure 2.) If sand/cement screed is being applied over Profloor Acoustic Mat the return should be to the depth of the screed. • Roll up cut length with foam side facing out. • Apply Probond AM with a suitably notched trowel 2mm x 6mm, or similar tool, to the prepared floor surface to cover an area that can be covered whilst the adhesive remain receptive. • Apply the Profloor Acoustic Mat foam side to the wet adhesive and smooth out. (See figure 3.) • Apply Probond AM to remainder of floor area to be covered by cut piece and cover with remainder of Profloor Acoustic Mat and smooth out. Press firmly over the entire area, repeat after 30 minutes. • Subsequent pieces of Profloor Acoustic Mat are butt jointed. (See figure 4.) • Continue to lay Profloor Acoustic Mat until complete floor area is covered. • Where possible Profloor Acoustic Mat should be left to dry for 24-36 hours. • Trim surplus Profloor Acoustic Mat from around skirtings. • Cover complete area with final floor covering eg; Vinyl+ (sheet or tiles), carpet or carpet tiles, flooring grade ceramic* or quarry tiles*. (See figure 5.) * Check with distributors before using ceramic or quarry tiles over Profloor Acoustic Mat. + Check with A. Proctor Tech Desk for specific advice and recommendations where Vinyl or Linoleum are to be used.

Acoustic Mat cut so that approx 25mm is returned up skirting


figure 2

Acoustic Mat laid foam side to the wet adhesive

figure 3

Installation Details••••••••• Good quality carpet tiles can be applied over well adhered Profloor Acoustic Mat

Technical Advice


The A. Proctor Group Ltd has a dedicated Technical Department which can deal with installation details, view drawings for approval and give specialist advice on the correct use of the A. Proctor Group products. For Technical Advice on installation details and product applications contact the A. Proctor Group Tecline: figure 4

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01250 872261 01250 872118

Subsequent pieces of Profloor Acoustic Mat are butt jointed

figure 5

The Haugh, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH10 7ER Telephone (01250) 872261 HOW TO SPECIFY PROFLOOR ACOUSTIC MAT

Facsimile (01250) 872727 E-Mail:

Profloor Acoustic Mat

Sound insulation 4mm laid on existing floor surface. (specify quantity in rolls of 15m x 1m).

Probond AM


01250 872261

To bond Profloor Acoustic Mat to prepared floor surface (specify quantity in 5 litres or 15 litre buckets). Coverage approx


per litre.

APG 5427


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Profloor Acoustic Mat