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Parris Communications Parris Communications provides writing, digital photography, publishing, employee newsletters and electronic news clips for corporate clients. We specialize in the automotive industry and understand how to deliver a quality product on time and on budget.

Employee Newsletters We provide electronic newsletters as a cost effective method of communicating with employees while keeping them in touch with current company news and goals. New items can be added just before publishing to make the publications relevant and news worthy. Full print services also available.


Daily News Service Providing daily news clips about the automotive industry takes years of editorial knowledge combined with savvy internet skills and technical experience. Parris Communications provides daily news to large automotive companies each business day of the year, delivering news that management teams need to know before their day begins. This product was designed to read well on Blackberry devices since most on-the-go executives are now using them for their daily communications.

Automotive Photography

Creativity, experience and technical knowhow are crucial in delivering high-resolution digital photography to our clients. With years of corporate and magazine photography experience, we can provide you with great images when you need them. We provide all finishing, Photoshop and print service.

Special Events Photography Event photography can range from individual product photos to capturing the excitment of the event. Journalists are often willing to use good product photography provided to them as support for a story. It can also be important to show an enthusiastic crowd for internal post-event reviews. A good presentation of a successful event can help support funding for the next one.

Publishing Well versed in the automotive industry and motorsports, our team has the background to assemble compelling publications on almost any subject.

Fords of the Fifties and Fords of the Sixties were written about two of the most prestigious decades of the post-war era for Ford Motor Company. All research, writing and photography were done by Parris Communications. The books are currently distributed by Motor Books International.

Specialty publication services offered include editing, writing, graphic layout and printing.

Industrial Photography High resolution studio photography is the perfect way to illustrate catalogues, employee newsletters or presentations. Proper lighting, clean backgrounds and attention to detail are critical in presenting a product in its best light.



Background Mike Parris started his own communications business in 2002, providing publishing, news, writing and photography services to large businesses. He worked as a photographer, writer and editor with both Petersen and Argus publishing companies for 12 years in Los Angeles. Parris also worked as a public relations manager at Ford Motor Company in its Dearborn headquarters. His education includes a bachelor’s degree in photography from Brooks Institute (Santa Barbara) and a master’s degree in Journalism (Ohio University). He has authored two Ford history books and written hundreds of magazine articles. Parris has also provided photography and articles for major automotive pubications including Motor Trend, Motorcyclist, Off-Road and Hot Rod.

Contact: Cell: 248-703-1481

Parris Communication Samples  

Work samples from Mike Parris, Parris Communications, including photography, newsletters and news programs.

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