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ACO StepDrain Slimline level threshold door drainage

ACO StepDrain

Why use ACO StepDrain?

Suitable for new build or renovation work, ACO StepDrain simply slots in front of the door below the threshold. No cutting of the door frame is required, and the front outlet can be arranged to open directly into a shingle soakaway. A horizontal 44mm outlet is also fitted to allow drainage to a small gully.

Part M - compliant (England and Wales) Part Q (Scotland and Northern Ireland)

Robust Galvanised and Stainless Steel construction

No modifications required to door frame

Rapid installation - no plumbing required

With a galvanised steel body and stainless steel grating, ACO StepDrain offers you unobtrusive, Part M - compliant drainage around building entrances.

Compatible with any choice of paviour

Attractive stainless slotted finish

Highly resistant to onsite breakages

Simple, easy maintenance

ACO StepDrain can be used with any choice of paviour up to 100mm deep. It is also available in two sizes (940mm and 1088mm) for almost any door size. Finished with a cushioned, heelsafe, 304-grade stainless steel grating, Threshold Drain will not require regular cleaning due to its small slot sizes. When cleaning is required, the grating simply lifts off to allow the galvanised silt traps to be emptied.

ACO StepDrain Slimline level threshold door drainage

Top View


Front View

ACO StepDrain Assembly Description

Order No.

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Depth (mm)

Weight (kg)

940mm lg






1088mm lg






ACO StepDrain with stainless steel HeelSafeÂŽ grating and frame

Standard door/frame assembly

Ă˜40mm waste pipe outlet

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ACO StepDrain/Slimline level threshold door drainage