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Haberdashers Magazine | Co-Creator & Photo Editor December 2009-May 2010 | Lake Oswego, Oregon

• & Fischer Broadcasting

Haberdashers Magazine is a men’s culture and fashion magazine. I oversaw one staff photographer and numerous freelance photographers as well as contributing 6-10 assignments per issue.

• Willamette Week

The Willamette Week | | Intern July 2009-November 2009 | Portland, Oregon I photographed national news figures including former Senator Bob Packwood, local government officials such as Mayor Sam Adams and even a transsexual owl. I Typically shot 1-2 assignments per issue. Oregon Daily Emerald | | Senior Photographer September 2008-June 2009 | Eugene, Oregon My assignments ranged from Pac-10 sports to local news and campus culture. I Typically shot 4-8 per week including two edit nights. Awarded the 2009 Associated College Press Pacemaker Award for Four-year Daily Newspaper.

• The University of Oregon, President’s Office & Museum of Natural & Cultural History • Momentum Magazine • Payette Clinic

• SKILLS • • The Adobe Master Suite • Studio & Location Lighting • Traditional newspaper photojournalism as well as magazine style editorial photography • Multimedia journalism including audio & video gathering production • Feature writing • Hustling for stories & pushing stories to find a creative edge to a lackluster assignment. • Focus on enterprise work and finding new angles for ongoing stories

Flux | | Photo Editor Spring 2009 | Eugene, Oregon


I managed eight photographers all producing general interest feature assignments. Awarded the 2009 Associated College Press Pacemaker Award for Feature/General Audience.

• Bachelors of Arts from the School of Journalism & Communications University of Oregon, 2009

The Tri-County News | | Intern March-August 2008 | Junction City, Oregon

• 2009 Associated College Press Pacemaker Award for Feature/General Audience

I photographed a mix of local news and sports at the Tri-County News as the sole photography intern. I photographed news, sports and features. Typically 4-6 assignments a week. Mosaic | | Photo Editor Spring 2008 | Eugene, Oregon I oversaw 4 photographers focusing on track and field features and contributed a number of photographs. Mosaic was distributed at the 2008 Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon. The Creswell Chronicle | | Intern January-March 2008 | Creswell, Oregon At The Chronicle I shot one game of high school boys basketball each week.

• 2009 Associated College Press Pacemaker Award for Four-year Daily Newspaper

•REFERENCES • • Ben Mollica | Willamette Week Art Director | 503-348-2440 | • Nat Levy | The Tri-County News Sports Editor | 541-556-4818 | • Dan Morrison | Photojournalism Instructor | 541-954-8360 |

Mosaic: A javelin thrower competes at the Twilight Meet at Hayward Field. The javeliners rocketed the 8-foot long javelins an average of 67 meters.

The Tri-County News: A Junction City player collides with a Marist runner in a tag attempt. Other than seeing stars, both players were fine.

The Oregon Daily Emerald: University of Arizona’s Trevor Erno is demolished by the Ducks.

The Creswell Chronicle: Creswell senior, Jasem Dulany never lets the ball out of his sight. He stole two balls from the Jefferson Lions and scored 10 points overall on January 15th, 2008 at Creswell.

Mosaic: Chad Barlow, a University of Oregon sprinter rockets through 400 meters in 46.77 seconds.

Ivar Vong of the University of Oregon Cycling Club.

Willamette Week: Bob Packwood, the gracious 77 year-old former Senator discusses the state of the G.O.P. and Congress with the Willamette Week.

As submitted to Willamette Week: A Port of Portland official shows us around the 196 foot tall Panamax crane on the Willamette.

The Oregon Daily Emerald: Brianna Orr is the recipient of the 2009 Faith Gabelnick Student Leadership Award for her role in organizing the bike-share program.

Willamette Week: Wehrmacht, the band John Duffy and singer Phillip “Tito” Matos, started more than 20 years ago. Back then, there wasn’t a faster act in the Northwest:

Willamette Week: A rhesus macaque with its ID number tattooed on its chest chews a cage at the Oregon National Primate Research Center.

East Oregonian: The Pendleton Round-Up Directors ride on horseback and in a stagecoach through the streets of Portland in the Keybank Grand Floral Parade.

(unpublished) During the week of October 15, 2007 the Department of Homeland Security conducted a terrorism preparedness drill in Portland, Oregon. The drill was based on the premise that the United States was under a coordinated terrorist attack that involved the use of a dirty bomb.

The Oregon Daily Emerald: Food as Drugs? A new study finds that the brain reacts to overeating and drug addiction in the same way.

Haberdashers: (Left) On possibly the last clear day of fall, sunshine sparkles off a pristine white boat named “Q�. Larry Johnon bought the boat from his friend after participating in his fi rst race regatta. (Top Right) Haberdashers: When it comes to hobbies, Johnson, 54, claims just one: sailing. His interest or sailing originated after moving to Oregon from his upbringings in El Cajon, California.

A man walks down 13th Avenue during a sunny fall afternoon in Eugene, Oregon.

Willamette Week: Julio the Great Horned Owl, arguably the most famous resident of the Audubon Society’s Wildlife Care Center in Forest Park, has turned out to be a lady, not the male she was initially thought to be.

The Tri-County News: Over the Independence Day weekend in Harrisburg the air was thick with the pungent stench of wet dog. 26 Dockdogs and their families participated in the most recent installment of the Outdoor Challenge.

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