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Table of Contents 1. Company Mission, Values & Culture

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a. Mission page 4 b. Values page 4 c. Culture page 5

2. Logo Usage Guidelines

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a. Logotype page 6 b. Logotype (modified)

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c. Mark page 8 d. Logo Spacing

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e. Logo Misuse

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3. Brand color guidelines

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a. Logo Colors

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b. Brand Colors

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4. Brand font Guidelines 5. brand imagery guidelines 6. bringing it all together

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Mission, Values & Culture MISSION Tin Soldier exists to bring imagination to life for adults and children alike through our core values of nostalgia, quality, adventure, play and fun. We strive to deliver this to our customers by creating products that cultivate these values in their lives, by putting these values into practice in our work and by allowing them to guide every decision we make as a company and as individuals within it. VALUES Nostalgia - As the leading value of Tin Soldier, Nostalgia guides all other values as well as our Mission Statement and the culture of our company. Our goal is to evoke in customers the feeling that comes with remembering wonderful times of play as a child. Quality - We will deliver the very best products and service to our customers, both external and internal. Adventure - We look for ‘unexplored places’ everywhere, in our methods, practices, ideas, connections, resources and goals. Play - We aim to maintain an atmosphere of childlike wonder in our workplace as well as in our clientele by embracing spontenaity, creativity, imagination and celebration. Fun - We will commend laughter, moments of silliness, encouragement, smiles and games every chance we get, whenever appropriate and productive.


CULTURE The culture of Tin Soldier is defined by our Mission and Values and is expressed in the following ways: • Nostalgia: Employees are educated in toy history and given regular opportunites to learn more about this subject, which is core to our mission and business. Hands on experience with vintage product allows our people to enjoy a firsthand sense of nostalgia, imbuing them with an empathy with our customers. • Quality: We are committed to quality at every level and in every part of what we do. Our people enjoy a work environment that is supportive, encouraging, challenging and well equipped for every task. • Adventure: In keeping with this value, we offer unique opportunities for our team to experience a sense of adventure, including team field trips and retreats, personal enrichment time, fitness compensation and more. • Play: Our company culture expresses itself through play by allowing our people to set aside daily time for exploring our product line, taking ‘play breaks’ periodically where individual, competitive or cooperative play is encouraged. We believe this time is critical to maintaining an atmosphere of positivity and childlike wonder. • Fun: While hard work is a part of any productive environment, we believe that fun should never take a backseat. We provide incentives to our teams to make hard work a fun experience, and we maintain interpersonnel policies that put a priority on enjoyment and a happy workplace.


Logo Usage Guidelines The Tin Soldier Logo may be displayed in several different formats and color schemes. It may also be used as a standalone mark (logo without text) or as a logotype (logo and text combined), depending on the context in which it is being used.







LOGOTYPE SIZE AND COLOR The Tin Soldier Logotype is to be used at a minimum size of 1 and 3/4 inches tall by 2 and 1/2 inches wide, to maintain legibility of the ‘Vintage Toys’ descriptor. This logotype may be displayed in either two color format, using the brand colors only, or in single color format, using all black against light backgrounds or all white against darker backgrounds.


LOGOTYPE MODIFIED In situations where the Tin Soldier Logotype does not scale down well, the ‘Modified’ version of the Logotype may be used. This version retains the Tin Soldier Mark and Name, but does not include the ‘Vintage Toys’ descriptor below them. NOTE: This variant of the Logotype is only to be used in smaller contexts when the descriptor would not be legible.







LOGOTYPE MODIFIED SIZE AND COLOR The Tin Soldier Logotype Modified is to be used at a minimum size of 1 inch tall by 1 and 3/8 inches wide. This logotype may be displayed in either two color format, using the brand colors only, or in single color format, using all black against light backgrounds or all white against darker backgrounds.


Logo Usage Guidelines (continued) MARK (Standalone Logo) The Tin Soldier Mark (or standalone logo) consists of the soldier icon with no text or descriptor. The mark may be used only in contexts where no nomenclature is needed to inform a viewer of the brand name, such as internal company promotional goods, employee incentive items, social media graphics or icons and some instances where no larger logo can be applied. TIN SOLDIER MARK (TWO COLOR)







MARK SIZE AND COLOR The Tin Soldier Mark is to be used at a minimum size of 1 inch tall by 1/4 inches wide. This mark may be displayed in either two color format, using the brand colors only, or in single color format, using all black against light backgrounds or all white against darker backgrounds.

LOGO SPACING Proper spacing for the Tin Soldier Logotype, Modified Logotype and Mark each require a minimum of space equal to the thickness of the bar containing the descriptor used in the Logotype. See examples below.


Logo Usage Guidelines (Continued) DO NOT:

Overlap or make transparent

Apply effects Squeeze or stretch

Tilt or rotate


Place in difficult to read situations (like over an image)

Place inside a box

Alter the color scheme

Brand Color Guidelines Tin Soldier brand colors are to be strictly adhered to in all use cases. The following palette is available for use as indicated: RGB




41 39 95

100 100 31 22


The official colors for the Tin Soldier logo must always be used when applying the logo, except when using the monochrome version in either all black or all white.

163 35 48

18 100 91 8


84 30 122

77 100 14 5


24 97 114

100 47 44 18


174 169 31

35 23 100 1


174 106 31

19 66 100 6


BRAND COLORS The official Brand Colors of Tin Soldier are to be used in all marketing materials, advertising, web graphics, social media, packaging and any print materials produced by the company.


Brand Font Guidelines The Tin Soldier brand is to be represented with the official typefaces in their appropriate roles as outlined below. No alternate fonts may be used, and cases must be adhered to as described.

ChunkFive Ex - Headlines and Logo ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Featured Item - subheadings ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Helvetica Neue - Body Copy ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


Brand Imagery Guidelines When representing the Tin Soldier brand, it is critical that the right style of images be used. For advertising and promotions, high-quality photos of families enjoying time together or kids at play on their own are acceptable. Age appropriate selections are very important, as different product ranges will appeal to different ages. We have provided a few examples below.


Bringing it All Together Advertising, web presence, social media and other visual representations of the Tin Soldier brand must be consistent with the guidelines provided in this book, as well as with the mission, values and culture of the brand. This extends to product packaging, promotional merchandise and internal use as well.




Tin Soldier Style Guide  
Tin Soldier Style Guide