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“How To Make Sure All The Customers In Your Town NEVER Use 11-800,,, .com,, WalWal-Mart, Mart, Or Your Local Grocery Store And Are Compelled To ONLY Buy Flowers From You.” Dear Florist: The statement above is not only possible, it is easy to accomplish. Like most things in life, you just need the right tools. This report will give you those tools on a silver platter! Whether you are just starting out, have been in the business for years, or if you are getting ready to pass your business along to another family member or sell it this report is for YOU. But first, I need to ask you a question my friend…Who Is This Person??? Not sure? Well, this person – believe it or not – starts us on the journey to dramatically change your flower shop business forever. You could be thinking, “Come on, Yeah Sure, OK….” However, if you are as serious as I know I am about the success of your flower shop business you will be giving your undivided attention to what I am about to share with you. Therefore, an introduction is in order.

This is not me

There was once a brilliant individual…. This person was born in 1833 to a Swedish construction worker who built bridges. His dad was very interested in finding ways to blast away unwanted rock (next page please)

formations to make bridge building easier. When he grew up he wanted to help people like his dad by finding ways to blast away rocks so people could build things more easily. This person wound up with a total of 355 patents and income from his many enterprises all over the world made him one of the wealthiest men in Europe! This person is actually the father of dynamite! His sole purpose for this product – dynamite – was to use it for blasting tunnels, cutting canals, and building railways and roads. However, the militaries of many countries found other uses for this new product…especially during wartime. This person was reading the newspaper very shortly after his brother died and mistakenly, the newspaper published an obituary of him instead of his brother…kind of weird right? The paper sported the headline "Le marchand de la mort est mort" ("The Merchant of Death Is Dead."). In a nutshell, the obituary stated that he (not his brother who actually died) was solely remembered for products (dynamite, explosives, etc.) that resulted in the deaths of untold thousands of people.

Wow! How would you like to leave this world with that tag on your tombstone? This person certainly didn’t want that label and neither would you or I. This person then decided to pledge his wealth toward the betterment of humanity. His Will directed the establishment of a foundation to award annual prizes for achievement in chemistry, physics, literature and efforts toward international peace. Today these prizes are considered the most prestigious awards in the world and include cash prizes of nearly one million dollars each. This Nobel Prize…

STOP! Who is this person? ……………………….Alfred


And what an interesting vantage point he had on his life! To see how his life’s work was communicated… Alfred Nobel saw what people really thought about his products/services. He saw that the message he wanted to get across through his life’s work was totally misunderstood. Truth be told…Alfred Nobel was and is – NOT ALONE. There are 1,000’s of business owners whose message of their products/services gets misunderstood every day and this costs countless 1,000’s and 1,000’s of dollars in lost profit. However, just like Alfred Nobel showed us, the message can be changed. In fact, Alfred Nobel showed us that the message can be changed and fashioned in such a way that it revolutionizes the way people think of your life’s work. But first we must know, just as Alfred did, the truth about our current situation… (next page please)

Let’s face it. The flower shop business is not the same as it used to be. In fact, it is drastically different than it was 20, 10, and even 5 years ago! Unfortunately, the biggest changes over the past few years have really hurt the retail flower shop owner. What happened to LOYALTY?! The loyal customers who faithfully frequented their local florist when they needed flowers. Well, there have been some big changes. Somebody Please Tell Me What Has Happened…. There are 3 Key Things that have happened which has resulted in 2 Key Effects to flower shop owners. Let’s take a look. Keep reading because this is going to get really good! 3 KEY THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED: 1. Technology - The Internet 2. Competition - Mass Merchandisers and Grocery Stores 3. Costs - Only Going Up

Let’s take a closer look. 1. Technology - The Internet Some industries struggle to generate and maintain an Internet customer base. However, not in the flower industry! E-commerce sales in the flower industry are booming. In many ways, flowers are a perfect industry for the Internet since consumers have long been accustomed to making floral purchases, sight unseen. Unlike many products in which customers must judge texture, size and color in person, people have often purchased flowers over the telephone through wire services without ever seeing what they are buying. In a way the Internet is viewed as providing an additional service, since consumers are able to view pictures of the products that they buy. Therefore, today there is much less of a reason to go to your local flower shop and MORE of a reason to go online and order a dozen roses for your sweetie from 1-800 Flowers or ProFlowers – both of which are NOT actual flower shops! (which you and I know but most of your customers don’t) Also, using Internet search engines, people can now easily find a flower shop in the town where they would like to send flowers. So, they simply pick up the phone and give that flower shop a ring to place their order. 2. Competition - Mass Merchandisers and Grocery Stores (next page please)

The top five retailers in the world are all either mass merchandisers, grocery stores, or both (ie. Wal-Mart)! Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world AND the largest grocer in the world! Now this is a double whammy because not only is Wal-Mart drawing retail customers from all over the world, but Wal-Mart is drawing grocery customers from all over the world. Therefore, most consumers are lured into satisfying all their shopping needs (including flower purchases) at Wal-Mart. By the way….AT A MUCH LOWER COST. Local florists cannot compete with Wal-Mart in the cost/convenience realm. Now we will not even go over other large mass merchandisers and grocers like Target, Kmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, or Supervalu.The facts are that over 85% of all grocery stores have fresh cut flowers for sale for consumers. Full-service floral departments located in grocery stores have average annual sales of around $200,000 + per year and growing! Most grocery stores and mass merchandisers have prominentlydisplayed floral departments. Some even offer delivery services. Because of their buying power, grocery stores and mass merchandisers can often offer customers much lower prices than those offered by traditional florists. Since flowers are a discretionary purchase….well….that leads us to the 3rd Key Thing. 3. Costs – Only Going Up Energy costs, for the most part, affect more than 80% of all the costs that businesses face. The flower shop industry is no different. Your raw material costs (inventory, etc.), operating costs, and overhead are all going up. Not to mention, the fact that your customers are feeling the pinch as well which may cause them to shop for lesser quality, less costly flowers at places like those we have talked about above. Let’s briefly listen to the testimony of John Wilkins, the Executive Vice President, and one of the second-generation family owners of the Delaware Valley Floral Group on May 10, 2006 before the Committee on House and Energy Commerce. (He has served on the Board of Directors of the Society of American Florists, and was also a past president of the Wholesale Florist and Florist Supplier Association): “From growers to wholesalers to retailers, an increase in fuel prices can dramatically impact the bottom line… As you buy flowers for your mothers, or wives, or daughters, this coming weekend in celebration of Mother's Day, I am estimating that up to 50 percent of the cost of the flowers is attributable to transportation costs… …Natural gas is used to heat the greenhouses in which flowers and plants must be grown in most parts of the U.S. -- and natural gas prices, as you know, have also increased dramatically…

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‌Our industry can't continue to absorb those price increases -- which impact every step of the chain, from grower to consumer. All of the costs of transportation must get pushed along and reflected in the price of the product, if our market system is to work. Yet there is a limit to which they can be passed along to the ultimate consumer. We in the floral industry have an added wrinkle. Flowers are not a necessary purchase - they are a discretionary purchase. We compete for the consumer's dollar against things like wine, chocolate, or other gifts, even in good times -- and in tighter times, we have to compete against other choices the consumer might have for available spending -movies, college educations, vacations, and so on. The point is, there is a limit -- and not a very high one -- to how many costs we, as businesspeople, can pass through to the consumer. So the increases in fuel costs are tending to come out of our own profits-- at every step along the chain: brokers and importers in Miami, trucking companies, airlines, growers, wholesalers and, of course, the retailer who finally sells the product to you.�

Put simply, as John testified - costs are ONLY going up! So, what does this mean for you? Well, these 3 Key Things that have happened have produced 2 Key Effects to flower shop owners. 2 KEY EFFECTS ON FLOWER SHOP OWNERS: 1. Sales Decline


2. For Sale Sign

1. Sales Decline The graph on the following page shows the sales growth for flower shops ranging in sales from under $100,000/yr to flower shops making over $1,000,000/yr from 1998 & 2003. As you can see during this 5yr period, if you are a smaller shop or one of the bigger players you are in the same boat. Your sales are NOT growing! In fact, you are struggling to make ends meet because inflation and other costs are growing much faster than your sales! Sales are growing as much as 7 times slower now then they were in 1998. We wish that fuel prices and other costs were only growing that slow, right! However, the reverse is true.

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8% 7%


6% Sales Growth



5% 4.8%


4.0% 2003



2% 1%



0% under $100,000



0.0% $100,000$250,000


1998 2003


over $1,000,000

Source: Drs. Tom & Tim Prince, Prince & Prince, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

Which Bring Us To The #2 Effect… 2. For Sale Sign Flower Shops are the #1 Retail Business being sold right now. We researched many large business brokers (companies that help people sell their businesses) and found that flower shops represent as much as 17% of ALL the retail businesses that have been put up for sale in the United States.

Wow! That Means That Almost 1 Out Of Every 5 Retail Businesses Being Sold Today Is A Flower Shop!!! Let’s just take a look at two examples. Business Broker # 1 - - Source:

Out of 1,285 general retail businesses for sale in the entire United States according to this listing, flower shops represent more than 17% as 219 of those 1,285 businesses for sale are flower shops.

See For Yourself…

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Business broker #2 Source:

Out of 1,000 general retail businesses for sale in the entire United States according to this listing, flower shops represent more than 12% as 118 of those 1,000 businesses for sale are flower shops.

Here is a snapshot of the 12 full pages of listings‌

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12 Pages!!!

So…Is There Any Help Out There??? What about our friends the Wire Services? Well, they have their own problems! In fact, wire services are fighting for survival. Several factors have come into play that challenge the traditional business model of wire services. They have their own list of troubles: → The Internet Just as we stated for the flower shop owner, with internet search engines, people can now easily find a flower shop in the town where they would like to send flowers. So, if someone can send their wife flowers anywhere in the country by simply entering a zip code into a website, picking a flower shop, and giving that flower shop a ring what would make them want to go into their local flower shop and use a wire service? → Credit Cards People are willing to use their credit card to pay for flowers directly to the delivering flower shop. In the old days, customers insisted upon running a house account with their local florist. People will give their credit card over the phone or on the Internet with no worries nowadays. → National Order Gatherers Such As 1-800-Flowers... These folks gather orders over the phone and internet and then distribute them -believe it or not- through a wire service to an actual flower shop. These businesses are rarely actual flower shops. Interestingly, the wire services are getting into the order gathering business too. They are walking a thin line, gathering orders that once would have been gathered by traditional retail florists - who are their customers! (next page please)

So what have these wire services done in the midst of all these big changes? Well, 4 out of the 6 major wire services ten years ago no longer exist. Two disappeared in bankruptcy. A third was forced to sell out to a competitor because the owner found his company suffering from a "cash shortage", and the fourth also found it attractive to sell out to a competitor. That leaves us with 2 major wire services – Teleflora and FTD. These remaining 2 wire services are in the process of re-inventing themselves to survive. Both companies are re-inventing themselves by offering services such as national advertising, in-store marketing materials, website hosting and the list goes on. “Great, So This Is Going To Help Me Make More Money In My Flower Shop.”

WAIT! Before we go any further I have to ask a question… Question: How Will You Get Your Clients Out Of Wal-Mart, Out Of The Local Grocery Store, Off The Internet, And Into Your Flower Shop If You Are Doing The Same Thing Every Other Flower Shop Is Doing? Answer: You Can’t! If you use the same website service, radio ad, poster, or other marketing materials that everyone else is using you will never grow your business! Therefore, FTD and Teleflora CANNOT TRULY HELP YOU INCREASE YOUR PROFITS! So, if the two giants in the flower shop industry cannot help us, who can? I wish I could tell you that there was literature or research that will give you the keys to increase profits in your flower shop business, but I cannot. I did extensive research to see what was available for the retail flower shop owner, and I could not find a single thing. If you are near a computer now, or get can get to one later in the day please go to and type in something like “Flower Shop” or “Profits”. Or, an even broader search – “Flower Shop” or “Business”. Here is what you will find for the top two most relevant publications in terms of increasing the profits in your flower shop:

(next page please)

Well, I guess 1959 was a good year to get information on increasing profits in your flower shop. The problem is that was around half a century ago (these books are not truly etched in stone…but they might as well be). Things have changed…Incredibly! The bottom-line is the information you need to sky-rocket your Flower Shop Business Profits is not out there…anywhere. Now I did not share all of this to depress you, but rather – EMPOWER YOU. Just like Alfred Nobel was empowered to make changes when he discovered the truth of his situation.

THERE IS HOPE! There is HOPE because although the retail flower shop industry has been going through dramatic changes due to Technology, Competition, and Increased Costs it is still a big marketplace. In fact, worldwide retail flower sales are at $60 billion. In the US, the retail flower sales are the largest piece of that at $19.4 billion. That is a big market you are in! Tons of opportunity! This abundance of opportunity is what gave birth to companies like, 1-800 and (next page please)

100s of other online florists as well as floral departments in Wal-Mart and your local grocery store. The reason the local Florist has as much of a chance to succeed as anyone else is because the retail flower shop industry is still a very fragmented industry. This means there are NOT a lot of “McDonalds” and “Burger King” type chain florists eating everybody up. So, the local florist can still be the champion in their community if they get the message out about the natural advantages they have that Wal-Mart, 1-800,, and the Local Grocery Store do not have. So, we need to look at how we change your message (like Alfred changed his message) to guarantee that your flower shop thrives no matter what the circumstances in the flower shop industry are today.

to Before we get into this we need to have a heart to heart discussion, OK? So lock yourself in a room for 10 minutes, turn off your cell phone, get yourself your favorite beverage and kick back in your favorite chair. Because I am going to blow the lid off just about everything you have ever heard about dramatically increasing your flower shop profits. How often do you hear yourself saying to yourself, or to a close friend or spouse… I am a great florist! If ONLY I could generate more business, I’d make a lot of money! I have no doubt that you are a great florist and a good ethical individual. You may also have a fantastic flower shop. You may have the best fresh cut flowers/plants or other gifts. You may also do everything humanly possible to make sure your customers are happy. But this alone does not completely generate the profits you would like for your flower shop..... Does it?..... Nope. So being the best florist you can be and providing the best service must NOT be the secret to dramatically increasing your profits because some of your competitors seem to be enjoying better profits than you are, even if their flower shop services aren’t as good as yours. Or, maybe these competitors are NOT even florists at all like!

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Well the sad truth is that they are generating more profits because they do a better job at marketing their flower shop business....not because they are better florists or offer better customer service. If you want to sky-rocket your profits the real truth is: The Most Important Thing You Must Know Is Not About How To Be A Good Florist....

It’s About How to Market Your Flower Shop Business!!!!! Said another way...... Being A Great Marketer In Your Flower Shop Business Is A Heck Of A Lot More Critical and Profitable Than Being A Great Florist! I know this doesn’t sound right or even fair but that is the way it is and the way it will always be. In life you have to deal with the way things are to be successful. It is NOT the best product or service that gets all the customers it’s the best MARKETED product or service. Part of the problem here is that this is the exact opposite of what we are taught. We are told that if we get really good at our craft (florist, baker, mechanic, etc.) then our phone will ring off the hook. You and I both know it doesn’t work that way does it? Let me prove it to you with 2 names – 1-800

Flowers and

Proflowers! On the next two pages are some things that really upset me. One is an email message that was recently forwarded to me by a friend who knows how much my wife loves flowers. The other is the biggest Ad in my local Telephone Pages. Please take a look…

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36 Roses Only $29.99 OR

48 Roses Just $9.99 More. WOW!

Save 40% on 24 Roses 24 Assorted Color Roses With Free Vase Only $29.99 Was $49.99 BUY NOW

1 Dz Assorted Roses + 12 Free

Outstanding Orchids! 36 Petite Roses • with Free Vase Only $29.99 (Was $39.99) BUY NOW UPGRADE SPECIAL BIGGER IS BETTER Add 12 More Roses for Only $9.99 More

Dozens of Elegant Blooms With Free Vase Only $39.99 BUY NOW Purple Orchids

32 Stems of Tulips & Iris 16 Blue Irises, 16 Yellow Tulips With Free Vase Only $49.98 BUY NOW

Deluxe Happy Happy Birthday

Autumn | Roses | Mixed Bouquets | Plants Start Shopping: Chocolates | Gift Baskets | Just Because To redeem simply click thru this special email and proceed to checkout.

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Why does this upset me?

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Because This Is Stealing! This is stealing money right out of your pocket!

Why Is This Stealing? Because people in your community should be coming to you for their flower needs and ONLY you! The Ad in the Yellow Pages is NOT Even A Flower Shop In My Area! This burns me up because I looked into it and found that the BIGGEST Ad in my local Yellow Pages for a flower shop is a flower shop who states online that they are located in California. However, because they actually reach my local community (via their wire service capabilities…which I am sure you have too) they get to steal tons of customers with an Ad like that! Customers that should be coming to YOU!

How Does ProFlowers and This Company Advertising in the Yellow Pages Do This? They do what many flower shops do not know how to do…Effectively Market Their Products. They are getting their message out. Simply put, many flower shops have not been getting their message out! So unfortunately, you will NEVER be able to sky-rocket your profits until you learn how to........

Market Your Flower Shop Business Marketing your Flower Shop is your key to more profits. So, we need to know how to do this. In particular, we need to know how to do this the RIGHT WAY because there is a WRONG WAY. Let’s look at the WRONG WAY first. The wrong way is the untraceable way. There are two untraceable ways most people mistakenly use to try to market their products and/or services – Image Building Advertising and Regular Advertising. You must avoid these like the plague. Both DO NOT work because you simply cannot track these methods. Image building type advertising – You see this all the time on TV. The company just wants you to know that they exist and that they are a responsible company that cares about you, the environment or whatever. They are not asking you to do anything like call them or go visit their website, or store. Most of the commercials you see during the Super Bowl are image advertising. (next page please)

Advertisers know that you have a certain little space in your brain for the type of product they sell. They are trying to dominate that space with their product name and image. What is dominating your brain for cola - Coke, Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper? What is dominating your brain for automobiles – Ford, General Motors, or Honda? How about flowers – FTD, 1-800 Flowers, or Proflowers (Yes, these order gatherers prescribe to this kind of marketing too). You get the picture right? Regular advertising – This could be a TV commercial, an ad in the newspaper, or any type of advertising where the company is asking you to go to the store and buy their specific product, or a local store having a sale and they are asking you to come to their store. You see this a lot with the big drug companies asking you to ask your doctor if you need their pill. The problem with this type of advertising is you never really know if they bought your product or went to their store or talked to their doctor because of the particular ad they saw. So this type of advertising cannot be tracked. With Image and Regular advertising, which Marketing Service Companies only offer, there is no way to track the results. So, their clients never really know if the advertising is working or not so they keep doing it because they know they have to advertise. These Marketing Service Companies love this because they keep making BIG money from their clients with NO way to tell if the marketing is working. So, here is the secret you need to know To Make Sure All The Customers In Your Town NEVER Use 1-800,,, Wal-Mart, Or Your Local Grocery Store And Are Compelled To ONLY Buy Flowers From You….. You must send a DIFFERENT message in a DIRECT way that DISTINGUISHES you from your competitors. Also, it must be TRACEABLE! This way you focus on ONLY what works. This is the ONLY way to successfully market your flower shop to dramatically increase your profits.

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So, Why Has Nobody Ever Told Me This? Heck, even if you went to Harvard and got a masters degree in marketing you would be no better off than you are right now because . . . You cannot learn my marketing strategies from any college or university. You cannot even learn them from an advertising agency or a marketing association. You definitely can’t learn them from FTD or Teleflora. Anything you would ever learn about marketing from any of these places would NOT work in the real world. I know because I went to college and I have a degree in business. I wasted thousands of dollars trying to make what I was taught in college work in my businesses. I wasted years of my life trying. I had to unlearn just about everything I learned in college about marketing. So YOU are much better off because anything that you would have learned up to this point about marketing in your flower shop business wouldn’t have worked anyway. So you see there is so much BAD advertising and marketing out there in the flower shop industry that when any florist starts using my methods and strategies they immediately get BIG results. My inside information and techniques have proven to be so powerful that I am going to offer you a NO-RISK, 100% Guarantee that I can automatically attract new and old customers - like a ten ton magnet attracts a paper clip - to your flower shop and dramatically INCREASE your net profits at the same time.

→ Are you tired of working your tail off day after day and just scraping by with no money or free time to go out and really enjoy life?

→ Is that “word of mouth” advertising that you rely so heavily on NOT increasing your profits?

→ Are you sick and tired of wasting money on advertising that gets poor results? → Are you fed up that you are NOT enjoying the profits you thought you would year after year like everyone told you would happen if you just “give the business time”?

→ Are you tired of having your profits sucked right out of your bank account because of 1-800 Flowers,, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, and other grocery chains?

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→ Tired of riding the same roller coaster:

Holiday –

? – Funeral – ? – Holiday – ? – Wedding

→ Have you had it with everyone giving you advice (including family members) on how to be more successful at your flower shop business?

→ Have you thought about throwing in the towel and getting a “regular job” with a steady paycheck like all your friends?

→ Do you want to continue owning/managing your flower shop and have a great “lifestyle” and have plenty of money to pay bills, pay off your mortgage, pay off your car loan and have a nice nest egg of cash? If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then I can help you! If you know deep down that you deserve to make a lot more money I’ve got dozens and dozens of proven unconventional marketing strategies, techniques and methods to explode the profits in your flower shop business. So, who am I? I’m Mike Pedaci, President of Florist Profits and here is the story of my staff and myself. From 1987 to 2003 our team has started 14 different marketing campaigns in many different industries. Three were sold for not much money, five lost money and were shut down, four broke even and were merged or dissolved and the latest two made millions. We learned the most from the 5 failures and now we live lives most dream about. We worked hard to achieve some of the same things you want to achieve for your family through your business – no debt, houses are paid for, car loans paid for, kid’s college and weddings paid for, etc.. None of this would have been possible if we did not learn the inside secrets and proven strategies of unconventional marketing, the exact marketing I am talking to you about right now. (next page please)


It took us a total of 26 years (7 years working in a few top-notch Corporations and 19 years in our own businesses) to learn this information. In most cases we had to pay big money for the information. We have attended several $5,000+ marketing boot camps, tele-seminars, coaching programs and read many, many books on the subject of marketing and advertising. Over the past 7 years, we’ve shown thousands of small business owners how to automatically attract a steady stream of pre-qualified, pre-interested, and pre-motivated customers to their businesses which has sky-rocketed their profits. We estimate that our Marketing education cost us over $405,000 total. We still spend about $15,000 per year ($16,336 last year) keeping updated. After struggling for the first 11 years in our businesses and constantly experimenting and testing different marketing strategies to attract new customers, we finally discovered the real inside secrets to attract and keep long-term customers.

"We all need an extra hand in the shop - Mike and staff at Florist Profits make marketing work for us!" - Wayne DeBey – The Flower Nook – Salina, KS The ONLY reason to spend money running ads (radio or publications), having a web site, or having a brochure is to get more clients and increase profit. PERIOD! You’re not in the entertainment business or the education business. Years ago in our businesses, we were in the same position you may be in right now. We did great work. We followed what everyone else was doing in the industry to try and get customers because we figured that if everyone is doing these things it must work right? Yeah right….we went broke and realized that kind of crappy marketing and advertising wasn’t even working for the companies that could afford to spend money on marketing and advertising. There had to be a better way and we were determined and committed to find it. If we were going to go down it would be fighting with everything we had. Our big breakthrough came when we found out. . . .

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“How To Get Only Pre-Motivated, Pre-Interested, And Pre-Qualified Customers To Come To Us” And once you discover how to do this, your life, and your flower shop business will change forever! And guess what? I’m not going to just teach you how to do this. I know you are busy, and have a ton of stuff going on in your life. I’m literally going to give you my proven strategies, proven methods, and proven techniques on a silver platter, so you just “plug” them into your flower shop business. Even if you do not want to put much time at all into marketing your business, you can easily get phenomenal results. You don’t need much money to sky-rocket your profits - - What you really need is the right KNOWLEDGE! Years ago when we started our own business, no one bothered to tell us how to get customers. We had to learn everything on our own. We had miserable days, weeks, even years when we weren’t bringing in the business. We really had to struggle just to make ends meet. You know what I mean, too much month left over at the end of the money. It’s all changed now. If we had somebody back then like myself now to take us by the hand and “spill the beans” on the truth with all this marketing and advertising stuff, who knows what our lives would have been like? We spent years “spinning our wheels” “running faster and faster on a treadmill still getting nowhere” instead of making tons of money.

Would You Like To Know What I Know? First, the most important thing you have to do is make the transition from just being in the flower shop business... to being in the business of marketing your flower shop business. The second thing that you have to come to grips with is if you want to change once and for all, you have to know “the secret” to having the flower shop business you always dreamed of, it starts with the realization that: Being good is no longer good enough The real no-holds barred, honest to goodness truth, that NO ONE in the flower shop industry wants to admit, and what well established florists will never tell you is that.... it’s not how much you know about flowers/plants, how good your products really are, how pretty your designs are, how good your customer service is, or how nice and ethical you are. The real answer is.....

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Effectively marketing your flower shop business to ONLY the ideal customers that are openly receptive, pre-qualified, pre-motivated and want to pay your full price and happily refer other customers to you! That reality is what determines the balance in your bank account. You may feel that’s not fair or is not the way it should be. You can fight it (and maybe go broke or have to sell your flower shop). Or you can embrace this opportunity, and take steps to become as good at generating new profitable customers as you are at being a florist. OK, let’s look at some more interesting facts: → 16% of people buy flowers/plants for “Calendar” occasions like Easter, Mother’s Day, or Valentines Day, etc. → 84% of people buy flowers/plants for “Non-Calendar” occasions like birthdays, sympathy, anniversaries, and No Reason At All → Of the 84% of the people buying flowers/plants for “Non-Calendar” occasions 70% fall into the No Reason At All category What does this mean? Put simply, to sky-rocket your profits you HAVE TO pursue that 84%!!! In order to get to that 84% of people you have to give them a reason to buy flowers from you…they are waiting for you to do it…they want you to give them a reason! I can show you how to give them the reason! You may say “wait a minute Mike! I’m not a marketing person, I can’t do that.” Listen, I guarantee I can turn you into a new customer generating machine almost overnight with my easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blanks type, 1-2-3, system. Simply put, I’m here to make YOU money. On an entirely risk free basis. I’ve invested a lot of time and money to develop, test, prove, and fine tune an entire collection of marketing, advertising and profit improvement strategies, methods and techniques. And many of these strategies, methods and techniques can be done with less money than you’re spending now – some cost no money at all!! Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from my system (feel free to check off the ones of most interest to you)

• How to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes that almost every florist makes. • How to get the 84% of people that buy flowers for no specific reason to choose your flower shop every time they want to make a purchase!!!

• How to easily double your yellow pages response and how to get a $32,000 yellow pages ad out to your community for FREE. No more myths and lies from the phone book reps. (next page please)

• Learn how to layout your shop to create memorable experiences for your customers that will keep them coming back to you and ONLY you just to experience your shop.

• Find out the secrets to Up-Selling in your flower shop. By Up-Selling, Don Coleman, an AZ Florist increased Add-On sales by $44,000 within an 8 month period of time in 2006.

• How giving away $350 in carnations can turn into $22,500 of sales in less than 1 Year.

• How to get existing customers to refer you like crazy - 65% of new customers will come from referrals!

• How to market TO and THROUGH the local businesses in your community – FULL PROOF PLAN TO DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS EASILY!

• How to escape price competition and avoid the “cheapest price battles” and attract better customers…customers that will WANT to pay for your product and services!

• How To and Why you need to start marketing to Men in your community today. • How to “set up” your marketing so that it is on 90% auto-pilot without much involvement from you.

• How to stop wasting money on ineffective ads. • Learn exactly how to successfully market to Realtors, Funeral Homes, Bridal Shops, High Schools, Churches, Lawyers, Local Government, and the list goes on… with my proven “plug and play” templates that will sky-rocket your profits by creating a steady stream of yearly revenue.

• How to educate your potential customers so they only think of you when they are looking for flowers. This secret is very powerful. It will completely change the way customers see you, talk to you, and deal with you.

• Learn how to put your “word of mouth” marketing on steroids. • How to have a “silent sales force” working for you 24/7. • How to have the “Magic Eleven” marketing delivery systems running for you without (next page please)

any involvement on your part.

• How to “cross sell” with other non-competing businesses. This one technique alone can put an extra $10,000 in your pocket this year. "I recently purchased your program and I am sure glad I did. It has really given me a lot of great ideas and information. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is just getting started or has been in the business a while and is serious about their business. You also have a lot of other great tools that you offer and I look forward to using them too. I appreciate you helping me out when I am just getting started."

- Leah Munoz – A Gift Box – Orange, CA

• How to immediately increase your prices by 10% with NO negative effect. And why lowering your prices is like suicide to your flower shop business. Take your gross sales (the total money you collected last year) and multiply it by 10%. That extra money will be in YOUR bank account every year from now on.

• How to develop extra “profit centers” that make sense. • How to “shake the money tree” hidden in your list of past customers. • How to create an instant cash surge in 21 days or less! • Learn how to maximize the use of your website to become the ONLY Online Florist Service the people in your community will ever use.

• How to know the true costs of your business and how to minimize these costs to maximize your profits.

• The 7 things you must know if you are ever going to pass along your flower shop business to another member of the family or sell your flower shop business. Not knowing these could literately cost you a small fortune.

AND MUCH, MUCH, MORE! (next page please)

I know that this list is a lot of stuff. But, it’s not even close to one third of the methods I have for you. Using even just a few parts of my system could sky-rocket your income and profits. "Thank You So Much For The Personal Interest Florist Profits Has Taken In Our Business....I Love Your Program And My Staff And I Have Gone Through It Twice In One Month!" - Tina Stewart – Middletown Florist – Middletown, CA Now, if you are anything like my wife and me, I imagine you have questions and are a bit skeptical. Let me answer the most common ones. If one doesn’t interest you, you can just skip ahead to the next one.

Q: “What if another Florist in my area gets your program; won’t I be butting heads with them?” A: The best I can figure out there are about 35,000 flower shops in the USA and Canada. So I am going to cut off membership to my program at 1,000 members. What this means is 3% of the florists in the USA and Canada will have access to my information. Said another way, 97% of all the florists will continue to be in the dark when it comes to marketing and getting tons of new customers cost effectively, exploding their profits, and working less. The 3% of the florists will be dominating the other 97% when it comes to marketing their flower shops. Remember The BEST marketer gets the customers. Also, there is our Competitor Exclusion Zone as long as you are a Florist Profits Gold Club Monthly Member. See details under Florist Profits Gold Club Membership description that follows. Now you have the competitive advantage!

Q: “Does it cost a lot of money to use your strategies, methods, and techniques?” A: Some of my methods cost almost NOTHING to use, and many pay instant dividends. Some methods cost a few bucks, some cost a few hundred dollars. Some will instantly replace things you’re now WASTING money on. It really doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, you can profit from my System. You could be flat-broke. You could have a pretty successful flower shop business and be eager to do better. You could just be working too hard for the money you do make, and be open-minded to better ways of doing things. The ONLY way my system won’t work for you is if you are a close-minded “know-itall”, unwilling to look outside your own past experience of the florist norms for improvement.

(next page please)


Q: “Will it work in my part of the country? Will it work in my flower shop business?” A: My system works anywhere in the USA or Canada. It works if you are a onewoman/man show or a big flower shop. It DOES NOT matter where you are located.

Q: “How long does it take to see results?” A:

Some of the methods will begin generating more profits within one month. Others will take a little longer. Within 3 months you should see tangible results. Within 6 months, the full effects will be kicking in. After that, you will NOT remember what it was like to feel frustrated and tight on cash. Of course, you must understand that if you do not put my program into use, you will not see the results. I know this sounds stupid, but it has to be said.

Q: “Can’t I just learn this stuff on my own – Why should I pay you?” A: I’m sure you could learn all this on your own. After all, I had to learn ALL of it on my own and so did my team. But we also made a lot of mistakes too that cost us years of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars. It took us 19 years of trial and error in business for ourselves to discover, fine-tune, and perfect the methods, strategies, and techniques in my program. Cavett Robert, the founder of the National Speakers Association, says “Experience is not the best teacher because the tuition is too high. Learn from others people’s experience!”

Q: “Will your strategies, techniques, and methods work for other businesses I own?” A: If you have a business that compliments your flower shop business like, gift stores, or other retail ventures, etc.- my program will work for those business as well.

Q: “Do you guarantee that this will work for me?” A: YES! It always amazes me why someone would buy anything these days without a solid straightforward guarantee. Where I come from if you are going to ask someone to part with their hard earned money you’d better back it up with an Iron-clad guarantee. I put my money where my mouth is. I am so certain that my system will put tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket; I won’t just give you one guarantee. I’ll give you Two unheard-of-before guarantees:

(next page please)

GUARANTEE #1: 180 day trial 100% refund if not thrilled. Yes, it’s that simple, with no strings attached, no gimmicks. You have a full six months to examine everything, test and use my strategies, methods and techniques, and if you’re not amazed at the amount of new customers attracted to you, and thrilled with what I put in your hands – and eager to continue working with me – then you can simply put it all back in a box, return it, and get a full 100% refund issued the very same day we get the materials back (less shipping and handling). No questions. No hassles. You MUST be completely satisfied. If not, I want you to ask for and get a refund and I’ll let you keep all the FREE Gifts that I’ll be telling you about in just a minute.

GUARANTEE #2: TEN TIMES Guarantee. Put my system to work for you for 180 days, if you find it hasn’t made you an additional TEN TIMES what you paid for it, send it back for a refund or your purchase.

“OK! You’ve Got Me Interested. How Can I get This Information And Put It To Work For Me?” Everything you need to get maximum success in minimum time is in my Basic Florist Profits Marketing Success System.

1. I’ve taken 103 STRATEGIES and crammed them into one huge manual called Proven Methods To Automatically Attract Customers & Increase Profits In Your Flower Shop Business. All my successful strategies, methods, and techniques I have been telling you about and dozens more all together in one easy to use, paint-by–thenumber, step-by-step manual. (Value $499)

2. You’ll get my Flower Shop Marketing Tools Kit.

I don’t just give you great ideas and then expect you to take the time to write your own letters, ads, reports, and emails. I’ve done that for you. This manual is filled with dozens of proven ads, letters, emails, etc, that you can copy and use in your own flower shop business. (Value $299)

3. My Full System On Audio CD’s. You’re busy. You spend much of you day working and I want you to learn as quickly as possible. I’ve recorded my entire system for you to use while you are on the road or making those deliveries. (Value $299) Studies have proven that we learn better and faster through repetition. By listening to these CD’s over and over you will be on the “fast-track” to big profits. These CD’s are such a powerful tool that many florists have “burned them up” listening to them over and over again. So I’m going to give you a LIFETIME WARRANTY on them. If anything ever goes wrong with them, if they “melt” on your dashboard, if they get scratched, if you use them for target practice, whatever ---- send them back and get a brand new set (next page please)

4. All Florist Marketing Success System Buyers Get 2-Months FREE Florist “Let Us Do The Marketing Stuff For You, So You Can Concentrate On The Things You Love To Do!”

Profits Gold Club Membership! Which Includes…. A. Competitive Exclusion Zone. You “own” a 5-mile circle around your flower shop business. Competitors that infringe on your trade area cannot become a Florist Profits Gold Club Member without your permission. Only those trade areas that do not encroach on your protected area will be admitted into our program. (Value – Priceless!) B. Commercial Account Services. We have developed proven templates that will win your flower shop recurring monthly/yearly revenue for every business you can think of in your town. We help you get new commercial accounts each month that pay YOU a monthly fee by creating a customized package for you to give to these businesses and organizations. We do all the work for you. "I Am Putting Your Principles To Work And Have Been Finding New Corporate Accounts In The First Week! It Has Been Working!"

- Randy Hill – Coronado Island Florist – Coronado, CA This is a very powerful service. For example, if you generate 30 accounts in your local community with an average yearly contract value of $2000 that will translate to $60,000 per year of GUARANTEED income for your business. (Value $97 per month) C. Client Contact Management. One of the keys to being successful in the floral industry is staying in touch with clients and reminding them to buy from you. We give you our powerful web-based, easy to use client contact management system to keep in touch with your clients in a personalized way via email. We will even manage your client lists for you and send out regular correspondence to your clients on your behalf if you wish. (Value $57 per month) That is exactly why companies like and other online companies keep generating revenue from past clients because they keep in touch with them in a personalized way. FYI – a similar, less functional, do-it-yourself Client Management System is offered by SAF for approximately $90 - $125 per month if you have an average sized shop! Now that is just ONE of the tools you get as a Florist Profits Gold Club Member…not to mention we will manage your client contact list FOR YOU if you wish! D. Gift Shop Consulting Service. Many flower shops today are adding gift items to their menus and rightfully so. We have worked with many successful flower shops that have made the transition to offering various gift items, so we know what works and what doesn’t. So, as a monthly member we will do an evaluation of your flower shop and take you by the hand to make sure that you add the bestfit, most profitable gift items. We will also give you contacts of suppliers that (next page please)

“Let Us Do The Marketing Stuff For You, So You Can Concentrate On The Things You Love To Do!”

offer tons of quality, low-cost gift items that you will make a great profit from selling. People have told me that this information alone is worth the entire investment in my program. (Value $57 per month) E. Monthly Florist Profits Gold Member Tele-Seminar. You get to be on a call with me, other marketing geniuses I am affiliated with, and all the other members to discuss what’s working, and at least one new marketing strategy per month! You can ask questions to me personally and find out what all the other members are asking all over North America. (Value $49 each) F. Bi-Monthly Client Newsletter. You get a newsletter written for you that you can use to give to your clients. The way this works is we provide a newsletter on CD or via email where all you have to do is add your Flower Shop business specifics. Your clients will love getting this from you. (Value $39 each) G. Florist Profits CD Of The Month Club. Every other month, I interview a Flower Shop owner, marketer, or successful expert that will share strategies that go far beyond what they’ve taught before. We’ve cut short our careers and reached levels of success most people never reach because we go straight to the top and learn from the masters. There is no better solution! (Value $39 each) H. 24-Hour Fax In Access. You can send in whatever you are working on, and we highly recommend that you do, and we will do an audit for you before you send it out. You’ll have your very own master copywriter and marketer critiquing your materials so you know “what’s working”. Things do change and we are more “on top of it” than anyone in the Flower Shop Industry. (Value $39) I. 50% Off Attendance To All Florist Profits Future Boot-Camps. At least once a year we hold a 2-3 day intensive marketing boot-camp where we bring in experts in many areas. This is a chance for you to learn from the pros and mingle with other florists. Every year there is a “special secret guest speaker”. You’ll get notices on when and where these boots-camps will be held. (Value $799) J. Free Marketing Round Tables. Whenever I go to a seminar and occasionally in my town, I hold a dinner where you and a few other members can grab dinner and brainstorm for a few hours. You’ll get notices from me on this. (Value $199) K. Tuesday Morning Weekly Email/Faxed Marketing Tips. Walk in your Flower Shop office and find a marketing “Hot Tip Of The Week” in your email inbox Tuesday morning! It’s a great way to start the week and a constant reminder of what to focus on! (Value $20 each) L. Free New Updated Florist Marketing Success System. We are always adding strategies, techniques, and methods to our literature. These will be automatically mailed to you. This will allow you to always have the most recent updated information so you can be on the “cutting edge” which will guarantee you are making the most money possible. (Value $500) (next page please)

M. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, YOUR ONLINE MARKETING COMPANION – Our Florist Profits Client Portal. This web-based software, which exits no where else in the Floral Industry, gives you the tools you need to plan, execute, and monitor your marketing progress as well as chat online with other Florist Profits members. (Value $79 per month) "I've N. only been a member of Florist Profits for a few months, but so far, the ideas I have taken away from the program have been great! I love the live conference calls that spotlight other florists and their innovative marketing ideas; and Mike and his staff have been in frequent contact with me to keep me moving forward on my marketing plan. I feel like the ideas I have started implementing will soon have a big impact on sales, and help me grow my business."

- Barbara Yost – Barb’s Bouquet and Gift Basket – Mifflinburg, PA Since this membership is the most important part of keeping you on track and giving you the support you need you have these first 2 months of getting these products and services for FREE. Then after the first two months “Florist Profits Gold Club” members are automatically debited $97 a month to maintain their gold club membership. You can cancel your club membership at any time with a simple 30 day written notice, fax, or phone call. But trust me, you won’t want to because from now on you can rest assured that your marketing (which is your key to more profits) will essentially be done for you every week. You’ll be given the fastest and easiest ways to attract new clients who are pre-motivated, pre-qualified, and ready to buy from ONLY your flower shop, and NOT online flower shops, Wal-Mart, Local Grocery Stores, or other florists in town. We know that there are many costly monthly memberships out there for florists that show little or no return. But, the truth is that there has never been a company like us in the Floral Industry and we are proud of this. We know that Florists need help marketing their business and that is the only reason we exist. We are not like the big companies in the Floral Industry trying to keep our shareholders happy by piling on ineffective costly monthly services for florists to buy into. We are NOT a company that will give you the same ineffective canned website services, radio ads, posters, or other marketing materials that everyone else is using. YOUR success (defined as increased profits) is OUR success and we take this very seriously. That is why we personally “take you by the hand” to ensure your success.


You get my 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I am so sure that my system will explode your income and profits that I am willing to let you try it absolutely RISK FREE for up to 6 months. (next page please)

Option #2: The 2nd Option (in my opinion the “BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK” option) gives you the “Deluxe Florist Profits Marketing Success System”, which includes everything I described in 1 – 5 PLUS:


You’ll get our manual entitled How to Turn Yellow Into Gold. This is the surefire way to AT LEAST Double the response you get from your Yellow Pages Advertising. This can and will double your business in the next year. Unlock the potential of your hidden Gold Mine with these valuable secrets. (Value $397)

2. You’ll get our Advanced Marketing Systems Course For Florists.

This course is like getting your “Masters” degree in marketing and financial success for your flower shop. On top of exploding your income you will become an authority on marketing for flower shops as we take you “behind the scenes” and reveal the TOP marketing strategies that florist should be focusing on now and in the years to come. (Value $297)

3. You’ll get Six Advertisement Critique Coupons. I’ll give you an expert “second opinion” on your ad or marketing piece before you spend money on it. I’ll show you how to “tweak” your ad to get maximum response. This will ensure that you don’t waste money on a bad ad. (Value $600)


You’ll get Personal Telephone Consulting. So you can get personal, one-on-one coaching and mentoring from me. You’ll get six consultations and each one is good for thirty minutes of my time devoted solely to helping you in your business. You are not alone any more! (Value $900) Here is a recent email that our staff received from one of our members in KS and he wanted us to pass along to anyone considering joining Florist Profits. Robert Journell, the owner and manager of Avant Gardens had this to say: “If you are considering purchasing Mike's program, Florist Profits, then do not hesitate another minute. If you are like me...I was broke, the shop was broke, no summer traffic, Mother's day was a bust because I spent too much in labor! My credit cards were almost maxed out, I was losing money every month to wire services and I couldn't afford to do any marketing. If you can relate, then you need to pick up the phone and dial now! From the moment I received my manuals, I have been able to, step by step, make positive changes to the shop... Today, I'm not losing sleep at night! We all know that if you do what you’ve always done, you'll get what you've (next page please)

always get out of that old, boring routine now! Get up, NOW! and call Florist Profits. Yes, it may seem like a big investment...but haven't you already sacrificed blood, sweat and tears to make your shop what it is today?! If you are willing to make that kind of sacrifice, than what's a small amount of money that you could invest into the future of your shop and in return gain the tools you need to reach your goals?! I have always taken a hands-on approach when it comes to marketing. I thought that since I was creative as a florist, my marketing was also very creative. And in some instances it was. However, after reading the manuals presented by Florist Profits, I realize that there is only a small degree of difference between a good and great idea. Sometimes you have to think further outside the box...or get a whole new perspective all together. Florist Profits can help you do just that! The benefits of being a monthly member are priceless. The weekly marketing tips, the conference calls, and then, the networking situations that present themselves are all part of the rewarding experience of being a Florist Profits member. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Remember, this is not about how wonderful a designer you are, or what style of design you like the most. It is about you making a life-changing decision and changing the way you look at your business. With Mike's program, I learned that I needed to be more than a great designer or enthusiastic entrepreneur...I also need to be a great marketer! Florist Profits is an invaluable tool that can help you take your flower shop to the next level. Mike's program takes the mystery out of marketing and gives you the tools you need to be successful! So, pick up the phone and call today!

- Robert Journell – Avant Gardens – Andover, KS (next page please)

“So How Much Does This Cost, Anyway?” The Complete BASIC FLOWER SHOP MARKETING SUCCESS SYSTEM, only $597. Or THE DELUXE MARKETING SUCCESS SYSTEM…ONLY $997. However, in reality, my program doesn’t cost anything – because it’s going to make you a whole lot more than the investment required (I Guarantee that). You can even put the system on your credit card and then make back a lot more than the investment before the next credit card statement gets to your mailbox. Should I charge more? Probably. You see, if you hired me to come to you and implement all the strategies, methods and techniques in your flower shop business, it would cost $6,000 up front, plus $1,500 per month for ongoing consultation. And that would be very fair because you would end up making ten times that amount. But for now during my New Member Drive, you can have your Florist Marketing Success System, get all the same results, at this low investment.

To make this even easier and more affordable for you, if you use Visa or MasterCard you can pay in two or three installments (no extra service charge). And for your convenience, we can even take your personal check or company check over the phone or by FAX. (You can also pay in installments if you use our CHECKS BY FAX/PHONE service)

Why You Must Respond NOW: Five Reasons:

First, the time to use our products/services that we are offering to the Floral Industry is NOW. But, do not just take my word for it – here are a few of the comments published in 2007’s Florists’ Review magazine’s “State Of The Industry” by Stan Pohmer: “…2006 wasn’t exactly grim for the overall floral industry; it just wasn’t good. But for the traditional retail florist and wholesaler channel, it’s getting grimmer…” “energy costs…On the consumer side, higher energy costs for gas and home heating; low wage increases and the bursting of the housing bubble, where many consumers saw their net worths decrease substantially; higher interest rates; and concern about job security all resulted in a lack of confidence in the economy and reduced discretionary spending potential. And since our products are viewed as (next page please)

“luxuries” rather than “necessities,” when budgets get tight, consumers focus on needs, not wants…” “…Many of these same higher costs that consumers incurred also impacted suppliers and retailers… It was difficult to pass these costs on due to 1) the oversupply of flowers and 2) consumers’ focus on price value as their disposable income decreased, so many companies had to “eat” all or some of the increased costs, further eroding already squeezed profits. “…Sales for the floral industry were flat in 2006, but not all retail channels shared in this equally. The mass-market segment (ie. WalMart and Grocery Stores) enjoyed some minor increases, but the traditional florist segment lost some headway and market share in both transactions and sales dollars, continuing a multiyear trend…”


“…Some importers who normally sold solely through the traditional channel started selling to the mass market (ie. Wal-Mart and Grocery Stores); some wholesalers started buying direct from farms and bypassing the importers; some wholesalers started selling direct to consumers; some florists started buying online, bypassing their wholesalers; some retailers started adding nonfloral categories that compete with flowers; and some wire services started buying nonfloral companies so they can sell direct to consumers, bypassing their retail florist members…” “…Many say that flowers aren’t a top-of-mind choice when consumers think about needing gifts, the cornerstone of retail florists’ business. But what is the real reason for this? Is it that too many florists have relied too heavily on the wire services to do their marketing for them? Is it that too many florists have built their business models on fulfillment and haven’t effectively marketed themselves within their communities? Or is it that other nonfloral gift and occasion categories have positioned themselves, through advertising and public relations, to become more relevant to consumers than flowers are?...” IN OTHER WORDS, IT’S ALL ABOUT MARKETING!!!



“…It’s easy to say that florists have lost significant volume in sympathy sales with the increasing use of “in lieu of” in obituaries. But isn’t the real reason for our loss the fact that others, such as medical research associations and charities, have increased their relevance with the public while we’ve lost relevance?...” “…the increase in the number of order gatherers and their endorsement by some wire services have siphoned off the sales (and profits) on which many florists have built their business models. But aren’t the real reasons for the order-gatherer explosion that 1) individual retailers haven’t marketed themselves to their local (next page please)

communities; 2) it’s easier for uninformed consumers to order blindly on the Internet because they aren’t familiar with their local florists; and 3) because of their marketing activities, the order gatherers have become more relevant to consumers than some local florists?...” IN OTHER WORDS, IT’S ALL ABOUT MARKETING!!! Again, I share this information with you for two reasons: 1. It’s Fact. 2. To Help Convince You That You MUST Start To Focus On MARKETING!

Second, why wait? Every day that goes by without this system in your possession, working automatically for you, is money NOT going into your bank account.

Third, the above fees are subject to change, soon. My system will never be offered at a lower price.

Fourth, only if you respond by or before the Offer Deadline PRINTED IN RED on the Acceptance Form, you will get a whopping immediate $300 discount off the Deluxe Florist Profits Marketing Success System investment of $997. So your special price will be $697. And an immediate $100 discount off the Basic Florist Profits Marketing Success System investment of $597. So your special price will be $497 if you respond by the offer deadline.

Fifth, again only if you respond by or before the Offer Deadline PRINTED IN RED on the Acceptance Form you will get three important FREE Gifts.

FREE GIFT #1 A computer CD Rom with every form, letter, and ad included with this system. Simply put the diskette in your computer, add your name and company name in the appropriate places, and print. No need to retype these forms. This CD will save you time and make you lots of money. (Value $99)

FREE GIFT #2 Quick Startup Guide To Fast Cash. I have prioritized exactly everything you should do to get new clients and profits rolling into your flower shop business in the shortest possible amount of time. Following this “Master Checklist” will ensure nothing slips thought the cracks. (Value $59)

(next page please)

FREE GIFT #3 Special interview with Printing and Mailing expert Mark Colosi “Mr. Off-line”. I have gotten Mark to “spill his guts” on all the inside secrets it takes to get your mail opened, read, and responded too. So, you can guarantee that your direct mail marketing efforts will not only reach your client base, but it will send them running to your shop. You can’t get this information from any Wire Service, the post office, FedEx or UPS. This alone will save you twice the investment in my program this year. (Value $49)

Now let’s take a look at everything you get with my System: Description

Separate Purchase

4103 Marketing Strategies Manual $499 4Flower Shop Marketing Tool Kit $299 4103 Marketing Strategies on Audio CD $299 4Advanced Marketing Systems Course $279 4Turning Yellow Into Gold Manual $379 4Personal Consultation Certificate $150 each 4Advertisement Critique Coupons $100 each 4Marketing Tool Kit CD Rom $99 4Special Printing/Mailing Expert Interview $49 4Fast Start Master Checklist $59 Florist Profits Gold Club Membership Competitor Exclusion Zone Priceless! Commercial Account Services $97 Florist Profits Client Portal $77 Client Contact Management $57 Gift Store Consult Service $57 Member Tele-Seminars $49 each Bi-Monthly Client Newsletter $39 each Bi-Monthly CD Of The Month $39 each 24-Hour Fax-In Access $39 50% Off Boot-Camps $799 Marketing Round Tables $199 Weekly Email/Fax Marketing Tips $20 each Updated Marketing System $500 4100% Money Back Guarantee


Your Investment YOU SAVE

Basic Florist Marketing Success System Included Included Included N/A N/A N/A N/A FREE GIFT FREE GIFT FREE GIFT 2 Months Included 2 Months Included 2 Months Included 2 Months Included 2 Months Included 2 Months Included 2 Included Included Included 2 Months Included Included Included 8 Included Included Included

Deluxe Florist Marketing Success System Included Included Included Included Included 6 Included 6 Included FREE GIFT FREE GIFT FREE GIFT 2 Months Included 2 Months Included 2 Months Included 2 Months Included 2 Months Included 2 Months Included 2 Included Included Included 2 Months Included Included Included 8 Included Included Included







(next page please)

Remember, if you use your credit card or check-by-Fax, you can take advantage of our installment plan. ONLY $232.33 IN THREE PAYMENTS. SPLIT UP EVERY 30 DAYS FOR THE DELUXE FLORIST PROFITS MARKETING SUCCESS SYSTEM (Plus $27.50 S/H on the 1st payment). ONLY $248.50 IN TWO PAYMENTS. SPLIT UP EVERY 30 DAYS FOR THE BASIC FLORIST PROFITS MARKETING SUCCESS SYSTEM (Plus $27.50 S/H on the 1st payment). IMPORTANT NOTE: The $300 or $100 discount and 4 FREE gifts described in this letter are included ONLY when you place your order by the offer DEADLINE on the order form. For immediate service, order by phone: 1-800-531-8705 or by FAX 1800-531-8735.

What Will Happen To You If You DON’T Take Action NOW? Abraham Lincoln once said “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” You see, there is really no success without taking action is there? If you keep doing things the way you always have you will get more of what you always got. The time to change and is NOW.

What Will Happen To You If You Take Action Now? Once you start using my system, new profitable customers will be flooding your business and the cash will roll in. All your money worries can finally end. Stress will disappear in your business. You can work less and make more. And in a few months, when your flower shop business is booming you will look back to now and forget what it was like to struggle and worry! You will NOT become another Retail Florist Casualty! Doesn’t just the thought of that make you feel great? You see this letter talks mainly about how to market your business to sky-rocket your profits. But there is a whole other side to this and that is having a great LIFESTYLE. The singer Joan Baez once said “You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live. Now.” Isn’t it about time you started living the lifestyle YOU deserve. How about going on a few nice vacations with your family this year without worrying about cash or how the business is doing?

You can right now. (next page please)

My Final Thoughts When Lee Iaccoca was asked what single quality he looked for in people he chose for top positions at Chrysler, he said without hesitation “the ability to make a decision.” Even though I am giving you a great deal here and a totally risk free 100% money back guarantee, I know that $497 or $697 may be a significant decision for a lot of folks. Maybe for you. But if you have to struggle over such an amount that alone is the best reason to get my program right away. So in a few months you can get past the financial troubles you are now having and never be embarrassed again in the money department. Hey, I feel it is duty to tell people like it is. You are NOT going to win the lottery. A long lost uncle or aunt is not coming to the rescue with a big inheritance. You have to start reminding yourself, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to ME.” If you turn your back on this offer right now how are things going to change for the better? I would hate to see you get gobbled up by all the other florists who get my system. I would hate to have you come back at a later date to find out that we are not accepting any more members. Membership will be cut off sooner rather than later. So Decide right now to create the flower shop business you’ve always dreamed about, with the income to support the lifestyle YOU want. (Or, if you are already successful, do what all champions do – DECIDE to do better.) Get the EXTRA edge you deserve. This is a positive decision you will be very glad you made – I guarantee it! Sincerely,

Mike Pedaci President Florist Profits

P.S. Everyone thinks of the betterment of humanity and international peace efforts (not The Merchant of Death) when they think of the name Alfred Nobel. In other words…it is time to change your flower shop so the right message is getting to the right people by using the right tools, right now. P.S.S. You can call us at 1-800-531-8705 to place your order. Or you can Fax or mail in the Acceptance Form that came with this letter. Our Fax number is 1-800-531-8735. Our mailing address is: Florist Profits, PO Box 105, Livonia, NY 14487. P.S.S.S. If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-531-8705. We are committed to your success! (next page please)

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